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                              DEVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES

     Device service and control by telephone

     Remote monitoring of operating state

     Control of operationg states in guarantee

     SMS to cellular phone

     Connection to customer´s PC network

     Connection and data transmission through

 Transmission from JPK, MPS and control
      automatic devices

    In current time isn´t already enough to deliver ventilators, rotary machines and technologies controlled by
automatic devices. The customer often requires regular care about the device fault-tolerant working not only in
guarantee, but also for all time of its working life. Knowledge of real operating conditions is important for the
supplier also by means of the selection of correct method in case of claims. Knowledge about the real operating
state of the device require regular measurements and data records. These requirements, thanks to modern
information technologies, can be solved very effectively using remote information transmission from the machine
to PC of supplier´s professional employee. Using the suitable transmission type can be ensure the remote
information transmission practically all over the world.

Basic system elements
System of device remote administration form:
- Measuring and control device – monitoring important operating states such as vibrations, temperatures,
    regulations positions, bearings states, lubrication, operation values etc. In case of several devices, these are
    interconnected by the communication network.
- MODEM Router 1.0 – communication microprocessor instrument providing the transmission between the
    device and operator PC by means of modem and usual fixed line, GSM network or also like transmissions by
    interior computer networks and Internet.
-   Remote consoles for data monitoring and collection on PC – by means of a special program is done data
    transmission from the device, their filling and processing and comprehensive presentation. The way of
    presentation and printout, including the printer one, can be individually customized.

Function of Modem Router
   This device permits to communicate by four independent communication channels with various voltage levels
(RS422, RS485, RS232) and with various communication protocols (e.g. MODBUS ASCII, RTU, SIEMENS
Modem Router communicates with individual devices and does constantly the selected data filling in chosen
period till another connection by means of modem. The connection and remote administration is initialized by
command from control computer. By GSM modems can be set also the transmission of SMS on selected cellular

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                              DEVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES

                    Fig. 1 connection of two branches of JPK2.2 monitoring device

Possibilities of Modem router
1.   Location of actual device state – instantaneous values, averages, minima, maxima, actual setting of unit
2.   Recording of course of quantities from the archive (the posibility to set the archiving period)
3.   Arrangement of device parameters (changes of measuring ranges and filters for the problem analysis,
     boundary areas, another parameters)
4.   Service printouts – printout of memories content (RAM, EPROM, EEPROM), outages of the control system,
     power supply cut-off etc.

Program characteristics
    The special program is determined for conventional PC with installated operating system WIN 98, resp. WIN
NT. To PC is, by means of a serial port, connected the modem or GSM modem for establishing contacts with the
MODEM ROUTER device. The PC connection can be also realized by the interior network or Internet. The
program permits the transmission and processing of data stored in the memory of MODEM ROUTER. Measured
values, maintained or stored with the selected period, are at disposal for the analysis and diagnostics of device state
in the form of database tables (files) or charts. Evaluated can be also important points of the record – minima,
maxima, changes conductance, periodicity. The program also permits remote parametring individual connected
devices by means of the modification of their control and operating parameters.

Basic requirements on PC
     CPU 233 MHz, 32MB RAM, space 10MB on hard-disk, printer, CD ROM; OS MS WINDOWS

Basic technical data
Power supply                                                   230V/50Hz, max. 30VA
Number of communication channels                               4x /1 modem/, 1x service
Types of communication channels                                RS232, RS422, RS485, TTY
Max. specing of device from Modem Router                       1200 m by sbi mici RS485
Design                                                         for aerial environment
                                                               modem with the phone terminal /GSM modem
Remote connection
Transmission speed                                             from 0,6 kBaud to 1 MBaud
Size of storage for archive                                    128 kB

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