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					Date :
Theme: At the doctor`s
 The aims of the lesson: Educational: speaking about doctor`s work, talking about illnesses and
                             their treatment giving advice, practicing
                            conversations between a doctor and patient
                         Development: developing the responsibility for one`s health and
                         persuade pupils that a sound mind can only be in a sound body
                         Cultural: bringing up them to love English languages
The type of the lesson :mixed
The kind of the lesson: demonstrative lesson
The visual aids of the lesson: active board
                        The Outline of the lesson
   I.      Organization moment
   II.     Checking up homework
   III.    Main part
   IV.     Giving homework and putting marks
   V.      Saying good-bye
                         The Procedure of the lesson
   I.      Greeting
   II.     Checking up homework

              Head                                        Body

   III.    Main part
       Today we`ll speak about our first and main wealth which is health, because we can`tbe
   happy unless we feel well. If I`m not mistaken I say work of doctor in our life, a a doctor`s
   advice can always help people . That`s why we talk about doctor`s job
       At first we must introduce new words according to the new theme.
   New words:
   Tonsillitis-тамақ ауруы
   To have eyes tested-көзін тексеру
   Had better-жаксы болу

   T: If we learn our new words you look at the active board. Here are some sentences for each
   sentences decide whether it was said by the doctor or patient .The 14 sentences come from
   two conversations that they have been mixed up can you sort them out? They start like?
   1.I have had headaches.
   2. It`s tonsillits.
   3. What`s the problem?
   4. Does it hurt when you swallow?
   5. You`d better have you eyes tested.
   6. When did they start?
   7. I`ve got a sore throat.
   8. About a month ago.
   9. I`ll write you a prescription for antibiotics.
   10.How are you?
   11.Open wide and say “Ah”
    12.You might need glasses.
    13. Yes, I can hardly eat.
    14.Watch my finger.
T: Pupils, good job! Let`s introduce our new text “Treating a patient” at first read and translate
then you read

   T; oh! All right pupils! Next task doing exercises according to the text. You must complete
   the chart using the text.
   Theme : Treating a patient
   Actors : Bolat and doctor
   Place:     Bolat`s home
   Problem : He was running a high temperature . He felt sick and giddy . He had a headache
               and a sore throat
   Diagnosis: the flu
   Treatment: a prescription for some pills and mixture and a some tablets for his headache,
                take a tablespoonful of it three times a day
    T; If you finished this task. Now ! listen to the dialogue between Tom and his teacher Miss
   Tom : Hello ! Miss White
   Miss White: Hello ! Tom You weren`t at school last week were you ill?
   Tom; Yes, Miss. I was in bed for four days
    Miss White ; Oh, dear, what was the matter?
   Tom; I had flu
   Miss White: Are you better now/
   Tom: Yes, thank, you . Here`s letter from my mum
   T: Now! Pupils read Tom`s mother`s letter at first complete it.
        Dear Miss White!
    _______ wasn`t at school______ week , because he was _________, He had _________.
           Your sincerely, Mrs Barns!

   T; Now! Pupils !good job !

          doctor                           patient

T: Look at the picture! What`s the matter with children?

T: Pupils Today we learn about illness, doctors job and patient. We see many interesting things
Our lesson is over .Good –bye

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