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					                               SAACURH Winter Summit 2009
                                 Mississippi State University
                                  December 14th-16th, 2009

December 14, 2009 –

Afternoon meeting

Present: Lindsey, Thomas, Bruce, Jenna, Bonnie, Sean, Adam, Alicia, Sarah, Jackie, Dante, Jay

-Sarah – No-Frills update presentation
        -December 17th – registration open
        -February 12th – registration closes
        -February 26th – late registration closes
        -recruited volunteers from RHA and collect info.
        -collecting more recruits at RA training
        -create housing list, database for residents, packets
-Website review
        -still working of conference staff page
        -will call hotel to see about getting some more queen size rooms
        -call for volunteers
        -waiver of liability
        -still working on FAQs
        -check e-mails twice a day – expectation of staff
        -if we have extra FAQs suggestions, let staff know
        -will add information about GPS information to add on website
-Thomas: I just want to reiterate with the housing and king beds that they can get the cots to be
        available if needed
-25 rooms with king, 45 rooms with 2 queens
-2 advisors per room, 4 delegates per room
-Sean: information on website is different
-Jackie: It’s been changed….we’ll change it
-Hospitality suite
-SEC will stay in Butler Guest House
-Adam: That’s where we are now
-Jackie: we thought it would be convenient for y’all
-Lindsey: might be more convenient for y’all to have us at hotel
-Sean: as long as you’re going to have one staff member on site to handle issues
-Jackie and Sarah: have someone staying there
-quick review of budget…will be going over more in detail tomorrow
-Sean: double check with advisers for no school policy against adviser staying with student in
        same bed. Also see if MS State has policy
-Lindsey: Just to tweak for tomorrow…make sure to provide enough for two OCM advisers. Are
        they staying in Butler?
-Sarah: Yeah
-Thomas: Looking at numbers and breakeven point, you may only end up with one king bed for
-Lindsey: you may be over breakeven because of schools…may drop kings
-Sarah: Will call hotel and see if we can add queens
-Thomas: We had 68 schools at SAACURH
-Lindsey: We were full in the boardroom
-Sarah: The boardrooms are plenty big
-Transportation: survey done at SAACURH was very helpful. Surprised at how many schools
        were flying in. Don’t mind but need to consider in budget. May need to add another van.
        May schedule certain pickup times at each airport…not set in stone. Currently have 3
        vans. $2 per person (GTR) or $20 per person (Jackson or Memphis) for transportation
-Bonnie: Is that one way?
-Sarah: both
-Lindsey: may want to consider choosing Memphis or Jackson to help sanity of staff. Would be
        okay to pick one. Also consider transportation on campus for those that flew.
-Sarah: No maps
-Lindsey: make sure to put plenty of maps on website
-Sarah: I might also put hotel contact info so people can call
-Thomas: Going through No Frills from last year…budget. 85 and 15 breakdown is
        different…might be 70 to 30 delegates to advisors for No Frills. Staff last year was
        thrown off by that.
-Dining: Friday night meal on own. Lots of options for those that may have issues. Will have
        Starkville dining guides at hotel so people can find own. Will try to get coupon books
        from bookstore to give out
-Lindsey: post options online as well so that people who are running late can see as well and not
        miss boardroom
-Sean: Local late night delivery places as well for later.
-Sarah: I like the name Late Night Munchie Guide
-Saturday breakfast in McCool Hall Atrium is continental
-Bonnie: Is the boardroom food friendly?
-Sarah: Yes. This is my idea…there’s a sign saying no but I’ve always had food in there.
-Jackie: We’ll clean up
-Lindsey: say that drinks must have lid
-Saturday lunch: catered boxed lunch at McCool Hall Atrium
-Saturday night: Union Ballroom, catered meal. Veggie option
-Contact info
-Thomas: is there a contingency plan is place for overflow if people overrun hotel rooms?
-Jackie: it will be spring break so there are other hotels should have rooms as well. Will be able
        to add more rooms.
-Sarah: Nice hotel although not as cheap. However, new…able to house everyone…keep
        advisors and delegates together. Would have had to do with other hotel choices.
-Lindsey: I think with having a lot of schools most schools won’t have more than one advisor.
-Sarah: more questions?
