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9th_UNCSGN-econf-98-5-list documents


									UNITED NATIONS                                         E/CONF.98/INF/5

ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL                            6 September 2007

Ninth United Nations Conference on the
Standardization of Geographical Names
New York, 21 - 30 August 2007

                                 LIST OF DOCUMENTS *

* Prepared by the Secretariat.
List of documents

     Symbol                           Title/Country                   Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/1        Provisional agenda                                3 (b)
E/CONF.98/INF/1    Documentation for the Conference                  3 (a)

E/CONF.98/INF.2    Annotations to the provisional agenda             3 (b)

E/CONF.98/INF/3    Draft organization of work

E/CONF.98/135      Provisional rules of procedure                    3 (a)

E/CONF.98/2 and    Implementation of UN Romanization Systems         16(a)
Add.1              by Donor Nations (Submitted by the Working
                   Group on Romanization Systems)
E/CONF.98/3 and    Donor-recommended exonyms—or a method             10
Add.1              for not treading on your neighbour's toes
                   (Submitted by Israel)
E/CONF.98/4 and    Changes in the Official Romanization System       16(a)
Add.1 and Add.2    for Hebrew (Submitted by Israel)
E/CONF.98/5 and    Transliteration from Hebrew into Arabic           16(b)
Add.1              (Submitted by Israel)
E/CONF.98/6 and    Endonym or exonym: is there a missing term in     15(b)
Add.1              maritime names? (Submitted by Israel)
E/CONF.98/7 and    National report of Israel (Submitted by Israel)   4
E/CONF.98/8 and    Composition of names of inhabited centres in      9
Add.1              Jordan (Submitted by Jordan)
E/CONF.98/9 and    Repeated names of inhabited settlements in        9
Add.1              Jordan (Submitted by Jordan)
E/CONF.98/10 and   Place-naming conventions in the Australian        9(c)
Add.1              Capital Territory and Canberra, the national
                   capital of Australia (Submitted by Australia)
E/CONF.98/11 and   What’s in a Name? Australia’s Geographical        17
Add.1              Names e-learning package
                   (Submitted by Australia)
E/CONF.98/12 and   Standardization of geographical names in the      4
Add.1              Russian Federation between 2003 and 2007
                   (Submitted by the Russian Federation)
E/CONF.98/13 and   State Catalogue of Geographical Names of          12 (d)
Add.1              the Russian Federation
                   (Submitted by the Russian Federation)
E/CONF.98/14 and   Report of the Division of Eastern Europe,         5
Add.1              Northern and Central Asia (activity between
                   2003-2007) (Submitted by the Division of
     Symbol                           Title/Country                   Agenda Item
                   Eastern Europe, Northern and Central Asia)

