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					RV Seawolf                                  Dave Bowman, Captain


Read the following information on the scheduling of these trips so that you can organize and
plan accordingly.

1. The RV Seawolf will leave from the 125th St. Pier 2x a day (at 9 AM and again at 1 PM) for
3 hours. Please be there at least 1 minutes earlier.

Each student is responsible for being present on time. The Seawolf will be leaving at exactly 9
AM or 1 PM. Stragglers will be left behind. We will not wait!

What to Bring

A day on the river can be a great experience - seeing the skyline, passing other boats, taking
samples, making measurements, observing wildlife, and just enjoying the wind in your face -
but the weather can be quite variable, ranging from warm and sunny to cold, dank, or downright
wet and sloppy. Check before your trip to plan your attire. Sampling is fun but is
definitely wet, dirty work. Bring clothes that will allow you to work comfortably in any
situation. Some suggestions include: hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, raingear, warm clothes (layers),
boots or sneakers (NO sandals or open-toe shoes), and camera. We will be out on the water for
three hours. You are responsible for providing your own food and beverage. Since dehydration
is a concern, we recommend that you include bottled water.

Medical Conditions and Seasickness
If you have a medical condition that will affect how you perform on the boat or may inhibit you
or others, please let us know. We need this information in the event of an emergency and will
keep it strictly confidential.

Also, it is difficult to predict how rough water or waves will affect you. If you know you get
seasick, you might want to include Dramamine, scopalomine, or some other remedy. If you do
decide to take something, let your instructor know as soon as possible.

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