employee_satisfaction_survey2009_AppD by nuhman10


									    Appendix D

Employees Comments

     106.What do you find most satisfying at AUB
 1   Teaching + developing student faculties, making a difference for my country,research environment in my case is food
 2   Working in my University
 3   The possibility of communication between departments and schools,the unique atmosphere on campus,unique in lebanon!
 4   Academic feedom
 5   The students
 6   Being able to do research in a pleasant environment
 7   Being able to teach to interested students
 8   Educational wise
 9   12 hours working shift
10   Up to date teaching and sessions,Magnet hospital
11   Its values,mission,vision,mutual respect among employees.
12   The big AUB community
13   The motivation of students
14   AUB's mission and prestige,nice place
15   Benefits HIP,HIP retiring plan,continuing education for staff,tuition coverage for staffs' children
16   Teamwork
17   Teamwork
18   The impowerment provided to us with ability to correctly use our judgement and critical thinking
19   Working with interesting and knowledgeable colleagues,creat students,being able to contribute to AUB and to the next generation.
20   Atmosphere for research and education,support like ACC,CNS,OGC
21   Quality of care to the patients
22   Fair
23   The experience that u get
24   The prestige of the institution and the mixture of students (religious,political,economics)
25   The most satisfying is the general conditions and climate at AUB
26   Relatively better working conditions
27   Working with children who have cancer
28   Recognition by the innediate supervisor
29   Educational benefit
30   Dealing with patients,I do not feel that working at AUB adds to my satisfaction
31   Nothing
32   I am proud that I am working at AUBMC
34   Educational benefits
35   I am proud to work in a great educational inst.(self satisfaction)
36   Educational benefit of children,the campus, quality of the students,encouragement to do research,professional attitude of management team,
37   AUB mission,the history of the university and contribution to middle east.
38   At AUB I feel motivated to do my work and to accomplish the challenging assignments given to me.Moreover I enjoy working with great team
     who become as family.
39   Team work and coordination

40   Health insurance policy
41   The opportunity to contribute to young peoples education at a prestigious university.
42   The working condition equipments,monitors,quality of care ,continuing education.
43   Continuing of education
44   Orientation,residency period,Team work.
45   Benefits
46   The campus and the academic environments
47   Prestigious institution, benefits, continuing education
48   I love the campus,the people, the trees,the cats and the birds.
49   Coordination and teamwork with my dept.and how my manager is helpful and friendly and how she is encouraging us.
50   Personnel development
51   Administration work
52   Work enviroments
53   I am proud happy to work at AUB
54   The cooperative ambiance,the challenges
55   All my right are preserved,punctuallity,secure paid salaries
56   ????
57   I am proud,benefits coordination
58   Feeling safe because my rights are fulffilled with the help of my direction.
59   The most satisfying at AUB is the work atmosphere and the security feeling.
60   Social enviroment commitment to quality support services
61   Training and development
62   The stability in the works
63   The culture and environment in a general sense
64   Challenging Intellectual work
65   The benefits and general work environment
66   Team work respect
67   The salaries is good between all hospitals but not outside lebanon hospital
68   Education
69   Work environment
70   AUB belevies and encourage the freedom of thought and expression
71   Health insurance
72   Team work and discipline
73   The existance of carrer advancement chances
74   General climate,support services such as ACC,continuing education CTC
75   Security
76   Secure job Adequate pay
77   The academic environment and the overall campus
78   Multidisciplinary relationship
79   It is a nice place and good invironment to work in AUB has it is name worldwide.
80   I think working at the university sports department is the best and I am very satisfied