E/CONF.98/15 and   Information on the Working Group on               6 (d)
Add.1              Geographical Names of the Inter-State Council
                   for Geodesy, Cartography, Cadastre and
                   Remote Control of the Earth established by the
                   States members of the Commonwealth of
                   Independent States (Submitted by the Russian
E/CONF.98/16 and   Rapport d’activités du Groupe de travail sur      6 (d)
Add.1              l’Afrique (Submitted by the task team on
E/CONF.98/17 and   Report of the Netherlands, 2002-2007              4
Add.1              (Submitted by the Netherlands)
E/CONF.98/18 and   User/business requirements of a European          8
Add.1              geographical names infrastructure and service
                   (Submitted by the Netherlands)
E/CONF.98/19 and   Beyond the polygon (Submitted by Australia)       12(f)
E/CONF.98/20 and   Australian Communities Online – using             8
Add.1              Geographic Names as community domain
                   names (Submitted by Australia)
E/CONF.98/21 and   Report for Australia (Submitted by Australia)     4
E/CONF.98/22 and   Storage and depiction of dual names in            9(c)
Add.1              Australasia (Submitted by Australia)
E/CONF.98/23 and   National activities on the standardization of     4
Add.1              Iranian geographical names
                   (Submitted by the Islamic Republic of Iran)
E/CONF.98/24 and   Measures taken to standardize geographical        9
Add.1              names of Mongolia and future objectives
                   (Submitted by Mongolia)
E/CONF.98/25 and   Names for geographical objects in Moldova         9
Add.1/EN; and      (Submitted by Moldova)
E/CONF.98/26       Translating toponymic terminology into Turkish    14
                   (2002-2007): a consistent framework
                   (Submitted by Turkey)
E/CONF.98/27 and   Structure of the Board of Experts for             9 (d)
Add.1              Geographical Names of Turkey (BEGeoN_T)
                   (2002-2007) (Submitted by Turkey)
E/CONF.98/28 and   Work on gazetteers, populated places databases,   12 (f)
Add.1              historical names and map series conducted in
                   Turkey (2002-2007) (Submitted by Turkey)
E/CONF.98/29 and   National report of Turkey (2002-2007)             4
Add.1              (Submitted by Turkey)
     Symbol                           Title/Country                   Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/30 and   Representation of geopolitical disputes in geo-   15
Add.1              names-supported information systems
                   (Submitted by Turkey)
E/CONF.98/31       List of country names and their capitals in the   18
                   Turkish language (2002-2007)
                   (Submitted by Turkey)
E/CONF.98/32       Turkish exonyms (2002-2007)                       10
                   (Submitted by Turkey)
E/CONF.98/33       Twenty-third International Congress of            6 (d)
                   Onomastic Sciences; and proceedings of the
                   twenty-first and twenty-second Congresses
                   (Submitted by Austria)
E/CONF.98/34       The Toponymic Committee of Tyrol (Submitted       9(e)
                   by Austria)
E/CONF.98/35       Book on exonyms                                   10
                   (Submitted by the Working Group on Exonyms)
E/CONF.98/36 and   Criteria for the use of exonyms (Submitted by     10
Add.1              Austria)
E/CONF.98/37 and   Report of Austria (Submitted by Austria)          4
E/CONF.98/38       Conference “GICON 2006: Geoinformation            6 (d)
                   connecting societies” (Submitted by Austria)
E/CONF.98/39       Hydrological Atlas of Austria (Submitted by       9 (b)
E/CONF.98/40 and   Transposition of Austrian maps into the           9 (b)
Add.1              Universal Transverse Mercator system
                   (Submitted by Austria)
E/CONF.98/41 and   Restoration of indigenous toponyms:               8
Add.1              recognition of attachment, identity and
                   dependence (Submitted by Australia)
E/CONF.98/42 and   Report of the Working Group on the Promotion      7
Add.1; and Add.2   of Indigenous and Minority Group Names of the
                   United Nations Group of Experts on
                   Geographical Names (Submitted by the
                   Working Group on the Promotion of Indigenous
                   and Minority Group Names)
E/CONF.98/43 and   National report of Italy (Submitted by Italy)     4
E/CONF.98/44       Report of the Romano-Hellenic Division            5
                   (Submitted by the Romano-Hellenic Division)
E/CONF.98/45       Standardization of Geographical Names in          4
                   Japan (Submitted by Japan)
E/CONF.98/46       Automated data-processing systems of              12 (d)
                   geographical names in Japan
     Symbol                          Title/Country                    Agenda Item
                   (Submitted by Japan)

