PUPPY APPLICATION FORM - Fern Ridge Labradoodles by panniuniu


									                           Puppy Application Form

Please email me with any questions: dy618@aol.com

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. We will use this
application to select the puppy that best fits your needs. Once we have
accepted this application, you will be asked to submit a puppy deposit of
$250.00. Your deposit is applied to the purchase price of your puppy. You
may pay by check or Paypal.



City:_______________________ State:__________Zip:___________




Sex: Male:_____ Female:________ No preference:_______

Color: Cream_____Red_______ Black______ Chocolate_____ Parti_____

The more open you are on sex and color, the sooner you may receive a puppy.

Do you work outside the home?____________________________________

Have you owned a dog before?_____________________________________
If so, breeds:______________________________________
Do you have a fenced yard?____________________________
Do you have children?________________ Ages?________________

Other dogs?______________________ If so, breed:_______________

What type of work do you do outside the home,if any?__________________

If you work, will your puppy be left alone all day?_______________________

Where will the puppy be kept?____________________________________

Where will he/she sleep at night?_________________________________

Do you own or rent your home?____________________________________

Have you ever given a dog to a dog shelter or a rescue group?___________

Do you plan to attend any obedience classes?_______________________

If, at any point in your dog's life, do you agree to contact us so that we may help
you rehome your dog? Yes:__________ No:___________

Do you have a veterinarian that you use or have used? If so, Name and address:


Please list two references that are not family members:


Phone:_______________________ Address:___________________________


I have answered all the questions truthfully.

Buyers Signature:__________________/____________________________


If early spay or nuertering is not available the puppy must be spayed before 6
months of age.  after Proof of surgery to breeder , a $200.00 refund will be
made to purchaser.

We reserve the right to refuse sale of a puppy to a Buyer at our discretion and
deposit will be refunded.

Submit to :
FernRidge Labradoodles- Debbie Young- Dy618@aol.com or mail to:
24830 Butler Road, Junction City, Oregon 97448.

Please make checks payable to- Debbie Young. Email me for Paypal instructions.
Call first to Fax your application: 541-998-2247.

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