The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by panniuniu


									The Curious Incident of the
     Dog in the Nighttime
              By Mark Haddon
“Murder Mystery” Novel begins Chpt. 2-7

 Dead dog, “7 minutes after midnight”-(1)-
  Narrative Structure Component?
 Christopher introduced (2)
 Graphics and C characterization (2-3)
 Mrs. Shears & Profanity (4)
 C‟s mind and metaphors (4-5)
 Siobahn & Mr. Jeavons characterization (5)
 “Murder Mystery novel” (5)
 Sherlock Holmes-Important Allusion (5)
Police and Jail-Chpt. 11

“I like the police. They have uniforms and
 numbers and you know what they are
 meant to be doing” (6)
Characterization of arresting officers (6)
C‟s mind and the bread factory (7)
C and his use of similes
C and his assaulting of the police
“This will not be a funny book”-chpts. 13-
Joke and lack of understanding
C‟s struggle with humor and Irony (8)
C gets arrested by policeman-Oh The
“If you try any of that monkey business
 again you little s***, I will seriously lose my
 rag” (9)
Smell of the police car (9)
Author‟s techniques continued

Graphics and C‟s understanding of the
 universe (10)
“Prime Numbers are LIKE life” (11-12)
C‟s characterization-contents of pockets
 and family (12-14)
“I find people confusing” (14-15)
2 Reasons
Metaphors and Names (15-16)
      Father & Mother-Chpts. 31-43
 “He held up his right hand and spread out his fingers like
  a fan” (16)
 C: “I do not tell lies” (19).
 “Mother was a…” (19)
 Father: “Just try and keep your nose out of other
  people‟s business…Leave it…Then Father banged the
  steering wheel with his fist…I said for God‟s sake leave
  it!” (20-21)
 “Father was sitting on the sofa watching snooker and
  drinking scotch…There were tears coming out of his
  eyes…Are you sad about Wellington?...Yes, Christopher
  you could say that” (21) “Mother died 2 years ago” (22)
 How? What happened?
 “She has a problem…a problem with her heart” (23).
 C‟s mind logic vs. superstition Chpt. 47

Good days vs. Black days (24)
Astronaut (25)
“I‟m not a spazzer”-Digression (26)
              Mom‟s death

“Mother died two weeks later” (26)
“Mother was only…” (27)
Mrs. Shears (28)
The Investigation begins-Chpt. 59
“I decided that I was going to find out who
 killed Wellington even though Father had
 told me to stay out of other people‟s
 business” (28)- Narrative Structure
Siobahn and specific instructions (29)
Mrs. Shears: “I really don‟t think I want to
 see you right now” (30).
            C and Heaven

Mrs. Forbes (32)
Rev. Peters (32)
C, Death, Heaven, and God (32-33)
“I didn‟t go to the funeral” (33).
       Investigation Continues
The plan (35)
Neighbors, including neighbor from #44
Mr. Wise (38)
Mrs. Alexander (39)
Toby (40)
“Mr. Shears was my_________” (42)
C, A level Maths, and Behavioral
 “I‟m going to prove that I‟m not stupid…I‟m going
  to take…” (44)
 In Mrs. Gascoyne‟s office, Father says:
  “Christopher is getting a crap enough deal
  already…” (44)
 Father‟s Devotion (45)
 “I used to think that Mother and Father might get
  divorced…they had lots of arguments and
  sometimes they hated each other…because of
  the stress of looking after someone who has
  Behavioral Problems like I have” (45-46)
 The List (46-47)
White lie (48)
“I will not have that man‟s name
 mentioned in my house…That man is evil”
“Well, she‟s not a friend anymore” (48).
Father gives specific instructions this time
 and make a promise “and you know what
 that means” (50)
C, astronaut, and small, safe places (50-
   C and Mrs. Alexander in the Park
 “Why are you asking me about Mr. Shears?”
 “Perhaps it would be best not to talk about these
  things” (57).
 “Oh, Christopher, I am so sorry. I never
  realized” (58).
 “I am going to say something to you and you
  must promise not to tell your father I told you
  this” (59).
 “Your mother, before she died, was very good
  friends with Mr. Shears…Very good friends” (60)
C, Math, & Safety

