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Report                                                                                        Chris Hudson

Opportunities Provided by New Part L
Thermal Building Regulations
On 6th April this year, the new ODPM Part L Thermal Regulations       The CBA Technical and Marketing committees have worked
come into operation. Much has been written in trade magazines         hard to develop a simple guide to the new Part L regulations
about the delay in issuing the final version of this regulation and   designed particularly for use by small and medium sized building
the late development of the software designed to assist in the        companies. This guide contains fourteen construction solutions
implementation. As a result, there is genuine confusion in the        to allow the builder to achieve a U-value of 0.30W/m²K or less
building trade, particularly with small and medium sized building     (although this is not the only determinant the builder needs to
companies and the Builders Merchants, about how to design             consider). These fourteen solutions are not exhaustive - there
properties to the new regulations.                                    are many others - but demonstrate the considerable versatility
                                                                      of the product range we offer. Copies will be sent to all CBA
There is a real opportunity for our industry to take the lead with    members during March in significant numbers.
these regulations. Most of our customers do not want to change
their own construction methods, preferring to keep with the           Please ensure that all your customers have sufficient copies and
trusted and reliable aggregate building block. They are currently     that your sales-teams are well briefed on the content. We have
being bombarded with literature from the aerated and timber           shown our competitors - steel, aerated block and timber –
industries suggesting that aggregate building blocks will not         particularly in the last 2-3 years, that we are a resilient and robust
comply to the new Part L regulations. As an industry, we need         industry with an excellent product capable of performing to all
to demonstrate to our customers that we have solutions to the         regulatory changes. Let us all ensure that we continue to be
new regulations, before they start considering changing their         the market leader!
construction process.

DTI Statistics for GB (‘000s sq.m)
                           Dense         Lightweight        Total Agg      Aircrete           Total          Aircrete        Aggregate

   2004 Full Year          37444             25736            63180         31674            94854            33.4%             66.6%
   2005 Full Year          36473             25673            62146         27405            89551            30.6%             69.4%
     % Change              -2.6%             -0.2%            -1.6%        -13.5%            -5.6%

Total aggregate concrete block sales for 2005 were 1.6% down on 2004.
Aircrete block sales were 13.5% down which means that aggregate blocks sales currently have a 69.4% total market share.

Any News?
If any Member or Associate Member has any news regarding              Ron Willers
new innovative products, processes, applications or initiatives       Editor - CBA Update
then why not let me know.                                             Tel: 01285 862094
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Part L

Confused about Part L?
Despite being extensively talked and         constructions involving aggregate
written about, the new Part L of the         concrete blockwork with U-values between
Building Regulations seems to be causing     0.25 and 0.30 W/m²K. Plus, the new CBA
concern with many designers and users.       Part L guide has been inserted into the
As an industry we need to reassure           Federation of Master Builders’ (FMB)
customers that aggregate concrete blocks     journal Master Builder putting it directly
are compliant with the requirements of       into the hands of their 13,000+ members.
Part L and that there are many cavity
wall solution options available to them      The CBA Technical Committee is working
to satisfy the required standards of         with BRE to update Special Digest 4
thermal insulation.                          (SD4) and this will contain comprehensive
                                             guidance on key regulatory matters as
Over the coming months the CBA will          well as giving a wide range of design
be communicating the simple message          solutions for both U-values and detailing
‘Stay Cool - Keep Warm - Aggregate           to avoid cold bridging. This special digest
Concrete Blocks Still Meet Part L’ in the    will be distributed via the BRE circulation
Home Builders Federation’s (HBF) journal     list and available from CBA. To assist
Housebuilder and the Professional            further in the establishment of aggregate
Builder trade publication. In addition       block solutions for U-values of 0.35
to this a press release has been issued      and below, a free U-value calculator
notifying specifiers and builders that the   will be available on the CBA website.
CBA has created a new 12 page guide          See Gerry Pettit’s report on pages
detailing typical external cavity wall       4 and 5.

