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					RUSS 204: Intermediate Russian, Fall 2009
MTuWThF 11:00-11:50 AM, Wescoe 1005

Instructor:    Erin Moulton
               Office: 2122 Wescoe
               Office Hours: Mondays 12-1, Wednesdays 12-1, and by appt.

                    Добро пожаловать на второй курс русского языка!

Welcome to your first semester of intermediate Russian. This semester you will be continuing
with your study of Russian and Russian culture. Our course will be structured according to
themes found in our textbook like Family (Семья), Education (Образование), House and Home
(Дом). These broad themes will allow us to examine many different areas of Russian language
and culture. For instance, in the first theme we will review and expand on the vocabulary we
already know for family members and life events, learn to understand and tell stories about our
families’ past, and learn about the changes in Russian families and how Russians mark
significant life events, like births, marriages, and funerals.

Throughout the course we will use language creatively to express our opinions and perspectives,
while gaining an awareness of how Russian speakers use language to articulate their outlooks
and experiences. We will use a variety of texts and sources to help you learn. They will include
the textbook, brief biographies of famous Russians, reading selections, music, and short videos.
Together these materials will let you learn about Russian culture and Russian life while using
your Russian to do it. These materials will provide rich contexts for reading, speaking, listening
and discussing in class.

Required Texts:
Olga Kagan, Frank Miller, and Ganna Kudyma. В пути. Russian Grammar in Context (Second
Olga Kagan, Frank Miller, and Ganna Kudyma. В пути. Russian Grammar in Context Lab
      Manual/Workbook with Readings (Second Edition).
Tokareva, Viktoria. День без вранья: A Day without Lying. (A Glossed Edition for Intermediate-
      level Students of Russian with Vocabulary, Exercises and Commentaries by William J.

Audio selections for the textbook can be found on the EGARC website
( or at textbook website
( for the textbook. You may also find the files on any
computer in the EGARC lab. Additionally, links to necessary files will be provided on the
Blackboard site for each homework assignment.

Recommended text:
Russian/English Dictionary with at least 150,000 entries (e.g. Oxford or Katzner) Please see me
if you would like to discuss which dictionary you should purchase.

RUSS 204: Intermediate Russian, Fall 2009
MTuWThF 11:00-11:50 AM, Wescoe 1005
Grades: Your course grades will be calculated in the following manner:

Attendance and Class Participation                                                   10%
Homework                                                                             15%
Chapter Tests (4)                                                                    20%
Vocabulary Quizzes (4)                                                               10%
Oral Presentation (1) and Oral Quizzes (2)                                           15%
Compositions (2 @ 300 words each)                                                    20%
Final Exam                                                                           10%

Attendance and Class Participation: Since one can only learn to speak and understand a
language through exposure to it, it is expected that you will attend class and actively participate
in classroom activities. Therefore, absence from class or attendance without proper preparation
will have a negative effect on your grade. Class sessions are a time to actively use and learn the
Russian language. Reading newspapers, filling out other papers, ringing cell phones, sending text
messages all distract from learning and concentrating and are also signs of rudeness toward the
instructor and entire class. Please turn off your cell phones during class. Disruptive and rude
behavior will be counted against your attendance and participation grades. You will receive a
class participation grade for each class period. It will be assigned in the following manner:

                           Classroom Participation Assessment Scale
Characteristics of work                                                                      Rating
 Is on-time and prepared for the day's class, actively participates, works well with other     5
students on assignments, speaks Russian during pair/small group activities as much as
possible, is willing to try
 Is on-time, participates when asked, works on activities although not always efficiently      4
 Is on-time and participates only partially                                                    3
 Is no more than 10 minutes late and participates only partially                               2
 Does NOT participate OR is more than 10 minutes late OR has a cell phone ring                 1
during class
 Is absent from class OR engages in distracting behavior in class                              0

Remember, you are taking this class to learn to speak, understand, read and write Russian.
Classes will be conducted in Russian and you are expected to use Russian as much as possible in
each class. I will provide some explanations in English, however I expect you to attempt to ask
questions in Russian. I will be happy to review material during office hours as needed.

Homework: Homework will be posted on the Blackboard site. Homework must be turned at the
beginning of class on the day it is due. Homework assignments will be returned to you the next
class period. Homework will be graded on a 10-point scale. If you complete the entire
assignment and make sufficient effort to do accurate work, you can expect a score of 9 or 10.
Scores will be lowered proportionately for incomplete, sloppy, or inadequate work.