“Mr. Jeavons said I liked math because it
 was safe” (61)
The Monty Hall Problem (62-65)
Metaphors (66-67)
Chpt. 107-The Hound of Baskervilles and
  C‟s mind vs. that of “Normal People”
 Plot of the story is?
 Clues and Red Herrings (72-73)
 “Sherlock Holmes doesn‟t believe in the
  supernatural…” (74).
 Chpt. 113-C‟s mind
 “My memory is like a…” (76)
 Siobahn‟s talk with C about normal people‟s
  feelings and emotions (74-75)
 C‟s mind vs. “normal people” (77-78)
Chpts. 127-149-The “Discoveries” and the
Plot begins to unfurl
 Blue Planet Video-(79-80)
 “What is this” (81)
 “I have no memories for a short while” (83)
 The zoo trip- “And father said, „I love you very much…”
 C‟s perspective of what love is (87)
 Finds book in closet and letter (93-98)
 “And that was when I saw the envelope” (94)-
  Narrative Structure Component?
 “I was excited. When I started writing my book there
  was only one mystery I had to solve now there were two”
 Ghosts & Frogs (100-102)
 “And it means that …just because that is the
  way the numbers work” (102).
 Mom‟s Letter-Train Station Set (104-105)
 Mom‟s Letter-Why I left (106-110)
 4th Letter-He figures it out: “Then I stopped
  reading the letter because I felt sick…” (112)
 “I did it for your good…I just thought…” (114-
C‟s Mind and computers vs. Other
people‟s and Father comes clean
 The smarties tube example-(115-116)
 C compared the mind to a computer-(116-117)
 Father says: “I want you to know that you can______ ____…Life
  is __________...You have to know that I am going to tell you the
  truth from now on. About everything. Because if you don‟t…”
 “I killed…” (120)-Narrative Structure Component?
 Why? (121-122)
 “She said some things I‟m not going to say to you because
  they‟re not very nice, but they hurt…Maybe we are a bloody
  handful…I mean we ain‟t exactly low maintenance, are we?”
 “You know how it is. I mean were no that different, me and you, .
  And all I could think was that she cared more about this bloody
  dog than she did about you and me” (122).
 “Then he held up his right hand and spread out his fingers out in
  a fan …I had to get out of the house” (122)
C‟s Adventure begins
 Orion-(125-126)
 “And that is the truth” (126)
 C decides to go to… (128-129)
 What is the plan for getting there? (130-139)
 C‟s sight-”I see everything” (140)
 C‟s field Vs. “Normal People‟s” field (140-142)
 “It is like when a computer is doing too many
  things at the same time (143)
 C at the train station (144-154)
The Train Station
Policeman at the Train Station (148)
Policeman and use of Metaphor and Irony
Dreadlock dude and profanity (153)
“And I was on the train to London” (155)
C‟s mind and timetables (155-156)
C and Time (156-158)
“And this means that time is a mystery”
C and the Policeman on the Train
“Caught you just in TIME” (158-159).
“Have you arrested father?” (159).
He killed a dog. With a garden fork” (159).
Profanity and metaphors again- “Now
 listen you little monkey…Sh**ing F**k…no
 more monkey business…You are a bloody
 handful…Jeez” (160)
“For God‟s sake go to the bloody toilet will
 you…I‟ll be keeping an eye on you” (162).
C‟s Subway adventure
 C, God, & life-all due to an accident and everything has
  a cause vs. “normal people” (164-165).
 More Profanity-(167) and C gets off train
 C‟s Subway adventure (168-177)
 C and Sound (168)
 C‟s mind vs. “Normal People” on Vacations (178-179)
 Toby gets lost and some said “Get out of there for F***‟s
  sake…What the F*** do you think you were playing at?”
 “…I lifted Toby up and grabbed him with both hands and
  he bit my thumb and there was blood coming out and I
  shouted and Toby tried to jump out of my hands” (182-
C gets off the subway AND GOES TO
Mom‟s house
 “C‟ struggle with verbal Irony-“No, it‟s a sodding
  crocodile” (187)
 “Go on or you‟ll catch your death” (192)
 “let me hold your hand. Just for once. Just for me. Will
  you? I won‟t hold it hard…I don‟t like people holding my
  hand” (194)
 “I wrote to him every week. Every week” (196).
 “Wrote to him? What the F*** use is writing to him?...I
  cooked his meals. I cleaned his clothes. I looked after
  him when he was ill. I took him to the doctors…And
  you? What? You wrote him some F***ing letters?” (196-
 “And there were tears dripping off his face…And then I
  went back to sleep” (197-198)
 C‟s Virus Dream Digression (198-200)
 “I have to go back to Swindon” (202)
 “Jesus C****…If you ever do that gain, I swear to God,
  Christopher, I love you, but I don‟t know what I‟ll do”
 “Well it‟s nice to know my contribution is appreciated”
 “You think you‟re so F***ing clever don‟t you. Don‟t you
  ever, ever think about other people for one second, eh?
  Well, I bet you‟re pleased with yourself now, aren‟t you?”
 “We are going back to Swindon because if we stay in
  London any longer…someone was going to get hurt.
  And I don‟t necessarily mean you” (208) Inferences?
 Rev. Peters: “So, young man, we ready to roll?” (212).
 “Father came out of the house and he looked at
  me for a long time and then he punched the
  fence and he made a hole in it and went away”
 “Don‟t f***ing bother coming back, either” (214)
 “Thank you…Just…Thank you…I am very proud
  of you, Christopher. Very proud. I am sure you
  did really well” (215).
 “Just think about today. Think about the things
  that have happened”
The Puzzle
The Puzzle- “And you had to detach the
 top part from the bottom part, and it was
 really difficult” (217).
Puzzle- “You had to hold the puzzle so
 that both rods slid to the end of their
 tunnels and they weren‟t crossing the
 intersection between two pieces of the
 puzzle and then you could pull them apart”
 “ I don‟t know about you, but this…just hurts too
  much…This is more important than anything
  else” (218)
 “And then he tore a little strip of skin away from
  the left side of the thumbnail on his left hand”
 “And I‟ve got you a present. To show you…”
 “And Father made a vegetable patch in the
  garden and I helped him. And we planted
  carrots, peas, and spinach and I‟m going to pick
  them when they‟re ready” (220)
The End
 And I am going to get and A grade….I am going
  to take A-level physics…And then when I‟ve
  done that…I am going to a university town…I
  can live in a flat with a garden and a proper
  toilet. And I can take Sandy…And I will get a
  First Class Honors degree…and I will become a
  scientist…I know I can do this because I went to
  London…I solved the mystery…I found my
  mother…I was brave…I wrote a book…and that
  means I can do anything” (220-221)

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