 81   The working environment,meeting people of a certain calibre
 82   Children education allowence and beauty of our campus
 83   Nothing
 84   AUB reputation,benefit
 85   The opportunity to contribute our education either in AUB or in the continuing education center at a considerabily fair prices.
 86   My manager is supporting and helpful,the technical experience that I am getting is good is good but it can be improved further.
 87   Its history cross cultural relations the campus the actual teaching.
 88   Job benefits
 89   Working with the student opportunities to serve the community.
 90   Job security
 91   Future
 92   The fact that I am associated to aub as an institution is enough
 93   Give people something to be passionate about!
 94   Good work environment and colleague
 95   University education payment for staff childreen
 96   The university payment,social status
 97   Nice ambiance fulfilling job apportunity for training
 98   Professional work
 99   Having the opportuiny of growing with our effort
100   Professional development opportunities,challenging environment
101   The most satisfying I am an employee in AUB
102   AUB provides social and financial security to its employees.
103   The satff education
104   Teamwork,responsibility,recognition,incentives
105   Reputation social activities,professionalism
106   Stability of work at a safe institution with good reputation ,benefits of education at university for children.
107   The academic environment and the overall campus
108   Working with the atmost fair director dr.Rami mahfouz
109   Competency with other institutions in the country.
110   Job security,regular payment dates,children education system
111   Medical benefits
112   Being in a clear and pleasant environment,the air is smoke free,our department director fair and considerate,coworkers are helpful and nice
113   Social status,experience
114   Good students
115   Experience
116   Stability at work,AUB university payment for childreen ,good reputation
117   Security and reputation
118   Chance to meet very nice persons
119   I am proud that I am working at AUB because if I compare it with other institution in lebanon I found that AUB is the best so the most
      satisfying is the free education and AUB for the kids of the employees.
120   The campus

121   Better them many other institutions so far
122   Working at aub is educational
123   First of all I am too satisfying to do my work efficiently because of my boss who always gives me support in all my problems.
124   Punctuality of salary payment.
125   Best work at AUB and AUH but management are not equal.
126   Good work environment ,continuing education benefits,nurse dorms,hostler,patient safety environment.
127   Location,holidays ,multicultural friends.
128   The name of AUB
129   My supervisor is friendly and helpful.
130   Professional development
131   The reputation of AUB in lebanon and the region
132   Professional development.
133   Benefits and environment
134   Being in the best academic environment available in the region.
135   Good training in some specialities
136   Clean and healthy environment,the people that I work with,faculty student.
137   Provost office Maral
138   The campus
139   Policies
140   Being in lebanon
141   Job security
142   Working at a well reputable organization
143   The environment campus and all the benefits that you gain all throughyour working years.
144   Benefits
145   Stability
146   Environment and working conditions.
147   It is an institution that potentially allow self fulfillment and satisfaction.
148   We all share our work problem and family problem.
149   Need 4 work only at this stage.
150   Great boss
151   Proud to be an employee at AUB,great opportunity for kids to learn at aub
152   Benefit
153   Team work spirit
154   The quality of faculty students.
155   Interacting with students.
156   Presence of job descreption.
157   The environment work the AUB community professionalism within the commity .
158   The implementation of the American system at work.I like how things are managed although nothing is perfect.
      Working in collaboration with certain colleagues,Student feedback re courses ,dealing with enthusiastic students,support given by ACC and
159   CNS.
160   I like my job os a professor I enjoy teaching and doing research the contact with the students is on enriching one I love being part of AUB.
161   Challenging development opportuinit friendly relations.
162   Jafet library service to provide new articles and books
163   Teaching and conducting research,interactions with students are valuable.
164   Good students
165   AUB is a nice place to work and there is job security and school benefit you also make good friends.
166   Working for my boss who is very understanding and flexible yet expect performance to higest quality standards.
167   Its educational climate and graduated work,work schedule is good as well,easy access to resources/materials,update.
168   AUB is the only green sport in the area.
169   The security feeling that AUB provides to the employee is the important factor that gives you satisfaction about working here,
      The communication the easy accessability to different manager in different department when needed provides you with the comfort
       that does not exist in other institution it feels like family.
170   Friendly colleagues as well as as the campus.
171   The opportunity for learning.
172   Some excellent health care professional reputation
173   The benefits that a staff gets in addition to the general working conditions and the campus life,respect from colleagues and faculty members.
174   It gives me high respect and honour to work at AUB,I feel veery proud to be long to this institution that is very well organized and has very
      high standards at all levels and in many aspects.
175   Very high standard and outstanding institution,good reputation,good medical treatment.
176   Because it has higher standards medical field in lebanon and the region.
177   Campus beauty,job security,updated technology and education,fame,diversity,heritage.
178   AUB campus pay for performance intentive to learn and grow.
179   The satisfying in working at AUB is the job security and the quality of work done.
180   AUB is a nice place It is clean and to some extent organized the AUB campus is very beautiful workers and employees are very polite
      aub offers it employees good benefits.
181   The relaxing view at the campus.
182   Degree of overall job security ,cooperation between co workers, the moral of the people with whom I work,the policies and procedures
183   The benefits that aub provide as health care and academic help and ethical dealings.
184   Quiet and nice view one may find and enjoy walking along the green places on the campus

