Another big autumn Show season for Poll Dorsets Another big autumn by xumiaomaio


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Another big
autumn Show
season for
Poll Dorsets

                                                               wins at
      Size, soundness,
     wonderful balance
 combined with great figures.

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                          A U S T R A L I A ' S N O . 1 S E L L I N G R U R A L N E W S PA P E R

                                                       *ABC June 2002
                                                               May 2003
 The Australian Poll
Dorset Journal is the
  Official Journal of
   the Australian
     Poll Dorset
   Association Inc

Noel Armstrong

Vice President:
John Jasper

Federal Secretary:
Peter G. Weston

Journal Editor:
Don Story

Address for correspondence:                                               Front Cover:     The Gilmore family's Tattykeel stud triumphed
GPO Box 75B                                                               again at Sydney's Royal Easter Show and maintained its tight
Melbourne, Vic, 3001                                                      grip on the prestigious interbreed award for meat and dual pur-
Telephone (03) 9817 6711                                                  pose sheep, the Peter Taylor Memorial Trophy.
Fax (03) 9817 6125                                                        The Peter Taylor trophy is an interbreed contest for the best
Web:                                                group of one ram and two milk-tooth ewes bred and exhibited by
                                                                          a single owner. Tattykeel has now won the award 11 times.
                                                                          Tattykeel brought a show team of 11 Poll Dorsets which won a
Inc. No. A1491                                                            clutch of ribbons including group classes within the breed.
ABN: 65 206 172 969                                                       Leading their interbreed team win was Tattykeel's supreme meat
                                                                          and dual purpose sire, 'Rippa', so christened because he had
Advertising inquiries should be made                                      ripped out his ear tag but with scale, overall balance and
to Australian Poll Dorset Association,                                    muscling was also considered a "ripper of a ram". The Land photo
GPO Box 75B
Melbourne, Vic, 3001
Telephone (03) 9817 6711
Fax (03) 9817 6125
The Australian Poll Dorset Journal is produced
                                                               POLL DORSET NEWS:
for the Australian Poll Dorset Association Inc. by
Story Publications Pty Ltd,                                    PRESIDENT:                                                             4
PO Box 182, Macedon, 3440
Phone: 03 5426 1840                                            FEDERAL COUNCIL MEETING:                                         5, 6, 7
Fax 03 5426 2090
E.Mail:                                  ROYA L EASTER SHOW:                                                 8. 9
                                                               ROYA L CANBERRA SHOW:                                                10
The Australian Poll Dorset Association Inc, reserves the
right to accept or reject any advertisement submitted for
                                                               MAP STUDS WIN RIGHT TO VACCINATE                                     12
publication in the Australian Poll Dorset Journal. It is the   US DORSETS REDEFINE ‘STANDARDS’                                   20.21
responsibility of the advertiser, member or advertising
agency concerned, to ensure that the advertising com-          PERSONALITY - MICHAEL LOWE                                           25
plies with the provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974
relating to advertising. While every effort is made to pub-    COWRA SET FOR JUNE 24-25                                             26
lish advertisements as ordered, no responsibility is taken
for the failure of an advertisement to appear as ordered.
                                                               WAGIN WOOLORAMA:                                                 28, 29
Opinions expressed in the Australian Poll Dorset Journal       FLOCK RAM SALE REPORTS:                                              29
are not necessarily those of the Association or its journal
editor.                                                        DOES MORE MILK EQUAL MORE GROWTH:                                30, 31
     Special thanks to The Land and Farm Weekly                LOOKING BACK TO THE FUTURE                                       32, 33
              for photographs in this edition                  NEW COMMITTEE FOR WA POLL DORSETS                                    34

Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                                           3
    Meet Tas ram lamb of the year
 THIS is the winner of the
 Tasmanian ram lamb of the year
 award. He was bred by Paul Day,
 Sunnybanks stud, Penguin.
   The lamb won the award at the
 Deloraine Show last November.
   While Paul and Karla Day only
 started their stud a year ago and now
 have 25 ewes, Poll Dorsets have
 been part of the family for many
 years. Mr Day’s grandfather found-
 ed Faraday Poll Dorset stud in 1960.
 The stud is now run by Paul’s father,
 Peter Day.
   The young ram, sired by Kevin
 and Dale Moore’s Penrise Cruiser
 (bought by Graham Day of
 Allendale stud, SA, for $15,000) may
 be brought to Melbourne if he con-
 tinues to show potential.
   The judge was impressed with the
 ram’s structural correctness.

 Young Poll Dorset Ambassador
 a highlight of breed’s 50th year
I HOPE by the time you receive this               President’s message                    income from sheep will be $108,000
report that we have all had a good                                   By NOEL
                                                                                         compared to cropping at $40,000.
break to the season.                                               ARMSTRONG,            Surely, the prospects for our sheep
   Our breed and Association continue                               Poll Dorset          industry look bright.
to progress with our promotion and                                  Association
well run organisation.
                                                                                         OVINE JOHNES DISEASE
   At the recent Council meeting in                                                         OJD has been a major concern with
Melbourne APDA Council sub-commit-                                                       affected flocks severely disadvantaged
tees recommended some new innova-                                                        through a program that is not achiev-
tions which were accepted by Council.                                                    able in its present form.
   After much discussion and research it                                                    It is hoped vaccine will become more
was decided to delete both the Federal                                                   readily available so the sheep industry
and State Panels of Judges and replace     to be known as 'Young Poll Dorset             can move forward, without the regula-
them with the 'Official Judges Panel',     Ambassador' which will commence               tions and restrictions that apply at the
which will be listed in the Flock          with competitions in each Region.             moment.
Register in State order.                     Applicants will be aged between 16             I would like to remind all members of
   Time was spent in developing ideas      and 21 years old.                             their responsibility to pay transfer fees
to celebrate next year - the 50th year       The 15 Region finalists will attend the     on all sheep export sales.
since the Association was founded in       2004 Royal Melbourne Show with the               The NSW Dorset Championship at
1954.                                      winner to be announced at the Poll            Cowra in June is once again shaping as
   A book on our 50 years of history is    Dorset Dinner.                                the major event for Poll Dorsets in NSW
well on the way and should be available      First prize is a trip to New Zealand        with increased sponsorship and entries.
in draft form in September.                with hosted accommodation.                       This event is now the second largest
   Many thanks to Bill Close and Keith                                                   Poll Dorset Show in Australia.]
McLauchlan for their time in compiling
                                           SHEEP NUMBERS                                    It started off with a humble beginning
this information.                            Australian sheep numbers are reach-         and I wish to thank Lindsay Wright and
   It has been a personal desire to give   ing a level where it will be hard to          his band of willing helpers who had the
some recognition to younger members        maintain and supply all our markets.          foresight to get this Show up and run-
in our Association.                          I am sure with a reasonable break in        ning. It shows what dedication can do
   I am pleased to report that our         the weather that sheep numbers will           for our breed.
Planning Committee has decided to          start to rebuild. It was interesting to see      I look forward to meeting with you
support in 2004 a young achiever award     ABARE predict that the average farm           all throughout the year.

Page 4                                                                                               Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
Items from the Minutes of the Federal         Changes to Names of Council,              Ownership of Sheep/On Selling
  Council Meeting held in Melbourne,         Councillors and Secretary.                 Semen/Disclaimer
     Vic., on 16th March, 2003.               Association Solicitor Mr R.P.D.              (a) Regulation 10 reads in part - "a
                                                                                        ram can be owned by a maximum of
PRESENT:                                      PRESIDENT'S REPORT:                       four registered flocks."
  N. Armstrong (President in the Chair)         Mr. N. Armstrong.                          The Association had to be careful
and F.H. Badcock, W.J. Close, G.P.C.                                                    about constantly changing regulations
Day, C. R. Harris, E.A. Heal, W.L.              Mr Armstrong said he had                and at this time did not recommend
Hetherington,     J.R.  Jasper,   K.L.        attended the 2002 Perth Royal             unrestricted ownership.
McLauchlan, S. Morrison, D. Mitchell,         Show where was very well looked              The Association would lose money if
G.K. Oliver, G.J. Oxley, A.D. Russell,        after and it was great to see the         there were more than four owners. The
K.M. Weir and Secretary, P.G.Weston.          breeders and their sheep.                 computer software handled up to four
                                                He had attended the Northern            owners and change would require soft-
FINANCE:                                      and Tamworth Region Meetings.             ware alterations.
   Audited Statement and Balance Sheet          Ovine Johnes Disease meetings              No action was taken to alter the regu-
for Year Ended 31/12/2002.                    had taken an enormous amount of           lation.
   Major items of income were up,             time over the past 18 months and          (b) Purchaser on-selling semen with-
including Journal advertising, joining        minor changes were occurring.             out the vendor's consent.
fees and penalty fees.                        There are now 4000 OJD inflected             Any vendor worried about this prob-
   It was disappointing that the web          flocks in Australia and another           lem should:
stud site income was down on budget.          3000 flocks under surveillance,           I Draft a basic agreement to be signed
   Council expenses had been held to          with the disease now out of control.         by both vendor and purchaser.
only 4% of the total expenses.                  Departments of Agriculture had          I Include the conditions in the sale cat-
   Administration and staff expenses          moved from eradication to control            alogue if sold by auction.
had increased because the Secretary           and now to a surveillance program.        I Write the conditions on the ram
had not had an increase for four years        All this for what is a minor disease         semen transfer certificate.
and his contract was now on an annual         that could be controlled more sim-           In the absence of any 'rider' the
CPI. This item also included part-time        ply by a vaccination program.             APDA would accept a semen transfer
staff and all entitlements.                     The drought had had a major             from a breeder on-selling semen (See
   The initial surplus for the year of        effect on flock ram sales and sever-      Regulation 12 d).
$25,956 was reduced to $13,188 follow-        al areas in Victoria had sent flock       (c) Statement of Purposes
ing the transfer of the flock ram levy        rams to the Middle East.                     The word 'verify' was noted in the
and sponsorship surplus for the year of         ABARE had predicted an average          Statement of Purposes Clause (b).
$12,768 being transferred to the Balance      farm income of $108,000 for sheep            The Association and Secretary do not
Sheet.                                        production and $40,000 for crop-          'verify' pedigrees and information relat-
   The flock ram levy/sponsorship             ping. Sheep slaughter figures will        ing to Poll Dorset sheep and it was felt
account was now $32,574 in credit and         be down this year and will be a           that with issues such as DNA testing,
would be needed because of a likely           concern to our export markets.            legal litigation etc. that it was in the
reduction in income this year. In addi-         At a NSW Farmers meeting two            Association's interests to delete this
tion, there were two extraordinary            weeks ago, attended by MLA, it            word.
items totalling $2103 and the final sur-      was agreed that more producers               A special resolution will be drafted
plus was $15,291.                             should be on the MLA Board, but           accordingly, for the next AGM.
   The variations in the 2002 budget fig-     MLA wanted a 'skilled' board.             (d) Disclaimer:
ures were discussed.                                                                       The following clause will be added to
                                             Wright had advised that he did not         the Regulations:
BUDGET FOR 2003:                             believe that the proposed changes          I Vendors will bear the responsibility
   The budget for 2003 was presented         increased the responsibility or risk of       for the correctness of their pedigrees.
showing a surplus of $100.                   Council members. The name is irrele-       I The Association will record the infor-
   Items such as stock purchases, stock      vant in determining whether a person is       mation supplied by members/flocks
on hand, and the flock ram levy/spon-        liable for acts of an association.            but will bear no responsibility for its
sorship were treated as contra items            Resolved the following two notices of      accuracy.
and not included.                            motion be submitted to the next Annual     Increase in Semen Transfer Fee
Resolutions on Finance                       General Meeting:                              The WA Region had recommended a
(a) Statements/Reports. Financial               Special Resolution 1. Substitute the    semen transfer levy of 2% of the value
   Statements      and    Reports       be   word 'Council' with 'Board' and the        on all semen sales be paid by the ven-
   received/accepted.                        word 'Councillors' with 'Directors'        dor.
(b) Subscription Fees 2003-2004. There       wherever they appear in the Rules of          It was felt this would be costly to
   be no increase in subscription fees.      the APDA Inc.                              implement, was not practical and
(c) Fees Due on Export Sheep. A letter          Special Resolution 2. Substitute the    would be intrusive. It also relied, as
   be sent to all members with the 2003      word 'Secretary' with 'Chief Executive'    pointed out by the WA Region, on an
   Flock Returns regarding transfer fees     wherever it appears in the Rules of the    honour system. Such a levy was not
   due on all sheep exported.                APDA Inc.                                  imposed on stud ram sales.
                                                The Regulations to be altered if           Resolved the semen transfer fee be
ADMINISTRATION AND                           applicable and the 'President' to remain   increased from $10 to $20.
PLANNING:                                    as 'President'.                            Young Poll Dorset Ambassador 2004

Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                                   5
   A Young Poll Dorset Ambassador will                                                 Council Executive will be happy to
be selected for 2004 with the following        FOUNDATION HISTORY:                     meet with the MLA if it is interested.
guidelines:                                      Foundation History (50 Years)
I Each of the 15 Regions will run a           and 2004 Royal Melbourne Show            VIRBAC:
   competition to select a Region win-           K. McLauchlan and W. Close               The Secretary reported to the
   ner, to be concluded by 30/6/04 so         were appointed as joint Editors.         Promotion Committee that the Virbac
   photographs and brief details can go          The book would cover items            National Sales Manager had called at
   in the September 2004 Journal.             such as:                                 Head Office on March 14 when deputis-
I The 15 Region winners will be judged        I Foundation history;                    ing for the Marketing Manager.
   at the 2004 Royal Melbourne Show           I Early champions;                          Virbac is very happy with the existing
   where the 'Young Poll Dorset               I Leading Dorset Horn breeders           sponsorship arrangement and would
   Ambassador' will be selected.                who went into Poll Dorsets;            like to cement the relationship more for-
I Prize will be an air ticket to New          I Photos of Past Presidents and          mally in writing.
   Zealand with accommodation hosted            Life Members;                             Virbac is no longer simply a company
   by selected NZ breeders for 7-10           I Secretarial contribution;              with generic products and a specified
   days. The award is not a working hol-      I World record prices and other          percentage of turnover is ploughed
   iday but a chance to visit leading NZ        top prices;                            back into research and development,
   studs.                                     I Some field days;                       with a further percentage added
I The finalists to be aged 16 and up to       I Carcase competitions, people           because all Virbac new sheep and cattle
   21 years in the 2004 Calendar Year.          and photos;                            products world-wide are tested in
I Finalists to be responsible for their       I Family groups;                         Australia.
   own accommodation and travel to            I Younger breeders;                         Virbac will have a stand at Hamilton
   Melbourne Royal. Hopefully, a block        I Technical subjects;                    Sheepvention and at the ASBA Bendigo,
   accommodation booking can be made          I Wives and mothers;                     so Poll Dorset breeders should make
   and Regions will assist with accom-        I Overseas pictures, stories and         themselves known.
   modation/travel.                             activities;
I Free tickets for the 15 finalists to the    I Miscellaneous - general photos;        FLOCK REGISTRATONS:
   APDA Official Dinner.                      I Poll Dorset personalities; and            The following flocks/members were
I Finalists to receive a PD navy              I Significant sponsors.                  approved.
   pullover and tie.                                                                   (a) Membership at 25/2/2003
I There will be benefits to the Breed        surplus of $32,575.                          Full Members                    718
   because of the selection process.            The Report on the 2002 Campaign           Associate Members                11
I Finalists can source their own local       and report were also received.               Annual Members                   14
   sponsorship.                              Flock Ram Levy for 2003                      Total                           743
I Promotion in Rural Press.                     The levy of $1.50 per ram and ram      (b) Registration of New Flocks from
I Sponsors to be sourced.                    lamb will continue for 2003.              F.4319 to F.4336
I The 15 finalists would appear before       Proposals/Format for 2003                 (c) Re-Founded Flocks and Re-allocat-
   a Judging Panel of three and judged          A similar advertising format be fol-   ed Flock Numbers
   on:                                       lowed for 2003 with perhaps every 4th     F. 4044 – K.J. & G.J. O'Neill, RMB 913,
   - Sheep judging;                          advertisement to be a more commercial     Minney Road, Southern Brook, Via
   - Written presentation (not handwrit-     type advertisement.                       Northam, WA 6401
ten); and                                    Australian Poll Dorset Journal            Phone: 08 9622 3835 Fax: 08 9622 3835
   - Oral presentation in the form of an        Noted that the financial statement     Flock re-founded 18/12/02 having
interview (which includes how the            had been discussed with the Finance       been deregistered in Volume 41 for (D)
finalists dress);                            Committee Report.                         and subsequently dispersed.
I Applicants Resumes and Guidelines             Recommended that Journal Editor        F. 1272 – N.C. & F. Watson, PO Box 26,
   and Suitability:                          Don Story, Stephen Davey (Pagination)     Calingiri, WA, 6569.
- Be able to articulate and presentable;     and the Secretary be thanked and con-     Phone: 08 9628 7013 and 0428 287 013
- Interested in Poll Dorsets (could be a     gratulated for the job they are doing     Fax: 08 9628 7013
   child of a prime lamb producer);          with the Journal.                         PREFIX: Catabody
- Must state goals;                          Carcase Competitions                      Bought entire flock of W.S. Campbell &
- Sheep knowledge and history;                  PD breeders should be encouraged to    Sons. Joined 3/2/2003
- Any community activities; and              enter carcase competitions if they have   (d) Re-Registered Flocks
- Suggested the Judging Panel could          prime lambs and encourage their pro-      F. 4196 – B.F. & W.L. Folland, SA
   comprise W. Close, K. McLauchlan          ducer clients to enter carcase competi-   Adelaide Region
   and K. Weir.                              tions. Noted that most carcase competi-   Re-registered 19/9/02
- NZ could even run a similar competi-       tions did not take growth rate into       F. 4072 – R. Kelliher, Vic
   tion at the same time.                    account and this was the Poll Dorset's    Goulburn Valley Region
                                             greatest strength.                        Re-registered 26/9/02
                                                                                       F. 3509 – C. Sherriff, Tas
Flock Ram Levy Finance Statements
                                             MLA SUPPORT FOR
                                                                                       Tasmanian Region
(3) for 2002
                                             CARCASE COMPETITIONS:
                                                                                       Re-registered 11/11/02
  The three finance statements were            Approach Meat & Livestock Australia     F. 2879 – B.R. Brown, Vic
received. These showed the surplus for       and ask MLA to financially support        Naracoorte Hamilton Region
the year of $12,769 and accumulated          prime lamb carcase competitions. The      Re-registered 11/12/02 before dispers-

6                                                                                                  Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
ing                                                                                   require alteration and perhaps other
(e) Associate Member                          OVINE JOHNES DISEASE:                   areas of the Regulations, and Guidance
Kathy Simons, Pembroke Pastoral Co.,            The following resolution was          to Breeders and Inspectors, as set out in
P.O. Box 116, Penola, SA 5277. - (Bill        approved for a press release.           the Flock Register.
Hetherington's daughter).                       "The Australian Poll Dorset           Letter to Region Secretaries
(f) Annual Member                             Association Inc. has lost confidence      The Secretary was asked to write to
W.K. Wicks, Rosedale Road, R.M.B.             in the direction and effectiveness of   the Regions with the reminder that each
6060, Longford, Via Sale, Vic. 3851.          the present National Ovine Johnes       Region should have a special experi-
(g) Ross Turner                               Disease Program.                        enced panel of five persons to constant-
   Ross and his two daughters, Jasmond          The Program has failed to stop        ly review Region members on the
and Natasha, will refound Flock 3788          the spread of the disease and has       'Official Judges Panel'.
with the prefix 'Turndale Park' and           failed to protect stud breeders of        Administration        and      Planning
ewes from J.H. & I.V. Turner (F.3095).        any breed to maintain their tested      Committee
                                              MAP status.                               The Administration and Planning
FEDERAL AND STATE                                                                     Committee was appointed to immedi-
PANEL OF JUDGES                                 The Program has created a busi-
                                              ness environment that is detrimen-      ately take over the Committee roles of:
AND INSPECTORS:                                                                       I Nominations to the Official Judges
                                              tal not only to stud breeders' eco-
  F. Badcock (Convenor), G. Day, J.           nomic viability but also the nation-      Panel; and
Jasper, D. Russell, K. Weir                   al sheep industry.                      I Flock Registration Committee.
  Official Judges Panel: The State              The APDA President and his two          The Secretary would forward details
Panels of Judges and Inspectors list will     nominees will meet with the             and resumes to the Administration and
become the 'Official Judges Panel'            Federal Minister, Hon, W. Truss         Planning Committee prior to each
under each State Heading i.e. delete the      MP and other appropriate persons        Council Meeting.
Federal Panel.                                to find a solution and end the            The Committee's recommendations
  This eliminates four pages of dupli-        human tragedy of those stud breed-      would be included on each Council
cated names in the Flock Register and         ers affected by the disease.            Agenda for Council's final approval.
the list is more up to date, especially                                               This would, in effect, reduce the main
with regards younger breeders pro-                                                    Council Committees to three namely:
gressing to larger Regional and inter-        Central Region: John Harbour, Garry
                                                                                      I Finance
state show appointments.                    Heath
                                              Goulburn Valley Region: Helen           I Administration and Planning
  At present they are often overlooked                                                I Promotion
because their State or Region has not       Gray, Lois Stivens
                                              Central Western Region: Warren          Judges for 2003 Major Shows
upgraded their lists when those respon-
                                            Williams                                    The Secretary asked for a ruling from
sible for nominations consider they are
                                              Wimmera Mallee Region: Tim              Council on whether there had to be a
competent for the task.
                                            Ferguson and Rob Batters                  different judge for each of the seven bal-
  Nominations Approved
                                              Appeals Panel: An Appeals Panel         lots he conducted.
  WA Region: Stephen Eales, Mark
Gill, Timothy Shepherd, Chris Wright.       should comprise three inspectors of         Resolved that except for Western
  Northern Region: Henry Looker             which one should be a Federal             Australia, there be a different Judge for
  Albury-Wagga Region: Rodney               Councillor or his/her nominee.            Canberra, Sydney, Cowra, ASBA,
Frohling, Andrew Scott.                       Noted that Regulation 18 (a) would      Hamilton, Adelaide and Melbourne.

                                                                                      Another successful
                                                                                      central region tour
                                                                                      THE Central Victorian Region annual
                                                                                      bus trip involved 20 breeders touring
                                                                                      southern NSW studs.
                                                                                        The tour included visits to Rob and
                                                                                      Jody Martin who showed off the expan-
                                                                                      sion of Kentish Downs stud at
                                                                                      Holbrook. The tour also visited Kim
                                                                                      and Jenny Weir's Pinewalla stud at
                                                                                      Crookwell; Brian, Lorraine and James
                                                                                      Frost's Hillden stud at Bannister;
                                                                                      Dennis      and     Joanne     Rowley's
                                                                                      Springwaters stud, Jerangle; and Jamie,
                                                                                      Rhyll and Barbara Ramm's Bo Bar stud,
                                                                                        The tour included an evening meal
                                                                                      with President, Noel Armstrong and
                                                                                      his wife, Shirley.
Members of the Central Victoria region inspecting flock rams at Dennis and Joanne       The Central Region is looking for-
Rowley’s Springwaters stud during their tour of southern NSW last August.             ward to this year's trip to Tasmania.
Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                                 7
    2003 Royal Easter Show – Sydney

Tattykeel’s Peter Taylor Memorial Trophy winning team of one ram and two ewes are held from left (Ian, James and Graham Gilmore
from Oberon, NSW.                                                                                                   The Land photo

