Lori Spagnoli NY 2 cats infected with mrsa

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					                                Friends of the Bella Moss Foundation
Disclaimer: The people on this list are willing to help as volunteers whose pets have had infections. The
  people on this list do not work for the Foundation and will share their experiences with you but not
          advise on medical treatment. If you want advise on medical treatment please email so that we can arrange for your vet to speak with our vet advisors.
                   Please do not stop or change medication without veterinary advice for MRSP/MRSI/MRSA and other bacteria help us to raise money for our work download our digital CD – information on infection control in vet practice Dr Scott Weese (university of Guelph, Ontario Canada) is a vet specializing in
infectious diseases. Scott writes a weekly blog on infections and diseases relating to pets, Dr Weese is a Bella
Moss Foundation advisor

President and Founder Jill Moss
“I lost my Bella to MRSA, it went undiagnosed and she suffered. I had no support available to me in 2004 as
nobody knew about MRSA in animals. I set up this foundation and today we have helped thousands of animals
and people. Our veterinary experts liaise with vets who want more information and we have a support of pet
owners wanting to help others. I am so proud that such a strong network of support has grown and that Bella
did not die in vain, her legacy lives on in all of us that care about protecting pets from infections. When I am
away on charity business Lori Spagnoli who lives in New York helps me out with email enquires. Lori is caring
for her cat Momo who has MRSA in the bladder and has generously taken on the commitment to help me run
the foundation for that I am so grateful to her for her ongoing help.”

Jill Moss (President and Founder, BMF) UK Cell phone 07860 879079
International Code from USA 011 44 7860 879079

Lori Spagnoli (Bella Moss Foundation volunteer)
Lori can be reached on

“Experiencing the many ups and downs of caring for my MRSA cat, Momo, for the past five years, let me be the
first to attest to the wealth of service the Bella Moss Foundation and its friends have provided. In turn, I am
honored to participate in this circle of friendship which Jill has so selflessly and mindfully created by offering
Momo's example and her teachings to anyone in need. May we strive to respond to adversity's gifts by sharing
their lessons with all those who are suffering that they may know they are not alone.”

Friends of the Foundation in the USA

Robbie Konikoff is happy to talk to people and Robbie is a very helpful volunteer for the foundation based in
Buffalo New York.

Email: please visit to see how Robbie has helped

Kristen wicker
Email: Julianpresley@
My dog was infected with MRSA. She survived after a long treatment regime.
I am a pet owner and registered veterinarian technician.

Andie Irwin’s dog cooper has recovered from mrsa and she is happy to chat through her experience.

Amanda Smith
My Cocker spaniel was misdiagnosed in 2009 with MRSA in the ears, actually she had MRSP and I would never
have gotten help without The Bella Moss Foundation !!!

Lori Fogler Nicholson who sadly lost her dog Mr Beebs can be of support.
203 488 9760

Lisa Muse her dog Foster had MRSA.
703-424-4226 email address is Foster has recovered from a MRSP (meticillin resistant
pseudomonas) skin infection on his neck and Jax has recovered from MRSP on his chin.

Elizabeth Tull My dog Delta had and most likely still has MRSA (Florida)

home phone: 850-668-8992 cell phone: 850-510-3671

Beth Brown in Ohio her Samoyed Zack recovered from MRSA.
 614 854 9023

Fritzie Maddock sadly lost her dog Bear to MRSA and is willing to talk to people who have infected pets or who
have been bereaved.
803 776 3931.

Cathy Conner is happy to talk about her experience of cross infection between her cat (Chloe) and daughter.

Charlene Lepant
Her dog Merit was diagnosed with MRSP in the bladder in July 2009.
Merit is currently MRSP free. Charlene would be happy to talk to people and be of support.

Susan Miles
Sadly lost her dog Corky in January 2009.
480 502 0421

Carol Fisher sadly lost her small dog and loving companion, Flash to MRSA in 2006 after a routine surgery
for bladder 304-389-9637 (US calls only please)

Christine Cazes dog, Troy, sadly died from a disease called degenerative myelopathy and had also suffered with
MRSA ear infections (not the cause of death).

Janet & Brian Collins dog Elsa has recovered from MRSA and they are happy to be of support.

Maria Rosmini

My dog was infected with MRSP , I am happy to discuss what happened to my dog, etc. including encouraging
pet owners to file complaints with their State Veterinary Board because unless they receive multiple
complaints, they will not act and more pets will be infected.

Marjorie Simmons
A form of MRSA in one kidney.

Susan Morris can tell you about her treatment of her dog McRae with MRSA.
803 432 6580

Carol Hammock has a dog Haley who is now recovered from MRSA.

Juli Hyde
Sadly lost her Spotted Wonder Dog to cancer after he was misdiagnosed with MRSA/MRSI.

Mackie Weeks
 910 485 1947
I lost my precious Harper, but am willing to try to be a voice in support of your efforts to educate or be a
shoulder to lean on.

Carl Macrae's cat Luigi had a MRSA ear infection and Recovered. Carl would be Happy to chat via E-mail about
Luigi's experience that which was most likely a cross-infection from elderly mother in law who was
hospitalized for mrsa but recovered.

Gregory Dries
Jake, our German Shepherd had torn ligaments in his right, front wrist. The specialist hospital put in a steel
plate and fused the bone. Somewhere along the line he acquired MRSA and died 8 months later while trying to
fight the infection. Even worse, the MRSA, which most likely would have killed him didn't. He died of an
overdose of Amikacin (the nurse gave him the equine dosage for 3 days instead of the small animal dosage).

Dominic Republic
Jaclynn Stanley (my dog had many infections).

Friends of the Foundation in the UK

Claire Martin
My dog Poppy survived due to the help of the foundation.

Jan Oliver her dog Carrick has had MRSP.

Maria Salmonte
My dog Felix's Infection: MRSA.

June Anne Walker whose white German shepeard Emma go hit by a car and broke her leg has now recovered
from MRSA.
01384 400165

Robert Walker whose dog Jazz recovered from MRSA skin infections contracted during boarding in kennels.
0161 483 1794

Christine Ross whose dog Freya has recovered from MRSA.

Sue Purver whose boxer Maple survived two bouts of MRSA after a TPLO operation.
01442 842384 BMF facebook page BMF twitter

This link if any pet owner has a vet wanting to talk to our clinical advisors


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