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					SATEAL Conference 20.03.2010
    Inclusive Storytelling
          Angela Rendall
     Teacher Moray EAL Service
     What is storytelling and Why tell stories?
‘In every language, in every part of the world story is the
fundamental grammar of thought and communication.’
                                                    Robert Fisher

“The story is told eye to eye mind to mind and heart to heart.”
                                     A Scottish traveller proverb

“Storytelling and its spinoffs can not only bring about the aims
 of C4E but also serve the pedagogic needs of EAL learners.”
                                                 Angela Rendall

Best of all there is the magic in sharing a story.

                            Angela Rendall 2010
Get together in pairs.           (3 minutess x2)
• Each tell a story from your own life
• Retell the story you heard back from your
  partner in the form of a tale. Think of a title,
  that tempts the listener to want to hear his or
  her story (3 minutes x 2)
• Group reflection
• Write down as many folktales you know in 3
                    Angela Rendall 2010
                       The MIT is Boss
            The Most Important Thing could be………
   Stone-                                                                               Stone-
              Rich man   Sun       Cloud                Wind           Mountain
   cutter                                                                               cutter

        Transformation from dissatisfaction to contentment

Returns to original state                    Search for power is a futile
unchanged                                    digression

                                Stone                                                        Stone
                                                     Rich man Sun Cloud Wind Mountain
                                cutter                                                       cutter

                                                                            Doug Lipman
                               Angela Rendall 2010

Fluency through retelling
Past tense
Words for feelings

                            Angela Rendall 2010   A Welsh Legend
Listening                                             to
Halloween                                          tales
for ‘Tell a story’ week

  The Golden Bird Zelta PutnsAngela Rendall 2010
          The Little White Cat
          by the great Scottish
          traditional storyteller,
          Duncan Williamson

           BICS labelling vocabulary such as
          family, body parts, has/have got

          But also CALP if you talk about
          difference, skin colour.

Angela Rendall 2010
              Some activities with stories

•   What might happen next
•   Ask about pictures in the mind
•   How would you feel if you were?
•   What can you add?
•   Retell focussing on a sense
•   Favourite phrases
•   Inventing a story from within a story
•   Similar personal experiences to story
•   Flow chart, map, story mountain, emotion graphs

                       Angela Rendall 2010
     Some Sources for Stories and Activities









                                     Angela Rendall 2010

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