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					                                Taylor’s German Shepherds
                                        Crista Taylor
                                      236 S Grand St
                                    McPherson KS 67460

(Puppy Contract)

Puppy Name: __________________________
DOB: ________________________________
Color: ________________________________
Sex: _________________________________
AKC # : _______________________________
Microchip # _________________________Company:_______AKC - CAR___________
Date Microchip Inserted:____________ ______ Inserted by: ____Breeder_________

Congratulations on your new puppy. We hope you spend many happy years with your new
family member. There is nothing more exciting than a new puppy in the home. Make sure
you have puppy proofed your home and have a designated potty spot for easy potty
training picked out. It is a good idea to check local Pet Stores and Kennel Clubs for Puppy
training classes. I know you are capable of training your puppy at home by yourself but
the training classes are a great time to socialize your puppy around other dogs and
children. German Shepherds are a protective and smart dog. Socialization with this breed
is very important.

Your puppy is coming to you with his or hers 1st and 2nd set of vaccinations and has been
de-wormed 3 times. Have a Veterinarian appointment set up for no later than 24 hours
after pick up of your puppy for a health exam. At the first puppy visit (Within 24hrs in
your possession) if your Veterinarian finds this puppy in poor health due to neglect from
this breeder or a genetic health issue a full refund will be given and pick up of this puppy
will be arranged. Proof of this health issue must be provided from your Veterinarian
immediately. No refund will be given for fees accumulated with your veterinarian. If I
decide this puppy must go to a different Veterinarian of my choice for a second opinion I
will then pay for all of those charges from the Veterinarian of my choice.

Your puppy is eating _______Blue Buffalo Lg. Breed Puppy (Peach Color Bag)______.
I recommend you stay on this same food for an easy transition into the new home. When
your puppy is 1 yr old I recommend switching over to a high quality Adult dog food for
large breed dogs. German Shepherds grow very fast and are prone to Joint issues later in
life if they are not fed a quality food during puppyhood. Try to stay away from other
supplements when they are a puppy. If a German Shepherd grows too fast they can
develop what is called “Pano” by many Veterinarians. It is best described as “Growing
Pains”. A healthy German Shepherd grows slowly. When your German Shepherd is 1 year
of age it will be ok at that time to give a Joint Supplement if you find it necessary. I find
that most Quality Dog foods will provide the proper nutrition to support the joint care of
your German Shepherd.

Provide fresh water at all times for your puppy/dog.

This puppy is being sold with AKC Registration (Limited). Your dog is still registered with
AKC and you will receive all paperwork at the pickup of your new puppy. With Limited
Registration you may NEVER breed this dog. You understand this dog is a Pet Only. You
can still participate in many other AKC events. Your dog must be Spay/Neutered by 1 Year
of age. Verification of Spay/Neuter must be sent to the breeder at the address listed at
the top of this contract.

If at any time you cannot keep this German Shepherd you must contact us quickly. Do not
(Re-Home) or take this dog to any Shelter, Humane Society or Rescue. Taylor’s German
Shepherds will make arrangements to pick this dog up. If we see fit this dog can be re-
homed to a new owner of your choice we would like to be involved in the dog transfer. If
you cannot keep this dog be sure to contact us. We are here to help you and do not want
to see any more dogs end up in Shelters or worse “Euthanized”.

Please answer the questions below.

Do you rent or own? ___________________
If you rent, has your landlord approved you to have a dog? YES or NO
How many other pets do you own? ______________
What kind of pets do you own? ____________________________________________
Have you ever had a German Shepherd before? YES or NO
Do you have children? YES or NO
Do you have a fenced yard? YES or NO
Will you take this puppy to Obedience classes? YES or NO
Are you willing to provide proper nutrition to the puppy/dog YES or NO
Will you provide proper Veterinarian care for this puppy/dog YES or NO

When you are at work where will this puppy/dog stay?

When you go on Vacation where will this puppy/dog stay?

Please provide us with your Veterinarian info:

Your information below:

By signing this contract you agree to the terms above and have read this entire contract
and understand you must have this dog Spay/ Neutered by 1 year of age. New Owner
Signature ____________________________________Date___________

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