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					                                                         6th grade Geography
                                                           Curriculum Map
Week  Chapter-   Essential Questions      Core        Program of             Strategies                    Literary Activities        Assessments
      Section                            Content        Studies
   1 1-1 and   What tools do           SS-06-4.1.1   SS-6-CS-U-1 textbook, create 5 themes             written analysis using 5
     map work geographers use? How                               poster, creating a school map,        themes,
               do geographers study                              using compasses to locate a
               the earth? What are the                           mystery item, reading study
               differences between                               chart, study foldable, p. 33 map
               maps and globes?                                  skills
   2 1-2,3,4   Why do earth's seasons SS-06-4.42,    SS-6-G-S-   1-2 reading strategy, p. 31           read articles on world
               change? What forces     SS-06-4.1.1   1,SS-6-G-2A kinesthetic solar system, p. 41       conflicts resulting from
               change the earth's                                naturalist,                           geographic issues
               surface? How do
               landforms affect where
               people live?

   3 2-2,3,4   What is climate? How     SS-6-G-U-2, SS-06-4.3.1,   foldable vocab builder, reading     reading strategy p. 73,
               does climate affect      SS-6-G-U-4, SS-06-4.2.1    strategy 2-2, p. 54 visual/spatial,
               migration and population SS-6-G-S-2C                determining cause and effect p.
               settlement? How can the                             55, team teaching activity p. 56,
               soil be damaged by
               humans? How does air
               pollution affect the
   4 ch3-1     Why study other                                     visual/spatial p.82, cultural mural culture poetry, critical
               cultures? What elements                             p. 84,                              thinking activity p. 83 into
               make each culture                                                                       a writing activity
               unique? How and Why
               do cultures change?
                                                         6th grade Geography
                                                           Curriculum Map
5 3-2,3,4    Why is the world's        SS-6-G-U-1, SS-06-4.1.1, population counter,                   summarizing p. 93,
             population growing        SS-6-G-U-2, SS-06-4.3.1, interpersonal p. 89,                  mathematical/logical p.
             rapidly? Where do most SS-6-G-S-3C SS-06-4.3.2,                                          94,
             people of the world live?
             Why are people moving
             to cities? Why do people
             trade? How are the
             world's economies
             changing? How has
             interdependence led to

6 4-1       What landforms are          SS-6-G-U-2, SS-, map work,                            cause and effect p. 129,
  physical  found in the US? What       SS-6-G-U-4, SS-06-4.1.2
            are the different climate   SS-6-G-S-2C
            areas of the US? How
            are people settled in the
7 4-1       How are the states          SS-6-G-U-3, SS-06-4.2.1    states and capitals, region work, making comparisons p.
  political organized? What do they                                thoughtful ed cc                  153
            have in common?
8 4-2 US    Why has the US been an      SS-6-G-U-3, SS-06-4.4.3,                                      reading on NAFTA,
  economics economic leader? What
            challenges are facing the
            US economically? How
            do people in the US earn

9 4-3        How has the US             SS-6-G-4, SS-              cooperative learning activity p.   reading on civil rights
  American   changed throughout         G-U-5                      149,
  culture    history? What groups
             make up the American
             people? What has
             influenced American
                                                              6th grade Geography
                                                                Curriculum Map
10 5 Canada    How does climate affect      SS-6-U-3, SS- SS-06-4.3.1, map work, team teaching activity   persuasive letter to
               population patterns in       6-G-U-2, SS- SS-06-4.4.3, p. 161, logical/mathematical p.     parents to vacation in a
               Canada? How does the         6-G-S-2A, SS- SS-06,4.4.2 167                                 Canadian province, p.
               economy of Canada            6-GS-2B                                                       170 making connections,
               compare to the economy                                                                     cause and effect 171
               of the US? How was
               Canada settled? What
               groups make up the
               Canadian people?

