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					                                 Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network
Tucson, Arizona                                                    April 2008                                           Vol. 13, No. 2

                                                                                     Treasures for TIHAN
 10,000 Blessings                                                                      a live and silent auction to benefit
 Poz Cafe started with a small lunch for a                                             the programs and services of TIHAN
 handful of people. The program was                                                                             Sponsored by
 designed to increase the nutritional
 support and socialization opportunities
                                                                                     Saturday, May 3
 for people living with HIV, as well as to build bridges with
 congregations and give them an opportunity for AIDS                                 Doubletree Hotel at Reid Park
 education and a hands-on service experience.                                        6:30pm
 Poz Cafe has now grown into the largest regular gathering
 place for people living with HIV in Southern Arizona. Over
                                                                                     Tickets: $65 in advance / $75 at the door
 the years, more than 525 people living with HIV/AIDS
                                                                                     Join Co-Chairs Steve Trujillo and Kris Marsh
 have come to Poz Cafe, known as a safe place to get good
                                                                                     and a host of volunteers and sponsors for
 food, companionship, and a warm embrace from people of faith                        TIHAN’s signature fundraising event!
 who prepare the meals and prepare the room.                                         For more
 On April 17, we will be serving the 10,000th meal at Poz Cafe.                      information, call
                                                                                     299-6647 or
 In honor of these 10,000 blessings that you have helped                             visit
 provide, we are seeking 100 people to offer a gift of $100 (or
 more) in honor of those living with HIV/AIDS who have been
 blessings in your life.                                                             Some of the great
                                                                                     items donated for you to bid on:
 Sponsor Poz Cafe with your gift in honor of someone who has
 blessed your life, and we will be able to continue with 10,000                      Great vacation getaways, including Hawaii
 more blessings at Poz Cafe. Envelopes are included inside.                          (Kauai and Oahu), Mexico (Cabo San Lucas and
                                                                                     Rocky Point), Santa Fe, and Scottsdale

 Poz Cafe’s 10,000th meal is an amazing feat, and we thought you might               Jewelry from Laura Gibson, fashions from
 like to celebrate it, since it might be a while before the 20,000th comes to        Lindi’s Boutique, leather goods from Four Winds
 pass. Some of us have decided to hurry that date along by giving a                  West, rugs from Walter Gaby’s Rug Resource,
 donation centered around the number 10,000.                                         Native American jewelry/art from Grey Dog
 Dividing it by 10, well then, a donation in honor of Poz Cafe would be a            Trading Company and Bahti Indian Arts
 $1,000 gift to TIHAN. That would be a wonderful way to assure that the
                                                                                     Furnishings from Explorations, Southwest
 20,000th Poz Cafe meal can be served!
                                                                                     Interiors, People’s Imports, The Art Company
 Dividing it by 100 would be helpful too. That would be a $100 gift, and
 would go a long way in assuring that the 20,000th Poz Cafe meal comes               Exquisite wine: Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1975
 more quickly. Even 10,000 divided by 1,000 would be a $10 gift ---and
 would help the Poz cause.
                                                                                     Gift certificates for fine dining at Janos/J-Bar,
                                                                                     Pastiche, Vivace, Westin La Paloma, and more
 Poz Cafe has long been a star in TIHAN’s crown---one of its most durable
 and respected community services. It would be lovely if we could assume             Sports - Fiesta Bowl BCS game, Fiesta Bowl
 that the need for Poz Cafe will go away,                                            Basketball Classic (UA/Kansas), golf foursomes
                                               Buddhist Blessing for Food
 but we all know that the needs continues
 into the foreseeable future, and we need to Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space       Original works from renowned artists Louise
 be sure 20,000th meal will be served.        combine to make this food.             Serpa, Maurice Grossman, Jon Lightfoot, Joseph
                                                Numberless beings gave their lives   Birdsong, Barbara Smith Ott, John Martin, Tom
 Help however you can. Celebrate Poz Cafe.       and labors that we may eat.         Philabaum, Eric Galbreath, Tom Kerrigan, Jack
           —Dr. Audrey Holland                  May we be nourished
                                                                                     Eggman, and more
                                                 that we may nourish life.
The Spirit of Giving
Commences Early
                  By Valerie Golembiewski

