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									                                            SGA Agenda
                                         September 27, 2005
                                            2-3:30 (A315)
                                  Facilitator: Ellen; Scribe: Gaby

Absent: Nora, Joe, Kerrie

    A/R 5/10 - Nora volunteered to create an SGA website form with, ―Can your
      question/comments be confidentially shared with the dean or all staff‖ and ―Do you need
      a response from the SGA Board?‖ which would go directly to askSGA.

 Topic                  Owner      Time        Preparation           Action Desired
 Follow up on AR’s      SGA        5                                 Update on AR’s
                        Board      minutes
         A/R Ellen - Get on Cabinet’s agenda so that we can make sure TLs understand the new
          guidelines. Ready and waiting for the board to give feedback regarding finalization. Set
          up date as 9/30/05—see notes under Staff Travel below.

    Topic                 Who        Time       Preparation      Action Desired
    Staff Travel &        Ellen      30 min.    Review final      Decide if it is ready to send out.
    Development                                 document.           Share ―final‖ with SGA Board
    Funds                                                           one more time.
                                                                  Finalize guidelines.
                                                                  Send to TL. discuss at Cabinet
                                                                  Send Guidelines to allsga,
                                                                    allABaC$, allCabinet, Carla.
                                                                  Post guidelines and form on
                                                                    SGA website. Discuss
                                                                    w/ABaC$ if should have on
                                                                    their website.

     Karen H. and Virginia V. provided feedback on the document and form. Carla provided
      approval and feedback on the document and form. SGABoard member made suggestions
      for document and form. Ellen made changes to document and form based on that
      feedback. Brief review of all changes:
          o SGA Board has no steps in the process – form will travel from requestor to TL to
             ABaC$. The only thing we will do is get a report of money spent.
          o Took out all the different funding options – TL know this – we do not administer all of
             them and may confuse the situation
          o Regrouped eligible activities by instate, out of state, other rather than by registration
             and travel, registration only, travel only, etc.
          o Regrouped auto rental, lodging policies
          o A number of travel policies re: funds are internal-to-library policies
          o Word the out of state ground transportation like the in-state ground transportation
          o Preference is always for most economical method of transit
          o See accountants for any questions about current funds, policies, process
       o    AULC ok from instate funds – up to 1 nite hotel and car rental.
       o    Virginia Valenzuela agreed to everything for ABaC$.
       o    Admins have been asked to use p-card for purchase transactions as often as
        o Work team leaders do not qualify to sign.
        o Gas is included in auto rental.
        o Virginia okayed paying for tax to/from conference from hotel.
        o AzLA –registration monies come out of Staff Travel and travel comes out of in-state
            travel monies, but like in-state travel. Included in in-state travel section.
        o The requestor should be the one responsible to forward the document to ABaC$
            accountant because ABaC$ will not be sending a confirmation email.
        o Clarification on last minute cancellations on attending conferences – Refunds are
            often not obtainable. Requestor will be responsible for costs incurred on p-card and
            corporate credit card (not eligible for reimbursement).
        o Virginia provided a website for a corporate credit card.
        o Virginia says no auto rental purchase on p-card.
        o There is no corollary between the # request and the amount of money requested so
            make those mutually exclusive under funding limits and on form.
        o Reviewed with Karen Oldani the purchase transaction process. Agreed that request
            form should come from requestor as soon as approved and any purchase receipts
            will follow.
        o Leave out non-UA classes category until this is allowable
        o Flyer is necessary in all cases – can’t assume accountant has this info
        o Justification description statement is necessary in all cases – keep both docs stapled
            to Request Form.
   Items left to decide on today:
        o 2/3 encumbrance rule (no more than 2/3 can be encumbered by Dec. 31) will be in
            effect this year (enough votes for quorum decision). can revisit after this FY ends.
        o GL suggestion – provide circle rather than checkbox on form for request # and $
            amount, since they don’t correlate. or could put box around each section.

