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					Please note that the report uses the terminology of the Graduate Teacher standards from the
Institute of Teachers since these are the criteria on which our graduates will be assessed at the end
of the program.
The final report has a similar framework to the first. Master Teachers are encouraged to
concentrate their comments on progress in areas where students should be consolidating and
refining their teaching competencies. It is important that you indicate that you are confident that
the student teacher can satisfactorily manage the grade level she/he is currently teaching.
Guidelines for Assessment
Student teacher performance is always assessed relative to their teaching experience. At the time of
this final report they will have completed a total of 60 days Professional Experience in their
program. We would like you to assess your student teacher’s performance as Accomplished,
Substantial progress, Working towards, Needs improvement or Unsatisfactory using the
definitions given for the first report.
Guidelines to assist in rating students
Dimension: Professional knowledge
        Element 1: Teachers know their subject content and how to teach that content to their students
        Element 2: Teachers know their students and how they learn

                                            Accomplished                  Substantial progress                   Working towards                    Needs improvement                 Unsatisfactory

                                                       1                                 2                                    3                                4                               5
 Professional knowledge                  The student teacher:                                       The student teacher:                                      The student teacher:
 a.   Knowledge of subject content       demonstrates a sound knowledge of syllabus                 displays a developing knowledge of syllabus               displays limited knowledge of syllabus
      and syllabus requirements          documents and subject content. Thorough grasp of           requirements and a satisfactory grasp of subject          requirements and the grasp of subject content is
                                         basic concepts. Excellent factual accuracy. Thorough       content. Sound understanding of basic concepts. Few       poor. Limited understanding of basic concepts.
                                         preparation of background material for lesson.             factual inaccuracies. Good preparation of background      Frequent factual inaccuracies. Lack of background
                                                                                                    material for lesson.                                      material for lesson.
 b.   Knowledge of pedagogy,             successfully employs a range of instructional strategies   shows an awareness of, and willingness to try a range     relies on a limited range of teacher-centred
      especially as it relates to the    that are consistent with the discipline’s principal        of instructional strategies that are broadly consistent   instructional strategies, fails to appreciate the need
      discipline’s principal modes of    modes of enquiry and which cater for the diversity of      with the discipline’s principal modes of enquiry and      to cater for the diversity of learning styles in the
      enquiry and the diversity of       learning styles apparent in the classroom.                 which attempt to cater for the diversity of learning      class and has little understanding of the modes of
      learning styles apparent in the                                                               styles apparent in the classroom.                         inquiry that characterise the discipline.
      student population
 c.   Knowledge of information and       demonstrates a well-developed appreciation of the role     demonstrates a developing appreciation of the role        fails to appreciate the potential of information and
      communication technologies         information and communication technologies play in         information and communication technologies play in        communication technologies to enhance student
      and their applications in          student learning and the achievement of syllabus           student learning and the achievement of syllabus          learning. Reluctant to utilise ICT in the classroom
      classrooms                         outcomes. Skilled at integrating ICT-based learning        outcomes. Has attempted, with some success, to            context. Low level of technical ability.
                                         experiences into teaching practice.                        integrate ICT-based learning experiences into teaching
 d.   Knowledge and respect for the      demonstrates a commitment to multiculturalism and a        demonstrates a growing appreciation of the social and     lacks an appreciation of the impacts of cultural
      cultural and social diversity of   respect for social diversity, and draws on the cultural    cultural diversity of the student population and how      and social diversity on student learning.
      the student population and how     and social diversity of the student population to enrich   this pluralism can be used to enrich the learning
      these impact on student            learning.                                                  experience of students.
 e.   Knowledge of the factors that      draws on the skills, interests and prior achievements of   attempts to draw on the skills, interests and prior       demonstrates little understanding of the factors
      impact on student learning         students to enrich and inform student learning.            learning of students to enhance student learning.         that might impact on student learning. Fails to take
      including the skills, interests                                                               Moderately successful in this endeavour.                  into account prior learning when planning and
      and prior achievements of                                                                                                                               implementing lessons.
                                                        1                                 2                                  3                                   4                              5
 f.   Knowledge and understanding         develops and implements instructional strategies that     demonstrates an emerging capacity to plan and               ignores or is largely unaware of the needs of
      of specific strategies (including   cater for the needs of specific groups with particular    implement instructional strategies that cater for the       Indigenous students, students with special
      those focused on literacy) that     reference to the needs of Indigenous students, students   needs of specific groups with particular reference to       education needs, students from non-English
      assist the learning of              with special education needs, students from non-          the needs of Indigenous students, students with special     backgrounds and those with challenging
      Indigenous students, students       English backgrounds and those with challenging            education needs, students from non-English                  behaviours. Fails to appreciate that all teachers are
      with special education needs,       behaviours. Is conscious of, and acts on the              backgrounds and those with challenging behaviours. Is       teachers of literacy.
      students from non-English           recognition that all teachers are teachers of literacy.   conscious of, and acts on the recognition that all
      backgrounds and those with                                                                    teachers are teachers of literacy.
      challenging behaviours

