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					Score Choice and the SAT: Q and A’s from The College Board

Should Score Choice influence how many times I take the SAT?
No. While you may see a small score increase if you take the test a second
time, there is no evidence to suggest that taking the SAT more than twice
is beneficial to your score. Remember: Score Choice allows you to choose
your scores only by test date, not by test section.

Should I send all my scores?
If you are unsure of which scores to send or your college has not indicated
their preference, then the SAT Program recommends that you send all
scores. There are benefits to sending colleges all of your scores and
colleges are particularly interested in your best scores.

Does Score Choice disadvantage students who don't take the
test multiple times?
Research shows that students generally see modest score increases upon
taking the test a second time. If there are gains from further testing, they
tend to be even smaller.

Does Score Choice allow students to choose individual section
scores to send?
Students are only able to select which scores they send by test date for the
SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests™. Scores from an entire
SAT test are sent. Students can choose, by test date (test sitting), which
scores appear on the score report sent to colleges, universities or
scholarship programs.

Is there a way to view a list of individual score-use practices by
college or university?
Yes. The SAT Score-Use Practices List provides an alphabetical listing of
college and scholarship programs that have submitted their score-use
practice. Download the SAT Score-Use Practices List

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