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					                   The invitation to take part in the international symposium

   “Conference on wetlands and flyways in the Barents Euro-Arctic region
                   and the Green Belt of Fennoscandia”
                  13-15 September 2011, Meridian Hotel, Murmansk, Russia

Welcome to Murmansk
We are delighted to wish you welcome to the international event “Conference on wetlands and
flyways in the Barents Euro-Arctic region and the Green Belt of Fennoscandia”. The main
organizers are the State Nature Reserve Pasvik (Pasvik Zapovednik) in cooperation with
Ministry of Nature Resources and ecology of Russian Federation, Norwegian Directorate for
Nature Management, Finnish Environment Institute, Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services and
with sponsor MMC Kola GMK.

The conference will be arranged at Meridian Hotel in Murmansk city, in the northern part of
Murmansk region, Russia during 13-15th of September 2011 (for information on the venue see
the website,

The excursion will be arranged in Pasvik Zapovednik territory, Pechenga Municipality,
Murmansk region close to Russian-Norwegian state border 16th of September 2011.

The Conference will focus on wetlands and implementation of the Ramsar convention within the
geographical scope of the Barents-Euro-Arctic region (BEAR) and the Green Belt of
Fennoscandia (GBF). The conference is expected to increase the awareness on the importance of
wetlands and the Ramsar convention in all the involved countries in the Barents region, and
improve the implementation of the convention in these countries.

This international event coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the Ramsar convention and the
20th Anniversary of Pasvik Zapovednik and will be an arena for creating attention around the

The conference will also contribute to strengthening of the regional Ramsar network within the
BEAR and GBF cooperation and the NorBalWet initiative.

Who will attend?
The conference main target groups are people working with wetland management, including
federal and regional management authorities, national Ramsar authorities, researchers and
wetland site managers. The conference will also be of interest to wetlands information centres
staff, as well as members of nongovernmental organizations. The media are welcome too.

The conference language will be English. The translation from Russian to English will be

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Programme Committee
Natalia Polikarpova, Pasvik zapovednik (lead)
Tapio Lindholm, SYKE (co-lead)
Paul Aspholm, Bioforsk, Svanhovd, Norway
Yrjö Norokorpi, Metsähallitus, Finland
Jan-Petter Huberth-Hansen and Maja Stade Aarønæs, Directorate for Nature Management,

The program will include six sessions:
   1. Ecosystem services from wetlands
   2. Sustainable tourism/recreation and wetland conservation
   3. Protection and management of wetlands in Barents-Euro-Arctic region
   4. Implementation of the Ramsar convention CEPA program (Communication, Education,
       Participation and Awareness) in BEAR
   5. Biodiversity studies in wetlands. Status and challenges.
   6. Climate change and wetlands in the BEAR

Submissions of abstracts, posters, articles
The language of the presentations, abstracts, posters and proceedings is English.

The text of abstracts and posters are requested before 30th of June 2011 and will be available at
the conference as special printed volume. The articles will be published after the conference in a
proceedings volume.

The number of oral presentations will be limited. The programme committee will make a
selection for oral presentations and posters if necessary. Those who have already registered
are asked to send the titles of presentations before the 30th of May 2011. Please remember
the oral presentation you are to make cannot exceed 15 min. All technical facilities you may
need for your presentation are available.

The maximum length of an abstract is 200 words and the language is English. The form for
abstract is attached to this invitation. In the posters and presentations we recommend using the
short texts in large fonts and with many illustrations (maps, photos, graphics etc.). The maximum
width of the posters is 1000 mm and maximum height 1200 mm.

Articles for short papers (maximum 5 pages including figures) must be submitted after
conference latest on 15th October 2011 by e-mail to The
proceedings of the conference will be published as a special issue and will be sent to all authors
by original post. Instructions for articles will be given later.

The Varlam Island is open-air museum in Pasvik Zapovednik territory. It is located close to
Pasvik Naturreservat (Norway) and Russian-Norwegian state border. The distance of the trip
includes the bus travel from Murmansk to the southern part of Pasvik Zapovednik and a 2 km
walk by foot on nature trail in the reserve. You will need field clothes and suitable shoes. The
meal will provide during bus trip and also the lunch will organized on Varlam Island.

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Visa and other legal permissions
Please note that to visit Russia people from other countries need a visa. For participation in
conference you need visa. If you have business or humanitarian visa, please, send us the copy. If
you haven`t visa to Russia, you need humanitarian visa (not tourism visa!). The Russian
humanitarian visa should be arranged in advance, please, send us the scan copy of your passport
(pdf-file) to After that we will send you and the nearest
Consulate / Embassy the invitation for visa. You will not pay for this kind of visa, only for the
medicine insurance policy.
If you want to participate in excursion to Pasvik Zapovednik, please, remember that border
permission for visit state border zone in Russia will prepare until 2 months only if you have
Russian visa. If you have not visa, you need to prepare it first, and after that we will prepare
border permission for you. Thus send us all need docs before 30th of May 2011 and we will
have enough time.

Accommodation booking
Please send the booking form to the e-mail address as soon as
possible, no later than 30th of May, 2011(see attachment).

Arrival and departure

Murmansk railway station
If you plan to come by train from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk to Murmansk, please
note that Meridian Hotel is located very close to the railway station, approximately 5 minutes by
foot (see the map

Trains to Murmansk
d=1&refererPageId=704&refererLayerId=4065) – this link is only in Russian

016A – 01:00-12:07 (via S.Pb)
382A – 21:20-11:24

381A – 18:48-11:10
015A – 19:35-07:28 (via S.Pb)

016A – 08:59-12:07 (from Moscow)
022Ч – 17:20-20:54

Murmansk- Saint-Petersburg
021Ч – 09:20-12:11
015A – 19:35-22:21 (to Moscow)

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Murmansk Airport
If you come by air to Murmansk, tell us the date and time of your arrival and departure, so we
can reserve the taxi for you. Airport Murmashi is situated in 30-40 minutes from hotel.

The schedules of the flights Moscow-Murmansk you may look on,,

Fights Saint-Petersburg-Murmansk:,

Flights Helsinki-Murmansk, Tromso-Murmansk:

Flights Oslo-Saint-Petersburg, Oslo-Kirkenes (via Tromso):,
Oslo – Kirkenes 09:15– 11:30
Kirkenes – Oslo 12:00-14:15

Flights from Finland:
Helsinki-Ivalo 11:15-12:50 AY465
Ivalo-Helsinki 19:30-21:00 AY472

Flights from Germany:, (

Please, check carefully the schedule before travel because the flights can be changed!

Address of Meridian Congress Hotel is 183038, Murmansk, Vorovskogo street, 5/23.
Tel.: +7 (8152) 288800, 288-683,

The organizers will take care of hotel booking. The prices are to be paid directly to the hotel
at departure. To reserve accommodation, please fill in the form Accommodation booking
(attachment) and send it by e-mail to Natalia Polikarpova to
(further information from her also by phone +7 921 288 78 00) latest on 30th of May, 2011.

Looking forward to meet you in Murmansk,

Programme committee

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