     107.What do you find least satisfying at AUB
 1   The disrespect that the administration forwards the AUB faculty
 2   Disconnect being in New York
 3   The Appreciation of my Hard work,The very low financial conpensation relative to my work and responsibilities
 4   Right now the closure of the cafeteria!
 5   Job in security,lack of continuity in policies and procedures,an unccountable board of trustees,contracting HIP benefits and continuous rise in premium
 6   Communication between departments
 7   The salary and management attitudes toward staff
 8   HIP short term contract
 9   There is too much teaching,office sharing not good on many levels for an academic air of complacency
10   Lack of team spirit
11   Way of communication
12   No adequate promotions according to individuals competencies,Employements at AUBMC critical care areas face more stressful work than
     regular work than regular floors and paid the same.
13   Excessive policies.
14   Low salary for high load and shift work
15   The teaching load is high
     Yearly contract,no promotion and benefit of RA,unfair for the work done.very low salary of RA compared to instructors of the same education level
16   (MS),
     no parking allowance even for Ras who are serving in this university since 2000, did not gety any increase in salary of RA in 2008 compared to other
     employees at AUB,unhealthy working conditions by by inhaling naphthaline +formaline (toxic substances)
17   You don't often find the right person in the right position,it is not easy to transfer to another department
18   Personally I am not improving and have learned nothing neither from my supervisor nor colleagues since and started to work here
19   Management communication ,medical student lack of knowledge of policies,steril techniques salary and opportunities for promotion.
20   Manager is not available and doesn't communicate with us ,unsatisfying salary
21   Management and physician (students)unawarness of policies and procedures and indifference towards quality measure and infection control rspecialy
22   dress code,management doesn't take action towards any complaint regarding quality and doesn't listen to anyone bad communication.
23   Work load is very high and upper management is not doing anything about it
24   Lack of good leadership or good management,lack of clarity of goals say onething do another,lack of transparency,pay is pathetic,playing of favorites.
25   Bureaucracy sometimes,salary increase ,retirement plan
26   Understanding and overload working is being so stressful
27   Salary
28   Financial rewards
29   The mystery behind promotion and end of contracts
30   Retirement benefits
31   Pay
32   Overload,doing the job of doctor's,very low salaries,not enough vacation timing compared to big multinational companies that AUB considers
33    itself to be one of them,again very low salaries,giving false promises like gething more staff and increasing salaries.
34   Salary is the main reason of resignation of RNS,cafeteria (AUH)food quality is low and expensive ,the relation between the medical team
     and the nursing team is always stressed
35   Team work,8 hours shifts
36   Respect,appreciation as a person
37   Work load,pressure,low wages,miserable annual salary ,poor moral climate.
38   Nothing just to say that I have a very good manager.
39   Absence of career ladder
40   Promotion
41   Poor management
42   The tasks that I am doing are way beyond my job description and I think I deserve a better title that fits the work that I am doing in the lab
43   Improvement and development position at work promotion
44   Salary +Salary+Salary
45   Salary extremly low
46   HIP programs , infirmary and ER hassle whenever needed
47   3 years contract,appreciation of quality of research rather than quantity.
     As nurse what most bothers me is that there;s no fixed schedule or program.Also there's no Meal ticket for practical nurse while there's for staff nurse
48   RN.
49   Benefits and salary, HIP
50   No NSSF for academic personnel,unsecure job due to renewal of contract on yearly' basis
51   Poor equipments and not being listened to.
52   Salary,food,HIP deduction.
53   Basic salary for experienced nurses
54   Pay grading system
55   Traffic and proximity from home
56   Pay,benefits
57   Many stairs
58   Salary
59   No comment
60   Too much policies
61   Salary
62   Salaries
63   HIP
64   HIP policies
65   HIP discremination
66   HIP unfair
67   My salary
68   The least satisfying at AUB is the salary paid towards my degree and work experience.
69   Salary
70   Benefits package
71   The upgrade in some department not related to any rules on any qualifications.
72   Lack of genuine cooperation
73   Salaries are not reflecting of talent,knowledge,skills.
