diary of a wimpy kid dog days

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					Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days
Number of pages: 217
Author: Jeff Kinney
Illustrator: Jeff Kinney
A little about this Book: The Heffley family
typically goes to the beach for a week in the
summer. This year they cannot afford to go to the
beach so they have to figure out something else for
the family to do.
Characters: Greg is the main character and he
thinks he is cool. He is a normal middle schooler.
One thing he doesn’t like to do is go outside in the
summer. He is the middle child. He has one older
brother and one younger brother. Rodrick which is
older than Greg plays in a band called loaded
dipper but Rodrick is the worst speller in the
family so on his van it says Loaded Diaper. Both
Greg and Rodrick love to sleep. Manny is his
younger brother. He always gets what he wants.
Greg’s mom is a stay at home mom. She is the one
who gives Manny everything that he wants. Greg’s
dad works a lot. He surprises the family with a dog
that they name Sweetie. Rowley is Greg’s best
friend that he has known for his whole life.
Settings: Greg’s house is the main setting and is
where most of the problems happen. The house is
really crazy. Some of the book takes place at two
country clubs. Rowley’s country club is a lot
fancier than Greg’s. Greg’s country club is the
town pool which Greg doesn’t like that well
because he has to walk through the showers to get
to the pool.
Problem: They buy smoothies for $80 at Rowley’s
country club and put it on Mr. Jefferson’s account.
They had to figure out a way to pay it off after Mr.
Jefferson got the bill.
Five main events:
1) They go to the Country Club and get smoothies
for $80 and put it on Mr. Jefferson’s account.
2) They think about different ways that they can
earn money to pay it off.
3) They decide to try a lawn mowing business.
4) Greg and Rowley join boy scouts.
5) Mr.Heffley signed up to drive for a boy scout
camping trip. Greg ends up being sick but
Mr.Heffley still has to go on the trip.
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