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					                                     Dental Terminology

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Course Title: Dental Terminology                                            WVEIS Code 0748

Course Description: This course contains the dental terminology needed for entry-level
employment as a Dental Assistant within both clinical and administrative areas. After an
overview of the role, function and utilization of dental terminology, major instructional
components include the use of dental terminology in the following areas: odontololgy
and anatomical landmarks, infection control, chairside assisting, radiography, dental
laboratory, pharmacology and emergency care, business office procedures and dental
specialties. Current technology will be utilized to master course standards. Students
are provided the opportunity to participate in a Career and Technical Student
Organization (CTSO).

Level of Competence:

        1 – No mastery
        2 – Limited mastery; constant supervision needed
        3 – Average or good mastery; some supervision needed
        4 – Almost complete mastery; little supervision needed
        5 – Complete mastery; no supervision needed

                                                      Level of
      Content Standards and Objectives              Competence       Date           Comments
                                                1    2   3   4   5
Dental Terminology
Explain the steps in analyzing the definition
of dental acronyms.
Pronounce commonly used dental terms.
Define and pronounce commonly used dental
root words, prefixes and suffixes.
Identify commonly used acronyms and
Odontology and Anatomical Landmarks
Name and identify the major bones of the
face and skull.
Name the major muscles of mastication and
illustrate positioning.
Describe the location and function of the
salivary glands.
Correctly locate and pronounce oral cavity
Discuss the various dentitions and related
Name and discuss the various tissues and
membranes that make up the periodontium.
Name and identify the tooth surfaces and
characteristic landmarks.
                                                      Level of
      Content Standards and Objectives                               Date   Comments
                                                1    2   3   4   5

Infection Control
Discuss related signs, symptoms and
sources related to various common disease
Identify and explain transmission and
prevention of pathogenic agents.
Identify government agencies concerned with
the control of disease.
Chairside Assisting
Identify and explain terminology related to
diseases associated with teeth, tissues and
structures of the head.
Interpret commonly used dental terms related
to various chairside procedures.
Differentiate between the various types and
properties of dental restorative materials.
Define and pronounce terms related to the
preparation and isolation of the operative
Define and pronounce terms connected with
the production and properties of Roentgen
List and give examples of acceptable
methods for radiation protection.
Describe the various types of radiographs
and the qualities necessary for diagnosis.
Identify the steps to process dental
List and describe common radiographic
errors and the causes of each.
Dental Laboratory
Identify various materials used in the dental
laboratory and give examples of their uses.
Discuss the characteristics of various types
of descriptive or manipulative dental
Describe the major fixed prosthodontic
List and explain the assorted prosthodontic
removable appliances.
Pharmacology and Emergency Care
Name and identify the regulatory bodies
concerned with drugs.
Discuss the effects that drugs impose on the
Describe the parts of a prescription and
explain the various routes of drug
                                                      Level of
      Content Standards and Objectives                               Date   Comments
                                                1    2   3   4   5

List and explain the classification of drugs
commonly used in dentistry.
Identify and describe major equipment and
materials needed in prevention of
emergencies and emergency treatment.
Define terms related to CPR and other
common medical emergencies.
Describe the most common emergencies
occurring in a dental office.
Business Office Procedures
Discuss and illustrate oral and written
communications related to office procedures.
Explain various types of appointments and
correlated scheduling terms.
Interpret dental insurance terms and discuss
types of dental insurance plans.
Define common banking terms and discuss
types of financial disbursements used in a
dental office.
Explain terms related to purchasing and
inventory of supplies.
List and define the major legal and ethical
terms used in a dental business office.
Dental Specialties
Define and explain terminology related to the
procedures used to construct fixed and
removable dental prostheses.
Identify and describe the diagnostic tests
used to determine pulpal conditions.
List and explain the equipment and materials
necessary for endodontic treatment.
Compile a list of and explain the instruments
commonly used in oral surgery and explain
their use.
Describe the different types of tooth
extractions and tooth impactions.
Discuss classifications of malocclusion and
the primary methods of treatment for each.
List and explain the instruments used in the
orthodontic practice.
Name and discuss various methods used to
care for periodontal conditions.
Identify common childhood diseases that
affect the condition of the human dentition.
Integrate the use of software, hardware and
the Internet to practice and master standards
identified in the course.
Utilize the Internet as a resource/research
                                                      Level of
      Content Standards and Objectives                               Date   Comments
                                                1    2   3   4   5

Student Organizations
Participate in Health Occupations Students of
America (HOSA) or SkillsUSA/Vocational
Industrial Clubs of America
Research the American Dental Assistants
Association (ADAA) or National Association
of Dental Assistants (NADA) as option for
state/local membership.
Apply parliamentary procedure in
organizational meetings.
Demonstrate team membership skill, such as
cooperation and leadership.
Take part in local, state and national dental
health care and education projects.

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