74   Promotion HIP
75   We don't get extra money for being in critical care setting as all hospitals in lebanon give.
76   High load of work
77    Communication between department everything takes time to be done slow system
78    Purchasing &HR-MC departments
79    No recognition of work and performance,Low salary
80    None
81    Salary,Opportunities for promotion (lack of)
82    Bureaucracy ,Appreciation of good work (lack of)
83    None
84    HIP
85    Pay and benefits
86    Exposure
87    Salary,benefit,motivatic,advancement career shift,management.
88    The salaries are very low for an excellent institution like AUB
89    Salary,benefits package,upraisal policy and rewards
90    Promotion are not fair on compared to job done and salary adjustments depends on subjective issues and not objectives
91    The sense of provilage of being at this istitution the great campus the presence of interesting people events etc.
92    Benefits and rewards are not fair enough
93    Salary,cafeteria prices,overloaded
94    Work environment,overloaded work etc.
      There is no clear explanation of the grading system at AUB, performance appraisal should be based on performance only.It should not be time
 95   restricted.
 96   The salary the space problem
 97   Salary and annual increase are most disatisfying factors
 98   Low salary:(
 99   Few opportunities for advancement but I am more encouraged now because my boss believes in internal promotions.
100   Unfairness among employees grades and salaries
101   Secure
102   Transportation within aub is not facilitated and not to the needs of the instructors especially since some of us have better issues,but aub does not care
103   AUB was and still building a positive organizational culture in the MEA
104   Benefits salaries retirement plans
105   Pay grades
106   Salaries ,no rewards
107   Salary benefits
108   Lack of promotion opportunity for instructors lack of computers and printers in our department
109   Working hours benefits
110   Bureaucracy
111   Lack of opportuinity for promotion,Salary and rewards
112   The Benefit and rewards
113   Being a new employee I have not found yet unsatisfaction issues
114   Unsatisfied employees
115   Salaries,promotions,rewards.
116   Salary raise do not consider cost of living .
117   Working with an unfair supervisor
118   Salary,promotion
119   Low wages,rotation duties
120   Salary
121   Basic salary is low compared to outside AUB,basic salary is not adequate for the job and tasks we do,advancement promotion and raise
      minimal and not linked to productivity which lowers motivation.
122   Benefits and rewards
123   Stressful environment,no respect and appreciation whatever you do.
124   Salary time long week hours
125   Salaries,benefits,rewards.
126   Promotions and salaries
127   Work environment no chance to receive training and development.
128   The freedom some managers are given without accountability.
129   Nothing
130   The promotion criteria
131   No engouragement bad salaries disrespect unqualified supervisors and uneducated.
132   Last satisfying at aub is that especially new employees are poorly paid.
133   dealing with HIP employee in ER (FM)
134   Work is very hard every employee work equal to ten employees that is not fair
135   Long working hours 8-5pm especially for married women and men,low pay,no mean for promotion especially above grade 12,no financial rewards.
136   Cleanliness and almost all houskeeping staff are incompetant,Doctor's monthly rotations (residents,interns& Med 4)that breaks the continuing
      of care,quality of food in the cafeteria.
137   Low salaries
138   The benefits and salary at AUB
139   HIP office
140   No retirement plan
141   The outside enviroment of AUBMC I hear many comments concerning these issues ‫الشحاذين وبائعي الكعكو اللوتو‬
142   No retirement plan
143   Promotion and pay and distance from home
144   The salary not the benefits
145   no fellowship contacts for residents,MOH beds for needed patients
146   Unfair pay A big variation exists in the salaries among employees with in the same category and with similar qualifications,Unfair for the experience
       employee who is being paid less than a new comer.
147   Addmissions rarely reply one the phone ,HR AUB rearely reply one the emails,Janitors are careless,Security no qualified ,CVSP chair is unrespectful
148   I feel over worked and unappreciated and it was not until recently that I began to feel noticed and appreciated (i.e. through my new manager)
149   Salaries
150   Salary
151   All the rest
152   Shortage of staff according to members and acuity of patients.
153   Need to improve team work
154   Stressful work environment,Salary of night shift pharmacist are same as evening shift.
155   The salary