E/CONF.98/47 and   Toponymic guidelines for map editors and other    9 (e)
Add.1              editors, Japan (third edition, 2007)
                   (Submitted by Japan)
E/CONF.98/48 and   Report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain     4
Add.1              and Northern Ireland (Submitted by the United
                   Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
E/CONF.98/49 and   Geographical names in Saudi Arabia: field         9 (a)
Add.1              names collection procedure (Submitted by
                   Saudi Arabia)
E/CONF.98/50 and   A New Geographic Board Act for New Zealand        9 (d)
Add.1              (Submitted by New Zealand)
E/CONF.98/51 and   Regulations of the Democratic People's            9
Add.1              Republic of Korea on Geographical Names
                   (Submitted by the Democratic People’s
                   Republic of Korea)
E/CONF.98/52 and   Report on the progress of consultations on the    15 (b)
Add.1              inscription of “Sea of Japan” (Submitted by the
                   Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
E/CONF.98/53 and   On correcting the inscription of “Sea of Japan”   15 (b)
Add.1              (Submitted by the Democratic People’s
                   Republic of Korea)
E/CONF.98/54 and   Investigation and registration of geographical    12
Add.1              names and the toponymic database in the
                   Democratic People's Republic of Korea
                   (Submitted by the Democratic People’s
                   Republic of Korea)
E/CONF.98/55 and   Addresses and place names in Sweden               9 (b)
Add.1              (Submitted by Sweden)
E/CONF.98/56 and   Report of Sweden (Submitted by Sweden)            4
E/CONF.98/57       Toponymic Guidelines for Cartography:             9 (e)
                   Sweden (Submitted by Sweden)
E/CONF.98/58       Place names and the Heritage Conservation Act     9 (b)
                   (Submitted by Sweden)
E/CONF.98/59 and   Recopilación preliminar de la normativa legal     9(d)
Add.1              vigente para la asignación y uso de nombres
                   geográficos en Chile (Submitted by Chile)
E/CONF.98/60 and   Compendio de Toponimia Limítrofe Nacional –       15(a)
Add.1              Primera Parte (Submitted by Chile)
E/CONF.98/61 and   Lineamientos generales de toponimia para          9(e)
Add.1              editores de mapas y otras publicaciones de
                   Chile (Submitted by Chile)
E/CONF.98/62 and   Report of the China Division (Submitted by the    5
Add.1              China Division)
     Symbol                           Title/Country                      Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/63 and   The introduction of the master plan for the          8
Add.1              Project of Protecting China's Geographical
                   Names Cultural Heritage (Submitted by China)
E/CONF.98/64 and   Chinese standard for data classification and data    12(b)
Add.1              sheet structure in the geographical names
                   database (Submitted by China)
E/CONF.98/65 and   Toponymic websites in China (Submitted by            13
Add.1              China)
E/CONF.98/66 and   Kaurna place names website (Submitted by             13
Add.1              Australia)
E/CONF.98/67 and   National Report of Indonesia (Submitted by           4
Add.1              Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/68       Report of the Asia South-East, and Pacific           5
                   South-West Division (Submitted by the Asia
                   South-East, and Pacific South-West Division)
E/CONF.98/69 and   Office Treatment of Names of Islands in              9(b)
Add.1              Indonesia (Submitted by Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/70 and   Presidential Regulation No. 112/2006                 9(d)
Add.1              concerning the National Team for
                   Standardization of Geographical Names in
                   Indonesia (Submitted by Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/71 and   Common use of generic terms and their                14
Add.1              abbreviations in topographic maps (Submitted
                   by Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/72       Toponymic training course sponsored by United        17(b)
                   Nations Group of Experts on Geographical
                   Names in Batu, Malang, East Java, 11-23
                   September 2005 (Submitted by Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/73 and   Country names in Indonesian language                 18
Add.1              (Submitted by Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/74 and   The development of a toponymic geo-database          12(d)
Add.1              in the context of preparing the national gazetteer
                   (Submitted by Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/75 and   Report of the Norden Division (Denmark,              5
Add.1              Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)
                   (Submitted by the Norden Division)
E/CONF.98/76 and   Toponymic guidelines for international use by        9(e)
Add.1              map and other editors (Submitted by Denmark)
E/CONF.98/77 and   L’application aux toponymes de la convention         9 (d)
Add.1              du 17 octobre 2003 pour la sauvegarde du
                   patrimoine culturel immatériel
                   (Submitted by France)
E/CONF.98/78 and   Grammaire de toponymie (Submitted by                 9(e)
Add.1              France)
     Symbol                          Title/Country                    Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/79 and   Actions taken on resolutions adopted by the       7