Tzedakah--the Hebrew term for
                                                                            AIDS Education Is
“charity”—is derived from the Hebrew                                        Still Key to Change
Tzadeh- Dalet Kof, meaning justice or
fairness. Giving is considered not an act                                   The disease that would come to be known as AIDS
of generosity as much as it is an act of justice, and a duty.               was first reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease
                                                                            Control and Prevention in 1981. More than 25
A Tzedakah box may be simple, such as a child’s version in the image        years later, there are more than 40,000 new HIV
of a toy car, or elaborate like a Star of David gemstone box. One
                                                                            infections in the U.S. each year.
special box, however, captured the heart of 9-year old Ian Strauss. It
was a Hanukah gift from his great-grandmother, Bess Falkow, and it          With over 1 million people living with HIV/AIDS in
inspired Ian to start collecting money for a charity. Two years ago, his    the U.S., we do not need to look to Africa for
first attempt benefited Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a project begun by 4-        opportunities to do HIV/AIDS ministry. Education
year old Alexandra Scott to battle pediatric cancer.                        is important to empower our friends and family to
Last year, Ian decided to donate his money ($30.00) to TIHAN, no            live well, whether HIV-positive or HIV-negative.
doubt influenced by the mitzvahs (acts of human kindness) practiced         TIHAN has a wonderful group of volunteer
by his parents, who matched his funds. Alan is with the UA Disability       educators who speak to our faith communities and
Resource Center, while Beth works for TMC Hospice, both professions         at community events to give the facts of HIV and
that deal with helping people. Beth is also on the TIHAN Board of           share their personal stories of being affected by
Directors.                                                                  HIV. Through training and encouragement, TIHAN
                                                                            educators have experiences like the one described
It was painful for Ian to put that first dollar into his Tzedakah box.      below by Valerie Van Brocklin:
After all, to a young boy whose allowance is $3.00 a week, this was a
huge step. Gradually, it became second nature to Ian, who at the time        I recently taught my first HIV 101 session, and it was
of this interview, was suffering from the cold virus that is making the      a great experience. After the TIHAN training
rounds. Still, he managed to be cheerful, and when asked why he              sessions, I felt prepared to deliver the material, but it
made this sacrifice each year, he responded that it made him feel good       was still very comforting to know that I was not out
to know that he was able to help someone. As to who will be the next         there on my own. I had the opportunity to present
recipient of his Tzedakah box offerings, he remarked that he is              with a more experienced partner, and the audience
thinking about that and will make his decision shortly.                      contained some friendly faces and great resources as
                                                                             well. We got to talk about some of the important
Thank you to Ian for his sense of duty at such a young age, and a            aspects of HIV and even had some laughs. I feel very
special thank you to Beth and Alan for instilling a sense of justice into    blessed to have shared some of my knowledge with a
this wise little soul.                                                       great group of new TIHAN volunteers, whom I know
                                                                             will go on to do great things.

                                                                            All faith communities are invited to schedule an
Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities                                              educational program for their members, free of
* Outreach Volunteer       * Hospitality Team Member                        charge. After a presentation for Casas Church
                                                                            women this year, here are some comments:
* CareTeam Member          * Microsoft Access Volunteer
* Orientation Facilitator * Treasures Auction Volunteer                       I learned a lot that I didn't previously know...and
* Raffle Ticket Seller     * Database Entry Volunteer                              now even my husband knows more.
                                                                              You were able to answer even the tough/
* Receptionist             * Human Resource Committee Volunteer                    embarrassing questions.
                                                                              I can't think of anything that would have made it
For more information about these volunteer opportunities, contact                  better.
Kim Talerico, Volunteer Coordinator, at 299-6647 or
                                                                            For this group, the average score on a quiz about
                                                                            HIV facts increased from 53% to 91% after learning
                   Volunteer Impact Reports                                 TIHAN’s curriculum!
You can access a Volunteer Impact Report form online and submit it
                                                                            TIHAN needs your support to continue to provide
to TIHAN. Volunteers are requested to fill out a form monthly.
                                                                            this valuable service to our community. You can
Volunteer Impact Reports heighten our awareness of how much our
                                                                            help schedule a presentation for your faith
volunteers do for us, and give us required statistics for grant
                                                                            community or contribute to training volunteer
applications and tracking. In addition, it gives you an opportunity
                                                                            educators. Contact Ari Kelly, or
to share your ideas with us. Additionally, you will be honored at
                                                                            299-6647 for more information.
our 2009 Annual Meeting. Get your form at

Page 2                                                                                                                    TIHAN
   National Volunteer Appreciation Week Events                   Wishing for You...
Please plan to join us for a special day to kick off National    For some businesses and individuals, it is more
Volunteer Appreciation Week on Saturday, April 26th. This        desirable or easy to donate items rather than cash. And
event will be held at the Pima Air and Space Museum 6000         it is often advantageous for us—you help us keep our
East Valencia Road. Entrance is between 9:00am-11:00am.          expenses low, you save us the time of shopping, and,
Join us as we thank you for everything you do to help make       frankly, we enjoy receiving gifts!
TIHAN’s programs and services possible. Family and friends
are welcomed. An invitation will be emailed with more            We keep a list of specific items we wish to receive as
details! Call TIHAN for your free tickets –299-6647.             gifts in-kind. The list is divided into five sections:

                                                                     Office Equipment
                                                                      (flat-panel computer monitors, for example)
                                                                      (office carpet cleaning, computer consulting, etc.)
                                                                     Office Furnishings
                                                                      (design of—and building or purchase of—storage
                                                                      units; one paper towel roll; and more)
     Encore! Another Chance to See Our                               Currently-Needed Supplies
                                                                      (diverse items like new cutting boards for Poz Cafe
      “2007 in Pictures” Presentation!                                and pastel-colored letter size paper)
If you missed our annual meeting, we will be showing the slide       Supplies Always Needed
show once again at the TIHAN office in celebration of                 (no need to call first as we always need items such
National Volunteer Appreciation Week. On Tuesday,                     as Avery 5160 labels, easel pads, and personal care
April 29th at 5:30 pm, at the TIHAN offices, we will have a           items for Poz MarketPlace care packages)
short ceremony to honor our wonderful volunteers, show the
                                                                 To get your copy of our complete Wish List, call us at
slide show of the people and events of 2007, and present
                                                                 299-6647, or visit our website at and go
certificates to those award nominees who were unable to          to “Donate” then “Gifts In-Kind.” It is always advisable
attend our Annual Meeting. Please mark your calendar and         to call the office to make sure we still need the item you
plan to join us for this special evening.                        want to donate (except for items in the Supplies Always
                                                                 Needed section). For more information, contact our
                                                                 Administrative Assistant, Leslie Johnson, at
                                                        or 299-6647.
Black Church Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS
Under the leadership of co-chairs Dr. Yvette Miller and Rev.
D. Grady Scott, more than 100 people learned of the AIDS                  Calendar of Upcoming Events
epidemic in our African American communities. We thank all
those participating in this community-wide                        April 17          Poz Cafe
event coordinated by TIHAN.                                       April 25-27       Reveille Concert
Seven participating faith communities:                            April 26          Volunteer Appreciation Event
                                                                  April 29          Encore Presentation Of 2007 in Pictures
* Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
                                                                  May 1             Continuing Education: Mental Health and HIV
* Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church
                                                                  May 1-4           “Strength for the Journey” Retreat
* Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church
                                                                  May 3             Treasures for TIHAN Benefit Auction
* Heaven Bound African Methodist Episcopal                        May 8             Volunteer Orientation
* Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church                             May 15            Poz Cafe
* Siloam Freewill Church                                          May 17            Support Training
* New Life Worship Center                                         May 18            AIDS Candlelight Memorial
                                                                  June 5            Continuing Education: New HIV Meds
Contributors: Coalition for African American Health and           June 7            Support Training
Wellness, Delta Sigma Theta Tucson Alumnae, SAAF Points           June 27           National HIV Testing Day
of Health Project, and Kappa Alpha Psi.

In-kind contributors: COPE Community Services, Grace                  Courage doesn't always roar.
Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Rising Star Missionary              Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
Baptist Church, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church,
Coalition for African-American Health and Wellness,
                                                                      at the end of the day saying,
Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, KXCI Community Radio                “I will try again tomorrow.”
91.3 FM, Pima County Health Department, and African                             —Mary Anne Radmacher
American Health Disparities Alliance.

TIHAN                                                                                                                Page 3
                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                              T U CS O N , A Z
             Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network                                             PE R M I T N O . 3 0 6
               1011 North Craycroft Road, #301
                    Tucson, Arizona 85711
                        (520) 299-6647

                   Inside This April 2008 Issue:

              Poz Cafe Provides 10,000 Blessings
                  Treasures for TIHAN—May 3!
                 Calendar of Upcoming Events
              Exciting News and Important Updates
                   Inspiring People Who Care
                  Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities
             National Volunteer Appreciation Week
         Special Insert: 2007 Annual Report

                                                                                              May 3
                                Never Give Up.
                                    Never Forget.
TIHAN is proud to once again co-sponsor the International AIDS
                                                                                              * Tickets on Sale Now

Candlelight Memorial, to be commemorated on Sunday, May 18, 2008 at
Himmel Park. Last year’s memorial drew over 150 people to the family-
friendly event!
The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, a program of the Global
Health Council, is among the world’s oldest movements for HIV/AIDS
remembrance, awareness and community action. Started in 1983, the
historic Candlelight Memorial takes place every third Sunday in May
and is led by some 1,200 volunteer Candlelight Coordinators in 119
countries who host vigils for their communities.
The Candlelight Memorial is also more than just a memorial. It is an
opportunity to educate about AIDS, advocate for policy change, foster
partnerships and community dialogue, and improve skills for community
                                                                                          Be part of the magic
Congratulations to Dave Chandler of the Volunteer Center of Southern        that helps fund TIHAN’s programs
Arizona (a TIHAN volunteer/supporter and former staff member) for
being appointed to the International Advisory Board as a Regional         Donate an Auction Item * Be an Event
Coordinator for North America!                                            Sponsor * Sell Raffle Tickets * Volunteer
Mark your calendar for May 18! If you would like to volunteer with this   for Treasures * Buy raffle Tickets *
worthy effort, contact Ari Kelly, or 299-6647.                     Be at the event on May 3!

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