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                                                                                                Gerry Pettit -
                                                                                                Concrete Block
                                                                                                Association -
                                                                                                Technical Committee

Thermal Regulations                            which will be known as ‘Accredited               aggregate block solutions for U-values of
Changes to UK Building Regulations have        Construction Details’. This name change          0.35 and below a free U value calculator
been driven by the need to implement           is to avoid confusion with Robust Details        will be available on the CBA website.
the Energy Performance of Buildings            for sound, which has been adopted by RD
                                                                                                Code for Sustainable Homes
Directive (EPBD) and countries throughout      Ltd. The document will cover the principles
                                                                                                CBA have commented upon the draft
Europe are busy planning or implementing       of the steps needed for the avoidance of
                                                                                                Code for Sustainable Homes issued
changes to their regulations. To assist        cold bridges and give checklists for generic
                                                                                                by ODPM for consultation. It will be
the EPBD the existing standards relating       details rather than give a schedule of
                                                                                                mandatory for government funded
to energy performance have been, or            design details as in the original document.
                                                                                                projects, which will bring in English
are being, revised and new standards
                                               The proposed Robust Detail for airtightness      Partnerships etc but voluntary for the
                                               of dwellings, which RD Ltd have signalled        private sector. The comments submitted
The complete suite of over 50 standards        they would like to establish so as to avoid      gave support in principle but we were
will cover the following areas:                the necessity for post construction site         not convinced of the practicality of:
   Overall energy use                          testing, will take several months to develop.
                                                                                                   Encouraging enhanced elemental
   Delivered energy                            It is clear that demonstrating compliance           U-values as the building regulations
   Net energy for heating and cooling          with Part L will be significantly more              were moving away from this approach
   Thermal performance of building             difficult than at present and there are a           Bringing white goods into the equation
   components                                  number of options builders have when                (they will be changed during the
   Ventilation and air infiltration            designing to demonstrate compliance.                lifetime of the building)
   Overheating and solar protection            However, it is felt that many builders will         Storing grey water (new dwellings are
   Indoor conditions and external climate      aim for wall U-values of between 0.25               40+% flats and most flats are unlikely
   Monitoring and verification of energy       and 0.30 as one of the design parameters.           to have storage space for grey water
   performance                                 Solutions for both solid and cavity                 tanks)
To enable the implementation of the            aggregate block walls within this range             Giving points for Green Guide A rated
new Part L for England & Wales the final       of U-values are numerous and examples               products (creating effectively of a
content of these supporting standards          are given in the CBA leaflet ‘Aggregate             blacklist of products which are not
has had to be anticipated to some extent,      Concrete Blocks: Part L Thermal Insulation          A rated)
as many are still not published in their       - Guidance for Designers and Users’.
revised form.                                                                                   Standards
                                               U-values of between 0.30 and 0.35 may
                                                                                                The revised masonry product standards
Scotland will be in slightly better position   be favoured by some builders particularly
                                                                                                have now been re-published by BSI
as a consultation on a revision to section     if they can build to good standards of
                                                                                                incorporating the amendments required
6 of the Scottish Building Standards           airtightness but until site testing is carried
                                                                                                by Germany. The last of the series of
Technical Handbooks is expected in             out to establish typical airtightness values,
                                                                                                standards to be republished was BS EN
May 2006.                                      it is only possible to speculate on the new
                                                                                                771-3 (Aggregate concrete masonry units)
                                               working range of U-values.
It is clear however that the whole of                                                           and this appeared a full two months after
Europe will find preparing and working         CBA is working with BRE to update                BS EN 771-1 (Clay masonry units). Some of
with new EPBD compliant regulations            Special Digest 4 (SD4) and this will contain     the supporting test method standards have
very complex.                                  comprehensive guidance on key regulatory         also been republished after revision.
                                               matters as well as giving a wide range
The implementation of the new Part L for                                                        These include:
                                               of design solutions for both U-values
the England & Wales Building Regulations
                                               and detailing to avoid cold bridging. This       BS EN 771-2 Determination of percentage
in April 2006 may well be missing a few
                                               special digest will be distributed via the       area of voids in masonry units (by paper
essential elements. At the time of writing,
                                               BRE circulation list and available from CBA.     indentation)
work has just started on the preparation
of the successor to Robust Thermal Details     To assist further in the establishment of        BS EN 771-16 Determination of dimensions
                                                                                                                         CBAUpdate      page 5