Add.1              Eighth United Nations Conference on the
                   Standardization of Geographical Names
                   (Submitted by the Chair of the United Nations
                   Group of Experts on Geographical Names and
                   the Secretariat of United Nations Group of
                   Experts on Geographical Names)
E/CONF.98/80 and   Resolutions adopted at the eight United Nations   7
Add.1/ EN and      Conferences on the Standardization of
Add.1/FR           Geographical Names (Submitted by the Bureau
                   of United Nations Group of Experts on
                   Geographical Names)
E/CONF.98/81       The manual and latest enhancements to the         12(e)
                   South African Geographical Names System
                   (SAGNS) (Submitted by South Africa)
E/CONF.98/82       Social cohesion and economic benefits of          8
                   standardizing geographical names (Submitted
                   by South Africa)
E/CONF.98/83       Louis Trichardt/Makhado Town "name change"        9(c)
                   (Submitted by South Africa)
E/CONF.98/84       Nationwide Hearings (Submitted by South           9(d)
E/CONF.98/85       Renaming of Johannesburg International            9(c)
                   Airport as O.R. Tambo International Airport
                   (Submitted by South Africa)
E/CONF.98/86       Pretoria/Tshwane city name change (Submitted      9(c)
                   by South Africa)
E/CONF.98/87       Falling into Place - The Story of Modern South    12(g)
                   African Place Names (Submitted by South
E/CONF.98/88 and   Report of Hungary (Submitted by Hungary)          4
E/CONF.98/89 and   List of country names (Submitted by Working       18
Add.1              Group on Country Names)
E/CONF.98/90 and   Report of Lithuania (Submitted by Lithuania)      4
E/CONF.98/91 and   Report of Germany (Submitted by Germany)          4
E/CONF.98/92 and   Status report on the Project EuroGeoNames         12(e)
Add.1              (EGN): developing a European geographical
                   names infrastructure & services (Submitted by
E/CONF.98/93       A new geographical names database of              12(f)
                   Germany (GN-DE) (Submitted by Germany)
     Symbol                          Title/Country                    Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/94 and   Report of the United States-Canada Division,      5
Add.1              2002-2007 (Submitted by the United Nations
                   Group of Experts on Geographical Names,
                   United States and Canada Division)
E/CONF.98/95 and   Report of Croatia (Submitted by Croatia)          4
E/CONF.98/96 and   Equipo Multidisciplinar Implementa Amplio         4
Add.1              Programa de Nombres Geográficos en Brasil
                   (Submitted by Brazil)
E/CONF.98/97 and   Impact of toponymy training courses in Brazil     17(b)
Add.1              2007 (Submitted by Brazil)
E/CONF.98/98 and   Toponymy in languages of native peoples in        9
Add.1              Brazil (Submitted by Brazil)
E/CONF.98/99 and   Conferences in Brazil and Portugal agree on the   6(c)
Add.1              need to create the Portuguese language division
                   in the United Nations Group of Experts on
                   Geographical Names (Submitted by Brazil)
E/CONF.98/100      Banco de nombres geográficos del Brasil -         12
and Add.1          propuesta de modelo para Latinoamerica
                   (Submitted by Brazil)
E/CONF.98/101      Country Report: Canada (Submitted by Canada)      4
and Add.1/EN and
E/CONF.98/102      Commemorative naming of geographical              7
and Add.1/EN and   features in Canada (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/103      Administrative structure of the National Names    9(d)
and Add.1/EN and   Authority of Canada (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/104      Le site de la Commission de toponymie du          13
and Add.1/EN and   Québec, Canada (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/105      Traitement des noms géographiques dans les        9(b)
                   services compétents au Québec (Canada)
                   (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/106      The geographical names website of Canada          13
and Add.1/EN and   (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/107      Toponymic Cooperation: Canada and Brazil          17 (f)
and Add.1/EN and   (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/108      Le traitement des noms au Québec                  9 (b)
and Add.1/EN and   (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/109      Canadian geographical names service in 2007       12(d)
     Symbol                          Title/Country                     Agenda Item
and Add.1/EN and   (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/110      Pronunciation on geographical names websites       13
and Add.1/EN and   in Canada (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/111      Cooperation with Public Information Media in       17(h)
and Add.1/EN and   Canada (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/112      Field collection of names in Canada during the     9(a)
and Add.1/EN and   period 2002-2007 (Submitted by Canada)
E/CONF.98/113      Proposed national standard for the United States   12(c)
and Add.1          of America for identifying attributes of named
                   physical and cultural geographic features
                   (Submitted by the United States of America)
E/CONF.98/114      L’activité de la Division francophone              5
                   (Submitted by the French-speaking Division)