-Lindsey: would recommend more people the better tomorrow at budget presentation

Conference staff left
-Lindsey: since this presentation is fresh in our mind, please open up the budget I sent you. Were
        there any issues that came up as she went through her presentation?
-Sean: is it necessary to have a full out dress banquet Saturday night? We’ve done it in the past
        where we’ve had a regular dinner and then an awards ceremony
-Alicia: if we don’t then we need to replace one of the meals with a hot lunch so they have
-Sean: I’m not worried about the menu, can’t we open a dining hall and go there?
-Lindsey: Spring Break
-Sean: they’ve got to have athletes on campus
-Lindsey: if some of the hospitality costs may shift to boardroom….have snacks etc, for
        boardroom because nothing around for them to grab
-Bruce: what is boardroom motivation?
-Lindsey: candy
-Thomas: with the hospitality room….national policy says all events need to stop by 1:00am.
-Lindsey: we can’t be doing anything officially. UK did it because it wasn’t official
-Sean: we don’t require them to be there…not official. Delegates need to sleep but we don’t
        require them to be there.
-Thomas: could use food for hospitality in boardroom
-Lindsey: that’s what we’re talking about….minimal for hospitality and move most to
-Thomas: don’t need another line item
-Lindsey: don’t need one. Do you want to?
-Sean: which one are you talking about?
-Thomas: $636
-Sean: need to talk about numbers and not column numbers.
-Alicia: so food and beverage is same no matter where it is
-Thomas: right. Keep that where it is.
-Alicia: Change and make better for next group. Need to include more than cost of candy in price
-Lindsey: need to focus on including more sustenance in boardroom
-Sean: that just says hospitality….does that include price for room, food for everything?
-Thomas: just know that we need to split
-Lindsey: what is difference between motivation and food and beverage?
-Thomas: make a note to change housing break down to 70, 30
-Sean: question about excess
-Thomas: will cut excess check at end…was $2,316.55 and will be cut in half….so about
-Sean: they don’t get any money from OCM?
-Thomas: no
-Sean: cause they don’t do No Frills
-Sean: where did she say that the banquet would be?
-Bonnie: Union Ballroom
-Lindsey: drill field
-Sean: we can go ask her?
-Sarah: Union Ballroom
-Lindsey: so what’s with the drill field
-Sarah: everything is around the drill field…all buildings being used are around
-Lindsey: Adam…are plaque costs correct?
-Adam: should be fine unless we add anymore. But should have wiggle room
-Lindsey: did we do a plaque for President’s award last year?
-Adam: Don’t know
-Lindsey: counting. Bruce…can you go through your policy and see how many you give out?
-Thomas: 13 but we didn’t give out Diversity award last year
-Lindsey: we need to budget for all awards
-Adam: Does OTM cup come from us?
-Lindsey: comes from us….recognition budget
-Bruce: went through all awards
-Lindsey: so you have seven. I have 23.
-Adam: we have more than last year….
-Lindsey: we didn’t give out a few awards last year
-Thomas: I can ask winner of President’s award
-Lindsey: we base it off policy….we have 24 plaques
-Bonnie: and the cup comes from the recognition line
-Lindsey: and that’s for Bruce to spend
-Bruce: can we do a pen for the writer’s of OTMs?
-Lindsey: you can do anything because you have no specifications
-Bonnie: what do you mean?
-Bruce: one per school or person that writes the most
-Lindsey: I think one per person per state. Can’t track by writer
-Adam: would have to do manually or could search
-Bruce: may have to be institution since a lot of people submit per school
-Thomas: under Awards and recognition…$437.87 left. Under SEC Recognition, there is $200.
        For OTMs there is $100
-Lindsey: that’s for our regional pin.
-Bruce: and the cup comes out of the awards and recognition?
-Lindsey: yes
-Thomas: and that’s were Jenna’s goodie bags came form for states
-Lindsey: any other questions?
-Thomas: let’s get Winter Summit straightened out
-Sean: I don’t think that $10 for copies is not enough
-Lindsey: were saying won’t take that much
-Sean: just need to ask
-Lindsey: other questions?
-Sean what are they doing with the long distance service?
