Stephanie Mull by panniuniu


									   Stephanie Mull
I can do all things through Christ
  who strengthens me. Phil.4:13
         Theme verse for my life!!
         Who is Stephanie Mull?
 I grew up in Deep Gap (8 miles from Boone).
 I currently live in Rutherford College with
   my husband, Brian.
 We are moving into our new home in a few weeks!!
 I work at Valdese Elementary as a fourth
  grade teacher. This is my second year at VES.
 I hope to work in a school library one day…following
  in my Mom’s footsteps.
      Something unique about me???
 When I was little, I couldn’t pronounce my
  name. When my uncle and Papaw asked me,
 “What’s your name?” I proudly said, “Me.”
 I had a crush on my husband from age 16, but we
  didn’t start dating until I was 24.
 This weekend my nephew, Ben, told his mom that
  she needed to put his new baby sister, Katie,
  back in her stomach…she said, “I can’t.” He
  responded, “You could swallow her.”

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