E/CONF.98/115      Romanisation (Submitted by France)                 16 (a)
and Add.1
E/CONF.98/116      Liste des noms de pays (Submitted by France)       18
and Add.1
E/CONF.98/117      Cours de toponymie (Submitted by France)           17
and Add.1
E/CONF.98/118      Report of Jamaica (Submitted by Jamaica)           4
and Add.1
E/CONF.98/119      Information concerning work in the field of        4
and Add.1          standardization of geographical names in
                   Belarus (Submitted by Belarus)
E/CONF.98/120      Information concerning the publication of the      12(f)
and Add.1          normative reference work entitled "The names
                   of the settlements of the Republic of Belarus"
                   (Submitted by Belarus)
E/CONF.98/121      Geographic names information system of the         12(d)
and Add.1          United States of America (Submitted by the
                   United States of America)
E/CONF.98/122      Measures taken in Finland to implement United      7
and Add.1          Nations resolution VIII/2 on commemorative
                   naming practices for geographical features
                   (Submitted by Finland)
E/CONF.98/123      Recommendation on the changes of                   9
and Add.1          municipality names in Finland (Submitted by
E/CONF.98/124      Toponymic guidelines for international use by      9(e)
and Add.1          map and other editors (Submitted by Norway)
     Symbol                       Title/Country                     Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/125   Updating of toponymic guidelines for map           9(e)
and Add.1       editors and other editors (Submitted by Finland)
E/CONF.98/126   Estonian names in the Finnish language             10
                (Submitted by Finland)
E/CONF.98/127   World place names: exonyms and endonyms in         10
and Add.1       Finnish publications (Submitted by Finland)
E/CONF.98/128   Report on geographical designations in the         4
                Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Submitted by Libyan
                Arab Jamahiriya)
E/CONF.98/129   Report of Africa South Division for the Ninth      5
and Add.1       United Nations Conference on the
                Standardization of Geographical Names
                (Submitted by the South Africa Division)
E/CONF.98/130   Report of the Baltic division of the United        5
and Add.1       Nations Group of Experts on Geographical
                Names (Submitted by the Baltic Division)
E/CONF.98/131   Renewed public map service of the National         13
                Land Survey of Finland (Submitted by Finland)
E/CONF.98/132   Report of Finland (Submitted by Finland)           4
and Add.1
E/CONF.98/133   Geographic Names Register of Finland               12
and Add.1       (Submitted by Finland)
E/CONF.98/134   Report of Latvia (Submitted by Latvia)             4
and Add.1
        Symbol                           Title/Country                Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/CRP.1        Report of Estonia (Submitted by Estonia)      4
E/CONF.98/CRP.2        Toponymic Guidelines for Map and Other        9 (e)
                       Editors - Estonia (3rd Edition, June 2007)
                       (Submitted by Estonia)
E/CONF.98/CRP.3        Report of the Working Group on                16 (a)
                       Romanization Systems: Activities from
                       August 2002 to June 2007 (Submitted by
                       the UNGEGN Working Group on
                       Romanization Systems)
E/CONF.98/CRP.4        Some Changes in Geographical Names in         9
                       Hungary Affecting Populated Places
                       between 2002 to 2006 (Submitted by
E/CONF.98/CRP.5        Toponymic Website in Hungary (Submitted       13
                       by Hungary)
E/CONF.98/CRP.6/EN     Rapport sur la contribution de l'Institut     4
and CRP.6/FR           géographique national de Belgique (I.G.N.-
                       B.) à la normalisation des noms
                       géographiques (Submitted by Belgium)
E/CONF.98/CRP.7        Council of Geographic Names Authorities       6 (c)
                       (Submitted by the United States of America)
E/CONF.98/CRP.8        Report of the United States of America        4
                       (Submitted by the United States of America)
E/CONF.98/CRP.9        Pan American Institute of Geography &         17 (b)
                       History (PAIGH) Report (Submitted by the
                       Pan American Institute of Geography &
E/CONF.98/CRP.10 and   Informe de España (Submitted by Spain)        4
CRP.10/EN (Summary
E/CONF.98/CRP.11 and   Lista de nombres en español de ciudades       10
CRP.11/EN (Summary     europeas con más de 100.000 habitantes
only)                  (Submitted by Spain)
E/CONF.98/CRP.12 and   El modelo de nomenclátor de España como       12 (e)
CRP.12/EN (Summary     instrumento de intercambio de datos
only)                  toponímicos (Submitted by Spain)
E/CONF.98/CRP.13 and   Nomenclátores nacionales de España            12 (f)
CRP.13/EN (Summary     (Submitted by Spain)
E/CONF.98/CRP.14 and   Sitios en la web sobre toponimia de España    13
CRP.14/EN (Summary     (Submitted by Spain)
E/CONF.98/CRP.15 and   Lista de nombres en Español de países y sus   18
CRP.15/EN (Summary     capitales (Submitted by Spain)
       Symbol                           Title/Country                Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/CRP.16      Norwegian Support to Croatia - Establishing   17 (e)
                      the Croatian Geographical Names Database
                      (CGND) (Submitted by Norway)