-Thomas: I just asked about that
-Sean: and they need to get their insurance numbers in check
-Sean: that waiver won’t hold up in court of law so need to have straight
-Adam: shouldn’t fee be listed above
-Lindsey: make sure you separate cost of housing from everything else. Price per advisor for just
        housing. Budget form requires them to do twice
-Adam: already said $109 is advisor rate for housing….$54 at bottom in orange block….add to
        $109 is advisor….is that difference or amount? Confusing…put $54 there or put advisor
        cost there?
-Lindsey: has to be delineated as delegate cost and advisor cost?
-Adam: did they get this form from NACURH?
-Thomas: got from NAF
-Adam: shouldn’t we help them meet national policies tomorrow?
-Thomas: because it comes from NAF, I can go back and put in 50 above and below
        columns…another issue….3 and 5 columns. Have to do 100 above and below breakeven
        as well. Part of legislation I’m trying to get passed. Might change at Semis
-Lindsey: then we need to wait until Semis to approve budget
-Thomas: you remember SAACURH budget…have to add in columns
-Lindsey: 100 below would make it 59
-Sean: that policy didn’t take into consideration the No Frills conferences
-Adam: I don’t think price per person may be wrong because based off of housing sum total
-Thomas: If you look at cell, you will see
-Adam: advisor cost not factored in?
-Thomas: advisor cost wrong at bottom though
-Adam: No formulas
-Lindsey: guaranteed original had formulas
-Thomas: not protected. Got budget from Joey who got from Jason
-Lindsey: can’t approve budget without budget sheet. No formulas…no sheet.
-Thomas: from what I understood from Joey….this was a one time deal when they were testing.
-Lindsey: we won’t get far without a budget that works. But we can talk about VIPs? Who are
        we brining? National Execs…we have two National Execs. that would like to attend. We
        also need to look at Director swaps. We didn’t have any at SAACURH 2009 because of
        the conferences falling on the same weekend. If we offer two swaps, we could get the
        chance to go to two others compensated which would be good for me to go to one and
        Bruce to go to one and learn about NRHH events going on. Possibly IACURH. Lots of
        people want to see what we do. If possible, like to open up to two national execs and two
        swaps…doesn’t need to be director…could be other NRHH person.
-Jenna: Makes us look personable. Come see what we do.
-Thomas: transferring costs to delegates and if it puts price out of reach, then we need to think
        about them first
-Bruce: do we know what that would do to cost?
-Lindsey: not until we get correct format
-Thomas: need to clarify on a few items in budget concerning VIPs
-Lindsey: they are treating us like another delegate….we don’t pay for anything…included extra
        items in our fees. Other questions?
-Sean: How do we figure out which director comes?
-Lindsey: I think we need to create some type of application. Don’t need regions just to expect.

Sarah came back in.

-Lindsey: when you got the budget sheet, were there formulas?
-Sarah: honestly don’t know because when I got it, others had already worked on it
-Lindsey: need to look at for tomorrow
-Thomas: nothing in individual cells
-Lindsey: need to have formulas in all
-Sarah: if not showing then we never had one
-Lindsey: how did you come to these costs then…we need to know that. None of extra costs for
        SEC should hit you. Transportation for SEC…will cost money. Has to have revenue line
        of some sort. You’re charging them but aren’t actually
-Sarah: won’t be able to add in until we get money
-Lindsey: right
-Sarah: can add later
-Lindsey: and charging all delegates instead of only those using
-Sarah: charged everyone instead of raising cost of $2 or $20 for those using transportation
-Lindsey: issue is between fixed and variable costs. Need to know breakdown. Note fixed costs
        and variables.
-Sarah: already have changes…do you want those now?
-Lindsey: Yep
-Sarah: food costs for Winter Summit….$350 and transportation is $0.
-Lindsey: what about office supplies?
-Sarah: we need to know what you need to set cost
-Lindsey: is there anything else you want them to come with?
-Thomas: did you discuss advisor cost issue?
-Lindsey: explained to Sarah. Also, when we do delegate fee…it should be rounded fee. So back
        to our guests.
-Alicia: what are you willing to put on the delegates?
-Jenna: Do we want to ask them to pay half of their fee?
-Bonnie: but then would we be expected to do the same so it’s back to zero?
-Jenna: People know how much money we have?
-Bruce: Couldn’t SAACURH pay for those VIPs separately? We could cut a check back to the
        conference for those guests.
