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									              Checklist for Locating Guest Speakers
No matter how interesting the guest, the needs of your listener is the most
important areas of focus. Make sure you select guests who will help you serve

      Make a list of at least ten top experts in your niche
      Record in chart that can be easily updated:
          •   Excel
          •   Physical paper chart or notebook
          •   MS word
          •   Planning software
          •   Other: _____________________
      Narrow it down to those with cell or telephone numbers displayed
      Find out whether they can be contacted directly or have an assistant who
       handles all requests
          •   Telephone and make your request, starting in order of best choice
              first. Be brief -- but let your potential guest know up front:
                     When the event is; and whether or not it will be pre-recorded
                      or live
                     How long (1 hour? Half an hour? A weekend with time slots
                      for panel members?)
                     Why Guesting on your webinar will parti
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