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1. asking about appropriateness
   Can I use “Hi” if I meet my teacher?
   If I want to apologize, what should I say?
   What should I say if I want to ask for permission informally?
2. asking about correctness
   Can I say, “Long time no see”?
   Is it correct to say, “I have a few pictures”?
   Is that the right word?
   When do we use “had had”? Can you give me an example?
3. asking about meaning
   What does NATO mean?
   I don’t understand the sentence. Can you help me?
   What’s the English for “一事無成”?
4. asking about pronunciation
   How do you pronounce this word?
   How do you say this word?
   What’s the correct way to pronounce this word?
   Where’s the stress in this word?
   Will you tell me if I pronounce something wrongly, please?
5. asking about spelling
   How do you spell the word?
   I’m not sure if I’ve spelt this word right. Can you check it for me, please?
   Will you check me spelling please?
6. asking for help
   Help me!
   Would you please help me?
   I need your help.
   Could you do me a favor?
   I got a problem.
   I’m in trouble. Could you help me out?
   I don’t understand. Could you help me?
   Give me a hand, please.
   Could you explain it again?
   My I ask you a favor?
7. disagreement
   I disagree.
   I don’t agree.
   I have a different idea.
   I don’t think so.
   I’m not sure.
   I guess you’re wrong.
    Not exactly!
    Forget it!
 8. politeness
    I’m sorry.
    I beg your pardon.
    I apologize.
    It’s my honor/pleasure.
    Excuse me, please.
    Thank you!
    I appreciate it.
    You’re welcome.
    Never mind.
    Don’t mention it.

1. greeting somebody
   Glad to meet you here.
   Good to see you again.
   Haven’t seen you for some time.
   How nice to see you again.
   I’m so glad you could come.
   Hello (there)!
   It’s been a long time.
   Long time no see!
   Well, look who’s here!
   How are you?
2. asking after somebody
   Are you well?
   How are things going with you?
   How are you doing?
   How are you keeping?
   What are you doing these days?
   Anything new?
   How goes it?
   How’s it going?
   How’s everything?
   What are you up to these days?
   What’s new?
3. stating how you are
All right, thank you.
I’m fine, thank you.
Not very good really.
Quite well, thank you.
Can’t complain.
Fine, just fine.
Great. You?
I’m just great.
Not too much.
Same as ever.

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