    Tattykeel’s ‘Rippa’ show
   IN HIS first judging assignment at          CHAMPIONS                                    Detailed class results
Sydney, Garry Armstrong set out to
                                             Champion ram: Tattykeel; Reserve:            Ram, showing not more than 2 teeth, in
reward Poll Dorset sheep that com-
                                             Hillden.                                     wool: Ridgehaven, 1.
bined length with smooth fronts, clean       Champion ewe: Hillden; Reserve: Valley       Ram, showing milk teeth only, in wool:
heads of good character and meat in the      Vista.                                       Tattykeel, 1; Tattykeel, 2; Springwaters, 3;
right places.                                                                             Hillden, 4; Hillden, 5.
                                             prime lamb sire interbreed ram.              Ram, showing not more than 4 teeth, and
   And he found plenty of the type he                                                     not less than 2 teeth, shorn: Ridgehaven,
was looking for in the lineups totalling       His sire, Hillden Colt, was a grand        1; Springwaters, 2.
more than 50 entries from eight              champion at Sydney two years ago for         Ram, showing milk teeth only, shorn:
exhibitors.                                  the Frost family's Hillden stud at           Tattykeel, 1; Hillden, 2; Hillden, 3; Valley
                                             Bannister, near Goulburn, NSW.               Vista, 4; Tattykeel, 5.
   Mr Armstrong, of Armdale Poll                                                          Ram, under 1 1/2 years, bare shorn not
Dorset stud, Marrar, NSW, said the             Reserve champion ram was a Hillden         more than 7 days prior to Show: Hillden, 1;
surge in lamb prices during the past         stud entry placed second in his class to     Hillden, 2; Tattykeel, 3; Baringa, 4; Valley
two years and the swing to meat lamb         the grand champion, and earlier a rib-       Vista, 5.
                                             bon winner at Gundagai.                      Pen of two rams, showing milk teeth only,
production by Merino breeders had put                                                     shorn: Tattykeel, 1; Hillden, 2.
new supply pressure on meatsheep               Hillden also exhibited the grand           Ewe, showing milk teeth only, in wool:
stud breeders.                               champion ewe, a previous second              Hillden, 1; Springwaters, 2; Tattykeel, 3;
   Almost half of all his ram sales now      placegetter in Canberra and a daughter       Hillden, 4; Ridgehaven, 5; Ridgehaven, 6.
                                                                                          Ewe, showing milk teeth only, shorn:
were to Merino breeders, he told The         of the 2001 Melbourne champion ram,          Valley Vista, 1; Hillden, 2; Tattykeel, 3;
Land's Peter Austin - many in western        Armdale 56.                                  Hillden, 4.
areas. Contrasted with a decade ago,           She was shown in the milk-tooth            Ewe, showing not more than 4 teeth, and
                                             woolly class.                                not less than 2 teeth, shorn: Valley Vista,
barely one quarter would have been                                                        1.
joined to Merinos.                             Reserve grand champion ewe was             Pen of two ewes, showing milk teeth only,
   For grand champion ram, Mr                exhibited by the Valley Vista stud from      shorn: Tattykeel, 1; Hillden, 2; Springwaters,
Armstrong selected the winner of the         Coolac, NSW owned by Andrew and              3.
                                             Donna Scott, first-time exhibitors to        Peter Taylor Group, consisting of one ram
nine-sheep milktooth shorn class,                                                         and two ewes showing milk teeth only,
exhibited by the Gilmore family's            Sydney. A daughter of Armdale 13/99,         exhibited and bred by one Owner and
Tattykeel stud, Oberon.                      the ewe was a class winner in Canberra,      selected from Exhibits in General
   The ram, nicknamed “Rippa” by the         and was shown in Sydney in the milk-         Classes: Tattykeel, 1; Hillden, 2.
                                             tooth shorn class.                           Group to consist of three rams showing
Gilmores for his inability to keep a tag                                                  not more than 2 teeth, one to be in wool
in his ear, had previously been made           Tattykeel dominated the group              and two shorn, to be drawn from General
champion at Gundagai, NSW, and               awards, taking out the Peter Taylor          Classes: Tattykeel, 1; Hillden, 2.
reserve champion at Canberra.                Group, the group of three rams and the       Best group of five Dorset sheep: Tattykeel,
                                                                                          1; Hillden, 2.
   Rippa was later made the supreme          best group of five classes.
                                                                                          Most Successful Exhibitor: Hillden

8                                                                                                      Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
   2003 Royal Easter Show – Sydney

A father’s gift breeds on at Valley Vista
  A GIFT of 13 stud ewes from Ian Scott to his son
Andrew in 1976 set the foundation of the Valley Vista
stud at Coolac, NSW.
  Ian bought the ewes for Andrew at a stud dispersal
in 1976.
  But Aussie Rules was a stronger drawcard and
Andrew played with North Albury in the strong
Ovens and Murray league. But a knee injury ended his
football career and he is now devoting his attention to
his Poll Dorsets.
  Six years later Andrew and Donna Scott now have
280 ewes and are flat out meeting surging demand.
  They resisted showing their sheep until they were
comfortable they were of a high enough standard.
They have been showing their sheep for four years at
Gundagai, Cowra, Canberra and Melbourne and two
years ago won reserve champion ewe at Cowra.
  They took a team of six to the Royal Easter Show in
Sydney this year and came away with the reserve
grand champion ewe award.
  Andrew says strong demand for rams has encour-
aged them to expand their Valley Vista stud to the
point where it has taken over as the family’s main
  Andrew says they have concentrated on structural
correctness and high growth on a heavy cull rate, keep-
ing on the top 30% of ewes.
  They have been heavy users of Armdale, Rene and
Tattykeel genetics through AI.
  Meanwhile, show team preparation and other labor
intensive jobs is shared by all, including Andrew and
Donna’s three sons, Joe, (10), James (9) and Luke (6).
  “Breeding sheep must be in the blood. Andrew says
he’s got a young fellow in the family who can rattle off
the pedigrees from an eartag number.
  Flush with their recent successes they’re planning to
take sheep to Bendigo and Melbourne later this year.
RIGHT Andrew Scott holds his champion ewe from the
Royal Easter Show in Sydney while the family - Joe,
James, Luke and Donna look on.        The Land photo

CHAMPION RAM: Tattykeel 140/02
                                                           CHAMPION EWE: Hillden 5/02

Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                           9
     2003 Royal Canberra Show

 Armstrongs win all three
  Canberra Interbreeds
THE Armstrong family made a clean            CHAMPIONS                               the Royal Easter Show a few weeks
sweep in the British and Australian                                                  later.
                                           Champion ram: Armdale Park; Reserve:
breeds sheep judging at the Canberra
                                           Tattykeel.                                  Detailed class results
Royal, winning all three interbreed        Champion ewe: Armdale; Reserve:
broadribbons for supreme ram, ewe          Armdale.                                  Milk tooth ram: Armdale Park, 1; Tattykeel,
and group.                                                                           2 & 4; Armdale, 3; Kurralea, 5.
                                                                                     Milk tooth ram, shorn: Tattykeel, 1;
   Noel and Shirley Armstrong,             Tasmanian ram bought by the
                                                                                     Armdale Park, 2; Kurralea, 3; Hillden, 4;
Armdale Poll Dorset stud, Marrar, said     Armstrongs for $10,000 at the 2000        Springwaters, 5.
it was the family's most successful per-   Melbourne Royal.                          Pair Milk tooth rams shorn: Armdale, 1;
formance in the national capital.            Doug Deppler, Derrinallum, Victoria,    Tattykeel, 2; Kurralea, 3; Armdale Park, 4;
   Their son, Garry, showed the champi-    who shared the judging of 303 sheep       Hillden, 5.
                                                                                     Bare shorn ram: Armdale, 1; Tattykeel, 2;
on Poll Dorset ram, supreme ram and        with Kim Weir, Pinewalla Dorset stud,     Ashbank, 3; Armdale Park, 4; Baringa, 5.
supreme British Breeds exhibit, a 10-      Crookwell, and Wes Kember, Gleneith,      Two tooth ram: Armdale Park, 1.
month-old, 120-kilogram youngster          Ganmain, said the supreme ram and         Milk tooth ewe: Armdale, 1; Hillden, 2;
from his Armdale Park stud, Marrar.        ewe were "outstanding sheep showing       Armdale Park, 3; Springwaters, 4.
                                                                                     Ewe milk tooth shorn: Valley Vista, 1;
   The family's Armdale stud produced      exceptional growth and weight for age".
                                                                                     Amattum, 2; Hillden, 3; Ashbank, 4.
the champion Poll Dorset ewe and             The Gilmore family, Tattykeel stud,     Pair milk tooth ewes: Armdale, 1; Tattykeel,
supreme ewe, also 10 months old, and       Oberon, NSW, showed the reserve           2; Hillden, 3; Kurralea, 4.
the reserve champion Poll Dorset ewe       champion Poll Dorset ram, a 10-month-     Two tooth ewe: Armdale Park, 1.
which, with the Armdale Park ram,          old son of Hillden Colt.                  Group 1 ram and 2 ewes: Armdale, 1;
                                                                                     Tattykeel, 2; Hillden, 3.
made up the supreme group.                   This ram, given the name 'Rippa' was    Group 3 rams: Kurralea, 1; Tattykeel, 2;
   All three were sired by Penrise 85, a   to be made the Supreme meat sheep of      Armdale Park, 3.

                                                RAM:                                                             CHAMPION
                                                Armdale                                                          EWE:
                                                Park 105/02                                                      Armdale24/02

                                                Tattykeel                                                       RESERVE
                                                140/02                                                          EWE:
                                                                                                                Armdale 59/02

10                                                                                               Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
                                                  24th Annual Sale
                                                  Tuesday, October 14th
                                                       on property Hawkesdale,
                                                          Victoria at 1.30pm
                                                      Shellal 289/01
                                                      2nd top priced ram Melbourne Royal Sales
                                                      2002 sold $5500 to Sevtar Pastoral
                                                      Company, Tamworth, NSW
                                                      1st Single Shorn Hamilton Sheepvention
                                                      3rd Single Shorn Bendigo ASBA 2002

          Bendigo ASBA,
      Hamiton Sheepvention,
         Melbourne Royal
        Top sons of: Shellal
       258/97, 331/00, 84/00;
           Penrise 85/99
           Gloroy 117/00;
       and Tattykeel 131/96

                                           Shellal 241/01
                                           Top priced ram Annual Sale 2002
                                           Sold $5000 to Esther & James Glasgow, Estjam stud.
                                           Champion ram Hamilton Sheepvention
                                           1st Pair Shorn Rams Melbourne Royal 2002.

                                Geoff and Pam Ralph and Daughters
                                 PO Box 104, Koroit, 3282, Victoria
                                       Ph/Fax: 03 5560 6241
                                   Pure Australian Genetics
Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                  11
     MAP studs win right to vaccinate
  Angry and frustrated farmers across       the NSW Land newspaper recently.              Commonwealth take over OJD policy.
the southern states appear to be making        NSW Farmers president Mal Peters              Neil Murray, NSSBA president, told
headway on state governments’ dra-          says vaccination is an important man-         the Minister: “We do not regard the dis-
conian OJD controls.                        agement tool but not 100 per cent effec-      ease as a top priority, just a nuisance.
  And they are stepping up the pres-        tive.                                         We would far sooner see more effort go
sure to have trading controls lifted with      “Studies show vaccination delays           into mastitis and/or footrot research
the option to vaccinate against what        OJD onset but a small numbers of ani-         and their eradication.”
most now believe to be an irrelevant        mals will still shed the bacteria and            Meanwhile, the Federal Council of
disease.                                    spread the disease.”                          the Australian Poll Dorset Association
  NSW Farmers is now calling for               However Mr Peters says vaccine use         says it has lost confidence in the direc-
future management of OJD to be based        over many years should reduce to min-         tion and effectiveness of the National
on owners’ risk.                            imal the risk of infection.                   Ovine Johnes Disease Program.
  Australian Wool Innovation has also          The     National     OJD      Program         “The Program has failed to stop the
put forward a new trading system            announced in late April that farms            spread of the disease and has failed to
based on risk where vaccination, biose-     neighbouring known OJD infected               protect stud breeders of any breed to
curity measures and negative surveil-       properties can now vaccinate.                 maintain their tested MAP status,” it
lance results determine the ability to         Studs and commercial flocks taking         says. “The Program has also created a
trade.                                      part in the MAP can also vacinate to          business environment that is detrimen-
  The disease is now found in NSW,          prevent infection and provide a higher        tal not only to stud breeders’ economic
Victoria, SA and Tasmania. As many as       level of assurance to their clients.          viability but also the national sheep
5000 flocks could now be infected.             To access the vaccine producers must       industry.”
  In NSW, where most incidence has          test for OJD first. Vaccinated sheep will        The APDA has also sought a meeting
been recorded, farmers have been in         be identified with a three-hole punch.        with the Federal Minister to find a solu-
open revolt. Leading the charge is Peter    The vaccine does not cure infected            tion and end what it calls “the human
Reilly who describes OJD as a minor         sheep.                                        tragedy of those stud breeders affected
disease present in every sheep produc-         The National Stud Sheep Breeders’          by the disease”.
ing country.                                Association has written to Federal pri-          The Australian Johnes Alliance says
  “Vaccination has proven the only          mary Industry Minister Warren Truss           the Gudair vaccine should be available
viable option to combat it,” he wrote in    seeking a meeting in bid to have the          to everybody at risk of OJD.