-Lindsey: we just have state conferences coming from there
-Jenna: everyone seems to be ok with compensating everyone except SCORE
-Lindsey: Sarah…are the rooms at the hotel for staff compensated?
-Sarah: Jackie was talking about us staying in the other half of the hospitality suite
-Lindsey: is that compensated?
-Sarah: I need to find out
-Lindsey: let’s talk about SAACURH U? Feedback? Thoughts?
-Jenna: Can we pull up the PowerPoint?
-Adam: I feel like it was shorter. We still had time left.
-Lindsey: so taking more time.
-Adam: I don’t know if people were intimidated to ask questions or maybe there were no
        questions? It might have been the time in the morning or needing to eat breakfast
-Jenna: We were in there for most of it….then there was the first programming session scheduled
        for them….I don’t know if they got that memo…should have said go to programming
-Adam: I don’t know if there was anything else we needed to cover.
-Bonnie: Can we do sample pro/cons and discussion?
-Lindsey: need to delineate time requirements for future. Went through presentation topics
-Alicia: Educate on random inside knowledge and jokes
-Lindsey: like move to groove, top tens, etc.
-Thomas: help them with how to ask questions, what are they looking for in questions, what to
        include in pro/cons, etc.
-Jenna: there were a lot of questions that weren’t asked
-Thomas: we want to help them but not pigeon hole them
-Jenna: mine was a little different….there were a lot of questions that should have been asked but
        not. Do we need to do a sample list of questions? like a Question U?
-Thomas: we could pull a bid like one of mine?
-Lindsey: let’s use one that’s already been through and tear it apart
-Sean: Let’s use another school from another region
-Bruce: But then aren’t we tearing them down?
-Sean: it makes schools feel more comfortable since it’s not them
-Alicia: so add that to list
-Sean: we have that bid review committee…have them create list of questions
-Alicia: and full circle, they will write better bids
-Lindsey: strategic planning committee is working on creating an NCC guide…can include idea
        in there
-Sean: also include like a Ps and Qs list in there
-Thomas: I feel like bid evaluation sheets are there for that reason
-Sean: problem with those sheets is that people are afraid to give comments and useful feedback
-Lindsey: what about having people submit feedback on survey monkey ahead of time?
-Bruce: can we not call people out in the boardroom?
-Thomas: Can use decorum
-Sean: Problem is that it comes from the board. NCCs aren’t savvy enough to call out.
-Lindsey: Discuss unification and diversity statement as well as issues not to be discussed due to
        legal issues.
-Bonnie: what do other regions do?
-Lindsey: I don’t think they have the problem
-Sean: I think that needs to go in the pre-conference packet.
-Alicia: wear layers…the temperature could be different
-Lindsey: on Friday night, everyone needs to dress up but on Saturday….snappy casual
-Sean: collared shirts
-Alicia: might be difficult for women
-Sean: ok…just no polos
-Lindsey: did we like changing everyone up and placing them around boardroom
-Sean: that was the most organized boardroom
-Alicia: get list ahead of time for NCC-Its, etc
-Bonnie: How many chairs in the boardroom?
-Sarah: 160 chairs
-Sean: oh that’s fine
-Lindsey: anything else on general boardroom feedback?
-Bruce: Adam, was there anything we had?
-Adam: no but in general, it needs to be clear that the NCC or NRHH rep or advisor cannot
        present bids. Also, when we have that many bids we need to find a way to narrow down
        before conference
-Sean: Make like You Tube videos
-Lindsey: other regions cut it down – decision made by everyone
-Sean: I know….we’re the only region that lets NCCs see everything
-Thomas: need to bring bids to floor in order to vote on
-Sean: but everything could be brought to the floor which doesn’t help situation
-Lindsey: anything else?
-Sean: coming off of Bruce’s statement….we need to caution them on clock watching. They will
        get food, etc. and those at end don’t need to get rushed
-Thomas: my biggest issue during boardroom was advisors in back of room on cell phones.
        Understand that they need phone for emergencies however, rule is rule.
-Sean: The issue is that people can’t get back in
-Thomas: but emergency should be big enough for them to leave
-Sean: but students also have different understanding of what is emergency. Liked having
        students and advisors separate like last year.