156   Job improvement
157   Nothing is being done to keep aub as the leader
158   Low wages and department preferences
159   Lack of communication
160   Unfairness and wasta
161   Salary,coordination between AUUB department
162   Retirement program does not exist
163   Working hours specially for staff who live very far away:)
164   Miscommunication among faculty members
165   Management ,the administrators non AUB
166   The deeply rooted attitude that employees are never up to the expectations and the frequently flawed system practice of evaluation
167   Pay in the least satisfying aspect.The salaries should be adjusted ,In addition medical and dentel coverage should be improved.
168   The lack of resources in the english department.my computer is very old and slow and there are too few printers for all of us.
169   Unequality in the opportunities provided for employees including the presentation of departmental work participating in meeting and attendance
      of training programs outside aub.
170   Religious disparities:discussions that lack respect for my religion unavailability of a place for prayers.
171   Lack of respect for my personal space.
172   Benefits and retirement plan
173   Lack of equipment,computers,projectors in fisk classes lack of technical support if a problem is encountered in class with pcs or projectors.
174   My computer,I have been asking for a PC for over a year hahaha
175   Research facilities in the department,Bureaucracy,in purchasing and in decision making at dept and faculty ,top-down leadersgip in the faculty
176   The daily pressure on junior faculty which include not only excelling in teaching and research but also dealing with a negative environment that
       revolves around competition and lack of cooperation from other faculty members.
177   Too heavy a teaching load to be able to efficiently conduct research and benefit fromm all available training and development opportunities.
178   Lack of professionalism and in some cases ethical behavior,especially among colleagues.lack of resources and lab space,lack of quietness
      and presence of smoking areas outside offices and classes.
179   There no development for staff and you feel that we are losing our degrees,No well organized training and staff promotions
      the salaries are very low and no bonus on good work and project achivement.
180   My job requires team work but I keep find myself working alone without any support of my colleagues or from the management
181   The campus is beautiful the academic environment is civilized and stimulating the general atmosphere is to levant diverse and civilized.
182   Communication and planning .
183   Annual merit increase is low,uncooperative environment,position requirement are not always fulfilled,political environment is increasing.
184   Too much paper work and bureaucracy.
185   The inequity in the salaries
186   Increase salaries
187   It is sad to see that a person is assigned to his position just to the fact of his connections and not of his qualufucations.It is sad to see
       that sometimes we as management positions are not trusted in the type of work that we do.Evaluation should be based on the quality
      of work should be taken into consideration in the end we try to add value to the work that we do .
188   Salary increase
189   Salaries adjustment is highly needed,creating a promotion ladder and a system that will aid employees and managers in deciding the best
      promotion for each employee,better office equipments to aid in increasing job effectiveness.

