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									                                   Ashbrook High School
                             Spanish two Syllabus (2011-2012)
                                                     Profesora: Sra Mesa

This course exposes the student to the intermediate level of second language acquisition. The main goal of this course
is to sharpen the student’s proficiency in his/her ability to write, pronounce, and speak the Target Language, and
prepare them to be successful in Spanish level III. The course intensifies the fundamentals of basic Spanish, and goes
on to expose the student into the structure of the Spanish verbs and specific functions of most parts of speech. Spanish
II level also places emphasis in logical word order, or Syntax of the Spanish Language. The student will acquire the
skills required for successful completion of this course, by effecting written and oral activities related to all topics and
specific objectives pertinent to Spanish level II Curriculum.

This course was developed having in mind that all participants already had previous exposure to second language
acquisition. The content of this course material will enable students to further understand and effectively use basic,
grammar essentials of the Spanish Language.

All students participating in Spanish level II must have successfully completed Spanish level I.

Spanish/English-English/Spanish Dictionary
Notebook (for Spanish activities only.)

Realidades 2

To acquaint the student with the basic, but more advanced phonetic sounds of the Spanish vowels, consonants, most
parts of speech, their individual functions, as well as their function in context, or cluster of words. Student will be
exposed to conjugation of verbs, regular, irregular and reflexive. Simple and compound sentences, dependent and
independent clauses will be part of this course curriculum. This course also exposes the student to the Spanish
paragraph, cultural traditions of Spanish Speaking Countries, such as typical music, foods, dances, and the correct
geographical location of Central and South American Countries.


Homework / Daily Grade: This can include homework, class work, group work, and class participation. If you turn in completed
assignments on time, come to class prepared, and are actively involved in what we are doing, you should get 100 for your daily
Quizzes: Generally, quizzes will be based on the previous class or will center on key terms related to the concept we’re covering
we will have videos, reading and listening activities that can be evaluated as a quiz. Occasionally I will give oral quizzes.

Tests / Projects: Tests will be every Friday and projects will be announced in class in advance. If you are absent on the day of a
test, you need to make arrangements with me to make it up as soon as you return. Major projects usually count as a test, and are
expected to be completed on time and turned in on or before the due date. Also students must take a final exam at the end of
the semester.

Grading System (every 6 weeks)

     a.    Tests or major projects……………………………………………...65%
     b.    Daily class work/quizzes……………………………………………20%
     c.    Home work………………………………………………………….15%

        Each student is responsible for his/her learning.

                      Come to all scheduled classes and prepared to learn.
                      Participate in all class activities and remain silent while others participate.
                      Complete all assignments to the best of his/her abilities, and turn them in,
                       on the date indicated by the teacher.
                      Be respectful, patient and tolerant of others.
                      Bring all materials required for this class.
                      Vulgarity, threats and bulling attitudes are unacceptable behaviors in the premises of
                       Ashbrook High School. All incidents will be immediately reported to school officials.

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