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									                                  Satire in Fiction – Grade 12

                                        Elements of Satire
                                          Attachment A

Name: _________________________________

Satire is a literary device that uses irony or wit usually in a humorous way, to comment on or
criticize a person, group or event. Usually the intention of satiric writing is to force a change in
behavior or to sway public opinion.

Satire includes these forms of humor:
Parody is the simple imitation of a style—for example, comedians who imitate politicians’
voices or gestures simply parody that person.

Caricature often exaggerates a person’s peculiar features or style. If a public figure has a lot of
hair, for example, a caricature of that person might show him with a huge lion’s mane on top of
his head in place of his hair.

Satire often involves elements of both parody and caricature, but it is usually more complex than
either of them. While satire intends to be humorous, its ultimate goal is usually a serious one.
Satire has been used to call attention to dangerous living conditions, hypocritical public figures
and business leaders’ illegal actions. A good satire makes its audience laugh and causes them to
reconsider an issue.
                                                      ** or the

Analyzing Satire

1. Whom or what is the piece making fun of?

2. As the audience, are we being asked to reconsider the way we think about anything? If so,

3. In what specific ways does it mock its subject?

                                 Satire in Fiction – Grade 12

                                     Organizing your Satire
                                        Attachment B

Name: _________________________________

Person or Place

4. Who or what is the target of your satire?

5. What is it about your subject that you would like people to reconsider?

6. Who is your audience?

7. What type of satire would be most effective for your audience (a story, a poem, a comic, a
   cartoon, a video, music)?

8. What kinds of things might you be able to parody or caricature to mock your subject?

9. How would these things look or sound in the medium you chose?

10. Use the back of this sheet to outline your satire. Be sure to include a synopsis of your plot.

                                    Satire in Fiction – Grade 12

                                                 Attachment C
                                                 Satire Rubric

  CATEGORY          4                            3                           2                             1
Content             Covers topic in-depth        Includes essential          Includes essential            Content is minimal OR
                    with details and             knowledge about the         information about the         there are several factual
                    examples. Excellent          topic. Subject knowledge    topic but there are factual   errors. No attempt at
                    subject knowledge. Satire    appears to be good.         errors. Satire is planned     satire.
                    is well thought out and is   Satire seems well thought   but awkward in places.
                    effective.                   out, and it works fairly

Mechanics and       No misspellings or           Three or fewer              Four misspellings and/or      More than 4 errors in
writing style       grammatical errors.          misspellings and/or         grammatical errors.           spelling or grammar.
                    Effective word choice        mechanical errors. Word     Some good word choice,        Ineffective writing style
(for written        and clear writing.           choice is good, and         but writing is mostly         and poor word choice
project)                                         writing is mostly clear.    bland.                        throughout.

Presentation        Makes excellent use of       Makes good use of font,     Makes use of font, color,     Use of font, color,
(for multimedia     font, color, graphics,       color, graphics, layout,    graphics, layout, effects,    graphics, layout, effects
                    layout, effects, etc. to     effects, etc. to enhance    etc. but occasionally         etc. but these often
project)            enhance the presentation.    the presentation.           these detract from the        distract from the
                                                                             presentation content.         presentation content.

Originality         Product shows a large        Product shows some          Uses other people's ideas     Shows little or no
                    amount of original           original thought. Work      (giving them credit), but     evidence of original
                    thought. Ideas are           shows new ideas and         there is some evidence of     thought or
                    creative and inventive.      insights.                   original thinking.            documentation.

                    Crazy Use of wordplay        Use of one word with
                                                 dual meaning

You will work in groups of two
As a pair, you decide who takes the modern day pamphlet and the historical pamphlet. As a pair,
you will plan an essay on a topic you know will elicit a response from your peers.
Choose your topic and begin. You will have to conduct research and consider how the modern
day topic connects to some historical event or movement that is similar in some way.
Decide on a topic that you feel passionately about, then research what issues in history relate to
the current issue as a starting point. For example, famine or economic crisis that Swift satirized
can be a topic that is relevant to today. You can get ideas for your pamphlet by researching and
making connections.
Your finished product must fit on one piece of paper. You can decide to create a tri-fold or bi-
fold pamphlet. You may use font and graphics that enable you to effectively make your point.
If you need more room, use smaller font. Do not resort to large font to take up space. If you are
attempting to waste space, then you have no argument.
You may want to use the problem-solution format that we used in class to get started.