11 6 Mexico    What landforms are                                      map work, thoughtful ed cc         thoughtful ed cc ancient
               found in Mexico? How                                    ancient civilizations,             civilizations, critical
               does the climate in                                     visual/spatial p. 192,             thinking p. 194
               Mexico vary with
               altitude? How does
               economics vary within
               Mexico? What is the
               government like in
12 6 Mexico What groups influenced                                     thoughtful ed cc ancient           primary source
               Mexico's culture? What                                  civilizations,                     examination, thoughtful
               are elements of Mexico's                                                                   ed cc ancient
               culture? What is life like                                                                 civilizations,
               in cities and villages in                                                                  auditory/musical p. 204
13 7-1 Central What nations make up                                                                       p. 218 Panama Canal
   America     central America? What                                                                      reading
               landforms and climates
               are found in central
               America? What has
               influenced the culture of
               Central America?
                                          6th grade Geography
                                            Curriculum Map
14 7-1       What are the physical                                                analyzing information p.
   Caribbean characteristics of the                                               222,
             Caribbean islands?
             What is the climate of
             the Caribbean islands?
             What are the economic
             activities on the islands?
             How can you compare
             the cultures and histories
             of the islands?

15 South      What are the major
   America    landforms in South
              America? How is the
              population distributed in
              the nation?
16 8-1,2      What natural resources           diorama p. 235
              are found in Brazil?
              What is the culture of
              Brazil? How can you
              compare the landscapes
              and climates of
              Argentina and
17 9 South    What challenges does             making connections p. 259,         Times Perspectives
   America    Columbia's economy               interpersonal p. 268 (thoughtful
              face? How does the way           ed)
              people of Peru and
              Ecuador earn a living
              compare? How do the
              economies and people
              of Bolivia and Chile
                                           6th grade Geography
                                             Curriculum Map
18 10 Early    What are some                    Drawing Conclusions p. 300,      Drawing Conclusions
   Europe      significant                      feudal system concept map,       extension, travel
               accomplishments of                                                brochure
               Greek culture? How
               does the Roman law
               compare with the US
               law? How did Christianity
               influence Medieval
               Europe? What were the
               causes of the
               reformation? How do the
               causes and results of
               revolution in America
               and Europe compare?

19 11-         What changes did the             clip on industrial revolution,   primary source
   1European   Industrial Revolution                                             examination,
   Modern      create? How were new
   History     militaries created after
               the revolution? How did
               the two world wars
               change the balance of
               power in Europe?
20 11-2,3      What circumstances               Interpersonal p. 321, Team       Times Perspectives p.
               created the cold war?            Teaching 322, culminating        327,
               What events led to the           activity 333
               end of the cold war?
               How has Europe
               become more united?
               What challenges are
               facing Europe today?
                                         6th grade Geography
                                           Curriculum Map
21 12 Europe What is the history and          Interpersonal p. 342,            c/c Nordic
   today     culture of the British           verbal/linguistic p. 347, c/c    nations(thoughtful ed),
             Isles? What is the               Nordic nations(thoughtful ed),   c/c Spain and Portugal
             economy and the people           c/c Spain and Portugal           (thoughtful ed)
             of France like? Compare          (thoughtful ed)
             the cultures and
             economies of the
             Benelux countries? How
             can the history and the
             culture of Germany be
             explained? How can the
             economies and the
             people of the Nordic
             regions be compared?
             How can the history and
             cultural contributions of
             Italy be described? How
             can the people in Spain
             and Portugal be

22 13 Eastern How has the economy of
   Europe     Poland changed in
              recent years? How has
              Hungary, the Czech
              Republic, and Slovakia
              changed in recent
              years? How do the
              people and economies
              of the Balkan countries
                                          6th grade Geography
                                            Curriculum Map
23 14 Russia How can the physical              p. 406 visual/spatial,
              characteristics of               understanding cause and effect
              European Russia be               413,
              compared to Russia east
              of the Urals? How can
              life in Russia be
              described under the
              czars and communist
              rule? Why did the Soviet
              Union collapse?
24 15 Russian How has Russia's                 interpersonal p. 426, making     writing a petition p. 433,
   culture    economy changed? How             comparisons p. 437 (thoughtful   making comparisons p.
              do Russia's economic             ed)                              437 (thoughtful ed),
              regions compare and                                               Time Perspectives p.
              how do they relate the                                            441
              climate? What are
              Russia's cultural
              traditions? What is daily
              life like in Russia?