-Thomas: But advisors don’t need to flaunt cell phones
-Alicia: Didn’t see anyone during presentations
-Lindsey: thing about No Frills…we will have access to special password but can give out
        password to whomever we want. Cell phone may be only thing to occupy time
-Sean: If we create corner for them and then run ART sessions separately so they will have
        things to do
-Lindsey: can we let advisors in and out?
-Sarah: Described room…have section that you can put advisors in. Can walk outside in that
-Lindsey: that might help with the issue of worrying about leaving the room
-Sean: I wouldn’t want a student telling me all of these rules
-Adam: And advisors were coming up to me to complain about being told to put their phones
-Alicia: may have people on campus that can handle emergencies, may not
-Sean: I was dealing with a situation and I’m the only one on campus
-Lindsey: we need to include them more and create more of a forum for them
-Alicia: the advisor lounge at SAAACURH was great…can we create a space like this again
-Sarah: McCool Hall has a space that would be good
-Sean: can we create a password for Friday night and then a separate one for Saturday so that
        advisors who give passwords to students can be blocked out the next day
-Discussion of giving access to only certain people on network
-Thomas: not issue with phone being passed from one advisor to another…was not about topic.
        With younger advisors sitting around students…look like NCCs and influencing them.
-Sean: however, we are separating them so we can nip in the bud
-Sarah: should we create book of activities, puzzles, etc. similar to last year?
-Lindsey: need to consider cost
-RHA can also provide pens, etc.

Break for dinner

-Lindsey: Going to move past budget for now until we can figure it out. Good feedback for
       SAACURH U and boardroom. Let’s review SEC goals. Number of affiliated schools.
-Jenna: We had a few new schools….High Point and University of Ashville
-Bonnie: I feel like ABAC was new
-Jenna: they weren’t called in the boardroom
-Lindsey: what about bid promotions?
-Thomas: talk about the POY and SALT bids increases
-Lindsey: I gave them the feedback and read over them. Then wrote letters of support and both
       sent on to national. Can’t find anything that would disqualify them. In the spring, it really
       needs to be about the promotion pieces. In the spring, will have more bids to read.
-Jenna: are we on that committee?
-Lindsey: you all are. In the spring we are going to try and recruit more members. Be honest if
       you can’t read bids
-Jenna: if you need more help, please feel free to list my name
-Lindsey: ok…promotional, cheers, etc.
-Bonnie: explanation of cheer teaching process via videos from committee members and schools
-Lindsey: submission of OTMs winning national
-Bruce: not sure
-Lindsey: do we have anyone on the national committee?
-Bruce: not sure who’s on it
-Lindsey: did anyone even apply/was there a process?
-Bruce/Bonnie – no
-Lindsey – have you had committee look through national winners and why they won?
-Bruce: update on what committee was doing
-Adam: maybe we get more people so they have time to read fewer OTMs
-Lindsey: what about national judges who read only 500 or more words?
-Bruce: committee talked about not dropping OTMs simply because short
-Lindsey: there are people who don’t read
-Bruce: will see if national standards would be applied
-Thomas: shouldn’t people be able to crank out enough words
-Bruce: what if an OTM only had 500 words but sucked yet one with 400 words and well written
       couldn’t be considered
-Thomas: OTMs are about good writing and shouldn’t’ be
-Adam: how would you solve that problem?
-Thomas: I don’t know
-Lindsey: all of ours under 500 are out so should we set minimum
-Bruce: we can set that in stone
-Bonnie: but 600 is the max. I don’t remember that when I was judging nationals
-Bruce: that policy came into play later
-Bonnie: but some have great content but not great writing while others can BS and make 500
-Sean: we need to focus instead of helping those on campuses without great OTM writers. Make
       sure teaching
-Lindsey: Bruce can edit but no one else can
-Bruce: I don’t have time to edit all of them
-Bruce: part of drive behind Honorary Standards committee so that schools can be equally
-Lindsey: I think we need a rubric
-Bruce: when I presented at NACURH, everyone wanted info. but it was all on website
-Lindsey: still working on it
-Adam: do we have a national report of how we are this year versus last year?