Work has also started to review BS EN             they have to be withdrawn in favour of         This includes the categories:
1745 Masonry and masonry products                 Eurocode 6 (EC6).
                                                                                                    Without testing - No testing needed
– methods for determination of design
                                                  The 4 parts of EC6 are in the process             as the product contains no dangerous
thermal values and this work will go
                                                  of being published. Structural designs            substances
on over the next 18 months to 2 years
                                                  can be carried out to either BS 5628 or           Without further testing - No release
as new test methods proposed for the
                                                  to EC6 but until the National Application         detected or release way below threshold
measurement of thin masonry specimens
                                                  Documents (NADs) to all parts are written         levels
are evaluated.
                                                  it is unlikely that EC6 will be used. UK
                                                                                                 CBA is represented on the BSI mirror
Codes                                             NADs are not expected to be published
                                                                                                 committee for CEN/TC 351.
BS 5628-1 Code of Practice for the use            until late 2006 or early 2007.
of masonry Part 1: Structural use of                                                             Sustainability
                                                  Even then a stampede to start designing
unreinforced masonry.                                                                            Another new CEN Technical Committee
                                                  to EC6 is not expected as a designer
                                                                                                 (TC 350) has been set up to produce
BS 5628-2 Code of Practice for the use of         will need, in addition to the relevant
                                                                                                 guidance to product TC’s on what they
masonry Part 2: Structural use of reinforced      part of the codes, the NAD and some
                                                                                                 should include in CEN product standards
masonry.                                          sort of guidance on how to use it.
                                                                                                 relating to sustainability issues.
                                                  The masonry industry funded manual
BS 5628-3 Code of Practice for the use of
                                                  to EC6 being prepared by the Institution       CBA is represented on the BSI mirror
masonry Part 3: Materials and components
                                                  of Structural Engineers is taking shape        committee for TC 350.
Design and workmanship.
                                                  but it cannot be completed until the
                                                                                                 Robust Details / Sound
These have all been revised to refer to           NADs are in place as it will quote and
                                                                                                 CBA have carefully considered the request
the BS EN 771 & BS EN 772 series of               cross reference those.
                                                                                                 from RD Ltd to mark the tops and bottoms
standards for masonry units and other
                                                  HSE                                            of blocks so that product substitution on
BS EN’s for mortar and ancillary
                                                  Agreement has now been reached with            site can be rapidly checked by inspectors
components. BS 5628-1 and BS 5628-2
                                                  HSE that CBA will be invited to comment        and replied that to meet this request is
now give characteristic strength (fk) values
                                                  on the revision of Construction Sheet          impractical. This marking was requested
for blocks laid flat and collar jointed blocks.
                                                  37, which is HSE’s guidance document           specifically for the new solid wall RD
They also give better values for hollow
                                                  on handling blocks. CBA has agreed             where 100mm blocks would be laid flat.
and cellular blocks than they did before.
                                                  to endorse this revised publication by         It is hoped that RD Ltd will be able to
All these changes to fk values take into
                                                  allowing the CBA logo to be attached.          institute some other form of checking
account the test work carried out for CBA
                                                  Similarly HSE will be invited to comment       or arrange site marking if needed to
at UMIST and BRE. Because of the changes
                                                  on the CBA safe handling of blocks             enable the candidate RD to be issued.
to unit designation brought about by
                                                  data sheet when it is revised.
BS EN 771-3 which now requires the                                                               CBA are currently working on getting
group to which the unit belongs to be             Dangerous Substances                           modifications to existing RDs using
declared the BS 5628 fk values now relate         A new CEN Technical Committee                  aggregate blocks to allow low-density
to Group 1 units (up to including 25%             (TC 351) has been set up within CEN            blocks to be used in flanking walls.
voids) instead of solid units and to              to produce guidance for product technical
                                                                                                 A data sheet has been prepared giving
Group 2 units (greater than but not               committees on what needs to be added
                                                                                                 good practice points for achieving good
exceeding 60% voids) instead of hollow            to product standards to determine whether
                                                                                                 sound insulation where the basic structure
and cellular units. There have been no            dangerous substances are released into
                                                                                                 is a concrete or steel frame and blocks
changes to the fk values for Group                the air or into ground water.
                                                                                                 are used as infill. Dwellings built in a
1 blocks which are as the previously
                                                  The committee has not yet agreed on            framed structure would still need to be
tabulated values for solid blocks.
                                                  the definitive list of dangerous substances    pre-completion tested but by applying the
These 3 codes are anticipated to have             but there is a draft list and a draft system   guidance a better chance of meeting the
a 6 year life span (until 2011) when              of categorisation.                             requirements of Part E is to be expected.

