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                         Intermediate Part-1 Examination

  Time: 30 Minutes                                                        Marks: 20

  Write answers to the questions on the objective Answer Sheet provided. You have four
  choices for each objective type questions as A, B, C and D. The choice which you think is
  correct; fill the circle in front of that question number. Use marker pen to fill the circles.
  Cutting or filling to or more circles will result in zero marks in that question. Attempt as
  many question as given in objective-type question paper and leave others blank.

Q.No.1 Encircle correct answer like A, B, C or D to the following questions.

          i.   Mr. Steward looked surprised.
               (a) Happy      (b) qualified         (c) amazed            (d) pleased

         ii.   I could not protest to him.
               (a) Call        (b) invite           (c) resist            (d) notice

        iii.   But mostly they just idled.
               (a) Tired      (b) wasted            (c) hung about        (d) hesitated

        iv.    I had vexing dream one night.
               (a) nightmare (b) happy              (c) disturbed         (d) joyful

         v.    Don’t let him in.
               (a) go          (b) be               (c) permit            (d) stop

        vi.    I couldn’t keep it up.
               (a) Continue (b) detain              (c) initiate          (d) run

        vii.   Two technicians are on hand.
               (a) present    (b) absent            (c) vanished          (d) missing

     viii.     We miss you.
               (a) call     (b) remember            (c) turn              (d) let

        ix.    Half sunk a shattered visage lies.
               (a) legs        (b) arms           (c) face                (d) forehead

         x.    We have no time to stand and stare.
               (a) sense     (b) wait            (c) gaze                 (d) see
Encircle correct answer like A, B, C or D to the following questions:

    xi.   What was Jess carrying for his mother?
          (a) a chair          (b) a gift        (c) apples         (d) a basket
          of dishes

   xii.   Who was Nushirva?
          (a) a slave       (b) a king             (c) a sergeant   (d) a king of

  xiii.   Who was proved stupid?
          (a) the camel-men   (b) old man          (c) the quack    (d) a

  xiv.    The visitor was dressed in the fashions of
          (a) 1960              (b) 1860            (c) 1900        (d) 1850

   xv.    Harry is a
          (a) painter           (b) singer         (c) dancer       (d) barber

Encircle correct answer like A, B, C or D to the following questions:

  xvi.    He said that he _______ to college.
          (a) goes              (b) has gone       (c) will go      (d) went

 xvii.    I will reach there if I __________not busy.
          (a) have not been        (b) was          (c) am          (d) were

 xviii.   We ____ to the theatre last night.
          (a) will go           (b) shall go       (c) have gone    (d) went

  xix.    I _____ to Lahore two years ago.
          (a) went             (b) had gone        (c) have gone    (d) go

   xx.    I ______ him for a very long time.
          (a) know              (b) have known     (c) knew         (d) had
Time: 2:30 Hours                                                            Marks: 80


         Out of Questions No.2 opt any 7 questions, Out of question No.3 opt any 5 questions and
         out of question No.4 opt any 4 questions. While writing answer, write question No

Q.No.2 Write short answers.                                                               (14)

            i.        Why did Mr. Steward continue persuading Norma?
           ii.        Why had the old man planted his secret garden?
         iii.         Why did Harry want to go back to Earth?
          iv.         How did the boy look physically?
           v.         Why did Manana accuse Herbert of picking the lost pocket-book?
          vi.         What was the view point if the parents of Gorgios?
         vii.         Why did the king weep?
        viii.         Why didn’t the villagers let the old man get cure?
          ix.         What should be the faith of Negroes?

Q.No.3 Write short answers.                                                               (10)

              i.       Why didn’t the girl accompany the Second Man?
             ii.       How does Kerton prove his extraordinary power?
           iii.        How damaging violence in life?
            iv.        How much impressive the morals of Kerton?
             v.        What is Harry’s philosophy?
            vi.        Why does Clay need money?
           vii.        What kind of judge is judge Applegrath?
          viii.        Does the writer open the Oyster?

Q.No.4 Write short answers.                                                               (8)

                 i.    What is the message of the poem (A Sindhi Woman)?

             ii.       What does sparrow hold in her beak?
            iii.       Why the poet does called modern men hollow men?
            iv.        What has made the effect of Muslims fruitless?
             v.        Why did the people of two cities look powerless and helpless?
            vi.        What is the Bare Truth?

Q.No.5 writes a letter to your friend inviting him to your brother’s marriage.

    Write an application to the principal for fine remission.

Q.No.6 writes a story on given moral:                                                 (10)

                        Try, Try again


                       Might is Right

Q.No.7 (a) Explain the following lines with reference to the context:                  (8)

           No time to stand beneath the boughs,
           And stare as long as sheep or cows:
           No time to see, in broad day light,
           Streams full of stars, like skies at night:

   (b) Punctuate the following extract from Book-1                                      (5)
       The town was empty but we found native life in the hills sir dark people
       Yellow eyes martians very friendly we talked a bit not much they learn
       English fast
   (c) Use any five of the following pair of words in your sentences:                   (5)

        (i) Affect; Effect     (ii) Bale; Bail      (iii) Cue; Queue    (iv) Die;
            Dye                (v) Ice; Snow        (vi) Floor; Flour   (vii) Hair;

Q.No.8 Translate the following passage into Urdu (Short Stories Book-1).                (10)

If it were possible to get the necessities of life from the heavens
through prayers Maulvi Abdul would have prayed to ALLAH for a pair of shoes for his
Umda, the youngest in the family. At night he consulted his wife. But instead of
replying, she silently lifted a corner of the quilt to expose Umda’s small, bare feet.
Abdul burst into tears like a child, Next day, after his morning prayers, he went to the
shoemaker and paid him five rupees and twelve annas and bought shoes. Leaving his
shop, he vowed, with ALLAH as his witness, never to use the powdered tobacco that he

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