SIMs for iFIX 4.5 by xumiaomaio


									                                                SIMs for iFIX 4.5
                                             Last updated 08/13/2008

iFIX45_1512168541   Workspace: General

                    * Added new error strings for better descriptive error dialog when interacting with iFIX 5.0. (1-

                    * When migrating a chart group with a fixed date time group from Fix32, there is an error
                    (Method 'Start Time' of Fix2DPen Failed) when applying the converted chart group to an iFix 4.0
                    chart. (1-349341760)

                    * Charts loading CGW files containing T_DATA sources will grow out of control. (1-441590991)

                    * Cursor not responding correctly when editing a text object in Configure mode using in-line
                    editing. (1-486838627)

                    * Double click on a text object which sits on top of a rectangle brings up the rectangle's animation
                    dialog. (1-395185251)

                    * Cannot add a new alarm area containing Cyrillic (Russian) characters. (1-492081613, 1-

                    * Picture cannot be saved in Workspace because of "Parameter is Incorrect" error. (1-

                    * Unable to acknowledge Individual Alarms or Alarm Page when using LIN driver and Language
                    for Non-Unicode Programs is set to Chinese in Regional Settings. (1-441355862)

                    * Using the Chart Group Wizard, cannot enter a large duration, for example, 25 days. Misleading
                    error message, "This field accepts inputs in dd:hh:mm:ss format", is shown. (1-479814421)

                    * Dynamo sets and pictures need an independent DisableAutoScale property. (1-471228551)

                    * System.FixGetUserInfo returns only the first group a user belongs to. Require entire list.
                    Created new toolkit Function FixGetUserGroup (1-419155011)

                    * Replace Picture stops working when clicking pushbutton second time (1-459557143)

                    * There are new applications contained in Batch SP1 that require additional iFix security
                    application features. (1-442076671)

                    * SecuritySynchronizer crashes on iFix4.5RU. (5576)

                    * HdaAddNtf gives error 11008/FTK_BADNTF/"Invalid NTF format entered, expecting N:T.F or
                    N:T" if the tag name contains Swedish letters ÅÄÖ. (1-434887661)

                    * Datalink with raw format of %7.2f% crashes workspace in run mode. (1-405109691)

                    * Rectangle with animated Blend property shows incorrect gradient fill when picture is opened in
                    Run mode. (1-301106691)

                    * Opening a picture or a custom dynamo created in iFix 4.0 crashes workspace in iFix 4.5. (1-
* ToggleDigitalPoint cannot write to an OPC address with item ID beginning with "A". (1-

* Realtime ODBC interface does not return A_CV for AR (1-455182531)

* Backup/Restore Wizard displays "Disk Full" when there is ample disk space available. (1-

* Event messaging no longer works for DO blocks. (1-291480766)

* Align Top/Bottom/Left/Right Experts don't align lines correctly if the lines' edge widths are
greater than 1. (1-413511781)

* New registry key optional parameter in the OPC datasource configuration for PPS (1-

* Editing a datalink with tag group substitution on picture created in a previous version of iFix
does a picture-wide replacement of the symbols (1-447575747)

* Align Top/Bottom/Left/Right Experts don't align lines correctly if the lines' edge widths are
greater than 1. (1-413511781)

* Memory leaks from Workspace when accessing the FindReplace object in VBA. (1-365835671)

* A chart doesn't display seconds of the start time correctly if being applied a chart group file that
was converted from Fix32 and contains seconds in the fixed start time. (1-439272898)

* When migrating a chart group from Fix32, there is an error when applying the converted time
group to an iFix 4.0 chart. Also, Fixed Interval field does not migrate correctly. (1-229269113)

* Setting a pen's fixed start time with only time in a chart group file causes a type mismatch error
when you apply the chart group file. (1-414967375)

* Gradient following the animated object (1-302352636)

* Cannot zoom a chart pen to less than 1 percent of tag's EGU range. (1-290350794)

* Chart does not update correctly when changing tag group file that references t_data (1-

* The user changes the Caption of picture through Application.ActiveWindow.Caption property,
the caption is lost when the picture loses focus. (1-416419311)

* Data Mismatch Error when using ToggleDigitalPoint with Kepware Server when toggling from 1
to 0. (1-257039001)

* Get TGEFileConvert error -2147417848 "Method '~' of object '~' failed" when converting a FIX32
tag group file (.TGE file) to a iFIX .TGD or .CSV file using the Tag Group Converter, if the .TGE
file has an old file format (version1, which is created pre-FIX6.1x or pre-1997). (1-407194241)

* PictureExporter encounters exception exporting datalink with opc datasource (1-418216601)

* Alarm Summary no longer allows you to change font size via StatusFontSize Property. (1-
                    * DataEntry expert does not show correct decimal separator in non-English regional settings

                    * Chart unable to retrieve more than 24 days of data from iHistorian. (1-412941201)

                    * Japanese translator could not change font size in launch dialog (4945)

                    * Russian hard coded strings contained in Expertglobals and dynamo wizard. (4943)

iFIX45_1537039941   Supplementary

                    * Custom Loadable blocks may cause a Workspace crash if calling the method btk_set_dsout. (1-