RUSS 204: Intermediate Russian, Fall 2009
MTuWThF 11:00-11:50 AM, Wescoe 1005
For some homework assignments on the Blackboard site you will find answer keys from the В
пути Workbook. These assignments will be designated as "self-correcting" in your assignment
schedule. When you work on these exercises, you may use your textbook, notebook and
dictionary. ONLY after you have completed the exercise should you check your answers against
the answer key. You will correct the incorrect answers IN A DIFFERENT COLOR INK from
the one that the exercise was completed in. You will write the corrected answers in the space
above your original answer. You must turn in your self-corrected exercise so that I can give you
credit for the assignment's completion. Warning!! Use this resource responsibly. You should
ask your instructor in class about any corrections that did not make sense to you. Do not copy the
answers directly from the key. The purpose of homework is to give you the opportunity to recall,
practice and gain control over material. Copying answers defeats your engagement in actively
learning the material and will cause you to do poorly on the quizzes and tests.

Chapter Tests: At the end of each chapter there will be a 50-minute test with reading, writing,
and listening components. Tests are to be taken on the day scheduled. If you have a medical
or personal emergency that prevents you from attending class on the day of the test, please
contact me prior to the exam to arrange a makeup test. Except in extreme cases, failure to make
prior notification will result in a grade of “0.”

Vocabulary Quizzes: Learning vocabulary is an essential part of learning a language.
Vocabulary quizzes will be given approximately halfway through the completion of a chapter.
They are designed to help keep you ahead on your studying so that you learn the vocabulary well
before the chapter test. They will focus primarily on vocabulary; however I reserve the right to
include some grammar concepts in order to help you begin preparations for your chapter test.
You will notice that each chapter in the textbook has a list of thematic vocabulary. These lists
include many familiar words, as well as a number of new words which you will be expected to
master. Mastering a word in Russian means knowing not only its meaning, but its forms
(declension or conjugation) and how it is used (i.e., поступать takes в plus the accusative case).
Be sure to cover all of these as you learn the new words.

Oral Presentation: You will make one oral presentation in the first half of the semester. The
topic and format will be provided in advance so that you may prepare. The presentation will be
made in class and should help you to improve speaking fluency and to practice speaking in front
of an audience.

Oral Quizzes: You will take two oral quizzes during the semester. It will be scheduled with me
and take place outside of class. It is designed to improve and test your conversational skills.
Topics will be provided in advance so that you may prepare and practice.

Compositions: During the course of the semester you will be asked to write two compositions of
300 words (approximately 1 page). All compositions must be typed in Russian, double-spaced,
with 12-point font. Cyrillic fonts, keyboards, and Russian grammar checkers for Microsoft
Word are installed on the computers in 4068 and 4074 Wescoe, as well as other computer
facilities on campus.

RUSS 204: Intermediate Russian, Fall 2009
MTuWThF 11:00-11:50 AM, Wescoe 1005
The topics for the compositions will be given to you well in advance of the time they are due.
Your first draft of the composition will graded for content and will be returned to you with errors
marked (but not corrected) and suggestions for improvement. Your final draft will be graded on
the accuracy of your corrections and the degree to which the essay is improved overall. The
grades on each of the drafts will be equally weighted. At any time in the writing process, you
may come to discuss your composition and ask questions. You may even ask other students in
the class to proofread your work. It is NOT acceptable, however, for you to copy someone else's
work in whole or in part. Nor is it acceptable to have a native speaker or more advanced student
write/correct a composition for you. These activities violate the university's code of academic
integrity and may result in serious disciplinary action. Compositions must be turned in on
time. If you expect to have a problem meeting a due date, please contact me in advance.

Final Exam: The final exam for this course is scheduled for Thursday, December 17, 2009,
from 4:30-7:00 PM in 1005 Wescoe.

Students with Disabilities: The staff of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), 135
Strong, 785-864-2620, coordinates accommodations and services for KU courses. If you have a
disability for which you may request accommodation in KU classes, please contact them as soon
as possible. If you have questions regarding this course particularly, please contact me privately.

              Students are responsible for the academic integrity of their work.

I look forward to teaching you this semester. Please feel free to come by my office hours or
contact me by email with any questions or concerns. I am here to help you learn and to have fun
with learning a language.


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