190   Research assistant need to have a clear definition of their status.,research assistants need to have more benefits,There is no representative
       committee for research assistant in order to organize their needs and requests.
191   More attention for cleanliness ,old equipment.
192   The least satisfying at AUB is the salaries because since 1996 salaries are not following the increase in high cost of living since that data
      till now and always aub was a pioneer in corrections of salaries before 1996.
193   Team work in the same department and between department
194   Presence of wrong persons in the wrong places,unjust promotion(social network over quality and experience),mechanism of service excellence
      award ,Inappropriate monitoring and inspection(i.e among heads and subordinates),noise pollution.
195   Talthough AUB offers it employees good benefits the employee salaries are very low how are we to live with such salaries aub is a nice place working
       conditions are good but most of the time if not all of the time we are repeating the same thing over and over again we are bored we are handly doing
      anything we have nothing interesting to do
196   Increase salaries.
197   Salary are not fair
198   Recognition and informal praise received for good work,AUB performance appraisal system,Training and development system,Job promotion system.
199   The housing dept.is corrupt,the salaries and benefits are the lowest in the region for eng teacher,instructors are treated as second class at best.
200   The payement is not well given with the reputation that AUB provides.
201   Increase salary
202   Benefits and rewards compared to tasks and working conditions.

     108.What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee
 1   Respect its own faculty
 2   Opportunity to visit AUB in Beirut
 3   Provide me with a professional promotion system,Provide me with a realistic salary that is parallel with my work and responsibilities.
 4   Spread AUB's environmental consciousness outside the campus walls into the neighboorshoods!
 5   Long-term employment schemes
 6   Enhance level of coordination between departments
 7   Raise faculty salaries considerably
 8   Less teaching hours,more support for research a better tension plan and a more adequate salary.
 9   Reduce teaching to make this more effective and enhance research priorities
10   Make sure that if new staff are employed there is some pre-planning of this reorganise some departments,the academic calendar,the structure of
     degrees in part.
11   Give opportionity for all employees to continue their education (masters) with all facilities to finish it
12   Increase critical care areas payment benefits
13   Relate more money reinnboursement to salaries to personnal effect,it is not fair for a basic salary 500000L.L between in old employee(10 years)
      and newly one or between hard worker and meet standard one.
14   Increase salary
15   Decrease teaching load and put more emphasis on research.
16   More appreciation of our efforts and services at AUB
17   My proposition wont be taken into consideration so prefer not to comment,thank you for this survey hope you will be able to enhance the satisfaction
      of the employees.
18   Treat everyone fairly
19   Frequent intensive and strict audit sounds
20   Reduce work load
21   Better leadership,more transparency,clarity of objectives.
22   Reduce bureaucracy specially for inputs used in research .improve salary retirement plan.
23   Full staffing and raise in salary on yearly basis
24   Many things but you don't listen to employee
25   Appreciate the hard work by promotion and salary
26   Be more aware of policies regarding the judgement of our work.
27   More benefits that related to retirements,more benefits that related to yearly appraisal.
28   Pay me more based on qualifications,performance,quality of work.
29   Get more staff,Increase the salaries considerably,Instruct doctors about their job descriptions.
30   Walk the talk
31   Increase salaries will solve a lot of problems for the institution and for the employee.
32   12 hrs shift and team work
33   I don't think it can do anything
34   Increase salary,decrease work load per person
35   Implement a career ladder,increase salaries for those who work under the magnet umbrella
36   Better pay,better management,more respect
37   Promote me to a better position hence increasing my salary

38   To specify a specific target for every individual for promotion that is equally distributed for all employees,to reconsider the qualification
     of people each in his work position.
39   Adjust my salary and grade
40   Better salaries
41   To have a fixed program and meal ticket overall we are family.
42   Give us more security as academic employees.
43   To increase the benefits
44   Increase Salary,improve food,decrease deduction.
45   Increase rewards,Increase salary.
46   Trust team work training and development.
47   Create a performance development system that does not depend only on the boss perception.
48   Promotion at work,respect for seniority,better benefits
49   Improve salaries,Improve benefits.
50   Career advancement
51   To help and give more benefits and rewards for old staff.
52   Better salaries,HIP program
53   Improve salaries and upgrad the staff those who deserve.
54   Treat any body equally.
55   Increase salary ,decrease hospital bill
56   To improve my salary.
57   AUB could adjust my salary to enhance my satisfaction as an employee.
58   Take into consideration the qualification for the staff.
59   Empowered would help me move my professional life and productivity to new heights.
60   Retirenment plans for non-academic staff
61   Truly bring it to the level of a based top echelon organization
62   I think AUB is a great place as compared to other institutions.
63   Higher level of ownership and transparency
64   Promotion and fairness in pay
65   Keep on take in consideration inflation rates
66   Increase my salary
67   My only comment is that this questionnaire is too long to be done by RNs especially at AUBMC
68   Bring a good managements that values employees and treat them equaly
69   Identify skills and rotate them
70   To make me feel that I am at home
71   Only the raise of salaries
72   I think AUB is doing their best to keep us satisfied
73   It is not permitted anymore that the most presitigious university of the reagon pays its employees this lowothers are willing to pay
     us triple what we get here for our experience so it is about time that AUB values it has.
74   There should be an office reviews all salaries increase and promotions in all departments and faculties.
75   Take care of elaborate the relation emotionally of financially between AUB of the employee ,I hope someday this evaluation can change something
     funding funding ,funding.