-Bruce: no
-Sean: are identifiers are removed
-Bruce: no but they are working to overhaul
-Alicia: I think there is a disconnect between schools writing to win and not…rubric would be
-Thomas: issue with required writing then if you don’t take time to teach them
-Bonnie: we need to focus on the fact that they are for recognizing
-Alicia: people aren’t understanding why they write for recognition but a crappy program well
        written does well
-Thomas: bad writers may have good OTMs but aren’t being well written
-Adam: two behind from last year’s standing
-Lindsey: we have a lot of room between now and end of year. Get younger schools excited
        about writing
-Thomas: should it be qualitative versus quantitative
-Lindsey: I think it’s interesting to see that some schools see other schools winning a lot and kind
        of give up
-Bruce: only a few schools wrote this summer
-Adam: but there are a lot of schools this fall that are starting to submit
-Jenna: and when we see that, then we need to encourage them
-Adam: and we encourage them when they loose
-Jenna: and it doesn’t have to be Bruce….could be other SEC
-Lindsey: what if we offered some connection between most improved schools and number of
        OTMs submitted
-Lindsey: working closely with schools bidding at conferences. Only had one school bid so far.
        However, may want to put page limit on conference bids. Have several schools interested
        in future bids like No Frills and NACURH 2011. Possibly put out feelers to see if schools
        nearby would help plan. Schools bidding for NACURH 2011 need help to get bids ready.
        Make sure schools contact Kenrick.
-Lindsey: beginning promotion of SEC positions. Had lots of people interested in. Possibly use
        office hours to learn more about positions.
-Jenna: maybe we could spotlight position in each e-mail….make more personal and not list
-Lindsey: anything else
-Adam: reach out to buddy state….let me know if people are interested in bidding for positions,
        conferences, etc.
-Bonnie: sounds like a good topic to include in state presentations
-Jenna: takes someone reaching out and saying go for it…encouragement
-Sean: with hosting conferences….the CHOs are getting in the way
-Jenna: or certain schools see all bids
-Sean: yep
-Lindsey: big schools continue to submit and little schools don’t see it as possibility. Don’t have
        ideal location…not problem. Maybe seem like it’s attainable at any level.
-Jenna: market to little schools and find alternatives for problems
-Bonnie: need to work with NCCs on understanding that
-Thomas: but NCCs see the ideal conference and compare bids to that
-Sean: but problem with NCCs is that they only see history as their short experience. History and
        short turn around
-Lindsey: what intimidates a lot of people is when they sit in a boardroom and see bids get torn
        apart. Always want current host school to leave so they don’t hear comparison
-Sean: and schools that lose and get creamed rarely come back to bid
-Lindsey: starts with us taking time to say it’s possible
-Adam: what about getting schools to bid 18 months out?
-Lindsey: so that they don’t have anything to compare it to?
-Adam/Sean: but possibility of leadership team changing
-Thomas: need to create tangible guide to bid writing
-Lindsey: work to educate schools about resources available. Working with committee to look at
        national offices, SAACURH, etc. Looking at services…not one comprehensive list…
-Bonnie: which helps affiliating
-Lindsey: expressing concerns to national board…none to express
-Lindsey: work to improve resources to SAACURH member schools
-Adam: goes back to conversation about what do they get?
-Thomas: how do we help NCCs get that information out?
-Jenna: like what about programming grant?
-Lindsey: got sent out….just hard to find on website
-Sean: utilize resources in students to create new items
-Lindsey: work to create more personal relationships with SEC and member schools
-Bonnie: trying to focus on SEC spotlight in newsletter
-Thomas: know it’s hard for us to interact in boardroom
-Adam: chance to reach out though and interact
-Bonnie: also making sure they see us as normal people so photos of us goofing off
-Lindsey: promote grant opportunities. We need to figure out how to promote our own grants
-Thomas: programming grant went out in spring last year.
-Bonnie: when is the delegate grant supposed to go out? Is it for NACURH or SAACURH
        because it will affect timing
-Thomas: could be used for both technically
-Bonnie: how do we promote?
-Lindsey: advertise at state conferences
-Thomas: March 15
-Lindsey: what about schools that want to use for No Frills….consider that advisors need to go
-Jenna: does application ask for amount or number of people?
-Bruce: is it better to have numerous e-mails or long condensed e-mails?