                                   TAMARA         Ivan & Ingrid Mamic
                                                                                        Flock No 3686

                                              RMB B289, Burrumbeet 3352
                                            Ph: 03 5344 8546 or 0409 603 107

                                                      7-02TW BY 53-00T

                                                 SEMEN AVAILABLE
                                                   TAMARA 53/00
      Tamara 28-02 by 249-98K - Hayden
                                                   KURRALEA 249/98                             67-02 BY U56-99V HULK
                                                   VALMA U56/99
                                                   TAMARA 207/01
                                                   TAMARA 27/01
     ENQUIRIES WELCOME ANYTIME                                           Ovine Brucellosis & MN1 Accredited

12                                                                                                      Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
                                                                                     & selling at
                         POLL DORSETS
                                                                                    Adelaide 2003
        - Breeding to Industry Needs -

                                          New Sire Purchases

                 Kurralea 341/01. Half possession share                     Hillcroft Farms 439/01. Purchased Perth
                 purchased for $10,000.                                     Royal 2002 for $4000.

                                                     Rising Stars

                  Ulandi Park 68-02 Twin                                   Ulandi Park 47-02 Triplet
                  Sire - Hillcroft Farms 73-00                             Sire - Hillcroft Farms 73-00
                  Dam - Ulandi Park 12-00                                  Dam - Ulandi Park 200-98
                  Sire of Dam - Kurralea 211-98.                           Sire of Dam - Kurralea 210-95
                  EBV’s : Pwwt 14.25, Pfat -0.84 EMD 1.13                  EBV’s: Pwwt 13.57, Pfat -0.85, EMD 0.49
                  Carcase Plus: 211.58 (15.3.03)                           Carcase Plus: 201.14 (15.3.03).

              Semen Available in these young rams and their sire

                                                                                       Ulandi Park Poll Dorsets
                                                                                      Clayton & Andrea Rowett
                                                                                     PO Box 24, Marrabel SA 5413
                                                            Hillcroft Farms 73-00         0408 852 927
                                                            EBV’s :
                                                            Pwwt 12.70                   ah 08 8848 6038
                                                            Pfat -1.11
                                                            EMD 0.41
                                                            Carcase Plus:199.31
                                                            Purchased Perth
                                                            Royal Show 2001
                                                            for $10,700

Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                         13
      Graham: 02 6335 8116
      John: 02 6335 8133
      Martin: 02 6335 8188
      Ian: 02 6336 3566

                                             SYDNEY ROYAL
                                          SUPREME ALL-BREEDS SIRE
                                          SUPREME INTERBREED GROUP
                                          1st shorn ram and champion
                                          1st and 2nd woolly ram
                                          1st pair shorn rams
                                          1st pair shorn ewes
    Tattykeel 200/02
    1st Shorn pairs Sydney and Gundagai   1st group 1 ram & 2 ewes
    2nd Shorn pairs Canberra
    Sire: Kurralea ‘Hallmark’             1st group 3 rams
                                          1st group 5 Dorsets
                                          Showing at:
                                          COWRA AND MELBOURNE,
                                          ✔ Inspection welcome any time
                                          ✔ Video available of show & sale teams
                                              An extra protection for clients ...
                                           Tattykeel has vaccinated it’s flock against
                                               OJD with the dead Gudair vaccine.
                                              We consider vaccination a must for
                                                       the stud industry
    Tattykeel 163/02
    2nd Woolly ram Sydney
    3rd Woolly ram Gundagai
    4th Woolly ram Canberra
    Sire: Tattykeel ‘Brute’

Page 14                                                         Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
                                  ANNUAL SALE
                                      N.B. Change of Day
                                  Thursday, 2nd October

1st Shorn ram and Res Champion
2nd & 4th Woolly ram
2nd Pair rams
                                     Tattykeel 140/02 ‘RIPPA’
2nd Bare shorn ram                   Supreme Champion Ram Sydney
                                     Champion ram Gundagai
2nd Pair ewes                        Reserve Champion Canberra
                                     Sire: Hillden ‘Colt’
2nd Group ram & 2 ewes
2nd Group 3 rams
1st Shorn ram & Champion
1st Group ram & 2 ewes
2nd & 3rd Woolly ram
1st Pair shorn rams
2nd Bare shorn ram                   Tattykeel 139/02
                                     1st Woolly ram Sydney
Most Successful Exhibitor            2nd Woolly ram Canberra & Gundagai
                                     Sire: Hillden ‘Colt’

           WE USE AND

  Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                           15
                                                       G.B Vanston & Sons,
                                                       Loddonlea, Bridgewater, Vic, 3517
                                                       Telephone 03 5437 3268
                                                            03 5437 3235
                                                               Fax 03 5437 3211

                                       LODDONLEA 301/01 shown with L.390/01
                                       First in pairs at Hamilton Sheepvention
                                       (L390/01 sold for $4000 to L Fennell for
                                       $4000 Both rams were by Kurralea 84/99
                                       (pictured at left) by 5 Star, bought for top
                                       price at Kurralea sale $10,500.

          Ram numbers with very good prospects to watch
            Sire       Dam     Sire of Dam       Comment
13T       K268/7       173/7       102/4         A top one
18        K268/7 Allendale 232/9           A number to write down
27 K503/8 (Meat Elite) 62/9        102/4       One of our best
37         K84/9        75/9      K268/7       Another beauty
46         K84/9        94/9     Atlanta        really good
40 & 41(T) K84/9      253/6(T)   Hoechst Out of show ewe 332/3
110 (T)    K84/9      206/9(T)   Hoechst      2nd Woolly pairs
                                               Melb & Ballarat

                                  Annual Sale
   Wednesday, October 8th or Friday, October 10 at 1pm
 Poll Dorset Journal, December 2002
 16                                                                                     Page 19
                                                                  Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
                                                           G.B Vanston & Sons,
                                                           Loddonlea, Bridgewater, Vic, 3517
                                                           Telephone 03 5437 3268
                                                                03 5437 3235
                                                                   Fax 03 5437 3211

         LODDONLEA ‘Sydney’ 140/99             Reserve Champion ASBA Bendigo 2000

         Take a look at these 2 young rams and 2 young ewes
                             Sire      Dam           Sire of Dam                  Comment
36/2                    140/9 (Sydney) 180/8        78/96 by 102/4             (Top of the drop
                                                                                at the moment)
89/2                    140/9 (Sydney) 128/9             102/4
64/2 (T)                140/9 (Sydney) 41/7         102/4 by 423/1              Exceptional
90/2                    140/9 (Sydney) 324/8        102/4 by 244/6             Good prospect

       Loddonlea is an accredited
    Brucellosis and Footrot free flock.
    OJD MN2 has been granted
Page 18
Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                    Poll Dorset Journal, December 2002
     MN3            KURR
      Another sensational line up of
      (Carcase Plus 190.46%)
       Hallmark and his sire
       Claronden (NZ) 65/98
      (Carcase Plus 192.68%)
      will between them have
     approximately 12-15 sons
         in this year’s sale.
        Several of them are                             Kurralea 426/00 ‘Hallmark’
                                                      1st Ram Lamb 2000 Adelaide Royal
        really quite special.                    1st Single Shorn Ram Canberra, Adelaide and
                                               Melbourne Royals 2001. Sire: Claronden (NZ) 65/98.

                               LAMBPLAN UPDATE
     Kurralea’s approximate 35 stud rams at this year’s sale will once again
        feature Lambplan figures at the extreme top end of the breed.
      A couple could be over 200% Another 10-12 will be between 190%
               and 200% A further 12-15 rams will be over 180%
       These Lambplan figures have been achieved in parallel
           with ever increasing success in the showring.
         Kurralea sale stud rams are selected on visual excellence first.

                                                JIM AND KIM PRENTICE,
MN3          Johnes status: KURRALEA IS NOW
              MN3 IN A PROTECTED ZONE
                                              Ph: 02 6975 2606
                                                              Ariah Park, NSW
                                                                           Fax 02 6975 2666
18                                                                        Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
rams with superb Lambplan figures
                                                         (Carcase Plus 206.46%)
                                                         This incredible sire will
                                                            have 8 or 9 sons in
                                                           this year’s sale with
                                                           Lambplan figures in
                                                             the extreme top
                                                             end of the breed
               Kurralea 211/98 ‘5 STAR’
       Australia’s most dominant meat breed sire.
    This magnificent sire will again have have several
          outstanding sons in this year’s sale

             Tuesday, 30th September, 2003.
                                        Offering approximately
   35 STUD RAMS      60 STUD EWES
           220 FLOCK RAMS
   NEW BLOODLINES: This year’s stud ram offering will feature progeny of three
   new sires ... Hillcroft Farms 73/00 – Carcase Plus 195.98% and Hillcroft Farms
        470/00 – Carcase Plus 188.83% will between them have 7 or 8 sons.
                           Several of these are quite brilliant.
    Also Kurralea 111/01 – Carcase Plus 205.11% Winning Ram Lamb Cowra and
     Adelaide Royal was used as a ram lamb and will have 3 or 4 huge growth
     rate sons. K111/01’s sire is Windermere (NZ) 356/97, sire of the second top
                        priced ram ($13,000) at last year’s sale.
 Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                  Page 19
     Poll Dorsets in the USA

US Poll Dorsets redefine ‘standards’
   US Poll Dorset breeders have rede-
fined their breed 'standards', with the
Continental Sheep Club moving to
accommodate the needs of breeders of
‘Production’ Dorsets.
   ‘Production’ Dorsets are the older-
style ‘traditional’ Dorset noted for car-
case, fertility and easy care.
   They are different to the taller, lighter-
bodied Show Dorsets that evolved and
took centre stage in the 1970s.
   For Ken and Kathy Soder, K Bar K
Farm, Petersburg, Pennsylvania, that’s
good news. They are ‘Production’
breeders who record on Lambplan.
   Ken and Kathy first became interest-
ed in breeding sheep in 1991 when they
moved to Montana for Kathy to pursue
her Master's degree in Animal Science
at Montana State University.                       US Polled Dorsetsv are stout, meaty, great mothers, out of season breeders. We are
                                                striving to maintain these characteristics in our flock say Ken and Kathy Soder.
   After finishing her degree they stayed
in Montana for two more years, with                US ethnic markets demand live,            of their research.
Kathy working at the Montana Wool               young, milk-fed lambs with plenty of           “I am enrolled in Lambplan and have
Laboratory and Ken building houses.             muscling. Dorsets excel at efficiently       EBVs on all my sheep.”
   They decided to move home to                 producing this type of lamb, as well as        The ‘Production Dorsets’ Ken and
Pennsylvania for Kathy to pursue a              high-quality traditional slaughter           Kathy are breeding do not resemble the
PhD in Animal Science at Penn State.            lambs.                                       modern ‘show’ sheep in the US, but
   A year after moving home, they                  As Kathy described it they “lucked”       remain true to the ‘Polled’ Dorsets of
bought a 17-acre farmlet and their first        into a lady who was selling her flock        twenty and thirty years ago. That
sheep - the beginnings of their K Bar K         and brought home 14 Dorset ewes.             includes the breed’s ‘out-of-season’
farm.                                              “These foundation ewes have worked        lambing capabilities, superior mother-
   “At first we had a hard time deciding        well for us, and gave us a good start.”      ing and strong carcase traits.
what breed of sheep to buy,” Kathy                 Twelve months ago they bought a 96          During the 1970s, the physical
recalls. “We both really liked Targhees         acre farm about 30 miles south to            appearance of many US Dorsets in the
after working with them in Montana,             escape development pressure and              show ring began to change.
but found several drawbacks to this             obtain more land to expand their flock.        This split the breed into two types -
breed in the Eastern US. They were dif-            “We currently have about 75 Dorset        ‘Show’ and ‘Production’.
ficult to find and local bloodlines             ewes (not including ewe lambs) with            The show animals became taller,
weren't the same as the western sheep.”         plans to expand to 200-300 ewes.             longer, and lighter-bodied and, simulta-
   They were also concerned about their            “I plan on scanning loin eyes for the     neously, some started to lose their
adaptability to the wetter climate.             first time this year to add to our           Dorset characteristics.
   “With the strong ethnic market, we           Lambplan data.                                 They needed more feed to mature,
needed sheep to lamb all year round                “It is a challenge to have this done in   increased in size, many would no
and with the wool market depressed it           the US, as there are few technicians. I      longer naturally breed out of season,
seemed that a meat breed of sheep that          am fortunate to be very near Penn State      and carcase quality declined.
would lamb out of season was the way            University, who has trained technicians        “Production Dorsets are primarily
to go. So we started looking for                who do this for research projects, and       raised on low-input farms that demand
Dorsets.”                                       are willing to come to my farm as part       an efficient animal that profitably raise
   Kathy says the Dorset is used in the                                                      lambs year-round with minimal assis-
US as both a maternal and terminal sire                                                      tance and feed. Only occasionally does
breed.                                                                                       one flock fall into both categories suc-
   The traditional US Dorset is a moder-                                                     cessfully.”
ate-sized sheep with strong mothering                                                          Kathy says a large percentage of US
instincts, low levels of dystocia, high                                                      commercial flocks have a high percent-
milking ability and excellent carcase                                                        age of Dorset blood in their ewes.
characteristics.                                                                               However, commercial producers are
   The combination of these traits, along                                                    wary of seedstock breeding programs
with their trademark ability to breed                                                        that lack true production records or
out-of-season, made them popular for                                                         breed type and are not willing to spend
                                                   This ram is the new sire at K Bar K,
year round lamb production, particu-                                                         much for Dorset breeding stock.
                                                from Carson Dorsets. He will be joined to
larly the ethnic lamb market.                   the K Bar K ewes for spring 2003 lambs.        At the same time, many commercial