 76   Empower directors to decide on the upgrades and rewards.
 77   Many things increase benefits,work condition employee continuing education etc.
 78   More traininf on various new technologies,more involvement in design decisions.
 79   Pay more give clearer retirement benefits.
 80   Salary increase
 81   Increase the salary please
 82   Managers and supervisors should be more objective with the performance appraisal of staff and to recognize and reward the truly efficient & creative staff.
 83   Give me opportunity for development and advancement
 84   major reform at all levels
 85   !!!
 86   We need more and more causes for traininf and development to keep updated
 87   Raise my pay,offer tempting seminars and workshop not during exam time or the lat day of the semester
 88   Should pay well and provide generous benefits also should be fairness and objective towards the job promotions.
 89   Increase salaries
 90   Improve salary scale work on retirement and merit plans.
 91   Training foe employees and chances for promotion.
 92   Offering more benefits ,meal ticket,bonus,free parking,increase salaries,full coverage for school,better HIP statues
 93   Intoduce some sort of promotion scheme for instructors e.g instructor and senior instructor this would be very encouraging.
 94   By staff education and staff development
 95   Development opportunities for employees who are competent reward quality employees
 96   Ensure promotions,improve salaries,give more independence in decisions making
 97   Improve salaries
 98   To be satisfied with my work is stimulating an increase of salary and cost of living thank you
 99   N/A
100   Salary increase
101   Need training in my field salary increase
102   Show change,share positive experience,meet with all levels employees,spare time for socializing,questionnaire:add scale on top of each
      page delete boxes where there is no question it is a good way to collect data include more department to rate.
103   Similar to most universities in the USA AUB could start working on providing a flexible working schedule that I believe would enhance
      productivity and increase motivation.
104   Increase in salaries,accomodation for parking(free or cheap prizes for employees),meal tickets in hospital ( as service employee),
      increase in benefit for schools (children)decrease the price of HIP for the whole family
105   Appreciate more initiatives and creativity we at the laboratory dept.are small working for the whole aub community the effort is done by teamwork
      and credits is given to the head only,thanks god that I am working with the utmost fair person in the whole community as Dr.Rami mahfouz.
106   Upgrading system ,more financial benefits,rewards.
107   Increase salaries to suit the living ,standards in lebanon
108   More training session,and more benefits and bonuses.
109   AUB should consider a policy for working mothers to work based on a flexible schedule less working hours.
110   More benefits HIP,parking,meal tickets,bonus
111   Increase salaries and give 4% annually,allow promotions
112   Increase salary family plan

