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									                          Harmony Presbyterian Church
                      Prayer for Week of June 29-July 5, 2011
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       Jesus calls us to live in His light, to share that light and to be His witnesses where we
are called. Our prayers this week pick up on that theme. I hope they lead you to deeper faith
and stronger trust in Him. Be sure during these warm, gentle days, to take intentional time
with God in prayer. He waits to visit with you, He has given all to build this relationship, and
we are responsible to ‘be there’ from our end. God will not do the work for us, but He makes it
as easy as possible for us to be with Him.
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Wednesday, June 29
John 12: (The Message) 20There were some Greeks in town who had come up to worship at the
Feast. 21They approached Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee: “Sir, we want to see
Jesus. Can you help us?”
  Philip went and told Andrew. Andrew and Philip together told Jesus.
These Greeks ask the right question, “We want to see Jesus. Can You help?” They are
like us, seeking truth, seeking God. You are the question in our minds, Jesus, who are
You? We struggle to know You, to draw close to You. But, we want You to be on our
terms. We have formed our ideal god and we seek that god who is captive to my needs,
my magic one, the god I can invoke and control, we want You to be soft, friendly and all
for us. We are like a feral dog, wanting food, wanting attention, wanting love, but we shy
back and won‟t let You close. Lord, we want to see You, we pray You open our eyes, open
our hearts and minds that we will let go of our sinful prejudice and actually engage You,
actually see You. You are God, totally free and perfectly good. We want to see You and
we want ot follow You. Give us faith, give us trust that we can be with You and let go of
our need to do it all alone. We also pray we can be there for those who are far from You
and bring them to You. We pray our lives are so dedicated to You that people would know
to ask us about You, that they would watch us and want a life like ours, because You are
present in our lives. We desire to hear, “You know Jesus, will You introduce me to him?”
How delightful that would be. Give me the opportunity and give me the response You want
from me. Amen.
Thursday, June 30
John 12: (The Message) 23Jesus answered, “Time‟s up. The time has come for the Son of Man
to be glorified.
  “Listen carefully: Unless a grain of wheat is buried in the ground, dead to the world, it is
never any more than a grain of wheat. But if it is buried, it sprouts and reproduces itself many
times over. 25In the same way, anyone who holds on to life just as it is destroys that life. But if
you let it go, reckless in your love, you‟ll have it forever, real and eternal.
Jesus, You are such an optimist. Your reality, sure and solid future that is good, is so
startling to us. We see Your death stalking You, Your crucifixion coming and we shudder,
and You see it and You call it Glory. We clearly do not see the reality of life like You do.
You live with pure hope and joy, and even the events that bring You anger or tears, are
filled with Your reality of what God is doing. Your vision transforms everything into times
of Grace and Hope. You alone would see Your impending death as glory, as good and
wondrous. O Lord, move us that we can see and live life like You. We are so afraid of
death, so fearful of what happens after our death, that Your approach is our only rock
our only sure purchase for our life line. Your imagery helps us, we know about seeds
growing. We did this in kindergarten; little seeds in Dixie cups, water & impatience until
they sprout, talking to the plants and encouraging them to grow faster- which never
helped, and finally they bear flowers, fruit and seeds that lead to new life and we know it
happens every time we plant right. You do this for us, every time, like a seed planted,
but it is hard for us to translate that truth into comfort at our core fear level, so that
we live by pure hope and confidence in You. Fill us with Yourself, give us Your Holy Spirit
that we can trust You and live in confidence in You. Take away our fears, based in our
misplaced trust in our own ability to save ourselves, and let us wholly trust in You. Help
us place You as Number One, the center of our life, on the throne of our life, and make
You totally the one we trust and follow. We desire to let go of our deadly ways so that
we can be reckless in our gracious love and be with You for eternity. Amen
Friday, July 1
John 12: (The Message) 26“If any of you wants to serve me, then follow me. Then you‟ll be
where I am, ready to serve at a moment‟s notice. The Father will honor and reward anyone
who serves me.
Jesus, You are the Lord of my life. I say I want a life of meaning and purpose, and I
say I want to be Your servant to do Your will. So now You call me on my words, that if I
want to serve You, then I must follow You. Help me to move from my „right‟ words to
being a righteous person. I do want to follow You, but I also want o have a life where I
am in control, where I go to events I chose to attend, and I do things I want to do. Help
me Lord, for I am of mixed motives. I discover I want to serve You and see the world
transformed, but I also do not want You to change anything in my life. I want it all, all
the benefits of following You, but I don‟t find it easy to let go of selfish me so I can
actually follow You. I need Your help, I need Your guidance and power so that I can do
what I intend to do, follow You. I do want to be ready at a moment‟s notice, even though
it means all my plans, structure and order are placed in second priority to Your will. Man,
that is hard. Like a volunteer firefighter, still at my work, still with my normal life, I am
also ready, trained, waiting for the fire call to a place where I can help save a life, save
a person‟s property, I find myself waiting to be called to serve. I love my daily life, but I
also desire to serve You, to follow to where Your will leads. I trust You and know You will
provide for my needs, but truthfully, I will go just for the fun of it, for the excitement,
for the romance and joy of serving You. I know it is like a cross You give me to bear, but
to do it with and for You transforms it from ugh, to passion. Thank You for Your
assurance and words of confidence that You will reward and honor us for our service.
