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									                                                                BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT PLAN: STAFF TRAVEL ONE-STOP SHOP

This document will help you work step-by-step through the stages involved in organizing UWA related travel

√ Phase 1: Approval                                         LEAVE APPLICATION:                             USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS
                      What to do if I need to take extra
                                                            Complete Staff Leave Application Form.         Staff Leave Application Form
                                                                                                                                                                       HR Delegation Chart - to find
                                                            Get approval/sign off.                               out who can approve your

                                                            SPENDING MONEY:                                USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS
                                                            Complete Cash Advance/Expense Claim        Cash Advance/Expense Claim
                                                            Form.                                          dvance_Expense_Claim.pdf                                    Form

                      How do I get money for this travel?   Complete HR Per Diem Form.                                                                                 HR Per Diem Form

                                                                                                                                                                       Financial Delegation Chart - to
                                                            Get approval/sign off.                                   find out who can approve your

                                                            COSTING:                                       USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS
                                                            Cost of conference.
                                                            Cost of air ticket.                                      FBT reference guide
                                                            Cost of accomodation.                                                      Foreign exchange converter
                                                            Cash Advance needed.                                          UWA Casual teaching rates

                                                            Fund provider details.
                      What information must I gather to
                                                            E.g. Which BU, which PG, any grant                            UWA Academic staff rates
                      get approval for this travel?
                                                            application needed, which grant?

                                                            STAFF COVERAGE / DUTY COVERAGE:                               UWA General staff rates

                                                            How long will you be away?
                                                            Who will cover your role while you are

                                                            How much will it cost to cover your role
                                                            while you are away?

√ Phase 1: Approval
                                                            TRAVEL APPROVAL/SIGN OFF:                      USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS
                      How to get your travel
                                                            Complete Travel Approval Form.                     Travel Approval Form
                      approved/signed off?
                                                            Get approval/sign off.                                   Financial Delegation Chart

                                                            ESSENTIAL INFORMATION BEFORE
                                                                                                           USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS
                                                            BOOKING TRAVEL
                                                            Read up Cash Advance Agreement.                                                                            Cash Advance Agreement

                                                            Read up Guide to Insurance, Health and                                                                     Guide to Insurance, Health and
                                                            Safety.                                                                                                    Safety

                                                            Read up Finance Manual about Travel                                                                        Finance Manual about Travel
                                                            Booking Policy.                                                                                            Booking Policy

                                                            Read up UWA policies and procedures                                                                        UWA policies and procedures
                                                            about travel.                                                                                              about travel

                      What should I know?                   Complete a Traveller Profile form                         Traveller Profile form

                                                            If travelling overseas check travel advice                                                                 UWA's International SOS Live
                                                            from International SOS and also                                                                            Portal
                                                                                                                                                                       Australian Government's Travel
                                                            Smartraveller (Department of Foreign Affairs
                                                                                                                             Advisory and Consular
                                                            and Trade)
                                                                                                                                                                       Assistance Service
                                                            Read and understand the Emergency Travel                                                                   Emergency Travel
                                                            Management Plan                                                                                            Management Plan

                                                            Read the Travel Account Codes Guide                                                                        Travel Account Codes Guide

                                                            Check your internal school/BU policies and
                                                                                                                                 Contact your School Manager
                                                            procedures about travel.
√ Phase 2: Booking                                        BOOKINGS:                                      USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS
                                                          Understand the benefits of using a UWA                                                                     Advantages of Appointed
                                                          appointed Travel Agent                                                                                     Travel Agents
                                                          Tips on Booking Travel Economically                                                                        Economical Travel Tips
                                                          Online Booking Tool Information                                                                            Online Booking Tool information
                                                                                                                                                                     Domestic Travel: Online Booking
                         How to arrange for bookings?     Book your Domestic Travel on-line    

                                                          UWA Travel Service Providers                             Tertiary Travel

                                                                                                                   Campus Travel

                                                          Have you booked your conference?

                                                          Have you booked your accomodation?

                                                          Have you booked the materials /
                                                          equipments you need for this travel?
                                                          How do I book? Who should I contact to
                                                          arrange for these bookings?

                                                          CHECKLIST:                                     USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS


                                                          PR check - Does the International Centre
                                                          require you to visit anywhere on UWA's                        International Centre

√ Phase 3: Pre-                                           Confirm bookings (e.g.conference
departure checklist                                       registration, flight, accomodation, etc).
                                                          Ensure mobile phone has international
                         What to do before you leave?
                                                          Ensure E mails / Mails / Voice mails are set

                                                          Ensure your relief staff is trained.

                                                          Ensure your job has been delegated.

                                                          Ensure you have a copy of the Travel Dairy
                                                          Form and relevant paperwork from your
                                                          School Contact / website ( documents
                                                          which you are required to complete while
                                                          you are away ).

√ Phase 4: Travel                                                                                        USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS
                                                          KEEPING TRACK:                                 s_Travel_Diary.pdf
                                                                                                                                                                     Business Travel Dairy Form

                         What to do when you are there?   Complete Business Travel Diary Form.                     Policy on travel dairies
                                                          Keep all evidence of your expenses
                                                                                                                                     Foreign exchange converter
                                                          (e.g. invoice, receipts etc).

                                                          POST-TRAVEL DOCUMENTATIONS:                    USEFUL CLICK-ON LINKS                                       DESCRIPTION OF LINKS
                                                          Reconcile receipts against Cash Advance
√ Phase 5: Post-travel                                                                                             FBT reference guide

                                                          Complete Over-expenditure Payment
                                                                                                                                                                     Travel Account Code reference
                         What to do when you return?      Request Form if you have spent more than
                                                          the Cash Advance amount given to you.

                                                          Submit all evidence of your expenses (e.g.
                                                          invoice, receipts etc) with your Cash                                                                      Other useful links - Tmezones,
                                                          Advance Form and Over-expenditure                                                                          Health etc
                                                          Payment Request Form.

                                                          Seek assistance from your School's
                                                          Administration/Accounts staff (if required).

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