113   Increase salary
114   Giving more benefits:meal tickets,free parking,increase salaries,full coverage for school of children not only for above grades,day care for baybies.
115   More benefits and more apportunities to staff and employees especially regarding development and training and increasing the rate of the
      night shifts(currently 5000L.L)
116   Offer me a chance to continue my education and to increase my salary.
117   Focus on quality management involve the employees in decision making evaluate individual managers and their performance HR should
      not blindly trust every manager they should be assessed objectively to ensure that they are applying the policies and procedures.
118   I am very satisfied and I am not saying that for saying but it is the true.
119   Reform the promotion criteria ,reform the pay structure ,decrease the course load and increase funding for research.
120   In addition to salaries which tend to null,compared with the very difficult economical circumstances we need to trust aub that’s what
      making me and most of my workmates looking for a safer job.
121   Give employees their rights according to their job descriptions.
122   More cooperative
123   I hope a better days for AUB and AUH thanks from all my heart
124   Flexible working hours,finiancial rewards.
125   Provide neat and clean environment specifically at the hospital level,provide a variety of fruits and food at the hospital cafeteria.
126   Study the results of this survey.
127   Increase benefits and salaries of research assistants,Allow room for advancement.
128   Treat me fairly.
129   Increase the salary,add the nursing supplements to the basic salary.
130   Salaries,retirement plan.
131   Promotions and timing hours and career development and coming or skills development.
132   MOH bed,fellowship contacts
133   Matching reward with qualification responsibility,performance and experience.
134   Better salary,Less HIP fees.
135   Adjustment faculty salaries and plan merit,increase that at least meet the yearly inflation,reinstate tenure for faculty members.
136   Be fair with all the employees and treat them equally and according to their religious.
137   Improve salaries
138   More recognition (both financial and praise)
139   AUB must evaluate the employee according to his level of education and experience people with university degree should be recognized
      and have adjustment in salaries and grades .
140   Clarifying my job description,encourage me to stay and not to use me a cheap labor,appreciate emergency medicine as a profession
       and not an axillary service.
141   I need better salary more motivation better benefits promotion plan.
142   Faculty need to be involved in education development.
143   Increase salary and motivate employee more often maybe by a good salary increase ,Involving them in decision making often.
144   Progress and change
145   We should have a voice
146   Raise our wages to match our tru work load
147   Increase wages
148   Non discriminatory treatment,create opportunity for advancement in the job.

149   Increase our salaries
150   Listen to them to their problems and appreciate their loyalty before loosing them.
151   Bonuses,training,improve processes
152   Fairness in payments,Reduce working hours for specific academic department.
153   Improve the ways and degree of communication among faculty members.
154   AUB need to return to become an academic institution where academics make the decisions and not administrators.
155   Salaries increase
156   Treat employees with decency and show them little respect.
157   AUB need to set a lower cap or the composition courses 25 is too many, aub should pay full time English instructors 20% more than it does.
158   Increase salaries, provide an adequate place for prayers, provide an adequate place for prayers, provide equal opportunities for countinuous education
      and training in diverse topics for all employees.make use of the results of the employees satisfaction survey to increse employees satisfaction.
159   Conduct studies on the high cost of living and raise salaries accordingly,implement stategies to entrace student learning by providing the tools
      facilities required,look into the promotion criteria for instructors.
160   Provide opportunities for development and promotion to us as Instructors(instroctors don't get promoted which after a while I'm sure is
      frustrating and de-motivating.
161   Get me a computer for God's sake I turn it ON go to teach come back at it is still loading
162   Reduce the teaching load to 2 courses for the sake of promoting high quality research and in the interest of the students.
163   Give staff their right payyears of service irrespective of any promotion ,you are demoralizing us.
164   There should be more concern about staff problems and more staff development and training especially for it people since the world is moving
      at a fast pace and we are being left behind salaries need to be revised since they are below the market scale .
165   Enhance the training and development program to meet the needs of all the employees.
166   Better overall pay more and better qualified administrative support and better university wide communication inter faculty collaboration.
167   More training that is practical not theoretical (HR workshop),more respect the individual employee and more consideration of his needs.
168   Reduce paper work and enhance more human relation.
169   Transparency a good environment to work safety in AUB cases first.
170   Better pay, better management, more respect, encourage doctors to respect nurses more.
171   Hire qualified people, have trust or take our opinion into consideration
172   Increase in salaries
173   To enhance the employee's situation, updated medical equipment.
174   Increase salaries and improve performance to perfections in all medical and ethical fields of patients and employees services.
175   Reforming training and reward system ,salary increase
176   I would like to have a voice as an employee I am sure we are all working to enable aub grow it's just that any complaint needs to be taken
177   Seriously not put it ion the drawers sadly this is happening frequently.
178   Pay me fairly
179   What about a salary increase a window in my office?
180   So far my experience has been very good
181   Increase salaries allow instructors to be part of FA do something to encourage us to stay.
182   Enhance and encourage the involvement of the employees and especially faculty in the management and decision making at all levels.
      Less powers to board of trustees and administration and more to faculty and employees. AUB should recognize that students and faculty
      are the main reason for its existence and should make them at the care of its system and objectives.


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