-Lindsey: getting mixed feedback
-Sean: long signatures make hard to read
-Bruce: what if we condensed our own e-mails?
-Thomas: SAACURH conference delegate is for regional conference and is not to exceed $100
-Sean: FAU has header at top of e-mail….then sample….then signature at bottom….would need
        to edit
-Lindsey: asked to bold dates
-Bruce: with OTMs, winners lose some of specialness in e-mails
-Thomas: membership affiliation grants…
-Lindsey: Good to note for next year
-Thomas: no….you’re responsible for. I write the check
-Thomas: description of affiliation grant
-Bruce: I feel like our personalities get lost if we don’t send
-Bonnie: concern about people wanting off listserv
-Lindsey: we can moderate all messages
-Bonnie: don’t mind doing
-Adam: could ask Lindsey when next time to send e-mail out is
-Bruce: think ahead of what e-mails need to be sent out when
-Bonnie: at Elon, we only send e-mails on certain days
-Bruce: so we each get a day
-Bonnie: so what did we decide on?
-Lindsey: let’s try the dates for each SEC for a while
-Bruce: maybe day we have our office hours
-Lindsey: or day after
-Bonnie: maybe using certain title for each SEC regularly so that people affiliate those with each
       of us and are easier to find
-Jenna: chosen to go the strategic planning retreat…let me know if you have specific concerns
       you want me to voice
-Lindsey: any expectations you feel like we need to adjust?
-Adam: I know the SEAHO Report…e-mail gets sent out but never happens
-Bonnie: I second that
-Bruce: so what do you want?
-Bonnie: whatever you are doing in your positions and committees that promotes the
       organization to professionals in region
-Bonnie: also pointed out that date specific items may not be good
-Adam: transparency with region – students in region
-Lindsey: yep
-Bruce: can you send us reports?
-Lindsey: they actually get posted on website when I receive all
-Bonnie: pointed out where on website
-Lindsey: anything else? Ok…will track goals of SEC and individual positions for region to see
-Bruce: are any reports backlogged?
-Bonnie: only recently added to website as part of transparency

Adjourn for the night

December 15, 2009

Present: Lindsey, Thomas, Bruce, Jenna, Bonnie, Sean, Adam, Alicia, Jackie, Dante, Sarah, Jen

-Budget presentation/discussion
-Lindsey: we’re going to go line by line and break it down
-Sean: what is the current cost?
-Lindsey: $129.00 and $183.00. We have the housing cost and the cost for everything else we get
        like nametags, etc.
-Sean: should we start with the conference loan at revenue?
-Lindsey: explained conference loan
-Jackie: we don’t need seed money
-Sean: and we only started a few years ago when the excess was bigger
-Lindsey: all of the red marks on budget are notes….non-housing cost minus revenue (basic
        conference cost) total conference cost is basic cost plus housing cost
-Thomas: master ledger and ledger aren’t right
-Lindsey: we’re only approving conference budget
-Thomas: won’t matter now but needs to be fixed
-Lindsey: no two conferences have ever done ledger the same but this form helps
-Jackie: will it compare on the main conference budget
-Lindsey: yeah we can set that up. OCM does not give money but they will ship pads and pens
-Sean: we use one form for both conferences so that’s from the regional conf.
-Jackie: we weren’t sure…asked OCM what they normally do
-Sean: philanthropy line will be 0
-Lindsey: don’t need loan, things like site will be zero what is different between food and
        beverage and boardroom motivation
-Jackie: moving towards doing games, materials, etc. for boardroom but may have had to do with
        notepads so could be reduced
-Lindsey: Sarah you said you didn’t have line item for boardroom
-Sarah: food for hospitality and other items for boardroom snacks
-Jackie: like in afternoon for break…also some other possibilities for that
-Sean: now’s the time to start asking for day old stuff form local vendors…ask for now and get
        in writing….will reduce costs
-Lindsey: Thomas brought up point that this needs to be changed to boardroom motivation and
        food or snacks
-Thomas: you could leave that and change that to Hospitality room
-Lindsey: SEC was talking about doing $350 for each but should we do more for boardroom?