25 16-1     What was                           Phonetian web activity,          c/c Hammurabi's code to
   Mesopota Mesopotamia? Why is                cooperative learning p. 470, c/c the Ten Commandments
   mia      "Mesopotamia" not there            Hammurabi's code to the Ten      (thoughtful ed)
            today? What were                   Commandments (thoughtful ed)
            advancements in
                                           6th grade Geography
                                             Curriculum Map
26 16-1, 17    What were physical               visual/spatial p. 486   drawing conclusions p.
   Egypt       characteristics of Egypt?                                485
               What were some of the
               ancient Egyptians early
               achievements? What
               was ancient Egyptian
               culture like? How has
               the environment shaped
               life in Egypt? What kind
               of government does
               Egypt have? How has
               Egypt changed over
               time? How do Egyptians
               earn a living?

27 16-2 Three What are the three                posters on religions
   World      largest monotheistic
   Religions religions? What are
              characteristics of
              Christianity, Islam, and
              Judaism? How do the
              Christianity, Islam, and
              Judaism compare?
                                            6th grade Geography
                                              Curriculum Map
28 17-2, 19,   What resources do Libya           interpersonal p. 558, drawing   analyzing information p.
   20,21       and Maghreb have?                 conclusions 571, making         553, reading strategy p.
               How can the coastal               connections 568                 557, free write p. 568,
               countries, their people,                                          travel brochure p. 574,
               and histories be
               described? How can
               Nigeria's climate and
               ethnic groups be
               described? How and
               what factors prevent
               countries from reaching
               economic potential?
               Why have conflicts
               arisen in the horn of
               Africa? What are
               physical characteristics
               of Africa?

29 18 Middle   Where do most of                  Culminating activity p. 527     Time Perspectives p.
   East        Turkey's people live?                                             521
               How do Syria's people
               support themselves?
               Why is Jordan said to be
               the land of contrast?
               What is the land and
               climate like in the Middle
               East? How has history
               shaped the cultures and
               politics in Middle Eastern
                                          6th grade Geography
                                            Curriculum Map
30 22 South    How has India's                 kinesthetic p. 640,           visualizing p. 650,
   Asia        agriculture and industry                                      visual/spatial p. 651,
               evolved? How can
               India's history and
               culture be described?
               What are the main
               physical features of
               South Asia? How has
               geography isolated
               Nepal and Bhutan? How
               has the economy of Sri
               Lanka changed?
31 23-1,2      What landforms are              totalitarianism p. 671,       visualizing p. 661, Time
   China       found in China? How is          logical/mathematical p. 673   Perspectives p. 671
               China's economy
               changing? How has
               China's history
               influenced life today?
               How do urban and rural
               China contrast?
32 23-3        Why did many people             visual/spatial p. 680,
   China's     move to Taiwan? What
   neighbors   are the people of
               Mongolia like? What is
               the relationship between
               China and its neighbors
                                          6th grade Geography
                                            Curriculum Map
33 24 Japan What economic activities           naturalist p. 700                Analyzing Information p.
   and Its   are important to Japan?                                            691
   Neighbors How has the past
             influenced Japan? How
             has religion shaped the
             culture of Japan? Why
             are the two Koreas
             divided? How does life in
             North and South Korea

34 25 South    How has war affected            creating a country photo album
   East Asia   Laos and Cambodia?              p. 719,
               What is the history of
               Vietnam? What are
               physical characteristics
               of South East Asia? How
               can you compare the
               people and economic
               activities of the island
               countries in Southeast
               Asia? What groups have
               influenced South East
                                            6th grade Geography
                                              Curriculum Map
35 26,27,       How do the people of             Making Connections p. 745,     Time Perspectives p.
   Australia,   Australia earn a living?         culminating activity p. 751,   745, Team Teaching
   Oceania      How has history                                                 Activity p. 746, writing an
                influenced the culture of                                       editorial p. 753
                Australia? What goods
                does the economy of
                New Zealand produce?
                What ethnic groups
                compose New Zealand?
                How do the three
                regions of Oceania
                differ? How do the
                people of Oceania earn
                a living?


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