CBAUpdate     page 6

Environmental & Sustainability

                                                                                                Colin Marshall
                                                                                                Concrete Block
                                                                                                Association -
                                                                                                Marketing Committee

Defining Sustainability
The escalating cost of energy has provided      The diagram opposite highlights some               Water efficiency - for example,
us all with a stark reminder of the realities   sustainability solutions that can be used as       fitting dual or low flush toilets
of sustainability. Until now we would           part of a sustainability strategy. They may        and reduced flow taps;
simply pass on the associated costs and         not all be relevant to all CBA members but         Surface water management - for
carry on much as before. But the reality of     hopefully they will be food for thought            example sustainable drainage;
depleted resources means we have to find        in developing your own strategy.                   Site waste management
ways of doing things differently. The ‘More                                                        – reflecting that a significant
From Less’ theme from British Precast’s         In all this it must be continually emphasised      proportion of building construction
Sustainability Project, ‘Developing a sector    that our products make a significant               waste currently goes to landfill;
sustainability strategy for the UK precast      contribution to the built environment.             Household waste management
concrete industry’, is very relevant today.     They continue to be used in private and            - This includes providing space
What is reassuring from the background          public sector projects of many sizes and           for bins, such as segmented
work of this Project, which is to conclude      in addition, with their good all-round             kitchen bins for recycling waste;
in 2008, is that we have to balance the         technical performance, their use will              Materials - for example using
triple bottom line issues of economic,          ensure our homes are ‘future-proofed’              low allergy materials.
environmental and social development.           for generations to come - an attribute
A significant factor in managing the triple     not likely to be shared by lightweight          Minimum standards will be set for
bottom line is the recognition that less        alternative construction methods.               each essential element and all of
reliance must be placed in the future on                                                        these must be achieved if a home
the use of fossil fuels. This is due in part    Code for Sustainable Homes                      is to meet Code standards. Where
to depleting fuel stocks as well as the         Followers of this Code will be quick to         there is a relevant building regulation,
Government’s stated response to climate         spot it has changed from a code for             then the minimum Code standard
change by cutting carbon emissions in           sustainable buildings to that of homes.         will at least equal to or exceed it.
the UK by 60% by 2050. Reduced use
of fossil fuels will naturally reduce the       Things have moved on considerably               In addition, it is proposed that homes
industries’ carbon footprint. Adoption          since the last CBA Update and it is fair        built to higher Code standards may
of best practice and use of the latest          to say that the code consultation that          have some of the following features:
technologies will be essential in helping us    was released in December 2005 was
to find alternative and more efficient ways     not recognisable as anything like the              Lifetime Homes. This is about
of doing business to safeguard our future.      document that CBA spent time                       internal adaptability so that
There is another spin-off in that carbon        contributing to over the last 9 months.            a home can be adapted for
reduction, whether to the infrastructure        What has been proposed is a watered                use of an elderly or disabled
or in transportation will lead to an            down version of BRE’s EcoHomes rating              person.
improvement in the life-cycle analysis of       scheme for dwellings, but without land             Additional sound insulation
aggregate block products, a characteristic      and transport link type issues. The Code           which is important especially
that is becoming of increasing importance.      as proposed will have six essential                in apartment developments;
                                                elements. These are:                               Private external space which
But sustainability is an all-encompassing                                                          may be a garden or a balcony;
journey and one with no clear start or             Energy efficiency - applicable to               Higher day lighting standards which
finish. In reality many of us have already         the fabric of the building as well as           are beneficial to health and reduce
started on this journey, although many             appliances in the building. This                the need for electric lighting;
of the initiatives taken by member                 covers, for example, the standard               Improved security; and finally
companies as well as the CBA may be                of insulation or the use of solar               A home user guide. This is a home
categorised under many other guises.               heating. It may include ‘A’ rated               log book and will advise purchasers
However, most likely they have been                kitchen appliances (where fitted)               on the details of the sustainability
taken because they make business sense.            or low energy light bulbs;                      of their home.
                                                                                                                CBAUpdate      page 7

Scoring is proposed on five levels. This   elements and enhanced scores                be studying proposals very
includes a base level that meets the       for measures that go beyond the             carefully and will have responded
minimum standards for the six essential    minimum requirements. CBA will              by the 6 March deadline.

