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					                                                                                                     Site: __________________________________________

                                                                                                     Vehicle #: ______________________________________
                                                                                                     Note: This number is found on back bumper of YW-owned vehicles. If it's a
                                                                                                     rental car, put fleet number.

          Weekly Vehicle Maintenance Checklist                                                       Odometer reading: ______________________________

                                                              Engine Compartment
* Make sure that your vehicle engine is turned off before completing this portion of the checklist

    Inspect for leaks underneath the vehicle                             Inspect all fluid levels:
                                                                                 Oil                                  Power Steering Fluid
    Inspect radiator hoses for leaks, cracks or bulges                           Coolant                              Brake Fluid
                                                                                 Windshield Washer
    Inspect belts for cracks or looseness
                                                                               Ensure all fluid caps are replaced and tightened before closing the hood

    Inspect tires for proper inflation and sufficient tread

    Wash vehicle exterior (as needed every couple of weeks)

    Inspect for physical damage to the vehicle (including windshield) that may affect performance or safety

Ensure each of the following function correctly:                         Ensure, at minimum, the following items are present in vehicle care kit:
       Right & Left Blinker            Horn                                      Oil                                  Tire Gauge
       Hazard Lights                   Steering Wheel                            Coolant                              Jumper Cables
       Headlights & Taillights         Wipers                                    Power Steering Fluid                 Brake Fluid
       Brake Lights                    Mirrors                                   Fix-A-Flat

    Inspect for warning indicators (i.e. gas, oil, temp, check engine, etc.)

    Inspect safety belts for proper buckling, release, adjustment and wear

    Verify presence of YW vehicle clipboard (or rental contract if rental) and atlas

    Clean out trash and vacuum

Write any findings from steps above and note any repair questions or concerns about vehicle reliability and/or safety. Safety issues (i.e.
underinflated tires, unreliable brakes, unresponsive signal lights, etc.) must be addressed immediately. If you suspect something isn't working
properly, be proactive and call the Motorworks hotline for assistance.

Please list any repairs made to vehicle since last checklist was submitted:

I verify that I have thoroughly completed a check of all the items above and have made/scheduled any repairs needed.

Completed By:_________________________________________________________________                                    Date: _________________________________

This checklist must be completed each Friday for both vehicles on site. Use one sheet for each vehicle. Include in weekly fax and place it with other
materials in weekly mailing packet. Call the Motorworks hotline (612-746-6454) for immediate assistance.

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