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					                        Draft Doggers
                        Helping Death Row dogs to run for the border.

DOG ADOPTION APPLICATION (Please Print Clearly & Answer all Questions.)

Draft Doggers has the right to refuse adoption to unsuitable candidates.

Applicant's name_____________________________

Local Address______________________________________________Apt#___________

City_________________________________Prov__________________Postal code___________

Home Phone ________________Work Phone __________________ Email ___________


Do you Rent?______Own?_____

___House       Property owner's name:____________________Phone____________

___Apartment How long have you lived here?______________________________


___Duplex      #Adults in house______#Children______Children's Ages_______


_________ | Yes___No___ | In____Out___          |___________________|__________|
_________ | Yes___No___ | In____Out___          |___________________|__________|
_________ | Yes___No___ | In____Out___          |___________________|__________|
_________ | Yes___No___ | In____Out___          |___________________|__________|

 KIND        |SPAY/NEUTER | Kept where| Time owned| what happened to pet?_____
__________ | Yes___No___ | In____Out___ |___________|__________________|
__________ | Yes___No___ | In____Out___ |___________|__________________|

 Are you at least 18 years old?______Yes_________No

 What is the name of your veterinarian,if applicable?__________________________________

 Veterinarian's address or phone number__________________________________________________

 How long have you used this Vet? _______________________________________

 Who will be responsible for the daily care/feeding of this dog? _______________________________________

 Who will financially support this dog?__________________________________

 Reason for wanting this dog?____________________________________________

 Where will you keep this dog?___________________________________________

 Where will you keep this dog when you TRAVEL?___________________________

 Do all members of this household WANT this dog?_______________________

 If you have young children, they need to be educated on how to interact with the dog in order to
 prevent dog bites, are you able/willing to do that? ___Yes ___No

 How long will you give this dog to adjust to its new home?______________

 If you must give up this dog, what would you do with it?________________

 Would you object to a follow-up home visit by a Draft Dogger volunteer? Yes No Best day/time:

 What amount of time will the dog be inside?______outside?______

      Do you have a fenced yard?_____Yes_____No

   Do you have a shaded area?_____Yes_____No
   Do you realize that a dog may entertain itself by digging, chewing home items and/or escaping and
   wandering? ___Yes ___No
 What will you do if your dog shows destructive behavior? (Digging, chewing, jumping, tearing up
 plants/furniture or running off)

 Do you realize that you will probably have to housetrain your new puppy/dog?
     Would you like information on how to housetrain a new puppy or dog?

 If adopting an adult dog, how many times per day will you exercise it? 1 2 3

 What form of exercise will you provide for your dog? _________________________

 What form of training will you provide your dog?
 __Obedience class __Follow training books __Professional training __Home training

  How comfortable are you with training?______________________________________

 A condition of adopting from Draft Doggers is that the animal(if not spayed or neutered at time of
 adoption) needs to have this done at your expense.
 Will you have your dog SPAYED OR NEUTERED within the recommended time frame?
 (A surgical operation to prevent parenthood for animals) ____Yes ____No

      Where/who will perform the surgery? _______________________________________________________

 Will you have this dog vaccinated as needed during it’s lifecycle, by a veterinarian, against infectious
 disease?__________ Veterinarian:_________________________

 Are you familiar with heartworm disease?______Yes______No
 Will you maintain your dog on heartworm preventative?

Do you realize that dogs often live longer than 10 years and are you willing to assume responsibility for
that long?______Yes_____No

How will you keep the dog safe around your property? (Check all that apply)


Where did you hear about the Draft Doggers Adoption Program?

___Friend____TV___Newspaper___Relative___Radio___Billboard___Petfinder ___Internet ___Other

Have you applied to adopt from a rescue organization before today? ___Yes ___No

Date:__________________ Pet Adopted? Yes No

If yes, where is this animal now? _______________________________________________
In the event that we cannot give you an adoptable dog, would you be willing to foster?

I certify the above is true and that false information may result in nullifying this adoption.I further
certify that I am not adopting for any financial gain,and purely for the purpose of private pet
ownership.I understand that I may contact Draft Doggers with any concerns I may have around
training or support with my pet,but that the costs of the healthy maintenance of this pet are solely
my own. Draft Doggers or its associates have the right to refuse adoption to anyone. I understand
that no animal can be held for me.

I also understand that Draft Doggers charges an adoption fee of 350 dollars(CDN) to offset the
costs of spay/neuter costs, vaccination shots, vet’s fees, and transport from California.


Additional notes or comments:__________________________________________________________

Approved      YES____ NO______

Date     ________________________

Homecheck YES_____NO______



The Code of Ethics was established by Draft Doggers as a standard for volunteers, also known as DD Reps. The goal
of this code of ethics is to protect and preserve DD, animal rescue, volunteers, and individual animals. All DD Reps
have an obligation to put the welfare of the animals above personal gain and refrain from activities that would be
detrimental to the best interests of these animals or DD. These guidelines are presented with the realization that
ethics are difficult to regulate and that most individuals desire and intend to do what is right. Education and
communication are the preferred methods of obtaining compliance to these practices.


DD Reps shall provide all animals (or fosters) in their care with the highest possible standards of nutrition, shelter,
cleanliness, exercise, training, socialization and individual attention so that these animals may become well-
adjusted companions.

DD Reps shall NOT engage in false or misleading advertising or other misrepresentation of his/her rescues. DD Reps
shall NOT malign other DD Reps, veterinarians, or rescue organizations. DD Reps are encouraged to provide
pertinent information about their own rescues or those of others, providing such information is accurate and

DD Reps should seek the best possible environment for each foster. NO DD Rep shall sell, consign, or donate
animals to such places as commercial/USDA breeders, pet stores, pet brokers, or catalog houses. Animals may not
be offered to events such as raffles, auctions, drawings, lotteries, contests, or laboratories. DD Reps should not
knowingly deal with unethical persons. All rescues must be kept for at least 10 days prior to placement for


ANY and ALL health issues, concerns, and/or obvious veterinary needs MUST be reported to Jill Torgersen
immediately who will then decide what steps to take. DO NOT take any of these issues into your own hands unless
it is a life or death emergency. Keep in mind funds are limited at ALL times. If an emergency arises, go to nearest
emergency clinic or vet and call DD immediately. Before calling – ALWAYS get an estimate, what that estimate
includes, diagnosis and prognosis. If you do not get an answer, leave a message stating how to contact you, which
animal is having the emergency, what that emergency is, where you have taken the animal, and what is being done
by the vet to handle the emergency.

Information Draft Doggers MUST provide Adopters:

DD Rep should always provide the new Guardian (owner/adopters) with the following:

1. Any registration papers or other identification available for the adopted animal.
2. Immunization schedule and veterinary health records.
3. Written info concerning care, disposition, feeding, training, socialization and accident prevention.


The purpose of Draft Doggers is to find loving homes for animals that have ended up in local streets or kill shelters.
Rescue is not intended to help breeders place their excess animals or individuals rehome their animals due to
moving or other circumstances, except in extreme situations deemed necessary . Should a breeder or individual
contact you for help, please do your best to advise them of other/better options available to them. Many times, they
simply want you/us to “take care of their problem” in order to avoid the time and expense of placing their own
animals themselves.

 Rescued animals remain the property of Draft Doggers at all times prior to adoption and upon return should the
 adoption fall through. Draft Doggers has the authority to place the animal in any home they deem acceptable.
Foster homes are encouraged to have input on potential adopters and their opinion will be considered. In most
cases, once trained, the foster parent will be included in deciding who is qualified to adopt their own foster
animal unless they are not comfortable doing so.

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