                    * After installing iFix45_1497385123, AR Block cannot write to A_CV. (1-532634621)

                    * Application error while writing to A_CV field of DR block if value exceeds 8 Characters. (1-

                    * PG block not executing command that reads or writes an AR tag. Error when importing a PG
                    tag. (1-497385123, 1-459349621)

                    * Need a new function in LDBA to get access to globals used during catch-all processing of AR2
                    and DR2 (loadable) blocks. (1-506014727)

                    * iFIX as a Service on Windows 2003 terminates when logging off using a RDP (MSTSC.EXE)
                    /console session. (1-477388803)

                    * A_TV fields for CALC block display garbage in picture in run mode (1-461647251)

                    * Desktop Draw crashes when trying to save as a Report. (1-479192082)

                    * Duplicate event messages for non-simulation tags in the alarm typers of the non-active SCADA
                    node. (1-426954281)

                    * Alarms generated by Bristol PLC do not show up correctly in Alarm Summary OCX. (1-

                    * Desktop View crashes when using Multi-Pen Chart with Variable (1-459315111)

                    * The triggering time of a SQT block drifts increasingly if a scan time of one hour (1H) is used on
                    the block. (1-421572881)

                    * View crashing when using SQL statement in command language (1-452511341)

                    * When iFIX is running as a service, the FixSrv.exe stops with exception when
                    FixBackgroundServer.exe is in tasks list and the current window user logs out. (1-437555771)

                    * Main window and message box title was not translated in Fix Startup, Alarm History, and
                    Historical Display.

                    * French install crashing.

                    * iFIX crash on French.
                    * The SQT block the F_SQLST and the A_DBERR is not reset on startup. (1-337371185)

                    * The SQT block misses the confirmation bit being set. (1-293108971)

                    * KME.EXE crashes when opening custom KMX files. (1-428119641)

                    * Historical display crashes when opening a chart if there are more 100 charts in chart list. (1-

                    * When using OPENPIC with parameters Desktop View crashes. (1-407569481)

                    * When using a variable as an argument for the OPENPIC Command, View crashes upon
                    executing the command. (1-402572031)

                    * When adding or modifying a script in Fix Desktop that contains strings longer than 40
                    characters, Draw shuts down. (1-412852257)

                    * Memory leak in VIEW.EXE after installing SIM iFIX45_1397796362 (1-420918441)

                    * Desktop View Datalink does not display correctly when regional settings set to Swedish. (1-

                    * Thousands separators are placed incorrectly for some negative values of FIX Desktop datalinks.

                    * Alarm Horn does not sound on certain alarm priorities, such as Critical, lolo, etc. (1-430692563)

iFIX45_1502942559   SQL - ODBC

                    * SendSignedOperatorMessage causes AlmODBC to Crash when UserID is empty (1-

                    * ALMODBC crashing on iFix4.5FR

                    * SQL command executed from cache leaves blanks in SQT block's SQL State field (A_SQLST)
                    instead of setting it to "00000" as it does when the command does not execute from cache. (1-

                    * For troubleshooting purposes, need to see the value of parameters sent and returned by an
                    SQL command. (1-396468781)

                    * WSQLODC would not start when trying to connect is Oracle 10g (1-167605629)

iFIX45_1405081401   OPCiFIX

                    * PC20iFix leaks handles and memory when communicating with iBatch (1-405081401)

                    * Can not change value of F_TV1 field jof CALC block through opcifix (1-508832582)

                    * OPC20IFix was taking a exceedingly long time to enable large lists of items. (1-398530151)

iFIX45_1436304211   ODBC
                    * With the Fix Dynamics Real Time Data, when using OR in query, all driver pollblocks are
                    triggered to poll even if block types and/or tag names are specified in the WHERE clause. (1-

iFIX45_1399051491   Security

                    * Shell call to "login.exe -o" brings up Login dialog. (1-399051491)

                    * When showing "Security is currently disabled on this node.", message box title is not translated.

iFIX45_1335302255   OPC Alarm and Events

                    * SIM iFIX40_1367684163 introduced problem where the Format of DI Event Messages being
                    collected by the Historian A&E changed. (1-335302255)

                    * When using iFix OPC AE server to collect alarms and events, alarm extension fields associated
                    with alarm acknowledgements are not being captured and sent to Historian. (1-367684163)

                    * Event messages for AO and DO tags are not sent to Proficy Historian by the iFIXOPCAE
                    Server. (1-361497310)

iFIX45_1478326767   Sample System

                    * Installation of iFIX45_1431099897 causes the Sample System to crash on exit. (1-478326767)
                    This is only an issue with English iFIX.

iFIX45_1471392811   Database Manager

                    * DatabaseManager hangs after adding chained blocks. (1-471392811)

                    * DatabaseManager crashes when exporting a tagname contains a % (1-407425987)

                    * DBM get crashes when exporting database to GDB file. (1-397796331)

                    * DBM crashes when importing database consisting of Non-existing loadable blocks. (1-

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