; Hilton Los Angeles - Key Traveling Tips
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Hilton Los Angeles - Key Traveling Tips


For travelers who want to reduce the amount of stress that comes with traveling, one good way to do so is by planning well in advance.

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									Hilton Los Angeles - Key Traveling Tips
                                          If you are planning on traveling from LAX, there are
                                          several tips that will make your experience a bit more
                                          enjoyable. Be sure to give yourself enough time to
                                          get to the airport on time. Be aware of LAX’s daily
                                          traveling peaks and be sure tune in to the radio for
                                          traffic updates as you approach the airport. Be sure to
                                          research online for valuable information on airlines,
                                          passenger services and ground transportation. There
are several convenient parking lots that offer complimentary shuttle services to and from the
airport such as Hilton LAX.

Hilton Los Angeles has several shuttles that operate 24 hours a day and make trips to LAX every
fifteen minutes. Their staff is very friendly and provides excellent service at a reasonable price.
They can also have your car ready for you at the airport upon your return if you request. When
you are packing for your trip, try to travel light. This will make it easier to carry them and will
result in shorter waits at baggage claim and easier customs inspections. With the added security
measures, there are several items that are no longer allowed on the carry-on bags. Check the
TSA list of prohibited items to avoid any problems with security.

Allow time for parking and shuttle transportation. Please note that curbside pick-up is not
permitted and that vehicles that fail to follow this will be cited and towed away. The most
convenient way to find LAX Airport Parking is to use the Hilton LAX parking lot that is
conveniently located nearby. LAX has a complex layout that can confuse drivers, especially
those in a hurry. It is best if you leave the driving to the shuttle drivers at the Hilton. The prices
are reasonable and you can be sure that your car will be kept safe while you are away.

LAX Parking should not be a frustrating situation; you should be able to enjoy your trip from
start to finish without any problems or delays. In order to get the most out of your vacation, be
sure to take advantage of the services the Hilton LAX has to offer. If you choose Hilton LAX,
you will have the best rate available for covered and secured parking in the area. So be sure to
contact Hilton LAX today to make your parking reservations, and enjoy your trip.

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