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					                                       English 9
                               Course Outline 2009-2010
                                Leo Hayes High School
                                       Mr. True

The goal in English 9 is to improve and advance each student’s current ability level
in the following curricular areas:


Course Outline:
   Every English class will begin with one of the following: 15 minute silent
      reading (M, W, and F) and 10 minute journal writing (T and Th). Students are
      required to read age/level appropriate novels and literature. Students are to supply
      their own books. This effort demonstrates a student’s initiative and his/her interest
      in literature.
   Novel Study: during the year students will complete both an individual and class
      based novel study.
   Short Stories will be explored throughout the year. The text used is Crossroads 9,
      although other sources may be introduced.
   Poetry will be introduced throughout the year with a comprehensive poetry unit
      introduced in semester II.
   Traits of Good Writing will be taught, reviewed, and emphasized throughout the
      year. The mechanics of good writing is a primary focus in order to prepare for the
      English Language Assessment.
   Essay Writing will be a focus both semesters. Students will be following the
      Write Traits program based on the six traits of writing: ideas, organization,
      conventions, word choice, sentence fluency, and voice.
   A student-directed research project will be done during both semesters. Students
      will be following the Project-Based Learning model.
   Other areas of focus will include: informal/formal speaking, group work,
      debating, introduction to media and visual text, resume writing, class discussions,
      presentations, researching, and the use of technology.

Course Evaluation:
Pass mark is 60% for the year.
Each semester is worth 50 % of the final mark.
June exam is worth 15 % of the final mark.
There is no exam exemption for students in English 9.
There is no exam semester I. Students write the English Language Proficiency
Assessment (ELPA).
Final exam is written at the end of semester II and is worth 15% of the final mark.

English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA):
All grade nine students will be taking these provincial tests during semester I exam week.
The assessment will evaluate students reading comprehension and writing skills obtained
throughout K-9. Graduation from high school is dependant on successful completion of
the ELPA. Students will have the opportunity to attempt the test in subsequent years if
they are unsuccessful in grade 9. Preparation and review for the ELPA takes place in
semester I.

Important note: technological devices are not permitted for use during the ELPA, all
written assignments will be completed without the use of technology.

More information about the ELPA will be sent home for students and parents from the
Department of Education during semester I.

English Department Fees:
All students are required to pay a $2 English Department fee to help offset the cost of
supplies used throughout the year. Fee is due ASAP.

Student responsibilities:
    Come to class on time and be prepared.
    Respect others, yourself and teachers.
    Effort…do the best you can!
    When you miss class you are responsible to find out what you missed and get
      caught up.
    Follow all rule and policies as outlined in your agenda. Inappropriate
      behavior/language will not be tolerated in class.

I have a Wiki that will be used to communicate on a regular basis. The Wiki will include
homework, assignments, upcoming events, and other relevant information that students
and parents will need to know throughout the year.

Course Materials:
Students need to have the following materials and to bring them to class daily:
    One binder containing an adequate supply of loose-leaf.
    Pens, pencils, eraser, highlighters, and white-out.
    One duotang containing an adequate supply of loose-leaf for journal writing.
    Coloured pencils and other common art supplies are necessary for different
       projects during the school year.
    Homework will not always be assigned on a daily basis but when it is I expect it
       to be finished. All assignments are to be handed in on time, the late policy applies
       to all projects. (see attachment). Students should always make the best use of the
       time provided in class to in order to avoid completion of assignments at home.
    Food and drink is not permitted in class, with the exception of water. If a student
       has a health related condition that requires nutritional consideration, please let me
    Please inform me if any students have health related conditions that I should be
       aware of.
    Students are expected to bring necessary learning materials to class on a daily
       basis. This will also ensure that daily classmarks are not lost for a student who is
       unprepared. There is not a supply of materials available for students who do not
       have their own. The student is must be responsible for his/her learning
       opportunities and success in English 9!

Have a great year and welcome to High School 

Mr. True

Only return the signed portion of the course outline. Students please review the course
outline with your parents and have them sign along with your signature.

English 9
Course Outline

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