20                                                                                                       Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
   Poll Dorsets in the USA
producers don’t understand reports                                                      and with width to the chest floor.
generated in record-keeping and selec-         US ‘Polled’ Dorsets originated at          Back-Loin-Rump-Leg - 30 points:
                                             North Carolina State College,              The back should be strong, straight,
tion programs and are not yet willing to
                                             Raleigh, NC, and were apparently           level and it should carry out to the dock
pay for such measures.                       the result of a mutation that occurred
   “On the flip side, given the higher                                                  with the tail head fairly high set. The
                                             in the purebred Horned Dorset flock        loin should be long, wide, and deep.
profits often found in the showring,         at the college.                            The rump should be long, wide, level
some registered Dorset producers see           After careful research and testing       and very well muscled.
no need to meet commercial needs.            to ensure the Polled gene carried the        The leg should be thick through the
   “The challenge we are facing is to        same characteristics as the Horned         center extending well into the stifle area
convince seedstock producers of the          Dorsets and were able to propagate         and carrying low towards the hock.
value in producing highly productive         these traits, the new strain was           Emphasis should be placed on total
Dorsets for the commercial sector and        accepted into the US registry in 1956.     body length in relationship to height at
the commercial sector of the added             The number of Polled Dorsets now         the shoulder. Dorsets should be as long
value of buying Dorsets with true pro-       in the country far exceeds the num-        or longer than they are tall. The loin,
duction records and capabilities.”           ber of Horned Dorsets.                     rump and leg are three important parts
   She says a handful of US Dorset pro-        The official registry office for         of the sheep. Dorsets must excel in these
ducers are beginning to use record           Dorset Sheep in the US (both Horned        areas having at least 50% of their length
keeping systems, such as the National        and Polled) is called the Continental      in their hindsaddle.
Sheep Improvement Program or                 Dorset Club. The Club is governed            Feet-Legs-Pasterns - 20 points: Legs
Lambplan.                                    by an elected Board of 6 Dorset            should be well set under the corners.
   Unlike the Show Dorset breeders,          Breeders from various parts of the         They should be straight, strong, and of
who have done an excellent job of pro-       country - giving all areas a represen-     ample bone. The forearm area, as well
moting their breeding stock, Kathy says      tative on the Board.                       as the rear leg, should show good
many buyers are unaware of the num-            Today, the Continental Dorset Club       expression of muscling.
ber of Production Dorset flocks avail-       reports that 10,317 Dorsets (horned          The upper leg should be well wooled
able to them.                                and polled) were registered in 2001-       and covered with white hair below the
   Several efforts are underway to pro-      2002 by 2100 members.                      would area. The leg below the hocks
mote ‘Production’ Dorsets.                     That makes the Dorset the largest        and knees should be covered with
   First, an email listserv was developed    whiteface breed registry in the US,        white, dense hair and may have a mod-
called Production Dorset Breeders            second only to the Suffolk.                erate amount of wool with the majority
(                                                      of this wool being on the front of the
dDorsetBreeders/) to provide a forum                                                    legs. There should be no shading off to
for those breeding expressing interest in   Face should be smooth and open with a       dark colour on the legs or dark coloured
Production Dorsets to network. Second,      moderately broad muzzle of medium           spots on the legs. These are ‘highly
the Continental Dorset Club recently        length.                                     objectionable’ traits. The feet should
formed a Production Dorset Committee           They should have large nostrils and      point straight ahead and not turn out at
to address the needs of the Production      pink nose and mouth lining.                 an angle.
Dorset breeders. Further, individual           Mouth or nose showing any colours          Sheep should have short, strong
producers are using the internet to pro-    other than pink or black constitutes a      pasterns. All these skeletal parts should
mote their flocks.                          ‘highly objectionable’ trait.               move with strength and correctness
   In 2001 the membership of the               Eyes should be bright and prominent.     when the animal is on the move. A
Continental Dorset Club (The US equiv-      Ears should be small to medium in           Dorset with a completely black hoof is dis-
alent of the Australian Poll Dorset         length and size. Ears should be covered     qualification. A Dorset with pearl
Association) voted in a new breed stan-     with white hair and a small amount of       coloured hooves with some black striping
dard. This was considered adaptable to      white wool is acceptable.                   is acceptable but hooves with excessive
all types of sheep enterprises, from the       Scurs in polled sheep should not be a    striping is highly undesirable.
large, full-time commercial producer to     point of discrimination.                       Fleece-Skin - 8 points: The fleece
the small, part-time purebred flock.           The wool and haired portions of the      should be medium fibre, 26 to 32 microns.
   The new standard describes ‘Dorsets‘     head should be free from any brown,         The fleece should be white and the hair
as medium-sized sheep that have good        liver, or reddish coloured spots. Such      covering on other portions of the animal
body length and exceptional muscle.         spots in these areas are highly objec-      should be short, white, of medium tex-
   A variety of frame sizes and mature      tionable traits. A black spot on the nose   ture, and free of dark coloured spots. Dark
body weights are acceptable due to the      or mouth is acceptable (not exceeding       coloured spots in the wool are a disquali-
various nutritional and management          the size of an eraser head on a standard    fication.
regimens in which the breed is expected     sized pencil). However, solid pink             Frame 7 - points: Dorsets are medium
to excel.                                   noses and lips are preferred. In addition   size sheep that have good length of body
   “The Dorset is an ewe breed with fall    a black spot on an ear is acceptable.       and exceptional muscle. The majority of
(autumn) lambing characteristics, femi-        Neck-Shoulder-Chest - 10 points: A       the ewes and rams body length should be
ninity, prolificacy and great mothering     Dorset's neck should be moderate in         from the 13th rib back. Emphasis should
ability,” the standard says.                length, trim and well set with head         be placed on length from the 13th rib back
   Dorset ewes should weigh 150-225         erect and alert. Rams should show mas-      rather than the height of the sheep.
pounds and not exceed 34 inches at the      culinity with a good crest. The neck           Serious defects should be discriminated
shoulder. Dorset rams should weigh          should be free of wrinkles and or           against in shows, sales and in flock selec-
225-325 pounds and not exceed 37 inch-      dewlaps.                                    tion. This includes inverted eyelids;
es tall at the shoulder.                       Any dewlaps, wrinkles, and or skin       abnormally large tear ducts; absence of
   The enable breeders to meet the stan-    folds should be heavily discriminated       hair covering in typical areas - head and
dard, a 100-point score card has been       against and are considered ‘highly          feet-legs-pasterns; lack of muscling; weak
developed.                                  objectionable’ traits.                      pasterns; post legged; sickle hocked; cow
   The head - 25 points: The head and          Shoulders should be smooth, oblique,     hocked and splayed feet. Each defect
should be neat and well covered with        and well laid into the ribs. The chest      means the total points for that trait is
wool on the crown and under the jaw.        should be deep ribbed, well sprung,         deducted from the score card.
Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                                   21
     Rene team for 2003 showing
     tremendous promise... out for them at Cowra, Bendigo,
     Adelaide & Melbourne Shows.

       Rene 1101
       D.O.B.: 25-5-02
       Sire: Rene 735-00
              (1st Melbourne 2001 & 2002, 1st Cowra 2002 and champion at most local shows).

     Rene is a OJD monitored MN2
     status stud.
                                                            Extremely pleased
                                                            with new sires at Rene:
                                                            • Rene 735-00
                                                            • Gererdan 135-00
                                                            • Armdale 625-00
Doug & Irene Mitchell and Sons
“Rockwood”, Culcairn, New South Wales. 2660
Ph/Fax: (02) 6029 7171 - Mobile: 0428 297 171

  Rene on-property Sale - 7th October, 2003

        Armdale Park 105-02 Champion &                            Armdale 24-02 Champion &
   Supreme Champion Ram 2003 Canberra Royal                Supreme Champion Ewe 2003 Canberra Royal

             ARMDALE                                           ARMDALE PARK
1st Pair Shorn Rams                                    1st Single Woolly Ram
1st Bare Shorn Ram                                     1st Two Tooth Ram
3rd Single Woolly Ewe                                  2nd Single Shorn Ram
1st Single Woolly Ewe                                  1st Two Tooth Ewe
1st Pair Shorn Ewes
1st Group (1 Ram & 2 Ewes)                             3rd Single Woolly Ewe
# Champion Ewe – Reserve Ch. Ewe                       3rd Group (3 Rams)
# Supreme Champion Allbreeds Ewe                       # Champion Ram
# Supreme Champion Allbreeds Group                     # Supreme Champion Allbreeds Ram
N & S. Armstrong                                       G. Armstrong
“Armdale” Marrar                                       “Armdale Park” Marrar
Ph/Fax: (02) 6927 5126 Mobile: 0427 275 126            Ph/Fax: (02) 6927 5133
email:                  Mobile: 0427 275 134

                                              # Flock ram sale Tuesday, 2nd Sept. 1-30pm
 ANNUAL ON                                    # Stud sale Wednesday 1st October 1-30pm
 PROPERTY SALES                                                                   *Note change of day!!
           R.M.B 1360 Greta, Victoria 3675

       Ph 03 5727 6272
                                                    Poll Dorset Flock No. 1158
     Ivadene 154/99 (tw) ‘Benchmark’
     Pwwt          Ywt       Pemd          Pfat Carcase Plus
     8.0          8.41        2.34      -1.85      203%

      Semen exported to New
        Zealand and U.S.A.
      Young Rams To Watch In 2003
 Ivadene 199/02(tw)
 Sire: Derrynock 201/99(tw)
 Ranked No 1 male progeny on Lambplan
 March 2003
 Pwwt       Ywt   Pemd       Pfat Carcase +
 14.07     12.89   0.32     -1.76 218%
 Ivadene 367/02(tw)                                                 Semen packages available from:-
 Sire: Ivadene 154/99(tw) ‘Benchmark’                                   I Ivadene 154/99 (tw) ‘Benchmark’
 Ranked No 6 male progeny on Lambplan                          I Derrynock 201/99 (tw) I Ivadene 199/02 (tw) ‘Bankroll’
 March 2003
 Pwwt       Ywt   Pemd       Pfat Carcase +                             I Ivadene 367/02 (tw) ‘Benchpress’
 10.23      9.8    1.28     -1.63 202%                           I Export semen available from Ivadene 154/99 (tw)
    Both rams selected to participate in                           Stud Rams & Ewes For Private Sale.
  Elders ‘NEXT’ progeny testing program.                              Inquiries Welcome Any Time

                                                                            Flock No 1972                   Founded 1972

                                                                            Hillcroft Farms 206/02
                                                                            Wagin Woolorama 2003 Results:
                                                                            Champion Poll Dorset Ram
                                                                            Supreme Champion Poll Dorset
                                                                            All Breeds Supreme Champion
                                                                                 Sired by Hillcroft Farms 350/01 -
                                                                                 All Breeds Supreme Champion
                                                                                     Wagin Woolorama 2002
                                                                            Johnes Free Status Mn3
                                                                            Accredited Brucellosis Free Flock No
                                                                            DS & G Bradford
                                                                            Hillcroft Farms
                                                                            Popanyinning WA 6309

24                                                                                                     Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003

