Appendix 2 – Useful phrases

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					Appendix 2 – Useful phrases

                                                 US E FUL S E NT E NCE S
Pu t th e w ord s i n th ese sen ten ces i n t h e ri gh t ord er an d p racti se th e m
w i th you r p artn er :
1.    what       word          t h at       m ean          does?
2.    do       h ow      you       it        spell?
3.    how       you       it     pronounce                 do?
4.    t her e    di ff eren c e             is      an y    X      bet ween        Y       and?
5.    you       l ook     c an          a      up     it    in      di ct i onar y?
6.    part what           is      of         X      spee ch        t he    word?
7.    page       on      r ead          t he     headwo rd            se cond       20 .
8.    t hi s    regul a r       is          verb      i rre gul a r       or?
9.    word       on      what            t he       pa ge gui de           is    50?
10. t hi s      m an y      doe s           have       how         wor d        m eani ngs?

Key for the teachers:

     1. What does this word mean?
     2. How do you spell it?
     3. How do you pronounce it?
     4. Is there any difference between X and Y?
     5. Can you look it up in a dictionary?
     6. What part of speech is the word X?
     7. Read the second headword on page 20.
     8. Is this verb regular or irregular?
     9. What is the guide word on page 50?
     10. How many meanings does this word have?

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