Yerevan, 15 September 2011

  Dear colleagues,

   The Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University and the Delegation of the International
Committee of the Red Cross in Armenia, announce the Forth International Conference for
Young Researchers "International Humanitarian Law: Problems and Perspectives of
Development", which is organized on 9 - 11 November 2011 in Yerevan, Republic Armenia
with the assistance of the ICRC's IHL Advisory Service and the International and Comparative
Law Center.
   The purpose of the conference is to create a forum for young law professionals to discuss
challenges of modern armed conflicts and other situation of violence in the light of
International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law and International Criminal

  Within this broad issue we suggest the following topics:

          - International human rights law applicable in armed conflict and other
       situations of violence
          - The protection of individuals in armed conflicts, including health care in
       situations of violence
          - Limitation of human rights and fundamental freedoms in armed conflicts
          - Missing persons and the right of the families to know: a holistic humanitarian
       and legal response
          - Limitation of the means and methods of warfare: general principles and
       applicable law
          - Direct participation in hostilities: an updated comprehensive interpretation
          - Serious breaches under international humanitarian law
          - War crimes repression at the domestic level: obligations and implementation
          - International Criminal Justice (International ad hoc Tribunals, International
       Criminal Court, Hybrid Tribunals)

   Applicants are invited to take part in the pre-selection process of the Conference. In order
to apply for participation in the Conference the applicants should prepare a paper on a
narrow topic within the general one announced (suggested topics are mentioned above).
The format and requirements for the paper can be found in Annex 1 to this letter.

   The application file should comprise of a summary of the paper (maximum one page in
typescript), the duly completed application form presented in Annex 2 as well as Applicant's
CV. The application should be sent by e-mail before October 10, 2011 to the Conference
board of IHL experts. The selection will be based on the quality of the summaries of the
papers. The selection results will be announced on October 14, 2011. The official invitation
letter including all logistical and organisational details (welcoming, accommodation etc.) will
be sent to the selected participants.

  The papers will be selected on a competitive basis. The working languages of the
Conference will be Russian and English (with simultaneous translation at all times).

  We hope for the interest of you and your institution to this event and in active
contribution to the dissemination of knowledge of international humanitarian law.

  Please refer any questions you may have to:

  Organising committee:

  Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University           ICRC Delegation in Armenia
  0052, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia               0014, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
  123 Hovsep Emin str.                             73/1 Nairi Zaryan Str.
  Phone: (+37410) 27 20 94                         Phone: (+37410) 297415
  Fax: (+37410) 269701                             Fax: (+37410) 297420
  E-mail:                     Е-mail:

  Sincerely yours,

              Prof. А.R. Darbinyan,                              Mr. Lorenzo Caraffi
         Rector of the Russian-Armenian                     Head of the ICRC Delegation
              (Slavonic) University                          in the Republic Armenia
                                            ANNEX 1

              Requirement to the paper, presented at the Conference

1. Participants of the Conference should present the research paper which would either
   be made specifically for the Conference within the announced topics, or previously
   submitted as a course or seminar paper.

2. All papers should be prepared in Russian or English language in electronic form: font
   type, Times New Roman, font size 12, double space. Length of the paper should not
   exceed 20 pages of typed text. All papers should be submitted in electronic form in
   Microsoft Word 1997 or 2000 format.

3. List of references made on the information sources and literature is obligatory and
   should be attached.

4. The following information should be mentioned at the cover page:

                i.   name of the applicant (in full)
               ii.   topic of the research
              iii.   title and postal address of the university/employer
              iv.    address, phone number and E-mail of the applicant.

5. Paper in full should be presented by the participants to the Organising Committee of
   the Conference upon the arrival to Yerevan.
                                          ANNEX 2

                                PARTICIPANT'S APPLICATION

Name                                            Surname

Citizenship                                     Date of Birth

Phone                                           E-mail address

Name of the university/employer you represent: (please mention the year of study and/or

Have you had studies/attended courses on Public International Law and/or IHL? If yes,
please mention names of courses, place and date:

Have you ever taken part in any events and/or conferences on IHL or Public International
Law, including those organized by the ICRC? If yes, please specify (name, place, and date):

Do you have any publications/ papers on IHL or Public International Law? If yes, please
specify the titles and the publications (including web-sites) where your publications are

Why would you like to participate in the Forth Yerevan International Conference on IHL?
I apply for participation in the 4th International Conference:
    (Attention, please! Marking one of the bars below is mandatory! There is a limited number of
    scholarships available on behalf of the organizer, which will be granted to the participants on a
    competitive basis. If you are on the list of selected participants to whom scholarship has not been
    granted, and, have not marked one of the bars 2, 3, or 4 the organizers will look for another
    suitable candidate who has done so:

        1. Only if all participation costs are reimbursed by the organizers (round-trip
           travel expenses, accommodation and meals)
        2. Will cover both round-trip travel expenses, accommodation and meals
        3. Will cover only round-trip travel expenses
        4. Will cover only accommodation and meals

    Date:                                             Signature:

This application file, containing the applicant's CV must be sent to the e-mail addresses of the
organizers not later that 6 p.m. (local time) October 10, 2011. The Organizing Committee has
the right to check abovementioned information.

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