                                Satire in Fiction – Grade 12
Use the denotative and connotative word list to help guide your attempts at “word play” and
come up with at least one word to “play” with your readers.

You will receive a project grade for this. We will vote on one or two per class period (your
choice) and we will “publish” that pamphlet and see if your satire invites debate from students
outside of class enough to get them to engage in a pamphlet war. Of the two periods, the
pamphlet (group) that gets the most responses in the pamphlet war…

                                 Satire in Fiction – Grade 12
Possible topics
Airport Security
             No Gas, No
             Here's the first truly
             all-electric car, and
             it's a ragtop to boot!
             Never stop at a gas
             station again, except to use the pay
             phone to call your jealous pals, still
             probably tooling around town in their
             fossil- fueled dinosaurs. Under $1000
             (pending government crash-test

         Find Cache of
         Bronze Age
         Weapons in
         Roman invasion of 43 AD.
       PEOPLE                                         SCIENCE
        Royal Family                                   CERN Scientists: Proof of Extra
        Takes in Latest                                Dimensions Possible Next Year
        3-D Film                                       Advise holding off buying that 3-D TV.
        “The zombies
        appear to be
                                                       New Marine
        jumping right
        into your lap,” says Prince Philip.
                                                       Discovered in
       BUSINESS                                        Deepest Ocean
        Corporate Profits Highest on
        Record Last Quarter
                                                       creatures have been lurking miles
        CEOs modestly share credit with their
                                                       beneath surface, just waiting to take
        “hardworking employees” back in China.
        Dubai Real Estate Market Collapses
        “Do Buy Dubai” campaign a bust.
        Irish Banks' Ratings                          HEALTH / MEDICINE
        Downgraded by S&P                              Monkeys Whose Mothers Ate High
        From “Blarney” to “Malarkey.”                  Fat Diets More Stressed

                                Satire in Fiction – Grade 12

                                                    Even worse when their fathers drank,
      CONSUMER NEWS                                 smoked.
       Lead Found in                                1 in 6 Hospital Patients Harmed by
       Children's                                   Medical Care
       Drinking Glasses                             About the same odds as Russian
       Parents urged to                             Roulette.
       return them if                               Study: Alcohol More Dangerous Than
       their kids start                             Heroin, Cocaine
       acting a little goofy.                       Despite industry's “Drink Responsibly”
                                                    ENHANCED AIRPORT
                                                    SECURITY BOON TO SMALLER
                                                    Shown: passengers wait
                                                    to board flight on Naked
                                                    Air, which does not use

        U.S., South Korea Begin War Games
        Promising “fun for all.”
        Taliban Leader in Talks With Afghan
        Government Turns Out to Be Imposter
        Millions paid to someone named Curveball.
        Report: Global Poverty Doubled in
        Era of Trade Liberalization
        Reflecting high cost of “free” markets.

           DHS to End Color-
           Coded Terror Alert
           Reverting to simpler
           system of “All Clear”
           or “Duck and Cover.”

The U. S. now has the most
unequal distribution of income and
wealth of any major country on
earth because:

                                   Satire in Fiction – Grade 12

A ) The top 1 percent of income
    earners make more than the
    bottom 50 percent.
B ) 80 percent of all new income
    earned from 1980 to 2005 has
    gone to the top 1 percent.
C ) The top 1 percent now owns
    more wealth than the bottom 90
D ) The top 1 percent now owns
    more members of congress,
    supreme court justices, judges,
    governors, state legislators, tv
    networks and newspapers than
    the bottom 99 percent.
Hint: everyone passes this quiz.


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