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Putting Down the Dog - KILBY



                              Putting Down the Dog
                             (An Improvised Playlet)

A Playlet is a stage narrative taking usually about twenty minutes to act, having
a single chief character, and a single problem which predominates, and is
developed by means of a plot so compressed and so organized that every
speech and every action of the characters move it forward to a finish which
presents the most striking features; while the whole is so organized as to
produce a single impression.

The true playlet is marked by the following ten characteristics:

1.  A clearly motivated opening - not in soliloquy form
2.  A single definite and predominating problem or theme
3.  A single pre-eminent character
4.  Motivated speeches
5.  Motivated business and acting
6.  Unity of characters
7.  Compression
8.  Plot
9.  A finish that develops the most striking feature into a surprise - or is an event
    toward which every speech and every action has been progressing
10. Unity of impression


Create an improvised playlet using the topic of putting down the dog and
following the scene structure listed below:

Scene 1       Parent tells child the dog must be put down

Scene 2       Child says goodbye to the dog

Scene 3       Other parent and child at bedtime after the dog has been put down

Scene 4       Parents review the situation

Scene 5       Vox Pops (mini-monologues / voices)

       Each scene is to be approximately 1½ to 2 minutes in length

       Each scene must begin and end with a tableaux

       Basic props are allowed (Keep it simple). Music and other effects are

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