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									Joe Heatherly
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February 21, 2002

                               Draw, Paint, and Slide Show

In using the Draw, Paint, and Slide Show, I found that there are many attributes that can
be used in the classroom. As a teacher, one can use the Draw and Paint program to make
creative, newsletters, invitations, programs, various announcements, assignments, as well
as various other documents to decorate the classroom. Decorating work, handouts,
assignments, will spark the interest of the students. Also the Draw and Paint program can
be used by students to invent creative, unique, art that they can submit for assignments, as
well as use for personal use. In an art class, rather than just traditional clay modeling, oil
paints, and free sketching, the class can use this program to make intricate, selective
drawing and paintings. Also, by creating works of art using these programs, students can
familiarize themselves with it, thus enabling them to be able to use the Draw and Paint
program in the future. They, after learning how to use the program can use it for
documents such as announcements, portfolios, assignments, fliers, as well as other
various things. A teacher not only can use these programs in the classroom as a teaching
tool, but also can use them for personal use, such as decorating invitations, making art
notebooks, for future use, creating unique picture frames. Also, a teacher can make
artwork not only to decorate their classroom, but also to decorate their office, and home.
Another useful source that these programs can be implicated is to establish a website,
decorating it with creative artwork which will make it more appealing to the viewers.
Another use for Draw and Paint program is to decorate, and enunciate slide shows.
         The Slide Show program is a great program to use when presenting notes to the
class, outlining assignments, as well as introducing new material, such as maps or
diagrams. The Slide Show will present these products in a unique, creative way that will
usually grab the attention of the audience of students. As well as presenting the work in a
creative way, this program also greatly increases the organization of the information
being presented. Teachers also can use this program when they are required to present
lesson plans, proposals, teacher protocol, and other important information to fellow
teachers. Students can use this program to complete and present projects in such a way
that is not the normal; presenting organized, interesting projects instead of the ordinary
posters and handouts that are usually the contents of projects.
         The Draw, Paint, and Slide Show programs are a great teaching tool, that help
students as well as teachers learn ways to better present documents and assignments. By
using these programs, people better themselves with computers and with the quality of
their work.

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