E/CONF.98/CRP.17      Report of New Zealand (Submitted by New       4
E/CONF.98/CRP.18/EN   Geographic Place Names of the State of        12 (f)
and CRP.18/AR         Qatar (Submitted by Qatar)

E/CONF.98/CRP.19      United Nations Group of Experts on            6(a)
                      Geographical Names (UNGEGN) 2002-
                      2007: Meetings and Work (Submitted by
E/CONF.98/CRP.20      Report of the Dutch and German Speaking       5
                      Division (DGSD) (Submitted by DGSD)
E/CONF.98/CRP.21      National System of Geographic Names           16 (a)
                      Transmission into Roman Alphabet in
                      Belarus (Submitted by Belarus)
E/CONF.98/CRP.22      Collecting Names of Islands (Submitted by     9 (a)
E/CONF.98/CRP.23      The Structure of National Team for            9 (d)
                      Standardization of Topographical Names
                      (Submitted by Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/CRP.24/EN   Report of Ukraine (Submitted by Ukraine)      4
and CRP.24/RUS
E/CONF.98/CRP.25/EN   Report of the African Organization of         17 (b)
and CRP.25/AR         Cartography and Remote Sensing (AOCRS)
                      (Submitted by AOCRS)
E/CONF.98/CRP.26      Principles, Policies and Procedures for       9 (e)
                      Standardization of Geographical Names
                      (Submitted by Indonesia)
E/CONF.98/CRP.27      Geographical Names Situation Report - Sri     4
                      Lanka (Submitted by Sri Lanka)
E/CONF.98/CRP.28      Brunei Darussalam Country Report              4
                      (Submitted by Brunei Darussalam)
E/CONF.98/CRP.29/EN   Standard Arabic System for Transliteration    16 (a)
and CRP.29/AR         of Geographical Names (Submitted by the
                      Third Arab conference on Geographical
E/CONF.98/CRP.30      Countries of the World - National Names       7
                      Authorities (Submitted by UNGEGN Chair)
E/CONF.98/CRP.31      Lebanon Report on the Progress in the         4
                      Standardization of Lebanese Names
                      (Submitted by Lebanon)
       Symbol                           Title/Country                Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/CRP.32      Working Paper on Exonyms (Submitted by        10
E/CONF.98/CRP.33      Working Paper on Romanization Font            16 (a)
                      (Submitted by Lebanon)
E/CONF.98/CRP.34      Working Paper on Training (Submitted by       17 (b)
E/CONF.98/CRP.35      Report of Denmark (Submitted by Denmark)      4
E/CONF.98/CRP.36      Noms géographiques des zones d’Haïti          9
                      (Submitted by Haiti)
E/CONF.98/CRP.37/EN   Report of Arabic Division (Submitted by       5
and CRP.37/AR         the Arabic Division)
E/CONF.98/CRP.38      Proposed Modifications to the Glossary of     14
                      Terms for the Standardization of
                      Geographical Names (Submitted by
E/CONF.98/CRP.39/EN   Arabic Phonetic Alphabet (Submitted by        16 (a)
and CRP.39/AR         Lebanon)
E/CONF.98/CRP.40      Proposal of Abbreviations for Some Generic    16 (a)
                      Terms (Submitted by Lebanon)
E/CONF.98/CRP.41      Report on the Work on the Standardization     4
                      of Geographic Names in the Republic of
                      Korea between 2002 and 2006 (Submitted
                      by the Republic of Korea)
E/CONF.98/CRP.42      International Seminar on the Naming of        6 (d)
                      Seas, 2002 - 2007 (Submitted by the
                      Republic of Korea)
E/CONF.98/CRP.43      Romanization of Korean Geographical           16 (a)
                      Names: Current Practices and the Way
                      Forward (Submitted by the Republic of
E/CONF.98/CRP.44      Report of the East Asia Division (Submitted   5
                      by the East Asia Division)
E/CONF.98/CRP.45      The Geonames Database (Submitted by the       12
                      Czech Republic)
E/CONF.98/CRP.46      List of Czech Exonyms (Submitted by the       10
                      Czech Republic)
E/CONF.98/CRP.47      Toponymic Guidelines of the Czech             9 (e)
                      Republic (Submitted by the Czech Republic)
E/CONF.98/CRP.48      Some Suggestions for Change for Future        7
                      Conferences and UNGEGN Sessions
                      (Submitted by the UNGEGN Chair)
E/CONF.98/CRP.49      Islands Naming in Indonesia (Submitted by     8
       Symbol                        Title/Country                 Agenda Item

