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May 2011 JET & FAE&T One Stop Score Chart for Bidder: ________________________________

INSTRUCTIONS: These sheets are to be used by RFP reviewers to score the individual Bidders’ proposals based on the criteria identified in the
RFP. For each proposal received, reviewers will score each submission using the following scale for the five (5) areas evaluated:
1. Compliance with RFP submission requirements, as described in Section I and detailed in IIIB (5 points); 2. Program Design/Scope of Work (25
points); 3. Organizational Capabilities (30 points); 4. Specific Program Requirements (20 points) 5. Cost Effectiveness/Budget (20 points). The
maximum total score achievable on these items is 100 points.
Note that Program Design/Scope of Work is primarily evaluated with reference to Section IIA, #1-4 & 6; Organizational Capabilities is primarily
evaluated based on responses reflecting the requirements listed in Section IIA, #5 and addressed via response sheets found in Exhibits 1 and 2.
Cost Effectiveness/Budget is primarily evaluated based on responses supplied via Schedule A, with reference to the estimates of current staffing
and expenses provided in IIB.

1. Compliance with RFP Submission Requirements                                                                           Potential         Score
Sources: SECTION I: GENERAL PROPOSAL STIPULATIONS                                                                          Pts.
Proposal follows format prescribed by the RFP, and all major elements required are addressed.                             0-1 pts
Proposal submitted in accordance with timeliness and format requirements.                                                 0-1 pts
Proposal indicates bidder is in agreement/compliance with all stipulations referenced in Section I                        0-1 pts
Proposal contains complete financial information required, including detailed budget spreadsheet.                         0-1 pts
Proposal reflects alignment with “one brand” Marketing requirement.                                                       0-1 pts
TOTAL                                                                                                                      5 pts

2. Program Design/Scope of Work                                                                                          Potential         Score
Sources: SECTION IIA, # 1-4, 6 and OCMWA Vision and Values Statement                                                       Pts.
Proposal meets the State NWLB requirements listed in IIA 1.                                                               0-5 pts
Proposal meets the Michigan Works! system guiding principles listed in IIA 2.                                             0-5 pts
Proposal meets the JET Guiding Principles in IIA 3.                                                                       0-5 pts
Proposal meets the FEA&T Guiding Principles in IIA 4                                                                      0-5 pts
Proposal meets the staff qualifications requirements listed in IIA 5.                                                     0-5 pts
TOTAL                                                                                                                     25 pts

                                                                                                         May 2011 JET/FAE&T One-Stop RFP Score Sheets
                                                                                                                                          1|P a g e
3. Organizational Capabilities                                                                                            Potential         Score
Sources: Section IIA 5, Exhibits 1 and 2                                                                                    Pts.
Quality Systems Capabilities
Proposal records a level of leadership engagement and communication with staff which drives high performance               0-3 pts
Proposal demonstrates effective use of strategic planning that aligns customer needs with quality service                  0-3 pts
Proposal displays ability to anticipate customer needs and “build in” customer satisfaction measures and response          0-3 pts
Proposal reflects effective use of technology to analyze operations and make data-based decisions                          0-3 pts
Proposal documents effectiveness in promoting people development, leading change and managing systems                      0-3 pts
Collaboration and Cooperation Capabilities
Proposal provides documentation of ability to take direction and work effectively toward the goal of “One System”          0-3 pts
Proposal indicates a record of responding to communications and requests in timeframes given 100% of the time              0-3 pts
Proposal provides a solid track record on ability to direct questions or concerns about policy or procedures through       0-3 pts
the proper administrative channels
Proposal gives evidence of ability to direct questions or concerns about financial administration and accounting           0-3 pts
procedures related to funding stream allocations through the proper administrative channels
Proposal identifies ways in which data will be shared without reservation for the purpose of understanding and             0-3 pts
analysis of operations and continuous improvement in seamless delivery of exceptional service
TOTAL                                                                                                                      30 pts

4a. Specific Program Requirements                                                                                         Potential         Score
Sources: Section IIB 1-4                                                                                                    Pts.
Staffing plan proposes adequate and cost effective support for Centers, clients and programs                               0-4 pts
Service delivery plan is sound, realistic and recognizes key goals, strategies and obstacles to be overcome                0-4 pts
Plan to meet the program design, goals & objectives using allowable activities is sound & realistic                        0-4 pts
Plan to provide case management services needed to meet work participation is adequate and realistic                       0-4 pts
Retention strategies & services outlined are sound & realistic                                                             0-4 pts
TOTAL                                                                                                                      20 pts

                                                                                                          May 2011 JET/FAE&T One-Stop RFP Score Sheets
                                                                                                                                           2|P a g e
Score based on evaluation of Schedule A, with reference to the estimates of current staffing and expenses provided for the Service listed in IIB.
                                                                                                                       Potential         Score

PROPOSAL SCORE CALCULATION:                                               SUMMARY COMMENTS:
                 Total Pts.           Score
                 Avail.               Awarded
 Common Areas
 Compliance              5
 Program Scope          25
 Cap.                   30
 Specific Prog
 Requirements           20
 Effectiveness          20            ____________
 TOTAL                 100

Score for (Bidder Name): ____________________________________________

Scored by (Rater Name): ____________________________________________ Date: _____________

                                                                                                          May 2011 JET/FAE&T One-Stop RFP Score Sheets
                                                                                                                                           3|P a g e

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