Here I am, Lord. I will go, Lord. Amen
Saturday, July 2
John 12: (The Message) 27“Right now I am storm-tossed. And what am I going to say? „Father,
get me out of this‟? No, this is why I came in the first place. 28I‟ll say, „Father, put your glory on
A voice came out of the sky: “I have glorified it, and I‟ll glorify it again.”
  The listening crowd said, “Thunder!”
Others said, “An angel spoke to him!”
O Jesus, I know Your feeling of being „storm-tossed and conflicted in my feelings. I feel
closer to You for knowing how I feel. I trust You easier as I know we share those
temptation filled feelings, and I read Your words closer because You chose well, You chose
God‟s will. You went on to fulfill Your calling, You felt the tug of sin, but chose to follow
the divine path of God‟s will, and even knowing it led to Your death, You followed. I wish I
were that deep in my trust of Your will, my faith in Your call, but I often get washed up
on the beach when I am storm tossed. My sand castles wash away and I find I have
taken the easy and sinful path. It didn‟t seem that way as I made my choice, as I
responded affirmatively to temptation, but to choose other than Your will means I have
placed You into #2 spot and my sinful plans I have elevated into first place.
When I do do Your work, when I do place You first, I find those around me get confused.
It is as if You speak but they hear natural sound they dismiss. They hear Your voice, but
then think it was thunder. They see Your action, Your might acts, and then they ascribe
it to a funny coincidence. In a sad, sick way, it is funny how often we get confused over
simple things, not that I can‟t think or reason, but my defenses get involved and I solve
issues I don‟t have while I miss the obvious truth staring me in the face. Lord, help me
to know what I know. To hear You clearly and respond in trusting love. Amen.
Sunday, July 3
John 12: (The Message) 30Jesus said, “The voice didn‟t come for me but for you. 31At this
moment the world is in crisis. Now Satan, the ruler of this world, will be thrown out. 32And I, as
I am lifted up from the earth, will attract everyone to me and gather them around me.” 33He put
it this way to show how he was going to be put to death.
You speak all the time, yet I do not hear You. I have been trained and rewarded by our
world to hear only the „natural‟ sounds, to see the „natural‟ world, with none of that faith
mumbo jumbo stuff. But here, against all I have been taught is truth, I discover You
breaking into my well trained world, and irresistibly, You speak. You say things and
provide guidance for things beyond my expectations. The world seems to be in outrage
against You, and the evil one, Satan himself is making much trouble, yet You assure us
that he has lost, he is being cast out, thrown away. Lord, I hear Your voice calling us
through the wild, violent, sick world in which we live. I hear Your voice calling so we can
know You are the Savior, You are the Messiah, the Christ, and in You is life. As You have
died, risen and ascended to heaven, we are truly drawn to You, and we are drawn to Your
way of life, a way of living now and forever with You. You came that I might have life,
that I might understand and hear God‟s will and be about the work of the Kingdom. O
Master, make it so in my life. Amen.
Monday, July 4
John 12: (The Message) 34Voices from the crowd answered, “We heard from God‟s Law that
the Messiah lasts forever. How can it be necessary, as you put it, that the Son of Man „be lifted
up‟? Who is this „Son of Man‟?”
O Lord, how hard it is to let You be who You are. I try to redefine You and remake You
into my own image. I make up good and well meaning religious definitions for You and then
when You do not fit my dogmas and rules, I get mad at You. I have discovered that I
want You to bow to me, perhaps that is the original sin I partake in, trying to replace
You, wanting to be god myself. I want You to fit my standards, to be my god alone and
never mess around with me. I want to always be right and not feel guilty or have to be
responsible for my actions and thoughts. When You proclaim Your path, Your way, Your
will and it doesn‟t match my made-up ones, I get very insecure. Lord Jesus, You are God,
You are the One and Only. In Father, Son, Holy Spirit, You reveal Yourself to me and it
is nothing like I dreamed. You are much more, bigger, greater, more awesome and
wonderful than I ever had manufactured about my puny, parasitic god. Lord, teach me
the truth, give me the ability to hear You and listen to You. I have learned from You
that it is not me, but You who save. I am humbled that You call and elect us to be Your
covenant people. I am humbled that it is not my wonderfulness, my works or perfection
that brings my salvation, but it is You who graciously bring life, and life eternal, as a gift
for me to receive. Lord, forgive my sin, forgive my rebellion and set me free to follow
You, You are my life. Amen.