Typical Sustainability Solutions

                                                Employment                                     Supply Chain
 Health & Safety
                                                • Proskills licensed as the Sector             • What are your suppliers doing
 • Continually strive to reduce
                                                  Skills Council for the precast                 in rationalising their logistics
                                                  manufacturing sector                           networks
 NB. 45% reduction in accidents has             • British Precast announces                    • Fuel-efficient driver training
 been recorded in the precast industry            formation of a sector Training               • Load stability research programme
 over the last 4 years.
                                                  Committee                                      with HSE

                                                                                               Social / Community
 • Energy audits
                                                                                               • Local community relations projects
 • Implement energy efficiency
                                                                                               • Biodiversity schemes where
 • Improve plant efficiency
                                                                                               • Local employment opportunities
 • Investment in more efficient plant

 • Cut waste to landfill by recycling
   and reusing materials
                                                                                               • Investment in water recycling and
 • Participate in a DTI funded project
                                                                                                 treatment plants
   to design out construction waste.
                                                                                               • Introduction of robotics to increase
 • Encourage use of coursing bricks
                                                                                                 productivity, improve occupational
   and other ancillary units that
                                                                                                 health and quality
   cutting and wastage of full
   sized units

                                                                                               Market Image
 External Threats                               Legislation
                                                                                               • Contribute to industry awards
 • Contribute to relevant CBA/BPCF              • CBA works through the BPCF/CPA
                                                                                                 for safety, innovation and
   Committee e.g. Sustainability,                 /HSE or direct to Government on
   Technical                                      relevant issues
                                                                                               • Promote your own success stories
 • Direct representation to MPs,                • Major effort to improve standards,
                                                                                                 through CBA or your own medium
   ODPM etc on relevant issues                    codes, and building regulations

CBAUpdate    page 8

Health &

Concrete Targets 2010
The British Precast Concrete Federation       Health & Safety”. The scheme will
is committed to the industry’s health and     run in parallel with the annual British
safety record. The Concrete Targets 2010      Precast Health & Safety Award. Members
scheme is an industry-wide programme          wishing to be part of both schemes must
to reduce reportable accidents and to         register for the awards separately.
improve health and safety within the
participating companies by following          For further information about the awards
a co-ordinated plan of initiatives. The       schemes please contact:
Concrete Targets 2010 scheme has been         Colin Nessfield, Secretary of
designed to continue the success of the       Health & Safety Committee:
original Concrete Targets scheme, which       Tel: 0116 222 9848
was launched in 2001 in response to the       E-mail:
government-led initiative “Revitalising

New Code of Practice for Safe Loading,
Consignment and Off Loading of Concrete Blocks
As part of the CBA’s ongoing commitment       ‘Committed to Delivering Safely’ is the    Adoption of the code is voluntary and
to champion health and safety initiatives,    message contained within the code which    the CBA will licence participating member
on behalf of the aggregate concrete           is produced in two parts:                  companies to use a ‘CBA - Committed to
block industry, a working group,                                                         Delivering Safely’ logo to promote their
including large and small concrete block      • Code of Practice - detailing the         commitment to it to discerning customers.
manufacturers, hauliers and representatives     responsibilities for the producer,
from the Health and Safety Executive,           haulier, customer and CBA,
have developed a Code of Practice for         • Good Practice Guide -
                                                                                                           M IT T E D
producers, hauliers and customers.              providing practical advice.                            M




                                                                                                           R I NG SA

                                                                                         Copies of the two guides can
                                                                                         be ordered from the CBA
                                                                                         or download from the CBA website
                                                                                                                    CBAUpdate     page 9

