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August 10, 2007

To:           Terry Zoller
              Project Manager

From:         Rick Dalton
              Environmental Coordinator

Subject:      I-35W Bridge No. 9340 Debris Removal – Project Memorandum not required for this project
              Removal of collapsed I-35W Bridge #9340 over the Mississippi River
              Categorical Exclusion Determination
              Timesheet Job # TERBRIDG

Project Description
On August 1, 2007, the I-35W Bridge #9340 over the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis collapsed. It is
necessary to remove the collapsed bridge debris as soon as possible so that local roads, railroad tracks, and the river
channel that passed under the I-35W Bridge #9340 can be reopened. It is also necessary to remove the bridge debris
so that a new I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River can be built.
Federal emergency relief funds will be available for the bridge debris removal.
A plan for removal of the bridge debris is being organized by the Mn/DOT, the National Transportation Safety
Board, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The Section 7 consultation under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 concluded that the proposed debris removal
will have no effect on federally-listed species or listed critical habitat (letter attached).
The Section 106 consultation under the National Historic Preservation Act resulted in a determination of “no
adverse effect” on historic properties by Mn/DOT’s Cultural Resources Unit (CRU) on August 8, 2007. The
Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office (MnSHPO) concurred in this determination on August 9, 2007 (letters
attached) with the following three conditions:
      1.   During debris removal activities, adequate measures will be taken to protect the three adjacent historic
           properties – the Tenth Avenue Bridge (Cedar Avenue Bridge), the Lower St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam,
           and the railroad retaining wall on the north side of the river. We encourage the incorporation of specific
           protection measures in construction stipulations, as appropriate. If any modifications, repair, or other work
         at these properties is needed as part of the debris removal process, the CRI will consult further with the
    2.   With regard to the temporary storage site for the bridge debris materials, if either the TCAAP site or the
         eastern riverbank site is selected, the CRU will assess the specific storage location at the site and any
         required associated activity (such as access roads), and will consult with MnSHPO to determine the need
         for additional survey work.
    3.   If a final debris site is selected, or other modifications to the scope of the project are necessary, the CRU
         will consult with the MnSHPO to determine the need for additional survey work.
Why a Project Memorandum is not needed
The I-35W Bridge No. 9340 debris removal project meets the criteria for a categorical exclusion under under 23
CFR 771.117(c) (9).

Therefore, a written Project Memorandum is not needed for the bridge removal.
If you have questions, please call me at 651-634-2175.

Mn/DOT – MS 620, Frank Pafko
FHWA – Cheryl Martin
Project Documentation Unit - Project Memorandum file (paper copy)

This form documents that an environmental document is not needed for this project.

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