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					     The Analysis of the Students’ Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor Improvement
                                  Of English Proficiency Class

                                 By: Diah Lestari N (10083019)

This paper aimed to analyze the result of three aspects of learning attainment in English
Proficiency class. The three aspects will be analyzed below are the cognitive, which has the
relationship with the students’ understanding of the material, the affective which has the
relationship with students’ perspective and action for the future, and the last is psychomotor
which has the relationship with the proficiency in applying the material which the students have

English Proficiency is one of the subjects in post graduate program of Sarjanawiyata
Tamansiswa University aimed to improve the quality of teaching English class proficiency. For
this program, the goal is not only stressed on the quality of the students’ English speaking, but
also improves the quality of the students in using the technology and other media to teach the
class. It does not mean that the students should learn how to use the computer and the internet as
the teaching activity media, but the students can take the essence of teaching method in the class
which can be vary. Computer and internet is just one of several media and resource to improve
the quality of teaching skill.

In English Proficiency class, the students are asked to submit the assignments by online. The
assignments in every meeting can be divided into two, the reflection assignment and the regular
assignment in share file that will be described below.

a. The Reflection Assignment
    The Reflection Assignment, or reflection writing is the requirement from the lecturer for the
    students to write what they have learned. This is not an assignment, actually. This is more to
    “share” the students perception about the material has given by the lecturer by sending the
   writing to the reflection column already provided in the internet. The reflection writing is
   more to subjective rather than objective one. It helps the students to make a reflection what
   they have learned and what they feel about the lecture. This is actually quite useful for the
   student in the future to be brave to contribute good building criticism for better lesson. This
   is good for the lecturer, too, in order to improve the quality of the lecturer’s way of teaching
   and giving the material. Frankly speaking, reflection writing is a good way to improve the
   proficiency of the students and the lecturer as well.

b. The Assignment in Share File
   Almost like the reflection writing, the assignment written and sent trough the Share File
   column should be done by online. It is more to the objective result of the assignment required
   by the lecturer. The assignment may be vary, depends on the topic of the class discussion.
   Most of the assignments are exploring the technology; such as explore the translation
   machines from the internet, find the useful resource of information, computer exploration,
   recording speaking ability, etc. The other activities are presenting the paper, giving
   comments to the translation result and giving comments to other students commenting paper,
   etc. All of those assignments are aimed to improve the students’ way of thinking more
   systematically, to build the courage for giving the criticism, and to give inspiration for the
   students to improve their teaching proficiency.

The Analysis of the Three Aspects of Learning Result
1. The Cognitive Aspect
   The Cognitive aspect is an aspect of students’ capability in understanding the material they
   have learned through the program. It is more to the proficiency in thinking and analyzing the
   subject matter structurally and systematically. From the data of
   refleksi/default_refleksi.php, the cognitive aspects of the students in English Proficiency
   class can be divided into three categories: the understanding in technology, the improvement
   of speaking ability and the improvement of thinking ability.

   1.1. The understanding in using technology
    Starts from the first lecture, the students are introduced with the using http://www.yk- to do all the assignments and share the reflection. To do this, we should connect
    to the internet; it means we are forced to be more familiar with the internet technology.
    The second and the third assignments are searching the thesaurus and find the
    vocabularies by using the program of thesaurus and dictionary in the internet. Here, the
    students can expand their thirst of vocabulary exploration, since the programs of
    dictionary provided in the internet are excellent.

    The next tasks are analyzing the quality of Google translation program. This assignment
    is a quite impressing, since it is a combination of technology improvement and English
    skill. The Google translation machine is the machine mostly used by the people around
    the world and most of them rely on this machine. Having analyzing the result by using
    the computer’s commenting equipments, all the students are getting surprise that the
    result of this machine is far from excellent. All of these tasks are the combinations of
    internet understanding, computer skill, and grammar analyzing skill. No wonder, the
    students feel their improvement in technology (internet and computer) is getting better.

1.2. The improvement of speaking ability
    Having doing the task and share the students’ idea through the reflection and share file
    column, the students are invited to express their idea orally. This is useful for the
    students to improve their English Speaking ability. The focus of this lecture is to guide
    the students to think systematically, by writing the idea based on the subject matter, and
    present the paper in the class based on the idea. Briefly, we can speak in front of the
    audience systematically, since the idea the students provide in written is already

1.3. The improvement of thinking ability
    The subject matter in every lecture is always up to date and very simple, actually. The
    students are invited to explore the technology which is already familiar in the world,
    such as internet service. One of the examples is the program of analyzing the advantage
    and the disadvantage of Google translation machine. The students learn step by step to
       analyze the grammar mistakes, then continue to analyze the mistakes and simplified into
       the chart, make it more specific by breaking down the chart into the simplest one, the
       last, the students analyze by taking the simplest case. In the future, whatever the
       problem is, the students have an ability to think systematically.

