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					                               Orford Selectmen Minutes
                                   December 3, 2008

Members Present: Paul Goundrey, Paul Dalton, John Bouzoun
Also Present: Cicely Richardson, Chief Kilmer, Tom Thomson, James McGoff and
Sheri Clifford

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by Paul Goundrey.

Chief Kilmer reported on the following:
     Officer Cashin will be changed back to Patrol Officer from Officer in Charge.
     The bullet proof vests were purchased and will be received in January of 2009
     Adjusted the 2009 budget for uniforms to purchase a winter coat
     Discussed purchasing repeaters for the cruisers through a grant. Kilmer would
       like to encumber the funds for this purchase
P. Goundrey asked what the repeaters would do. Kilmer stated that they act as a tower
to send communications to Hanover when they are in areas without reception.
Goundrey asked the Board if they were ready to commit the money if there was a
chance the grant would not be received. Kilmer said they would need to show the full
amount in order to obtain the grant to pay 50%. The Board agreed to encumber the
funds to purchase the repeaters for the police department.
     Tim Surprenant mentioned an option of a grant from Homeland Security (HLS)
       for a tower in town. Kilmer explained it would be similar to the tower in Lyme and
       the project would be two years from now if at all.
J. Bouzoun asked that Kilmer not dismiss the idea and to keep gathering information on
the towers.
     Replacing a failed computer station in the police department. Kilmer spoke with
       Ray Coffin about departmental needs; the cost would be $870.
The Board agreed that this was the best time to purchase the system for the
     A maintenance agreement on the Crown Victoria cruiser would cost $1,825. This
       is the best price Kilmer could obtain through Gateway Motors. This would be a
       Base Care Program through July of 2011 or 75,000 miles with a $100 deductible.
The Board would like to review the information on the program and report to Kilmer at a
later date.
     The Police Department can obtain gas cards from the state enabling them to get
       gas at state garages (Haverhill and Enfield) at a reduced rate. The only cost to
       the town would be for the gas purchased.
The Board agreed they should request these cards.
Kilmer reviewed the following changes in the 2009 Police budget:
    Overtime - cut to 20 hours
    Special Detail - remains the same, this is reimbursed
    Telephone & Communication – waiting for fiber optic cable rates
    Dispatch – is a set amount
    Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs – the same
    Dues – cut to $175
    Office Supplies – reduced by half
    Fuel – unable to determine future costs
    Prosecution – is a set amount (will decrease in 2010)
    Uniforms & Equipment – amount decreased to $2,750
    Computer software/IMC – amount set until 2010
    Training & Education – amount decreased by half

Chief Kilmer also informed the Board that he will be holding a “Meet the Chief” night on
December 18, 2008 5:00-7:00 pm at the Rivendell Middle School multi-purpose room.

J. Bouzoun voiced his concern about the amount of money going to Hanover for
dispatch and prosecution. Kilmer stated that there are other options, such as Grafton
County, but the cost would be the same. Bouzoun asked about Kilmer’s meeting with
Gail Keiling, superintendent of Rivendell. Kilmer felt the meeting went well and he also
met with Administration and part of the School board to review the Memorandum of
Understanding. Kilmer will meet with the entire School Board to discuss New
Hampshire Law and how it will affect students from Rivendell that live in Vermont. The
Board asked to review the Memorandum once it is complete.

T. Thomson asked if the Town was reimbursed when an officer is called to Rivendell
Academy. Kilmer stated that the Town is reimbursed for Special Duty assignments
such as basketball games. If the school calls with a drug problem, that falls within the
normal responsibilities of the Police Department.

Thomson requested that the Board show the full cost of each department to include
healthcare, capital reserve, etc. C. Richardson suggested a worksheet showing what
Thomson requested along with revenues.

6:05 pm, the Board voted to enter into closed session to discuss a personnel matter.

6:25 pm Open Session resumed. Action taken by Board. Minutes sealed by Board.

J. McGoff spoke with the Board regarding his newly purchased property on Grimes Hill
Road. McGoff had a commercial appraisal done by Bruce Taylor from Fairlee, VT,
Taylor quoted $160,000 as fair market value.

J. Bouzoun felt that the Board could make a decision regarding this without having Mr.
McGoff file an abatement once his taxes were paid. P. Goundrey was hesitant to make
a decision without first going through the normal process and obtaining figures from the
Town Assessor, Steve Allen. Once Allen has reviewed the appraisal and property then
make a decision based on the level of information. The Board will contact Steve Allen
regarding this matter, have him meet with James McGoff and report to the Board on
December 23, 2008.

The minutes of the November 19, 2008 meeting were approved as amended.

P. Goundrey reviewed the e-mail from NH Fish and Game regarding the boat launch.
The archeological survey is complete, the title search has begun and once the lease is
signed the project can begin, a projected time to be in 2010.

J. Bouzoun reported on:
     The packet from David Perry regarding Packet Front fiber optic cable. Bouzoun
       felt that the packet should be thoroughly reviewed before meeting with Perry.
     He suggested that the Board meet with the Commission to discover what their
       mission is and discuss mutual concerns.
Thomson explained to the commission that the Board had a full.

P. Dalton reported on:
    A phone call from Clarence Andrews with regards to his taxes. He was advised
       that he could file an abatement. Andrews also voiced his frustration about
       someone being on his property without permission.
    Mrs. Scalesse called regarding the taxes on the barn. Dalton was able to
       address her concerns and questions to her satisfaction and understanding.

P. Goundrey stated that the Board needed to review the budget, but would need to table
the review for the next day, Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 3:00 pm.

7:35 pm the Board voted to enter into closed session to discuss a request for direct

8:10 pm Open Session resumed. Action taken by Board. Minutes sealed by Board.

The Board recessed at 8:45pm until Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 3:00 pm.
                             Orford Selectmen Minutes
                                 December 4, 2008

Members Present: Paul Goundrey, Paul Dalton, John Bouzoun
Also Present: Sheri Clifford

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 pm by Paul Goundrey.

The Board reviewed the following budget items:
    Executive
    Town Administration
    Town Meeting
    Town Clerk
    Voter Registration
    Tax Collection
    Treasury
    Information Technology
    Revaluation of Property
    Legal Expense
    Employee Benefits
    Planning Board
    Government Building
    Cemeteries

The Board asked S. Clifford to research the following by the next meeting:
    The cost to lease a small copier
    Obtain a quote from the Auditors
    Request P. Dooley assist with the Depreciation Schedule
    Obtain quote from Dollard Mapping
    Employee Benefit figures for 2009
    Cost for commercial cleaning service
    Quote from Bio-Spray
    Clarify “Cemetery Appropriations” with P. Messer
    Obtain cost of living increases for Rivendell and Local Government Center

The meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

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