Dimension: Professional practice
        Element 3: Teachers plan, assess and report for effective learning
        Element 4: Teachers communicate effectively with their students
        Element 5: Teachers create and maintain safe and challenging learning environments through the use of classroom management

                                             Accomplished                   Substantial progress                Working towards                  Needs improvement                      Unsatisfactory

                                                        1                                 2                                  3                                  4                               5
Professional practice                     The student teacher:                                      The student teacher:                                      The student teacher:
 a.   Planning and implementation         demonstrates the ability to plan and implement            demonstrates an awareness of the processes involved       finds it difficult to plan and implement lessons and
      of lessons and lesson               innovative and challenging outcomes-based lessons         in planning and implementing outcomes-based               sequences of lessons that engage the interest of
      sequences that engage student       and sequences of lessons that engage the interest of      lessons and sequences of lessons and has shown a          students. Unable to relate planned learning
      interest and address syllabus       students.                                                 developing capacity to translate this awareness into      experiences to syllabus outcomes. Content and level
      outcomes                                                                                      effective professional practices. Becoming                of conceptual understanding required is often
                                                                                                    increasingly successful at engaging the interest of       inappropriate for students for whom is intended.
                                                                                                    students and achieving targeted lesson outcomes.
 b.   Selection and organisation of       is skilled at selecting and adapting content and          recognises the need to involve students in the            makes inappropriate decisions regarding the
      appropriate content                 activities to suit the pupils’ needs and interests.       selection of content and choice of instructional          selection of content and instructional strategies.
                                          Displays initiative in the selection of content and       strategies. Reasonably successful in implementing         Students are not involved. Continued dependence on
                                          choice of instructional strategies.                       such processes.                                           teacher to delineate subject matter.
                                                    1                                 2                                    3                               4                                5
c.   Providing links with past and    exercises excellent long range planning. Thorough          demonstrates a capacity for long range planning.        engenders little interest in learning and fails to
     future learning                  daily planning in context of long-term instructional       Careful attention to daily planning. Moderately         convey to students a sense that the individual lesson
                                      sequence and learning goals. Effective                     effective implementation/adaptation of plans.           is part of a more substantial program of study.
                                      implementation/adaptation of plans. Teaching and           Related activities adequately conceived and             Inadequately planned individual lessons. Ineffective
                                      learning activities are well conceived and actively        reasonably effective at engaging the interest and       implementation/ adaptation of plans. Related
                                      engage the students in learning.                           engagement of the learner.                              activities poorly conceived and there is an over
                                                                                                                                                         reliance on teacher-centred modes of instruction.
d.   Selection, development and use   demonstrates the ability to select, develop and use a      recognises the importance of employing a range of       makes limited use of instructional aids. Selection
     of materials and resources       range of appropriate and engaging resources and            materials and resources to support student learning.    often inappropriate. Little attempt to develop own
                                      materials to support and enrich student learning.          The materials and resources used are moderately         resources and learning materials. Choice of
                                                                                                 well conceived and integrated into lessons, usually     resources often inappropriate. Little technical skill,
                                      The materials and resources developed and used are         with sound educational purpose. Moderate                poor use of technology.
                                      soundly conceived and carefully selected, especially in    efficiency in the use of technologies. Fair degree of
                                      terms of student ability. The potential of the available   competence shown when using aids.                       Over reliance on a narrow range of instructional
                                      technologies are realised. They are well integrated                                                                materials and resources.
                                      within lessons and the student uses the equipment          Worksheets and handouts are of a satisfactory
                                      expertly, unobtrusively and confidently. Aids are          standard.                                               Worksheets and handouts fail to model an
                                      visible and/or audible.                                                                                            acceptable standard of work and/or presentation.

