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Generic Attorney Retainer Agreement.

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                                    Attorney at Law
                                     Street Address.
                                    City, State, Zip
                                     (000) 000-0000

                       ATTORNEY RETAINER AGREEMENT

THIS AGREEMENT dated as of the ____ day of __________ 20__, in the City of
______________, County of ___________ BETWEEN:

                           Of ____________________________]

          1. Scale of Service

          Client hires Attorney to provide legal services to Client in the matter of on-
          going in-house legal issues that may arise, such as employment-related
          issues, regulatory compliance, evaluating the tax implications, and
          negotiating and drafting legal documents of operations for ________ and to
          do all things necessary and required to bring ___________ into formal
          existence through the establishment of _____________ as a

          2. Attorney and Client Responsibilities

          Attorney shall provide those legal services reasonably required to
          represent Client in the matter described in paragraph 1 of this Agreement.
          Attorney shall also take reasonable steps to keep Client informed on
          significant developments and to respond to Client’s inquiries. Client shall
          be truthful with Attorney, cooperate with Attorney, keep Attorney informed
          of developments, perform the obligations Client has agreed to perform
          under this Agreement, pay Attorney’ bills within thirty (30) days of receipt,
          and k
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