E/CONF.98/CRP.50   Report of Ireland 2002-2007 (Submitted by      4
E/CONF.98/CRP.51   Geographical Names on Topographic Map          12 (d)
                   (Submitted by Lebanon)
E/CONF.98/CRP.52   Brief Notes on the Normalization of the        9 (a)
                   Sardinian Language (Italy) (Submitted by
E/CONF.98/CRP.53   Report of the International Hydrographic       17 (g)
                   Organization (IHO) (Submitted by the
                   International Hydrographic Organization)
E/CONF.98/CRP.54   Difficulties in Standardization and            9
                   Cataloguing Geographical Names of
                   Uzbekistan (Submitted by Uzbekistan)
E/CONF.98/CRP.55   Country Names (Submitted by the Czech          18
E/CONF.98/CRP.56   Report of the Czech Republic (Submitted by     4
                   the Czech Republic)
E/CONF.98/CRP.57   IDEMEX y los Nombres Geográficos               12
                   (Submitted by Mexico)
E/CONF.98/CRP.58   Portal de Internet de la División de América   13
                   Latina (Submitted by Mexico)
E/CONF.98/CRP.59   Sistema de Consulta del Registro de            12
                   Nombres Geográficos de México
                   (Submitted by Mexico)
E/CONF.98/CRP.60   Report of the Working Group on Toponymic       12
                   Data Files and Gazetteers for the Period
                   2002-2007 (Submitted by the Working
E/CONF.98/CRP.61   New Marine Geographical Names in the           4
                   Republic of Korea (Submitted by the
                   Republic of Korea)
E/CONF.98/CRP.62   Development of the Geographical Names          12 (g)
                   Information System (Submitted by the
                   Republic of Korea)
E/CONF.98/CRP.63   Country Report of Vietnam: Activities on       4
                   Standardization of Geographical Names
                   (Submitted by Vietnam)
E/CONF.98/CRP.64   Report of the UNGEGN East Central and          5
                   South East Europe Division (Submitted by
                   the Czech Republic)
E/CONF.98/CRP.65   Rapport du Burkina Faso (Submitted by          4
                   Burkina Faso)
E/CONF.98/CRP.66   Preparation of the Asia South East Pacific     7
                   South West Regional Gazetteer and Map
         Symbol                            Title/Country                  Agenda Item
                         (Submitted by Australia and New Zealand)
                         Arab Official Country Names (Submitted by
E/CONF.98/CRP.67                                                         18
                         Activities Relating to the Working Group on
                         Toponymic Terminology: List of Proposed
E/CONF.98/CRP.68                                                         14
                         New Terms (Submitted by the Convenor of
                         the Working Group
                         A Concise Thematic Synthesis of the
                         Information Contained in the Country
E/CONF.98/CRP.69                                                         4
                         Reports Submitted to the Ninth Conference
                         (Submitted on behalf of UNGEGN)
                         Trabajos realizados en Cuba para la
                         preparación de documentos de datos
E/CONF.98/CRP.70                                                         4
                         toponímicos y nomenclatores
                         (Submitted by Cuba)
                         Writing systems: Romanization (Submitted
E/CONF.98/CRP.71                                                         16 (a)
                         by Bulgaria)
                         Standardization of the Geographical Names
E/CONF.98/CRP.72         in the Republic of Bulgaria during the Period   4
                         2003-2007 (Submitted by Bulgaria)
                         Report on the Situation in Pakistan on
E/CONF.98/CRP.73         Standardization of Geographical Names           4
                         (Submitted by Pakistan)