2. The Affective Aspect
  The most important essence the students have got from the English Proficiency class is the
  improvement of the spirit to be better. All the students of the class can feel the difference
  sooner after they have got the material and it is described trough the reflection file of

  Spirit establishment is the precious thing that cannot be instantly given or even instantly
  transferred from one person to another through the sentence. It is more to the “interpersonal
  relationship” which involve the understanding of doing the communication between the
  speaker and the receptor. The system of “among” (the essence of Tamansiswa education) is
  really applied in this class. The lecture stressed on the kinds of media and teaching sample for
  the students in the future to improve their skill and capability in teaching the class. Sooner
  after the students present the paper or assignment, the building criticism from the peer partner
  are always invited to build the students’ confidence, both in accepting the critics and the
  courage to give the critics as well. The most important part of this lecture is the transfer of
  knowledge by the suggestion input from the lecturer. It gives the significant change to the
  students’ mental and behavior improvement.

3. The Psychomotor Aspect
   The psychomotor competence is the goal of every subject matter in learning something. The
  competence the students have got are mostly about the improvement of English speaking
  ability, the competence in practicing the teaching technique as the adaptation of the lecturer’s
  way of teaching, and the competence in technology application. All of those competencies are
  the result of the series of materials given by the lecturer. By combining the analysis technique,
  computer application, internet browsing, and daily presentation in the class, the competence of
  the students are improved as what the proverb said: “Practice makes perfect.”
                          PSYCHOMOTOR IMPROVEMENT

No.                                   Aspek Perubahan
1   Kognitif
    1. Increasing my knowledge in English
    2. The methods to increase English proficiency are easy and interesting
    3. Understanding how to take source from internet
    4. I know how to make interesting in teaching
    5. I can think systematical
    6. I get much knowledge from kinds of task.
    7. I get much teaching method from lecturer.
    8. I able to reschedule to increase English proficiency
    9. I get new knowledge how to give commenting in office word
    10. I can think narrowed in English
    11. Understand to operate some equipment provided in the computer program
    12. Get a new idea to use technology in teaching the class (dare to use technology)
    13. Get a new idea of how to improve the students‟ skill
    14. I learn to organize my future by making a plan (plan for improving English
    15. Already apply the recording machine for teaching pronunciation
    16. I can make my own handout by using power point media, and the result is good.
    17. I can use the‟ I am translator‟ to teach pronunciation and native speaker style to
         my students
    18. I get more awareness to the mistakes of the sentence
    19. I start to write the diary of my students as the improvement of reflection writing
         after the class
    20.Pray is the important thing to start something‟s good.
    21. Being a new knowledge for me that we pray every starting and ending lecture
    22. Now, I know how to improve our English proficiency
    23. I get a new knowledge about dictionary and thesaurus works in online manner
    24. I know how to learn effectively and efficiently
    25. I know a new thing how to do correction in practical and efficient way
    26. Denoting something new that I get knowledge how to translate text efficiently
    27. Now I know how to operate recording facility
    28. I obtain a new knowledge about Obama‟ webside for learning
    29. I know much Prof Gun‟s teaching style
    30. By much task from Prof Gun make me know much how to improve my English
    31. I have got broader knowledge about the ways to improve my English proficiency.
    32. My understanding about a certain subject is now more systematic.
    33. My analysis about a certain subject is now more systemic.
    34. After comprehending new knowledge, then I apply it to the real situation.
    35. In analyzing something, for example on my students‟ work or presentation, now I
         can use more logical and objective reasons.
    36. My perception about the English education is now wider and better than before.
    37. Before following this lecture, I used to teach English randomly, but now I put the
         topics more orderly.
    38. I always think about the result orientation of what I do today to the future.
    39. My capability to view and analyze a certain subject is improving now.
40. I think that my knowledge to conclude about everything is more systematic.
41. Perception changes, work is not valuing on how many pages it was, but more
    refers to essential of work it self
42. I learn to think in purpose establish effective activities
43. Proficiency must not be expensive
44. Reflection has to do regularly as form of self evaluation
45. I learn deeper to be able correct another works as have to
46. I know list of media that can be apply at class to reach student competence
47. Another assessment is needed for self correction
48. Learning is endless practice
49. Knowledge is something mobile

