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									Justin Foster

Consultant, Speaker, Blogger

Bio: Justin Foster is the co-founder of Tricycle Consulting, a Boise, Idaho-based social branding firm. Tricycle, the creators of the “1000 Year Brand” model, helps organizations create a Social Brand – brands driven by people. Justin has nearly 20 years of marketing and sales experience in a broad variety of industries including retail, technology, transportation, and consulting. Justin has spoken at over 300 events and workshops in the US and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His extensive B2B sales experience honed his ability to communicate value, distill complexity down to simple ideas, and to develop relationships. Justin has extensive knowledge of branding, social media, and business development – the three pillars of modern marketing and sales. Justin offers an entertaining and thought-provoking style that blends his knowledge with real stories and audience engagement. In addition to speaking and consulting, Justin is a writer and blogger. He also works with high schools and universities to educate students on marketing and branding trends. He is actively involved in Optimist Youth Football and several other organizations. Raised on a large cattle ranch in Baker City, Oregon, Justin now lives in Greenleaf, Idaho with his wife and two sons. Contact Information Blog site: www.brandmilitia.com Company site: www.tricycle.com E-mail: brandmilitia@gmail.com Phone: 208-841-3497 Social Networking Links LinkedIn Profile Facebook Profile Twitter - @brandmilitia FriendFeed

Existing Workshops/Keynotes: Following is a list of current workshops/keynotes. For additional information, please request a complete event packet. Please note that these topics can be customized to your event. If you have a topic that is not included, please let Justin know. Creating a 1000 Year Brand – conducted as a keynote or workshop with his two business partners, John Hardesty and Same Swenson. B2B Sales and Social Media – How to effectively use social media to manage relationship, create leads, and close deals. Creating a People-Driven Brand – How to create the perfect blend of customer evangelism, word-of-mouth, and social media tactics. The Democratization of Media – Understanding the shift of content from The Media to the People – and how it affects your brand. Blog like a Rock Star! – An excellent workshop for corporate bloggers and content creators; the how and why of blogging. Who Killed Marketing? – A thought-provoking keynote on the massive changes effecting marketing and branding.

Attendee/Event Organizer Comments: “Justin Foster is one of the most authentic passionate and riveting speakers I’ve ever heard in recent years. Part of his draw is his out-of-the-box thinking, which is relevant and challenging. He has a great way of connecting with the audience and engaging them in the topic at hand. Justin makes a subject relevant and easily understood…even one as complicated as new media and brand management. The first time I heard Justin speak, my views on “marketing” were permanently altered.” Kris Thompson – George Fox University Boise, Idaho Campus “Justin Foster, an expert in conversational media, is known for his vibrant delivery of advanced marketing concepts. His enthusiasm for conversational media extends far beyond those attending his lectures empowering marketers and business professionals to maximize their marketing effectiveness through grassroots tactics to create word-of-mouth buzz and his revolutionary 1000year brand.” George Seybold – Seybold Scientific “Justin Foster spoke to our Rotary Club and I found his presentation to be interesting, informative, and entertaining. Justin made an excellent presentation that provided valuable and useable information that held the attention of all those in attendance. His expertise on the topics presented was very apparent. In addition, his subject matter is relative new and something all businesses and executives need to be aware of. I look forward to the opportunity to hear Justin speak again in the future.” Don Reiman – The Echelon Group A great voice, good timing, and humor make Justin’ presentations memorable and dynamic. He engages his audience, peaks their interest, and drives them to action. Anne Abrams – Idaho Commission for Libraries

Rates: Standard rate starts at $3000 for a Keynote or 90 minute or less presentation. For a quote on a workshop or seminar, please contact Justin. All speeches and workshops include a PowerPoint of the presentation for you to freely distribute. Costs for workshop materials are determined separately; typically as part of the workshop contract unless additional copies are required. Video taping is allowed provided that a copy is made available to Justin. Travel requirements are billed separately; typically business class airfare, hotel, and transportation. International speaking opportunities are fine. Special rates are available for educational institutes or non-profit organizations. For additional details, please contact Justin. Updated August ‘08

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