New Concept From Degussa Boosts MCP Production
Degussa Construction Chemicals (UK)           fillability and initial compaction, leading    water content in the concrete mix,
has launched its new RheoFIT range            to shorter vibration times. RheoFIT also       giving a safer production and
of admixtures for the Manufactured            inhibits, and can eliminate, efflorescence     less wastage.
Concrete Product (MCP) market.                by stabilising the salts that cause it.
Promoted under the company’s FIT 4            Said Degussa’s Marketing Manager Ian           “Using RheoFIT products, it’s possible
Value concept, the range deals with           Berrie: “Production techniques in the          to achieve a consistent finish and
the four main elements essential for          MCP sector haven’t changed significantly       uniform quality at a higher production
MCP manufacturers: cost-effectiveness,        in recent years. Once production rates         speed with improved ease of compaction
performance, aesthetics and durability.       have reached their mechanical limits the       and wetting, cement reduction and
                                              main restriction is the concrete mix itself.   lower curing and storage times. Add
The new RheoFIT products have been                                                           to that higher 24-hour strength, lower
designed for all MCP’s made of earth-         Added Ian: “Financially, the production        machine wear and better surface
dry concrete, including pavers, blocks,       cost per unit is reduced by RheoFIT, thanks    protection, and the benefits are clear.”
pipes, roof tiles and hollowcore slabs.       to its unique principle of acting on the
By acting on the cement grain, RheoFIT        cement grain. Varying moisture contents
fully exploits the hydration potential of     of the delivered sand or accumulation          Graham Lobley Retires
cement resulting in higher early strengths    of water at the bottom of storage bins         After many years service on the CBA
and shorter curing times. It also minimises   may lead to insufficient green strengths       Council, Degussa’s Graham Lobley has
the number of admixtures needed, so           and upset the fine balance between the         retired. The CBA would like to thank
reducing the complexity of the mix.           mix and machine. RheoFIT’s specially           Graham for his contribution to the
The product’s unique molecule design          engineered molecules substantially             concrete block industry and for his
reduces cycle times by producing better       reduce the tolerance to variation of           valuable input to the association.

New Video                                     New European Standard for
from the BBA                                  Aggregate Concrete Blocks
The CBA has supported the Better              The CBA has created a new guide to help        Although it is not expected to have any
Brickwork Alliance (BBA) in the production    specifiers and builders understand the         direct impact on the type and use of
of a new video aimed at young people          implications of the new BS EN 771-3:           aggregate concrete blocks currently used,
considering a career in bricklaying.          Aggregate concrete masonry units (dense        there are some changes that affect the way
Designed to broaden the view young            and lightweight aggregates) European           in which products are tested and specified.
people have about the use of brick in         standard. BS EN 771-3 replaces the existing    Copies of the new ‘Understanding BS EN
the built environment, the video, in DVD      BS 6073-1 with effect from April 2006          771-3’ guide can be freely downloaded
format, will be sent to selected teachers     after a 12-month period of co-existence.       from the CBA’s website.
and lecturers in schools and colleges.
Copies of the DVD can be obtained from
the Brick Development Association

CBAUpdate     page 10


Modern Masonry Alliance
I am pleased to report that the Alliance       The MMA was also featured editorially         An MMA delegation visited BRE in January
was publicly launched on 22nd February         in the Modern Masonry supplement              to discuss the Smartlife demonstration
at the Futurebuild conference and              of Housebuilder in March. The main            project in Cambridgeshire, the objective
exhibition at Earls Court in front of an       thrust of the MMA programme will              being to ensure a level playing field when
invited audience of industry leaders and       continue to be lobbying on the key            the masonry houses are compared with
journalists. The main speaker was Jeff         issues. Our next consultation response        the offsite and insitu concrete systems.
Howell, author and journalist, best known      will be to the DTI Sustainable
for his On the Level column in the             Construction Strategy due in April.           Contact has been made with the
Sunday Telegraph. Jeff is very supportive                                                    Homein project launched by the
of masonry. Michael Driver of the Brick        Agreement has been reached with               NHBC Foundation and the BRE – this
Development Association also spoke of the      Reed Business Information to publish          is a major information and promotional
need for the MMA. Futurebuild featured         an MMA 2007 Yearbook in October               site for MMC housing methods and
a well-attended MMA seminar chaired by         this year – 33,000 copies will be printed     the MMA will be seeking equity.
Jeff with four papers on a variety of topics   and it will be inserted into Contract
– all available on the MMA website.            Journal. All CBA members are invited          In February ten members attended a
                                               to support this new initiative. Invitations   workshop by Noel Manning on fire
At the launch the MMA announced                for editorial contributions have been         engineering, focussing on the perils
its response to the draft Code for             sent out. This may well lead to a Modern      of poor design in party walls and the
Sustainable Homes, published in the            Masonry magazine within 12 months.            danger of fire spread especially in
form of a booklet. The response document                                                     non-masonry construction – a copy
is a punchy statement about the merits                                                       of his presentation is available from
of masonry construction and we think                                                         the office.
it makes a valuable contribution to the
debate and it has been widely distributed                                                    The next three months will see
to Government and civil service, English                                                     meetings with MMA partners
Partnerships and the Housing Corporation,                                                    and associates to bind together
social housing providers, housebuilders,                                                     programmes on training, research,
and the press. All Westminster MPs                                                           building regulations, standards and
have received a copy. We hope that                                                           codes. An MMA e-newsletter is
CBA members will continue to use it in                                                       also due out during that time.
your own presentations and meetings.
                                                                                             Martin Clarke
See the MMA website                                                                          Modern Masonry Alliance - Chairman
to download it.

