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									                                      COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO
                                     ADMINISTRATIVE MANUAL
 SUBJECT:             COUNTY IDENTIFICATION CARD PROGRAM                           Item             Page

 DATE:                         June 10, 2011                                      0040-06           1 of 3


1.       To establish policy and guidelines for the issuing of County picture identification cards and
         temporary identification cards.

2.       To present a process for departments to obtain completed identification cards for new employees.
         This policy is to also establish a process for the use and distribution of temporary identification

3.       To establish guidelines and policy for the collection and destruction of identification cards that are
         replaced due to: name changes, department changes, replace cards that are no longer
         serviceable, and/or employees who leave County service.


County identification cards will contain a photo, basic physical description of the employee, employee’s
classification and County assigned identification number (PeopleSoft system generated), the name of the
department and will be worn on County property at all times by staff. These cards are required for access
to restricted areas in County facilities and to provide the public with identification indicating employment
with the County. County identification cards that have no expiration will be issued to full-time County
employees only and will have a white background. Department heads and top County officials’ cards will
have a royal blue front for easy identification purposes. Temporary, seasonal, volunteer and contract
employees will be issued temporary identification cards that have a definite expiration date included and
will require the same handling as permanent employee’s cards. All temporary cards will be a distinctive
color (refer to Procedures #3)for easy determination of person’s status in a County facility.


It is the County’s policy to require that all permanent, temporary, seasonal, volunteer and contract
employees be issued and display a County issued identification card while on duty within County facilities.
In order to establish a uniform method for the issuance of authorized identification cards, the following
procedures have been established for use by County departments and individual County employees in
acquiring identification cards.


1.       All photo Identification/Access Cards will be issued through the Department of General Services
         (DGS). All new identification cards will be sequentially numbered by the computer photo
         identification system at the time of issuance. The County of San Diego Probation, District
         Attorney, and Sheriff’s department will issue access IDs on the same system, but under their
         control and purview.

2.       Identification cards will only be issued to people who have been approved for after-hours access
         through a background screening process either through the Department of Human Resources, ,
         DGS/Sheriff’s Background Investigation Division process, or a Contract Agency to meet County
                                 COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO
                                ADMINISTRATIVE MANUAL
 SUBJECT:        COUNTY IDENTIFICATION CARD PROGRAM                           Item            Page

 DATE:                     June 10, 2011                                    0040-06           2 of 3

     of San Diego screening criteria.        County of San Diego staff will be eligible to receive
     Identification/Access Cards via signature authorization from approving departments.

3.   All temporary, seasonal, volunteer and contract employees identification cards will be distinctive
     in color for easy identification. All temporary ID’s will have an expiration date included on the
     Identification/ Access Card Registration form.

        Yellow background for temporary, (including retiree-rehire, student workers, interns)
         seasonal, volunteer and County approved foundation employees.
        Red background for general contractors approved for access to work in County facilities.
        Sky blue background for security contractors approved for access to work in County

4.   Photos will be taken at regular times designated by DGS at a location established by County
     Security Services. No appointment is necessary for any scheduled photo session. Employees
     should arrive at the photo session with a typed, approved department registration form. The
     registration form can be faxed or sent to County Security Services in advance of the photo
     session to expedite the confirmation and production of the final Identification/Access Card. The
     identification card will be a computer generated photo identification card that will meet the
     requirement for identification purposes plus an access control card when applicable. County
     departments should take employee digital photographs at the point of hire or work location. The
     photographs can be electronically submitted to complete the identification card process. Photos
     should be formatted in a “.jpg” format and saved “last name, first name. jpg” , then e-mailed to the
     County Security Services with the Identification/Access Card registration form for the production
     of the card.

5.   Each department will need to submit to County Security Services a copy of each signature that
     will be approved to authorize the production of the Identification/Access Cards. The signature will
     be submitted on a copy of the DGS Access Card Authorization form and will be maintained at the
     County Security Services office until a replacement signature has been received. Employees
     arriving with authorization signatures that cannot be verified via the respective Access Card
     Authorization form will not be processed or given an Identification/ Access Card. If a department
     has more than one person approved to authorize the production and release of the cards, a
     signature sheet on each person is required. The signature verification will be the control to
     prevent production of unauthorized Identification/Access Cards.

6.   Each department is responsible for the collection of Identification/ Access Cards from employees,
     contract workers, and interns who leave County services. All human resources offices should
     collect damaged identification cards when replacement cards are requested. The
     Identification/Access Card will remain the property of the County of San Diego and will be
     returned to County Security Services for destruction.

7.   Lost Identification/Access Cards shall be reported within 24 hours of determining the loss. The
     notification should be in writing to County Security Services (Mail Stop O-366) or through the
     County e-mail network from the respective human resources office or access coordinator to the
     County Security Services. Upon notification, County Security Services will have the respective
     card deactivated to prevent unauthorized access to County facilities. The Identification/Access
     Card production/replacement cost is $15.00 per card and will be collected via the Internal Service
                                   COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO
                                  ADMINISTRATIVE MANUAL
 SUBJECT:          COUNTY IDENTIFICATION CARD PROGRAM                          Item            Page

 DATE:                       June 10, 2011                                    0040-06          3 of 3

8.     This policy will not apply to the departments who have established their own distinctive
       identification card and policy that has been approved by the Chief Administrative Officer’s office.


Responsible Department(s)
General Services
Human Resources

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