1. I can do my work quickly
2. More confident in speaking English
3. I feel comment from other people is build my English proficiency
4. My vocabulary is increase
5. I can teach enjoy using internet course confidently
6. Open consultation with my student in the school or by internet message
7. I can find new topic quickly
8. I able to tech in communicative
9. I can choose new topic that building student motivation in learning English
10. I can increase student vocabulary by online course
11. More confident in asking and answering the subject matter
12. Have a new “view” of how to teach the lesson
13. Get a spirit that teaching can be fun and vary
14. More spiritfull in teaching the class
15. More ready to teach the higher level of the class
16. Dare to explore (try and error) the computer media
17. Dare to give comment or suggestion on other‟s writing
18. Spiritfull to explore informations from the internet
19. More confident in presenting in front of the class
20. I learn that making mistakes is the part of learning activity
21. I have a strong stand that every starting and ending a activity it is important to
22. I have a trust that every thing which is started and ended by prayer will be fine.
23. I feel that a lecturer who is interesting in teaching is Prof Gun
24. I feel more capable in writing, consequence of much task which must be worked in
     writing manner
25. I get a self-confidence in writing
26. I admire Prof Gun because he is a religious lecturer and an interesting lecturer in
27. I feel more motivated and anthusiastic in joining Prof Gun‟s lecture
28. I realize that doing something in online manner is more efficient
29. I realize that owning capability in doing something is essential
30. I feel that I get much new thing from Prof Gun
31. My motivation to know something is bigger now.
32. My curiosity to deepen the knowledge that I already have is deeper.
33. I have better self-confidence in teaching all of my students from different
     discipline of knowledge.
34. I feel happier and more spirit full to do the assignment now than before, as I
     realize this is to enrich my knowledge and skills.
35. I feel that now I become a more qualified person in my own field.
36. Now since I am a student of Post Graduate Program, and a part of the students, I
    feel that I can appreciate more to the differences in opinion. Different from before,
    I was a teacher, so I held the power in the classroom.
37. I‟m getting more patient to face and treat the heterogeneous environment.
38. I‟m getting wiser to listen to others.
39. I have more courage to analyze and comment others‟ work.
40. I‟m more aware and ready to face and run my professional life.
41. I work more effective
42. I am used to do many different kinds of activities
43. I do the activities on time
44. I am able to speak in better way
45. I become braver person to value another objectively
46. I become more flexible person in thought when doing task that the data is gotten
    from the whole class data
47. I feel I have to learn more and more
48. I am used to correct another work
49. I am able to receive and appreciate ones comment on me
50. I become a wisher person

1. I can write more better
2. I can divide in speaking become level
3. Pronunciation more cleanly
4. I can correction work more correctly
5. Confident when teach by multimedia
6. Creating fun and interesting atmosphere in the class room
7. Confident in speaking
8. I more ready in teaching
9. I am not low when facing foreigner
10. I can enjoy teaching by multimedia
11. Speak more structurally, although it needs to improve more
12. Can control the speed of speaking
13. Speak more fluently
14. Be familiar in speaking English as well as speaking in Bahasa Indonesia
15. More familiar with internet as „an unlimited‟ source of knowledge
16. Have various kinds of teaching materials to learn and to teach for the students
17. I can make the plan for my English proficiency
18. I can use the “commenting” equipment for checking my students‟ writing
19. I get many inspiring words from Mr.Gunawan to share and to say to my students
     to awaken their spirit to be creative in searching their knowledge
20.I already apply the internet browsing strategy for my students to answer their
    curious subject matters (restaurant, food, beverage, etc)
21. My capability in writing more increases
22. My vocabulary more increases
23. I am able to translate a word, sentence, text by using google translator
24. I can do correction by using the commenting facilities
25. I am capable to operate free online English course
26. I am able to do dictionary and thesaurus works on online scale
27. Capability of speking is better
28. I can read loud in five different speeds
29. Besides capability of my writing, vocabulary more increase, capability of my
      listening does too
30.   I more understand how to pronounce words well
31.   I‟m better now in using the facilities in laptop.
32.   I‟m more skillful in searching the information in the internet.
33.   My speaking ability is now more structured.
34.   My communication to my students is better in quality.
35.   The way I act in the class discussion is more active and responsive now.
36.   My overall performance in teaching my students is steadier.
37.   I‟m better in managing my time.
38.   I can make the priority of my duties better than before.
39.   I don‟t postpone what I can do today till tomorrow.
40.   I think I work more quickly than before.
41.   I am able to optimalize the use of Medias around me e.g. record in laptop, certain
      URL, etc.
42.   I enhance ability in four skills
43.   I often get practice my pronunciations
44.   I search information using Google quicker than before
45.   I can make plan to improve my proficiency in English
46.   I can do listening practice in different speed easily now.
47.   I can enrich my vocabulary much easier
48.   I can recognize the weaknesses of machine translation
49.   I can correct another work
50.   I speak native alike better than before

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