Tuesday, July 5
John 12: (The Message) 35Jesus said, “For a brief time still, the light is among you. Walk by
the light you have so darkness doesn‟t destroy you. If you walk in darkness, you don‟t know
where you‟re going. 36As you have the light, believe in the light. Then the light will be within
you, and shining through your lives. You‟ll be children of light.”
What an awesome passage, Lord. You really capture my imagination with this imagery of
light and darkness. I love the light, and I am always more fearful in the darkness where
I trip and run into things and constantly hear things go bump in the night – maybe a demon
in my dark spot. I‟m always the one who opens the window blinds to let more light in, so
to think of doing that with You, Lord, is awesome. You are the light of life, brilliantly
shining into the darkness of evil and death. Because You have lived with us, we know You
understand how searing Your light and Your presence, feels. For all of us who have been in
the darkness and have been hiding in the shadows, Your light, Jesus, comes in, and You
know how much it actually hurt to have Your light shine on them, but quickly they turn
their backs on the darkness and wholly embrace You. You are light, not the scary dude we
were told to avoid, You are life and hope, not the judgmental, nasty, vindictive god we
were warned about by those in the deepest part of the cave. What You transform is my
death into life, You remove my vices and deadly habits, You bring me into clear, focused
light – I see and believe. I do believe in You, Jesus, for You illuminate all around
Yourself. You banish the darkness and in Your light and in Your presence, everything
shines. The contemporary Graham Kendrick hymn is „Shine, Jesus, Shine‟ and it really
true about You, it captures Your luminous presence. Jesus, You are like the sun I
experience in the daylight hours, powerful, life giving, revealing and healing. We desire to
live and walk in Your light, in Your presence always. Fill my life with Your presence that I
may shine with Your radiance at all times. I ask You to make me a child of Your life, that
I may be with You and cast Your presence on all I meet, that Your presence within me
may light up all the places You send me. Let me be like that light on the hill that can‟t be
hid. Amen.
                                        GENERAL PRAYER AREA
Generic Prayer needs that seem to always be there, a list of categories or topics You can fill-in with Your
        Prayers Especially for Tornado damage – grief and loss of home, jobs, family histories,
        Prayers for Japan with the Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear disaster going on. For New Zealand
with the massive earthquake they had several weeks ago. For Lybia & other Islamic nations who are
having demonstrations for change – some good, some questionable, but all need our prayers for peace
and wholeness.
        Pray For: Family, Relationship, Friends, Children, Parents, Divorce, Births, Deaths, finances
        For: Illness, healing, broken bones, broken spirits, emotional problems, depression, Rage,
addictions, surgery’s, cancer, suicidal thoughts, unknown emerging issues
        For: Employment, harassment, promotion, challenges, opportunities, entrepreneurs, retirement,
service, & businesses that they use Christ-like methods in all their actions,
For: workers that they are safe in the work place and especially for American workers that they can stay
employed and produce good products; for the unemployed that their spirits are lifted up and they keep
trying to find that job – open opportunities for all who want to work For: Bills, stewardship, debts,
loans, homes to live in, cars that work, for Banks and financial institutions, the Government’s debt load,
(& Harmony’s debt load)
        For: the world – for Racism & Slavery that is bigger than ever, the poor, medical needs, economic
needs, development needs, moral and social needs,
For: people and nations on every continent and island area, for floods, earthquakes, typhoons &
hurricanes, tornados, fires, avalanches & blizzards
        For: The environment, prayer for all the critters that have no voice, from the seemingly least to
the biggest, prayers for their environment, prayers for poachers, for those who pollute, for the clean-up
of polluted areas, for wisdom & good intentions in Governments, environmental groups, citizens as well
as industry & business.
        For: Harmony & all churches, faithfulness, trust in God, belief in the word of God, for those who
are not saved, for those who sit in church and don’t yet know God, for unity in the Body of Christ. For
other religions, especially those who consider us their enemy, prayer for peace, and God’s Spirit to work
        For Peace, for our enemies, for our Military, for Military families, for terrorist groups, for all who
use violence and evil means to take away freedom and liberty,
        For our Government, at all levels, that they look to God for leadership and vision, and have the
courage to follow.
        For our courts that they seek truth and practice justice in all their actions, always eschewing
        For our fellow citizens that they become active and involved in the political process and vote, that
we exercise our Constitutional rights
        For all the governments of the world, for an end to racism, despots & tyrants, rule by pitting
groups against groups. An end of genocides, oppressions of minorities, withholding education or food or
medicine from anyone.
        For: Immigrants from lands with failed economies or governments, for patience and loving action
by states and federal government, for safety for all people, for those who are refugees and those who have
no home, for our debate about those here illegally.
        For all who do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior, that they will her the good news and
respond in faith.
(Any more to add, anything we forgot? Let us know at RevKunter@aol.com, we’ll add them in too.

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