Next Steps:
    A/R Ellen – Check in with Nora re: AzLA piece (leave it in).
    A/R Ellen – Guidelines and form document will be ―finalized‖ by Thursday, Sept. 29 with
    Guidelines and form will be reviewed with Cabinet on Friday, 9/29 - 1 pm?? for 30 min.
      Ellen will submit agenda item and document to have TL pre-read. Toni will try to attend
      Cabinet this Friday with Ellen. Ellen has put together a presentation document and will
      share this with SGA Board regarding review process.
    A/R Gaby revamp the schematic diagram that Ellen reworked. This can be shared with
    WHO? After Cabinet meeting send guidelines and form to allsga, Carla, and (shouldn’t
      be any changes, but just in case) allcabinet.
    Guidelines and form will be effective (when they are sent out but no later than) Monday
      Oct. 3, 2005.
    A/R Gaby – guidelines and form will be posted on the SGA website; discuss with ABaC$
      if they can also be posted there. Include schematic diagram on our website.
    Recommend story in newsletter if timely.
 Topic                   Who         Time       Preparation             Action Desired
 SGA General             Ellen       45 min.    Review by-laws for      Discuss process steps and
 Election                                       process steps           set deadlines and A/Rs of
                                                                        who will do what.
Continuing members: Toni, Nora, Joe(?)
Ending term:              Kerrie, Ellen, Gaby, Claire, Marilyn (left)
Next Steps:
 Check in with Joe if he will continue since his attendance has been spotty. If Joe agrees,
   ask DLIST TL and DLIST team if warranted regarding his continuance as a board rep.
 Ask DLIST TL regarding seeing this work as a cross-functional team with high importance
   regarding attendance at meetings since Nora’s attendance has been affected also.
 A/R Ellen - Do this check in with Joe and Janice the 3rd week of Oct.
 Note: Chair, LFA rep and Cabinet rep will need to be decided for new term.
 Claire is willing to continue to be SAC rep for the following year since she is already a
   SAC member. This appears to be acceptable in the by-laws. A/R WHO? – ask absent
   members if Claire should continue in this capacity (wait til all members available including
   new members –January?).
 Election process map – begin planning assignments and timeline now. (See table below)
 Proposed start date for process is October 18 (working backwards 29-31 business days
   from Dec. 1 date of announcement of winners) to allow sufficient time for multiple steps as
   well as regular work. for those of you never have been through process it is surprisingly
   time consuming.
 A/R WHO? – check with absent members to see what they can do re: assignments. Two
   people working together is good for some steps.

      Election process and time need to allow for response in bold               Day       Who will do
      1. Prepare email (regarding declination letters) see last yr’s letter –   1       Ellen Start by
      see bylaws for email contents p.4                                                 Oct. 18
      2. Prepare declination letters see last yr’s letter                       2       Claire
      3. Send email to allsga (one day prior to mailing dec. letters) see       1       Ellen
      last yr’s letter
      4. Mail declination letters 7 days to return see bylaws for dec. letter   2 +7    Claire
      contents p.5 2 week of October
      5. Collect declination letters & count                                    9       Gaby
      6. Remove ―declined‖ names from list                                      9-10    Ellen
      7. Send email (before send out ballots) see last yr’s letter              11      Ellen
      8. Prepare ballots see last yr’s letter                                   12-13   Toni
      9. Mail out/deliver ballots 1 week of November                            14      Toni
      10. Collect ballots 7 days to return                                      14 +7   Gaby
      11. Count ballots                                                         21-22   Toni
      12. Announce ―ballot‖ winners to winners see last yr’s letter             22      Ellen
      13. Winners check with their teams for approval 7-9 days to               22+9    1st week in Dec.
      14. Winners announced to allsga.
 Topic                 Who     Time       Preparation            Action Desired
 Newsletter in         Kerrie             Need items for
 October                                  articles
    Need a better idea of when this issue will come out
    ?1 week before Halloween or in November suggested
    Topics:
          o Emily Kraus
          o Travel document
          o Wildcat Family Spirit Award
          o Developing a Library spirit award – team or individual – SGA could sponsor
          o Developing a new SGA mission and a vision
    A/R WHO? – check in with Kerrie on dates, thoughts about articles

    Ellen out Oct. 1-15

    communicating with constituents – we have not discussed per Ellen’s model
    developing an SGA compensation committee – follow up based on open meeting ideas
    Wildcat Family Spirit Award – an opportunity for SGA to participate in special certificates
       of appreciation to staff for exemplary customer service, innovative improvements,
       outstanding performance or fostering diversity, creativity or cooperation. see SAC Staff
       Tracks July 2005.
    ―Beginning Recommendations for Standing Rules‖ – not really ready to just approve –
       see prior meeting
    Review Bylaws
    SGA Board mission and vision
    Discuss automated form for ―Travel‖ in process by Bonnie Travers and Gene Spesard.
    Automated Travel Form - We may need to confirm if TL has ―signed it‖ if emailed

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