                                      Worksheets and handouts reflect a high standard of
                                      instructional design.
e.   Use of groupwork and other       demonstrates excellent organisation and the                attempts to incorporate small-group activities in       Poor organisation. Activities often inappropriate.
     student-centred modes of         appropriate use of small-group learning. Well-             lessons. Moderately well organised. Reasonably          Little attempt made to encourage participation in
     instruction                      conceived student-centred activities. Encourages the       successful in encouraging student participation.        group activities. Lack of organisation often results in
                                      participation of pupils in group-based activities.                                                                 problematic student behaviour.
                                      Allowance made for reporting back by pupils.
f.   Lesson closure                   successfully highlights and reinforces the key points,     attempts to draw main points of lesson together. Not    Lessons lack direction. Little attempt made to draw
                                      ideas and/or concepts established/developed                always successful but is becoming more skilled.         lessons together.
                                      throughout lesson. Lessons are well timed.                 Timing issues may result in rather truncated lesson
g.   Achievement of lesson and        successfully plans and implements lessons that achieve     facilitates the achievement of lesson outcomes in the   fails to inform the students about the outcomes they
     syllabus outcomes                targeted lesson outcomes. The choice of lesson             majority of teaching situations. Pupils are made        are working towards. Lesson outcomes do not relate
                                      outcomes demonstrates a capacity to interpret syllabus     aware of the outcomes they are working towards.         to syllabus requirements or teaching and learning
                                      documents and to identify and articulate clear and         The choice of lesson outcomes demonstrates a            programs. Intended outcomes are seldom achieved.
                                      appropriate learning goals. The lessons reflect a sense    growing awareness of syllabus requirements and the
                                      of purpose.                                                needs of students.
                                                  1                                  2                                   3                                 4                                5
h.   Classroom management and the   demonstrates a sound understanding of the principles       demonstrates an awareness of the principles and           finds it difficult to apply the principles and practices
     quality of the learning        and practices of managing classroom behaviour.             practices of managing classroom behaviour and             likely to establish order in the classroom and, as a
     environment                    Establishes a climate where learning is valued and         seeks to maintain a climate where learning is valued      consequence, fails to maintain an effective learning
                                    student ideas respected. Establishes clear routines for    and student ideas respected. Reasonably effective at      environment. Routines for managing behaviour
                                    managing behaviour. Takes appropriate actions              establishing clear routines for managing behaviour.       absent or poorly implemented. Ignores routine
                                    promptly, firmly, fairly and consistently. Promotes a      Seeks to deal with management issues promptly,            matters. Deals ineffectively with discipline
                                    positive pupil/teacher relationship and creates an         firmly, fairly and consistently. Conscious of the         problems. Inconsistent in pupil/teacher relationship.
                                    environment characterised by respect and rapport.          need to promote a positive pupil/teacher                  Little evidence of the respect and rapport necessary
                                    Understands the specific requirements for ensuring the     relationship. Pays attention to routine matters.          to promote a positive learning environment. The
                                    safety of students.                                        Moderately effective at promoting a positive              safety of students is sometimes put at risk.
                                                                                               pupil/teacher interaction. A safe learning
                                                                                               environment maintained.
i.   Flexibility                    adapts to change in a constructive manner; accepts         reasonably adaptable to change in arrangements.           does not easily accept changes to arrangements.
                                    changes to arrangements easily.                                                                                      Fails to understand the need for flexibility.
j.   Gaining and maintaining        generates sense of purpose. Pupil participation,           demonstrates the ability to implement a moderately        shows little sense of purpose. Little attempt to
     attention                      attention and interest maintained; mindful of the need     engaging approach; attempts to gain the students’         arouse interest. Fails to gain pupil participation.
                                    to motivate students. Lesson objectives made explicit.     attention and interest; adequate pupil participation;     Presentation is unimaginative and/or not suited to
                                    Builds upon pupil experience.                              targeted lesson outcomes clear to students. Builds to     the needs of the learner. Little effort made to build
                                                                                               some extent upon pupils’ experience.                      upon pupils’ experience.
k.   Language communication,        consistently demonstrates the ability to communicate       shows clear signs of developing the ability to            finds it difficult to communicate clearly with
     clarity of explanation         clear directions re: learning goals; listens to students   communicate clear directions re: learning goals and       students. Finds it difficult to engage pupils in
                                    and engages them in classroom discussions.                 the capacity to listen to student responses and           worthwhile discussions. Learning goals are poorly
                                    Possesses the ability to vary the tone and pitch of        facilitate classroom discussions.                         articulated.
                                    voice. Coherent. Clear expression. Language highly         Exercises good voice projection. Careful attention        Voice not used effectively. Lacks coherence.
                                    suited to level of class. Clear visual presentations.      given to suitable language and language level. Fair       Expression unclear. Language pitched at wrong
                                    Ability to explain difficult concepts. Assists students    use of visual presentation. Concepts satisfactorily       level for class. Visual presentation untidy/unclear.
                                    to use appropriate levels of language related to           developed. Some help given to assisting pupils in         Ineffective in developing concepts. No recognition
                                    situation, audience and purpose.                           their use of language.                                    of the need for pupil assistance in the appropriate
                                                                                                                                                         level of language.