                         Toponymic Guidelines for Map and Other
(For information only,                                                   9 (e)
                         Editors – Croatia (Submitted by Croatia)
not for reference)
                         Report Concerning the Progress Made in
E/CONF.98/CRP.75/EN      Romania in the Field of Standardization of
and CRP.75/FR            Geographic Names between 2002-2007
                         (Submitted by Romania)
                         Administrative Status Changes in Romania
E/CONF.98/CRP.76                                                         12
                         (2002-2007) (Submitted by Romania)
                         A Tunisian Toponymic Database as a Subset
E/CONF.98/CRP.77         of the Topographic Database (Submitted by       12 (d)
                         Thailand Report on Geographical Names for
E/CONF.98/CRP.78         the Period 2006-2007 (Submitted by              4
                         Rapport National Sur La Toponymie
E/CONF.98/CRP.79                                                         4
                         (Submitted by Morocco)
                         Focus Lights on Geographical Names
E/CONF.98/CRP.80                                                         4
                         Council (Submitted by Sudan)
                         Report on the Progress in Consultations on
                         the Naming of the Sea Area between the
E/CONF.98/CRP.81                                                         15 (b)
                         Korean Peninsula and the Japanese
                         Archipelago (Submitted by the Republic of
       Symbol                           Title/Country                  Agenda Item
                      Report of the East Mediterranean Division
E/CONF.98/CRP.82      (other than Arabic) (Submitted by the           5
                      UNGEGN East Mediterranean Division)
                      Informe de la División de América Latina
E/CONF.98/CRP.83                                                      5
                      (Submitted by the Latin America Division)
                      Geographical Names in Various Languages
E/CONF.98/CRP.84                                                      12 (g)
                      (Submitted by Norway)
                      Report on the Progress in Standardization of
                      Geographical Names and the Challenges that      4
and CRP.85/AR
                      Face It in This Context (Submitted by Syria)
                      Situaciόn de la normalizaciόn de nombres
E/CONF.98/CRP.86      geográficos en Uruguay                          4
                      (Submitted by Uruguay)
                      Integrating Geographic Names Data into A
E/CONF.98/CRP.87                                                      12 (e)
                      GIS (Submitted by Australia)
                      Japan's Position of the Name "Sea of Japan"
E/CONF.98/CRP.88      in Relation to Papers Prepared for 15 (b) of    15 (b)
                      the Agenda (Submitted by Japan)
                      A concise overview and synthesis of the
                      information contained in the Division reports
E/CONF.98/CRP.89                                                      5
                      submitted to the Ninth Conference
                      (Submitted on behalf of UNGEGN)
                      Report on the Work for Unifying the
                      "Romanization of Geographical Names of
E/CONF.98/CRP.90                                                      16 (a)
                      Korea" (Submitted by the Democratic
                      People's Republic of Korea)
                      Reports received after agenda item 4 was
                      Report of Cameroon
E/CONF.98/CRP.91                                                      4
                      (Submitted by Cameroon)
                      Rapport de la République de Guinée
E/CONF.98/CRP.92                                                      4
                      (Submitted by Guinea)

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