At the same time we released a leaflet
detailing the role and the membership
of the Alliance, also available on the
website. MMA President David Szymanski
of Hanson Building Products continues to
provide a strong lead in bringing together
the whole supply chain under the MMA
and a further major effort is planned.
                                                                                                                     CBAUpdate       page 11

THB Campaign Update
The THB campaign continues to take a phased approach                  The timber-frame lobby is not enjoying the market share
to themes with Thermal Efficiency and Environmental issues            increase it was hoping for partly due to the scores of other
kicking off 2006. New leaflets on these topics are available          panel and volumetric systems now being offered. It has
to members. The new campaigns are supported with advertising          appealed to the ‘traditional’ camp to stop the fire-oriented
in the self-build press. A redesigned website is also being           campaign and focus on growing the total market.
developed to provide more information on each campaign.
                                                                      Our resource has been considerably strengthened by
The exhibition programme remains challenging – the                    the addition of Annette Lee as PR and Press executive –
Homebuilding and Renovation show at the NEC ran in                    Annette will be spending three days per week on THB issues.
March and attracted around 50,000 visitors. The next shows
in Glasgow, May 6-7, Harrogate June 19-23 (MMA) and                   Anita Ladva
Peterborough July 1-2 all need member company staff support.          PR and Events - THB

British Precast Update
On March 28th we look forward to Professor Ulrich Schneider
presenting his fire research at the British Precast conference in
London. We hope CBA members will be there to hear him –
why not bring your local fire chief. We also have the lead
USA investigator into the collapse of the Twin towers plus an
excellent array of speakers. For details see

Our liaison work on timber strategy in Europe continues with
some excellent reports being received however on the political
front we are being outgunned especially on the sustainability
issue where the timber lobby has just held a very effective
exhibition aimed at MEPs and the Brussels civil service, supported
by publications. We have a massive amount of work to do to
reverse the position and continuing collaboration with common
interest groups in Europe is essential.

Our colleagues in The Concrete Centre are organising EC6 events
– see for details of these and several
new publications of interest to CBA members.

British Precast is holding its Concrete Fever conference at the
Athena Centre, Leicester on May 11th with a Safety Awards
dinner on the preceding evening – all CBA members are
encouraged to attend – we have a great programme of speakers.

Martin Clarke, Chief Executive - British Precast

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Who’s who
The following people currently represent your interests on the CBA’s Council, Technical and Marketing Committees:

Council Members                                                                       Technical Committee Members

Chris Hudson (Chairman)                 - Aggregate Industries                        Gerry Pettit (Chairman)                - Tarmac
Allan Eastwood                          - Lignacite                                   Len Baker                              - Consultant
Chris Fletcher                          - Degussa                                     Adrian Bunyard                         - Lafarge
Frank Gaiger                            - Tarmac                                      Andy Clements                          - Hanson
Nick Glancy                             - Sellite                                     Darron Coe                             - CEMEX
Shaun Gray                              - Forticrete                                  Les Devine                             - Aggregate Industries
Martin Home                             - Thomas Armstrong                            Tim Fields                             - Forticrete
Bill Innes                              - David W Gordon                              Shaun Gray                             - Forticrete
John Mitchell                           - Consultant                                  Phil Lever                             - Lignacite
Gerry Pettit                            - Tarmac                                      Julian Slater                          - Plasmor
Trevor Poole                            - Hanson                                      Malcolm Storey                         - Stocks
Julian Slater                           - Plasmor                                     Alan Tydeman                           - Consultant
Ian Tupling                             - CEMEX
                                                                                      Marketing Committee Members
Secretary and Treasurer
                                                                                      John Mitchell (Chairman)               - Consultant
David Zanker                            - British Precast                             Andy Clements                          - Hanson
                                                                                      Darron Coe                             - CEMEX
                                                                                      Colin Marshall                         - Tarmac
                                                                                      Jamie Pickles                          - CEMEX

If you have any issues you wish to raise with the CBA please feel free to contact
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