   Fortunate to have worked
     with the best in breed
Where are they now?
Michael Lowe
  Karawina, Lindsbury and Kentish
Downs are studs synonymous with the
highest positions in the Poll Dorset
  One man who was involved with all
three is Michael Lowe - a former feder-
al councillor who is still on the breed's
official panel of judges.
  Michael, now 64, says he is amazed at
how the Poll Dorset has changed over
50 years.                                   Michael Lowe ... “Poll Dorsets have been my life.”
  “When I came into the industry
studmasters tried to have their sheep as    given an extra ewe by Mr Taylor as             He says Kawawina was an early
low to the ground and meaty as possi-       encouragement.                               adopter of this technology and even
ble with thick shoulders and enormous         Having worked with his father and          locked ewes in a shed to shorten day
hindquarters.                               Gus Taylor as a youngster, Michael was       length to promote oestrus to ensure
  “Today, they are more up off the          approached by Jim Martin to work at          they met the demands of show dates
ground, longer, with leaner shoulders       Kentish Downs.                               and classes in a high altitude environ-
and are low maintenance, which is             He later took over at the Dickson          ment.
important in labour terms.                  family’s Middle Creek Estates’                 He says while not the first to intro-
  “We also have scanning and perfor-        Karawina stud.                               duce NZ bloodlines he was certainly an
mance systems that weren't available.”        He says the highlight of his career        early importer of NZ sheep and was
  Michael      also    remembers      the   was in 1978 when he won every ram            criticised for doing so.
Lindsbury stud having 160 sheep in his      class he entered sheep in, including           “I don’t regret those decisions
shed being prepared for show and sale       Dorset Horns.                                because it helped forge the breed as it is
and taking a team of 56 (including            That was when Karawina 351 was             today.”
Dorset Horns) to Sydney in the early        made champion by Keith McLauchlan.             Michael left Karawina in 1988 to
1960s..                                       About the same time 20% of studs in        establish a tyre business in Oberon,
  “That’s a reflection of where the         the Poll Dorset registry were using          NSW. He was also offered the NRMA
breed was and where it is today,” he        Karawina rams.                               franchise. He has sold these businesses
says.                                         Michael says this was due to the           and now works for a timber harvesting
  Michael recalls spending an entire        Dickson family having invested heavily       contractor.
day preparing one ewe for show,             in Lindsbury sheep for their Karawina          As the countdown to the Poll Dorset
including pulling burrs from her belly.     stud. “The Lindsbury sheep were pre-         breed’s 50th anniversary next year
Fortunately the effort paid off because     potent and popular.”                         begins Michael is looking forward to
that ewe was made champion.                   the following year, Michael recalls        catching up with breeders.
  Michaels father, Hunta Lowe, bred         parading an ET lamb to the Poll Dorset         He’s also available to give advice to
Dorset sheep at Yackerboon, near            Supreme champion stage. This was             new and established breeders.
Manildra, NSW. As a teenager, he            probably the first time this technology        “If I can pass on some wisdom, that
bought a few stud ewes of his own from      had been used to breed a champion            would be good. Poll Dorsets have been
Gus Taylor, Lindsbury stud, and was         ram.                                         my life.”

   Don’t be left out!!!                     Invest in your future                        Book early for the September
                                            Just $265* will buy you a                      edition and help us get the

                                            Full Page                                 information about your stud sheep
                                                                                         to the prime lamb industry out
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                                                                                       Weston 03 9817 6711
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   Strict deadline for the September edition is August 1. LATE ADVERTISEMENTS MAY BE LEFT OUT!

Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                                     25
                                                         COWRA Dorset Championships

                                                      Cowra Championships
                                                      set for June 24-25
                                                      THE        Cowra       Dorset    up with a few different ideas
                                                      Championships will be held       and classes and we have
                                                      on June 24 and 25.               answered the request of sev-
                                                         Poll Dorset Judge is Kevin    eral exhibitors in having a
                                                      Moore, Penrise, Campania,        shorn ewe class and a bare
                                                      Tas.                             shorn ewe class.
                                                         Judging for the Dorset          The other new class will be
                                                      Horns must commence at 10        the ‘Hermes Best Strike Rate’.
                                                      am and this will be strictly     This class is based around the
                                                      adhered to because of the        Most Successful however it is
                                                      numbers now presented in         worked out as a percentage
                                                      the Poll Dorset ram classes.     of placings in correlation to
                                                         The Poll Dorset ram classes   the amount of sheep exhibit-
                                                      will commence after lunch.       ed. But there are require-
                                                      This will be the end of day      ments:
                                                      one and we will be having          The exhibitor must exhibit
                                                      our social night at the Civic    in at least three separate
                                                      Motel.                           classes and the exhibits must
                                                         The following morning         be bred by the exhibitor.
                                                      will be the Poll Dorset ewe        Other new developments
                                                      classes and groups, followed     include a scoring system for
        Adelong 268/99 NZ owned by Lowe & McIlraith   by lunch and the presenta-       separate classes. The more
               1st Christchurch Royal Show            tion of prizes and trophies.     sheep in a class the higher the
                                                      Everyone is then free to make    points allocated for the Most
                                                      their way home.                  Successful, the lower the
                                                         Our major sponsor this        number of sheep in a class
                                                      year is CRT who has offered      the fewer points allocated.
                          Sires Used:
                                                      us $2500 in prize money and      These points will be allocated

        N                 Adelong (NZ)
                                                      trophies with our previous

                                                      er $500.
                                                                    Oliver      and
                                                      Davidson, offering us anoth-
                                                                                       by the Judge.
                                                                                         All entries and monies are
                                                                                       required by June 13.
                                                                                                 – Chris Marr, NSW
                                                                                          Championships Committee
                                                         The Committee has come
                      1st Christchurch Royal

               Armdale 56/99
             Supreme ram Melb Royal
              Ashbank 30/00
               Champion Cowra
           Reserve Champion Bendigo
            Check the progeny at

           OCTOBER 7TH
      STOCKSCAN           MN3          AB No2029

     IAN BUCKNALL,      Maryborough, 3465
     Phone 03 5464 2492  Mob: 0407 841 211
26                                                                                      Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
                   First and final dispersal
            Renowned North Western NSW Poll Dorset stud

                   Tunderbyne      Flock Number 83
 Due to retirement a wonderful opportunity presents
to obtain top quality Poll Dorset breeding ewes from
  one of the early flocks who have concentrated on
         length and fleshing and soundness.
   A regular culling program has left only
             BIG BOLD SHEEP.
In more active days Tunderbyne was regularly seen
        as very competitive at major venues.
  Flock rams have been shown at Dubbo each year
 since 1962 and Tunderbyne has been awarded first
    prize for a pen of three flock rams on several
               occasions over the years.
A highlight was winning first second and third prizes
        with pens of three flock rams in 1999.
                                 Offering comprises
       260 top stud ewes 98, 99 and 2000 drop
           joined to top Tattykeel sires
       110 top stud ewes 2001 drop joined
           to top Tunderbyne sires
       130 stud ewe lambs top of 2002 drop
       130 flock ram lambs top of 2002 drop
   Brucellosis accredited number NW81/12. Footrot free and National Johne's program
                    MN1 No.N202/03/02 status from a protected area.
   For expressions of interest for an on the property dispersal sale and for
                         further particulars contact:
                            Jean or Graham Crane
                     Gunnedah 02 6743 2562 or 0427 432 562
             Discounts considered for complete stud or for a complete year’s crop.
                                  All inspections welcome.
Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                         27
     2003 Wagin Woolorama

     Poll Dorsets in
     All-breeds blitz
     of Woolorama
THE Bradford family's Hillcroft Farms stud at Popanyinning,
WA, recorded yet another strong showing at the Wagin
Woolorama in March.
  From the 34 entry milk tooth ram class Hillcroft Farms
262/02 was made champion Poll Dorset ram and then went
on to claim the Woolorama Supreme Champion Sheep Award.
  This is the second year in a row that Hillcroft Farms has
won the Woolorama double.
  Judge was Andrew Oxley from Wyndamah stud, Swan Hill,
Vic, who said his champion ram had exceptional muscle
through the loin which extended down through the hindquar-
ter. Champion ewe from John and Perry Jasper’s Jolma stud,
Cunderdin was selected for muscling while maintaining fem-
  The strength of the Poll Dorset showing was evidenced by
the sharing around of major class ribbons and in the inter-
breed judging.
  Hillcroft Farm's winning group of one ram and two ewes
went on to win the all breeds champion milk tooth group.
  A pair from E.A. and J.A. Heal's Dongadilling stud won
their class and then went on to win the all breeds champion
pairs award.
  C.H. and O.M. Wright and Sons' Pine Avenue stud showed
the champion pair of ewes which also went through to claim
the all breeds champion ewe pair award.
  Meanwhile, Max Whyte and Gail Cremasco's Brimfield
stud's champion progeny group by Rene 600/98 ‘Rocket’ was                 Poll Dorset judge Andrew Oxley, Wyndamah, Swan Hill, Vic, with
                                                                          Dawson Bradford Jnr, Hillcroft Farms, Popanyinning, WA, hold-
made the all breed's progeny group.                                       ing the champion Poll Dorset ram which was later made
  The Western Australian Region of the Poll Dorset Assoc.                 Supreme All Breeds Ram.
would like to thank Bruce Buswell of Narrowana Gully Poll
Dorset Stud for donating prize money for Pair of Rams, Pair
of Ewes at Woolorama and for the thank-you gifts to the stew-
ards on the day. We would also like to thank all our sponsors
at Woolorama, Wagin Argus, Smorgon Cyclone, Farm Weekly,
Elders and WFI (Wesfarmers Federation Insurance)

Champion ram: Hillcroft Farms; Reserve: Dongadilling
Champion ewe: Jolma; Reserve: Pine Avenue
Supreme Champion: Hillcroft Farms (ram)

  Detailed class results
Class 28: Hillcroft Farms, 1.
Class 29: Hillcroft Farms, 1; Brimfield, 2; Jolma, 3; Cunderdin
College, 4; Brimfield, 5; Hillcroft Farms, 6.
Class 30 PAIRS: Dongadilling, 1; Hillcroft Farms, 2; Jolma, 3.
Class 36 Scan Class: Hillcroft Farms, 1; Brimfield, 2; Dongadilling, 3.
EWES Class 31: Shirlee Downs, 1; Shirlee Downs, 2; Dongadilling, 3.
Class 32: Jolma, 1; Shirlee Downs, 2; Pine Avenue, 3; Brimfield, 4;
Dongadilling, 5.
Class 33 Pairs: Pine Avenue, 1; Dongadilling, 2; Shirlee Downs, 3.
Class 34: Group 1 Ram 2 Ewes: Hillcroft Farms, 1; Brimfield, 2;
Jolma, 3.
Class 35 Progeny Group: Brimfield (by Rene 600/98), 1; Hillcroft
Farms (by Hillcroft Farms 350/01), 2; Shirlee Downs (by Ashbank
72/00) 3.                                                                 Perry Jasper from Jolma stud, Cunderdin, holding the champion
                                                                          Poll Dorset ewe of the Wagin Woolorama.

28                                                                                                         Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
   2003 Wagin Woolorama                                                                 Sale reports

                                                                                     Southoban dispersal
                                                                                     - ewes to $280
                                                                                       A line of three year old Poll Dorset
                                                                                     ewes in lamb to Pine Avenue rams sold
                                                                                     for $280 a head at R.I. and J.E. Smyth’s
                                                                                     Southoban dispersal at York, WA, in
                                                                                       Buyer was W.D. and I. Phillips,
                                                                                     Manjimup, WA, who bought a line of
                                                                                     three and four-year-old ewes at $220
                                                                                     and one-year-old ewes at $160.
                                                                                       A line of 28 young rams, close to
                                                                                     working age, made $300 when bought
                                                                                     by Jason Thorn, Kojonup, WA.
                                                                                       John Richards, Dandaragan, WA,
                                                                                     bought one-year-old ewes at $95 and
                                                                                     $70; two-year-olds at $260; four-year-
                                                                                     olds at $230; and cast-for-age ewes at
                                                                                     $60, plus a line of 28 rams at $215.

                                                                                     $3500 Brimfield ram
                                                                                       Max Whyte and Gail Cremasco,
Gail Cremasco and Max Whyte, Brimfield stud, Kendenup with Woolorama Ambassador
Sally Thompson (centre) with the All-Breed’s Progeny group by Rene 600/98 ‘Rocket’   Brimfield stud, Kendenup, have sold a
                                                                                     ram for $3500 to NSW stud breeders
                                                                                     Ron and Ruth Macpherson, Myrtle Vale
                                                                                     stud, Old Junee.
                                                                                       It is the highest price yet paid for a
                                                                                     Brimfield ram and the first the stud has
                                                                                     sold interstate. The ram is an embryo
                                                                                     transfer son of Shirlee Downs 300/96.

