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					             The Learning Traveller
             Immersion Programs for Teens & Children
                                                                                                             VOLUME II, NUMBER IX

Summer Homestay Program in                                                                         Program

Seville, Spain - 14 to 17 year olds                                                                The Homestay Program in Seville is the perfect
                                                                                                   combination of Spanish lessons and leisure and
                                                                                                   culture activities that you can enjoy with other
                                                                                                   young participants from all around the world.
                                                                                                   The Spanish lessons component consists of 20
                                                                                                   Spanish lessons per week (4 lessons per day,
                                                                                                   Monday to Friday) between 9:15 AM and 1:00 PM.
                                                                                                   Classroom activities are varied and involve tasks
                                                                                                   or games that make the learning process
                                                                                                   interesting and fun! The aim of the course is to
                                                                                                   develop your language skills in all areas, but the
                                                                                                   emphasis is on developing speaking and
                                                                                                   comprehension skills.

                                                                                                   This is complimented by a specially designed daily
                                                                                                   activity program in the afternoons and evenings.
                                                                                                   Activities may include workshops on Spanish
                                                                                                   customs and traditions, a visit to a local theme
                                                                                                   park, sports, swimming at local pools museum
                                                                                                   visits, dance courses and Spanish cuisine. Full-
                                                                                                   day excursions that include trips to nearby towns
                                                                                                   and villages as well as beautiful beaches are also
                                                                                                   organized. And each Sunday you get to spend
                                                                                                   time with your host family, getting to know more
"Katy had a great time; she learned a lot of Spanish and had fun. You did a great job putting      about local culture and life in Spain.
everything together so quickly and everything worked out well with the transfers and living
situation...She enjoyed meeting other kids from all over the world. She is hoping to go to
university in the fall in England, continuing her language studies..."                             Teachers
Location                                                                                           All teachers are experienced, extensively trained in
With cultural activities ranging from Flamenco to bullfighting at the famous                       teaching Spanish as a second or foreign language
Maestranza Bullring, and cuisine that is thought by many to be the best in                         and many have master's degrees or equivalent
Southern Spain, Seville offers something for everyone! With a population just                      teaching qualifications. They are known to be firm
under 700,000, Seville is an easy city to experience. All the major historical and                 yet fun and work hard to ensure that you will get
cultural sites, as well as the host school and accommodation, are within walking                   the most out of your class time in a full-immersion
distance of each other. Some of the most unspoiled beaches of Europe are just                      environment.
an hour away.

Prices (in US$)
Course + Accommodation:                       2 weeks        3 weeks       4 weeks       Extra week

20 lessons per week;
                                                 $1,900         $2,700        $3,260            $690
shared room and full-board

Please note: Airfare is not included and some additional costs may apply.
Contact us on 1 888 386 1411 for details.
Accommodation                                   Supervision Level
 You will be accommodated by welcoming
 local families, in a shared room with          The supervision level for this program is
 another student from the program. Host         MEDIUM. This program is intended
 families live in apartments or villas in the   teens who are comfortable with a
 historical section of Seville, no more than    certain amount of independence.
 15-20 minutes walking distance from the        Students are accompanied by school
 school. Your host family will provide          staff during class time and on school-
 breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. By          organized activities and excursions.
 living with a Spanish family, you will get     There will be some free time during the
 the opportunity to participate more            week to go shopping or explore Seville
 directly in a Spanish environment and          by yourself or with friends
 experience the customs, culture and the        (recommended as it’s more fun!). The
 rich and healthy Mediterranean diet.           curfew is as follows: Sunday to Thursday
                                                11:30 PM; Friday & Saturday 12:30 AM.
                                                This curfew is strictly enforced by host
                                                families. If students are not behaving in
                                                a manner considered acceptable for
                                                their age, this could result in expulsion
                                                from the program without refund.
                                                                                            Payment details
                                                Spain is a country where people of all
                                                ages tend to stay out quite late at
                                                night. Dinner is often not eaten until      A $300 US/$300 CDN per person non-
                                                9:30 PM and many Spanish teens              refundable deposit is due upon booking and
                                                consider it very unfashionable to go out    is payable by cheque. The remaining
                                                before 11:00 PM. The curfew for this        amount is due 60 days prior to departure
                                                program reflects this lifestyle.            and is payable by cheque, money order,
                                                                                            bank wire/transfer or credit card.

 Sample Weekly Activity Schedules
                    General orientation and visit to town to show places of interest to students (monuments, shops, history of the
                    city, best way back to their families etc.). Welcome activities and social gathering.

     Tuesday        Visit to the Reales Alcazares followed by a modern Spanish music workshop and karaoke with the monitors.

                    Swimming followed by a video session of the film "Sevillanas". "Sevillanas" dance lessons (typical Andalusian
                    dance that comes from Flamenco).
                    Visit to Isla Magica (theme park).

                    Visit to the Casa de Pilatos. One of the best renaissance palaces in Europe. Followed by a sports afternoon.

                    Excursion to Cadiz and the beach.

                    Day spent with the host family.

Make this a summer you won’t forget!
To book or learn more about this program call us toll-free on 1 888 386 1411 or e-mail us at

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