l.   Use of questioning             demonstrates a range of questioning techniques             shows an awareness of the need to employ a range          fails to recognise the importance of questioning to
                                    designed to support student learning. Questions clear,     of questioning techniques to support student              effective teaching and learning. Questions vague,
                                    purposeful, thought provoking and balanced. Logically      learning. Questions generally clear, well framed.         imprecise. Lack of variety in kinds of question
                                    sequenced. Well distributed to address needs of all        Satisfactory balance between factual and thought-         types. Questioning lacks direction and fluency.
                                    pupils. Responds to pupils’ contribution with              provoking questions. Adequate attention to                Poorly distributed. Inadequate response to pupils’
                                    enthusiasm.                                                sequencing and distribution of questions.                 questions.
                                                                                               Acknowledges pupils’ questions.
m.   Effective teacher/pupil        generates an excellent teacher/student rapport. Willing    demonstrates an awareness of the need to develop          pays little attention to the need to develop a positive
     interaction                    to involve pupils in planning teaching and learning        sound teacher/pupil relationships. Strives to translate   teacher/student relationship. Sees it as unimportant
                                    activities. Avoids destructive and demeaning               this awareness into action.                               or lacks the interpersonal skills necessary to
                                    comments.                                                                                                            establish a rapport with students.
                                                    1                                 2                                 3                                 4                                5
 n.   Assessment and reporting        uses a range of strategies to assess student             relies on a limited but expanding range of strategies    pays minimal attention to the assessment of student
                                      achievement of learning outcomes. Makes explicit the     to assess student achievement of learning outcomes.      learning. Measurement techniques often
                                      link between outcomes and assessment strategies.         Tries to make explicit the link between outcomes         inappropriate. Little use made of assessment for
                                      Keeps accurate records of student achievement.           and assessment strategies. Keeps accurate records of     planning. Little feedback to students. Minimal or no
                                      Provides detailed and balanced student feedback. Uses    student achievement. Provides student feedback.          use made of information gathered for personal
                                      the information gained through the assessment process    Attempts to use the information gained through the       reflection on effectiveness of teaching practice.
                                      to evaluate and reflect on teaching practice. Uses       assessment process to evaluate and reflect on
                                      assessment to inform further planning of teaching and    teaching practice.

Dimension: Professional commitment
         Element 6: Teachers continually improve their professional knowledge and practice
         Element 7: Teachers are actively engaged members of their profession and the wider community

                                         Accomplished                   Substantial progress                Working towards                  Needs improvement                    Unsatisfactory

                                                    1                                 2                                 3                                  4                               5
Professional commitment               The student teacher:                                     The student teacher:                                       The student teacher:
 a. Capacity to analyse and reflect   demonstrates a capacity to reflect critically on and     reflects on their own practice and seeks to improve        fails to engage in effective reflective practice.
    on professional practice          improve teaching practice.                               their teaching.
 b. Engagement in personal and        demonstrates knowledge of the professional teaching      demonstrates knowledge of the professional teaching        demonstrates limited knowledge of the
    collegial professional            standards framework and its impact on the                standards framework. Appreciates the need to take          professional teaching framework. Fails to
    development                       professional life of teachers. Demonstrates a            responsibility for their own professional development.     acknowledge the need for their own professional
                                      commitment to their own professional development         Participates in professional development activities.       development. Avoids professional development
                                      and that of peers. Participates in professional          Participates in discussions about student learning.        activities and discussions related to professional
                                      development activities. Contributes to discussions                                                                  practice.
                                      related to professional practice and student learning.
                                                   1                                 2                                   3                                4                              5
c. Capacity to contribute to a       makes a significant contribution to a professional         recognises the importance of working as a member of      makes little contribution to the professional
   professional community            community (faculty and school). Recognises the             a professional community (faculty and school).           community (faculty and school). Refuses to
                                     importance of teamwork in an educational context.          Appreciates the importance of teamwork in an             acknowledge the importance of teamwork in an
                                     Acts on constructive feedback to improve and refine        educational context. Accepts constructive feedback       educational context. May lack the interpersonal
                                     teaching and learning practices. Explores educational      and seeks to improve and refine teaching and learning    skills to do so. Lack of action on feedback.
                                     ideas and issues through research.                         practices.
                                                                                                                                                         Shows little initiative. Does only what is required.
                                     Seeks opportunities to undertake extra responsibilities.   Carries out the duties expected without prompting.       Depends on the direction of others. Lacks
                                     Does not depend on directions from others.                 Accepts added responsibilities. Some participation in    resourcefulness and involvement in school
                                     Resourceful. Has a working knowledge of the                general school life.                                     activities.
                                     principal policy documents relevant to NSW
d. Professional ethics and conduct   understands the regulations and statutes related to        demonstrates a developing appreciation of the statutes   lacks an understanding of the regulations and
                                     teachers’ responsibilities and students’ rights.           relating to teachers’ responsibilities and students’     statutes related to teachers’ responsibilities and
                                     Demonstrates a capacity to interact effectively and        rights. Interacts appropriately with students,           students’ rights. Acts inappropriately in the
                                     appropriately with students, colleagues and, where         colleagues and, where appropriate, parents.              company of students, colleagues and, on occasion,
                                     appropriate, parents.                                                                                               parents.

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