                                                                                     Leween tops $720
                                                                                       L.S. and M.J. Shepherd and Sons
                                                                                     offered and sold 72 rams at their
                                                                                     Leween Poll Dorset ram sale last
                                                                                       Prices were reported 64 per cent
                                                                                     higher than the previous year with the
                                                                                     top priced ram at $720 paid six times by
                                                                                     three buyers.

Eric and Ron Wright, Pine Avenue Poll Dorset stud holding the Supreme All-Breed’s    Bo-Bar rams to $1500
Pair. They also showed the Reserve Champion ewe.                                       Jamie    Ramm,      Bo-Bar     stud,
                                                                                     Braidwood, sold 65 flock rams at his
                                                                                     annual sale at Braidwood, NSW, in
  Adrian     and   Sascha                                                            December.
  Squiers, Quairading, with
  the Supreme All-Breed’s                                                              The rams sold to $1500 and averaged
  pair of rams exhibited by                                                          $542.50.
  Eric Heal, Dongadilling                                                              N. Cummins, Laggan, NSW, bought
  stud, Beverley, WA.
                                                                                     six to $1500; Billaglen, Braidwood,
                                                                                     bought six to $700 and J.P. and A.E.
                                                                                     Fisher, Goulburn, NSW, bought 10 to

                                                                                     Starting young
                                                                                       Five young Poll Dorset breeders,
                                                                                     aged 5-17 years, pooled their money to
                                                                                     buy sheep at M.K. and C.M. Douglas’
                                                                                     Abelene Park sale at Woolamin, NSW.
                                                                                       The budding sheep breeders, David,
                                                                                     Sally and Bradley Emerson and Annie
                                                                                     and Rachael Anderson, did their own
                                                                                     bidding on the six ewes they wanted.

Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                             29

 Does more milk equal faster lamb
Faculty of Natural and Agricultural
 Sciences, UWA, Nedlands and
 JOHN SEWELL, ‘Maplestead’,
           Pingelly, WA
THE growth rate of lambs early in their
lives is dependent on the quantity and
quality of colostrum and milk provided
by the dam and the lamb’s ability to
consume the milk.
   The amount of milk produced can be
affected by ewe breed, nutrition, lacta-
tion number, stage of lactation, number
of lambs born or reared, age and
liveweight of the ewe.
   Selection for dairy production has led
                                             Ewes on platform consuming oat/lupin grain mix prior to milking.
to the creation of specialist dairy breeds
(such as the East Friesian) that produce
more milk than meat or wool breeds.          on John Sewell’s ‘Maplestead’ property        2) milk composition of the East
   However there is a negative correla-      in Pingelly as part of the Q Lamb Super         Friesian-cross ewes is more dilute
tion between milk yield and milk com-        PIRD.                                           than the milk composition of the
position. Animals that produce more            The Q Lamb demonstration involved             other genotypes tested; and
milk usually have a lower concentration      Merino and four first-cross ewe geno-         3) progeny of the East Friesian-cross
of milk fat and protein.                     types (first crosses of Border Leicester,       ewes will grow faster up to weaning
   The East Friesian has been reported to    East Friesian, Poll Dorset and SAMM)            than the progeny of the Merino and
produce up to 600 litres of milk over a      and studied the major attributes                the first-cross ewes.
200 day lactation.                           involved in the production of prime             Ninety single bearing ewes whose tag
   Meat breeds such as the Poll Dorset       lambs as has been stated in previous          number and lamb birth date, birth
and Border Leicester have been report-       Ovine Observer articles.                      weight and sex were known were split
ed to produce yields of 150 litres per         The aims of this study were to deter-       into two milking mobs, depending on
lactation. The Merino, a wool breed,         mine if:                                      the birth date of the lamb.
produces up to 100 litres per lactation.     1) East Friesian cross ewes will produce        All ewes were on their third lactation.
   There is little information on the          higher daily milk yields than the           The ewes were milked on six occasions
yields from dual purpose breeds, such          other genotypes tested;                     when the average age of the lambs was
as the South African Meat Merino
(SAMM), however one report indicates          Table 1: Number of ewes milked, mean daily milk yield, milk composition and daily
SAMM production can be as high as             yield of the milk solids of Merino and first cross ewes over a 12 week lactation and ewe
4.8L/d.                                       liveweight and condition score at the end of lactation and lamb weight and growth rate
   Nutrition affects both the yield and       to 12 weeks.
composition of milk.                          Attribute                            BL           EF        M           PD      SAMM
   Under-feeding of ewes in late preg-        Mean daily milk yield (l/ewe/day)    1.7bc      1.8ab     1.5d         1.9a      1.6cd
nancy reduces the development of the          Milk composition (%)
udder, delays the onset of lactation,         Fat                                  8.5a        7.2b     8.2a         8.2a       8.2a
lowers the accumulation of colostrum          Protein                              5.0         4.9       4.8         4.9         4.9
which leads to poor maternal instincts        Lactose                              5.2b       5.2ab     5.2b         5.2b       5.3a
and reduced milk yields.                      Total solids                         19.4a      18.2b     19.0a       19.1a      19.1a
   Milk yields are lowest in maiden           Mean daily yield (g/ewe/day)
ewes and tend to peak at the third or         Fat                                  148ab 133c           122c        158a       134bc
fourth lactation, after which lactation       Protein                              84bc       89ab       72d         98a        79cd
yields tend of decline.                       Lactose                              90bc       97ab       78d        100a        88cd
   Milk yield is also directly affected by    Total solids                         335b       333b      284c        364a       313bc
the stage of lactation with milk produc-      Animal performance
tion increasing rapidly after parturition     Ewe liveweight (kg) *                65.6a 60.1bc         57.8c       65.0a     63.2ab
and peaking between the third and fifth       Ewe condition score*                 2.3a        1.2c     1.7b         2.2a       2.3a
week of lactation.                            Lamb wt (kg) at 12 wks               38.7a      36.0b     32.4c      36.4ab      36.0b
   The following is a report on the out-      Lamb growth to 12 wks (g/h/d)        376a       349b      319c       366ab       340bc
comes from a lactation study conducted        * The ewes were weighed and condition scored at the end of lactation (week 15)

30                                                                                                     Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
one, three, five, seven, nine and 12
weeks of age.
   The ewes were hand milked on a
mobile milking platform, four ewes at a
   The time of the first milking was
recorded. Once milked, the ewes
remained in their group of four, before
being re-milked about four hours later
in the same order as the initial milking.
   The milk collected at the second milk-
ing was weighed. A sub sample of the
second milk was collected and then
frozen for analysis of milk composition.
Daily milk yield = [wt of milk (2nd
milking)/time difference between 1st
and 2nd milking] x 24.
   The lambs were weighed every time
their dams were milked to monitor
lamb growth rates.
   The daily milk yield for all genotypes
increased until a mean maximum of
1900–2200ml/day         was      attained
between weeks one to five post partum
and then declined at an average rate of
18ml/day across all genotypes until
week 12 (Figure 1).
   For all genotypes, more than one half
of the total milk yield was produced by        The percent of milk protein did not       than the Merino ewes that were, in turn,
the end of the fifth week of lactation.      differ between genotypes.                   fatter than the East Friesian crossbred
   The percentage of milk fat fluctuated       The Border Leicester and Poll Dorset      ewes.
depending on genotype and the con-           crossbred and Merino ewes produced             The East Friesian has been tradition-
centration increased towards the end of      milk with lower lactose content than the    ally farmed in the cooler climatic
lactation.                                   SAMM crossbred ewes.                        regions of the world (areas of high rain-
   The percentage of milk protein              The Poll Dorset crossbred ewes pro-       fall and an abundance of feed) and it is
declined to their lowest levels at week      duced a significantly higher yield of       possible it was not able to express its
three and then increased like milk fat, to   total milk solids than all other geno-      full milking potential due to the tight
their highest levels at the end of lacta-    types, while the East Friesian and          feed season.
tion.                                        Border Leicester crossbred ewes pro-           The breed is naturally lean but at the
   The percentage of milk lactose            duced a higher yield of total milk solids   end of the lactation study the East
increased slightly up to week five           than the Merino ewes.                       Friesian crossbred ewes were in poorer
before declining at the end of the lacta-      The mean daily fat yield of the East      body condition than all other geno-
tion.                                        Friesian crossbred ewes was significant-    types.
                                             ly lower than the Poll Dorset and              Due to being a specialist dairy breed
HIGHEST DAILY MILK YIELD                     Border Leicester crossbred ewes.            it may indicate that the East Friesian
  The Poll Dorset crossbred ewes pro-          However, the higher milk yield made       crossbred ewes were mobilising more of
duced the highest daily milk yields          up for the lower percentage of milk fat     their body reserves to produce the milk
(1.92 L/ewe/day) and yields of milk          to produce similar milk fat yields as the   due to the limited paddock feed avail-
fat, and these were significantly higher     SAMM crossbred and Merino ewes.             able.
than all genotypes except the East             The East Friesian crossbred ewes also        The liveweight of the second-cross
Friesian crossbred ewes.                     produced significantly higher milk pro-     progeny (ie progeny from the first cross
  The East Friesian crossbred ewes pro-      tein and milk lactose yields compared       ewes) were significantly heavier than
duced significantly higher milk yields       with the SAMM crossbred and Merino          the Merino ewe progeny. The Border
(1.84 L/ewe/d) than the SAMM cross-          ewes.                                       Leicester crossbred progeny were the
bred and Merino ewes.                                                                    heaviest and fastest growing lambs.
                                             HEAVIER                                        They were significantly heavier and
  The Border Leicester crossbred ewes
produced more milk than the Merino              At the end of the lactation study the    grew significantly faster than the prog-
ewes and a higher daily yield of milk fat    liveweights of the Border Leicester and     eny from all but the Poll Dorset ewes.
than the East Friesian crossbred and         Poll Dorset crossbred ewes were signif-     The progeny of the Poll Dorset and East
Merino ewes.                                 icantly heavier than the East Friesian      Friesian crossbred ewes grew signifi-
  The percentage of milk fat produced        crossbred and Merino ewes and the           cantly faster than the Merino progeny.
by the East Friesian crossbred ewes was      SAMM crossbred ewes were heavier               Thus it seems that it isn’t milk yield
significantly lower than the milk fat        than the Merino ewes.                       or milk composition alone but also the
percentages produced by the other               The Border Leicester, Poll Dorset and    various genetics tested that influence
genotypes.                                   SAMM crossbred ewes were all fatter         the growth rate of the progeny.

Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                                  31

Looking back to the future
Project manager, Genetic Improvement
Meat & Livestock Australia

   Livestock breeding and improvement
is the second-oldest profession
   Animal breeding is an activity with a
very long history and is one of the fun-
damental human activities that have
shaped our societies and civilisations.
   Human-directed animal breeding
began with domestication, and has pro-
ceeded for thousands of years, as farm-
ers have chosen some animals from
amongst all those available to be par-
ents of successive generations.
   The power of this activity is evi-
denced by the differences between wild
stocks, such as Soay sheep, and those
available today, and also by the enor-
mous diversity of stocks or breeds both
across different parts of the world and
within any one country or production
   How has the practice of animal breed-
ing developed?
   What are the challenges likely to face
sheep breeders in coming years and
what tools are and will be available for
breeders wishing to successfully meet        The Poll Dorset was developed using Bakewell’s approach to animal breeding.
those challenges?
                                             mance of animals and to objectively use          weight of sheep, then we would have
ROBERT BAKEWELL – A                          progeny testing to identify superior ani-        animals 3 times as heavy at 12
TRUE PIONEER                                 mals.                                            months as when Bakewell started
   Modern animal breeding began with           He achieved the latter by leasing out          (about 150 kg assuming he started
the efforts of Robert Bakewell in            bulls and rams to commercial farmers,            with animals that averaged 50 kg or
England in the late 1700’s.                  who got some share of the progeny in             100 lbs at 12 months).
   Bakewell was a pioneer who com-           return for assessment of the perfor-             Over the next 100-150 years,
bined openness to new ways of think-         mance of those progeny.                       Bakewell’s methods were applied in a
ing with a capacity to use careful practi-     Several interesting comments can be         wide range of species and areas, leading
cal observation.                             made here:                                    by the late 1990’s to the formal estab-
   He pioneered work in breeding of          I firstly, Bakewell was quite happy to        lishment of most of the breeds we know
sheep and cattle for the new industrial        mix animals from different stocks to        today.
markets of the 18th century, devised           help find new, more productive com-
                                                                                           POLL DORSET
grassland irrigation and new methods           binations, before attempting to con-
for rearing livestock, manuring the land       centrate these in more uniform                Interestingly, the Poll Dorset breed
and using turnips as a main winter feed        stocks;                                     was developed by applying Bakewell’s
for livestock.                               I secondly, Bakewell pioneered meth-          approach – combining genes from sev-
   In particular, he recognised the value      ods that are still with us today –          eral breeds to form a composite, which
of developing livestock that could reach       including progeny testing for carcase       has since been consolidated and
market weight and ‘finish’ faster than         merit, sire leasing, and testing ani-       improved.
any then available, for supplying the          mals’ performance on different diets.         Looking back, it is at about 1900 that
rapidly growing demand for animal              He also made a point of focussing on        two important developments occurred
protein and energy in the form of ani-         what the end customer wanted; and           which we are still working through
mal fat that was a result of increasing      I thirdly, we can estimate that Bakewell      today.
urban populations through the indus-           might have achieved perhaps one-              The basic theory of genetics was
trial revolution.                              half of 1% gain per year. If this rate of   worked out at around this time (and
   In developing such animals, he was          gain was maintained for 200 years           considerably developed during the
the first to routinely measure perfor-         without interruption for yearling           1920’s and 1930’s), and at the same time

32                                                                                                    Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
agriculture in western countries began      investment in research and develop-           BIG CHALLENGES
to become more scientific and industri-     ment, and have been relatively conserv-
alised.                                     ative, so that new technologies have            I suspect that the big challenges for
   These changes occurred earlier in        had only limited application.                 sheep breeders at 2003 and beyond are
some industries, notably the dairy            The potential and requirements for          really not that much different from
industries of Western Europe and USA.       turning this around, and for capturing        those facing Robert Bakewell.
   The experience of the dairy industry     benefits from the power of modern               He had to work out what the cus-
this century has been that Bakewell’s       breeding technologies, is addressed in        tomer wanted, then breed it. Same
methods have had their scientific foun-     the remainder of this paper.                  today.
dation worked out, and the industry           Australia is a major exception to this        He was trying to supply livestock
structure has evolved to make more and      latter trend. The Australian lamb and         products in a competitive market – and
more use of the ability to improve ani-     sheepmeat industry has an unrivalled          his product had to be better at the right
mal performance. World-wide rates of        R&D portfolio and range of breeding           price for him to make sales.
improvement in dairy cattle are now         tools in place. These include:                  He also had to work at sufficient scale
approaching 2% per year. More impor-        I TGRM – a breeding program design            that he and his commercial producer
tantly, the methods and tools developed
from Bakewell’s original approach can
now be rapidly and effectively applied
in any species, with essentially com-                ❛❛The focus on carcase merit ... has
plete confidence of success.
                                                     shifted some emphasis away from
   Summing up, history shows us that
livestock breeding has been successful-               growth, lambing rate and wool.❜❜
ly carried out over thousands of years.                                                         – Rob Banks
More recently, some common sense
methods were applied, leading in this
century to a period of intense develop-
ment of the scientific basis for animal
breeding programs. Until recently,
sheep breeding has not fully captured
the power available in modern animal          system being used by sheep and cat-         network could actually produce
breeding. The Australian lamb industry        tle breeders across Australia to signif-    enough products – remember: he was
is an exception – and is indeed now a         icantly accelerate genetic progress         working       during     the   Industrial
world-leader in use of effective modern       whilst controlling inbreeding;              Revolution, when millions of people
breeding technology coupled with            I Gene Markers for Eating Quality –           flocked to the big cities of England.
sound practical common sense.                 R&D to allow breeders to identify              Same problem today – Australia bare-
                                              problem animals very early in life;         ly produces enough lamb to supply
SHEEP BREEDING NOW                                                                        existing customers, and there is clear
                                            I Young Sire Programs – which encour-
AND INTO THE FUTURE                                                                       evidence that the world market could
                                              age rapid and widespread early use
  The present situation with meat             of outstanding young male animals,          take a lot more of our wonderful prod-
sheep breeding is that most western           and help build more accurate genetic        uct.
countries are focussing more breeding         evaluations (many of the current               Finally, he was driven by the desire to
interest on carcase merit, and this has       leading Poll Dorset sires were bred in      improve – or go out of business. Same
led to widespread use of some muscle          flocks involved in the Meat Elite           today.
breeds during the 1990’s.                     young sire program); and                    FROM BAKEWELL
  Note that in Australia, its expansion     I Genetics of Growth and Maturity pat-        TO 2003 AND BEYOND
has been slowed mainly because of the         terns – R&D to focus on curve-ben-
successful use of Lambplan by the             ders – animals with low birth weight,          There is much that we use today that
major breeds, including Poll Dorset, to       rapid growth and high carcase merit.        would not surprise Robert Bakewell,
increase lamb growth rate and carcase         A bonus is that sires for different         although I am sure he would relish the
merit.                                        feeding systems are being identified.       opportunities to use computers and
  The focus on carcase merit is based on    I Superior Maternal Genetics – the            modern breeding technology.
the recognition that sheepmeat is seen        Maternal Central Progeny Test is               He would also love to be involved in
as too fat for higher-value markets, and      unique in the world, focussing on           the exciting range of R&D projects out
that major change is required in this         genetics for lifetime profitability in      there in industry, sharing ideas for
area in order to stabilise (and then re-      maternal sheep.                             improvement with other like-minded
build) sheep-meat consumption.                All that and more R&D is backing the        breeders and producers.
  This focus has shifted some emphasis      use of modern genetic evaluation.                Finally, I am sure he would be
away from other areas such as growth          Breeders using Lambplan are making          tremendously excited by the opportuni-
rate, lambing rate and wool production,     faster progress than even Robert              ties to use breeding skills and tools, new
which all affect costs of production and    Bakewell would have dreamed possible          knowledge, and the land and sheep
capacity to target markets.                 – still retaining the focus on structurally   resources we have in Australia, to pro-
  In addition, sheep meat industries in     sound animals that breed the lambs our        duce more and more outstanding prod-
most countries have had relatively little   customers want.                               ucts for consumers here and overseas.

Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                                                    33
     WA news

New committee for
WA Poll Dorsets
THE Western Australian Regional                 Adrian Baker from Westfeeds was the
Committee of the Poll Dorset                  next speaker and continued on the
Association held its Annual General           theme of preparing lambs.
Meeting at York on February 26.                 Getting optimum growth from avail-
  Members and friends met first at the        able feed and utilising vitamin supple-
feedlot of Peter and Tony Boyle               ment to maintain good health and
Broadlands Lamb Shed, just outside of         growth.
                                                                                          Open (18-25 years) Poll Dorset junior
York on the Beverley Road.                      He stressed the importance of prepar-     judging competition winner Brenton
  Scott Boyle showed the party through        ing ewes for lambing to give their          Fairclough (left rear), Stockdale stud,
the Feedlot explaining all aspects of the     lambs a good start. He also felt it was     York, is pictured with Elders Breeding
                                                                                          Services representative Roger Fris,
enterprise.                                   beneficial to pregnancy test ewes for       and over-judge Lewis Shepherd, Mt
  Scott had done the initial feasibility      twins and singles and run them on dif-      Barker, and junior (14-17yrs) judging
study into running of the feedlot. About      ferent feeding regimes.                     team     winners      from    Denmark
                                                                                          Agricultural College winners Joe
800 crossbred lambs are turned off each         He also spoke on the problems with        Pederick (front left), Josh Bunn and
week. These are processed at Walsh’s          mastitis in ewes and explained the dif-     Mark Zaddow. The Agricultural College
and Goodchild’s.                              ferent ways it spread through a mob cit-    teams event was contested by
                                                                                          Denmark, Cunderdin, Esperance and
  The feeding regime is well planned          ing research from the diary industry.       Harvey students.
with each animal eating about 1.6kg per         Adrian also suggested that we look
day of pellets. Their drinking water has      into Effective Breeding Programs being       Denmark students
mineral supplement added to it for pro-       run by the Kondinin Group.
moting good health of all animals.              The AGM was then held with our
                                                                                           win coveted shield
  Boyle’s are concentrating on keeping        new president being Keith Ladyman             STUDENTS from the Denmark
the operation ‘clean and green’. After        from the Dumbledee stud near                Agricultural College overcame
touring the feedlot it was back to York       Katanning.                                  intense rivalry from Cunderdin
for lunch.                                      Laurie Fairclough was elected vice-       Agricultural College to clinch the
  The afternoon session started with          president. Laurie is the owner of           Poll Dorset Association WA branch
two guest speakers. Firstly Ron               Stockdale stud at York.                     junior judging shield.
Cruickshank from CSL spoke on the               Retiring president was Perry Jasper         The shield was first awarded in
importance of vaccinating lambs both          from the Jolma stud.The Royal               2000 and had been tightly held by
for Pulpy Kidney and for cobalt defi-         Agricultural Society will act as            Cunderdin but Joe Pederick, Josh
ciency. Ron stressed the importance of        Secretary for the Association. Lewis        Bunn and Mark Zaddow from
lamb breeders following up with a sec-        Shepherd from the Leween stud was           Denmark teamed up to win this year.
ond vaccination and then a yearly             returned as treasurer.                        Joe amassed the top score to win
booster to make the animal immuned              Denise Gooding from Denroy stud           the individual 14-17 years section
for life.                                     will remain Publicity and Promotion         with Sloan King and Ashley Spear,
  Vitamin B12 can help prepare ewes           Officer. Other members of the               both from Cunderdin Ag College,
for lambing by boosting immune sys-           Committee for 2003 are:                     second and third respectively. The
tems and improving colostrum for the            Jane Bushby, Dawson Bradford Jnr,         section attracted 49 competitors.
newborn lamb. Farmers should always           Bruce Buswell, Eric Heal, John Jasper,        The open section from 18-25 years
vaccinate lambs twice, four to six weeks      Perry Jasper, Wally Mills, Ian Reynolds,    was won for the second successive
apart, or they are really wasting the first   Chris Squiers, Ron Wright, Ian Cassidy      year by Brenton Fairclough,
vaccination. In a feedlot, however, the       and Steven Eales                            Stockdale stud, York, with Ryan
initial dose lasts until slaughter.                                – Denise Gooding       Meldrum, Cunderdin, runner-up.

                                                                         Certificates of Merit
                                                                           John Nagel, Neelloc, West Pingelly and Alan Boyle,
                                                                         Worrell Park, Quairading were presented with
                                                                         Certificates of Merit for their work with the Australian
                                                                         Poll Dorset Association at the Wagin Woolorama.
                                                                           Our photo shows Eric Heal (left) presenting one of the
                                                                         certificates to Alan Boyle.

34                                                                                                  Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003
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   Breeding Rams with the Genetics to          GPO Box 75B, Melbourne, Vic, 3001
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       produce top Prime Lambs
Poll Dorset Journal, May 2003                                                                   35
                        Gloroy 421/02
                         On show at             Brick solid
                        Cowra in 2003
                        Son of Gloroy

Gloroy 575/00 (T)

On show at 2003
  Gloroy sale
                                                The four rams pictured left
  and son of                                    prove that Gloroy genetics
 Gloroy 99/97                                      breed on and on ...
                                                       Sire to Son.
                                                New sire is Gloroy 575/00
                         Gloroy 99/97           Show team by three unrelated rams:
                         ‘D’Artagnan’           ❑ Bethelrei 453 ❑ Gloroy 575/00
                        Champion ram ASBA              ❑ Gloroy Missile
                        1st Ram Lamb ASBA
                             and Hamilton
                          Sire of $11,000 top
                        ram at Gloroy in 2002
                                                 39th Annual Sale
                        Son of Gloroy                     Watch for date
                        1/95(T) below                     offering:
                                                 30 Stud Rams       100 Stud Ewes
 Gloroy 1/95(T)
 ‘One-For-All’                                            120 Flock Rams
    2nd Shorn Pair
                                                  Col & Jenny 03 5438 7473
   Melbourne Royal
    Dam is dam of                                 Roy & Gloria 03 5438 7263
     3 stud rams                                             Showing at
                                                           Cowra, Bendigo,
                                                            and Adelaide
                                                 MN3          (possibly)

                     Gloroy 289/94                                   Gloroy 99/93
                     Dam of Gloroy                                    ‘Duchess’
                                                                          Dam of
                        575/00                                         ‘D’Artagnan’
                       Champion Ewe                                  All Breeds Supreme Ewe
                         Hamilton                                           Melb ASBA
                                                                       Supreme Poll Dorset
                       1st Ewe Lamb                                           Albury
                        Melb Royal                                     1st Ewe Lamb Melb &
                                                                      Hamilton Feature Shows

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