-Thomas: more for boardroom because of time….want more in boardroom with some snacks at
        hotel before they pass out
-Jenna: especially if we start running late in boardroom
-Sean: and other hosts haven’t had hospitality room at hotel, just had grab and go snacks
-Alicia: which means no one needs to watch room
-Sean: saves you room rent
-Lindsey: lowers cost
-Sarah: like the idea of a room
-Thomas: fosters regional interaction. But move boardroom cost to $450
-Jackie: but we could make little packs to pass out as leaving boardroom
-Thomas: but there is a separate spot away from boardroom where everyone can hang out
-Sarah: I just know that from FSU, I was tired and liked meeting people
-Lindsey: looking at feedback from FSU, no central place for hanging out
-Jenna: but that hotel didn’t work
-Sarah: just feel like we need that space
-Lindsey: so what if we do $500 and $150
-Thomas $450 and $250
-Lindsey: what were you looking to do?
-Sarah: pizza, chicken
-Dante: pizza, snacks
-Jackie: snacks and substance
-Sean: whenever you place an order, get them to cut into smaller pieces
-Dante: ok…work well with Papa John’s and Little Caesars’
-Thomas: have snacks in hospitality room and more food at boardroom
-Jackie: so more snacks at night
-Alicia: get munchies between breakfast and sandwiches
-Jackie: more substance in afternoon, less in evening
-Sean: get bagels, pastries etc
-Lindsey: tell us when you are going to order so we can try to break during time
-Sean: we can manipulate breaks
-Sarah: when do you want those times?
-Lindsey: have one in afternoon and one in evening…not one at night. Only reason I’m thinking
        about more money for boardroom food
-Sean: talk with vendors about people coming from different schools, states etc. and see about
        corporate giving stuff for free
-Jackie: not a lot of corporate places….just locals
-Sean: so play off southern hospitality and showcase local places
-Lindsey: also offer to put name in folder as advertisement, etc.
-Sean: hang up signs in lobby, coupons, etc. Know that students may order pizza, etc. to room
        use them
-Thomas: corporations may tell you to come back next year as far as the end of the year and
        exhausting giveaways
-Bonnie: but you can nab them January
-Alicia: we wrote contracts and letters for state conference sponsorship…provides detail etc.
-Lindsey: suggestions about numbers? $550 and $150
-Bruce: where will this be set-up?
-Sarah: outside of boardroom
-Bruce: so NRHH will have to walk
-Sarah: we can set-up two places or in McCool atrium
-Lindsey: if we set in atrium…get out of boardroom
-Alicia: hold some back if one boardroom breaks first
-Sean: and if we know what time food will be there, we can plan day before to schedule bids
        around food breaks. We want boardrooms to interact with each other
-Lindsey: heavier on boardroom side and less than in hospitality
-Jenna: or buy a lot for boardroom and then transport leftover
-Lindsey: $550 for boardroom and $150 for hospitality….doesn’t change overall amount
-All ok with
-Lindsey: moving along to meals….price for breakfast and lunch Saturday…$6 and $6
-Bruce: and that’s the room we saw today
-Sarah: yep
-Lindsey: what’s Sunday breakfast?
-Sarah: things at the hotel….
-Sean: grab and go
-Sarah: yep
-Lindsey: where did you come up with $3
-Jenna: might be able to do for $1 or $2. Go and get doughnuts
-Alicia: may need something more substantive
-Jackie: juice, fruit, etc.
-Bonnie: so keep $3 for Sunday breakfast?
-Lindsey: what is vision for banquet?
-Sarah: wearing nice clothes, etc. so thinking food would match. Good food we’ve had before. -
        Buffet lines, nice meal
-Lindsey: talking about yesterday…won’t have opportunity to go and change before banquet.
        Don’t always finish in time before banquet. Is there another dinner option and then an
        awards presentation? Don’t want you to go into trouble of working on banquet
-Sean: has happened a lot when we can’t be there because of overrun on time in boardroom
-Jackie: do you want to go?
-Sean: still needs to be a hot meal. Maybe in a food court. Everyone won’t be dressed up so
        won’t have formal air. That’s were cost comes in…labor. Staff will have to wait on us
-Sarah: don’t want to change food….looking at closing report from FSU and people complained
        about food selection like burgers….want to have the same menu
-Sean: right…not worried about food. Just don’t need a banquet set-up with all extras. Same
        dinner….no extras to add to cost if we won’t be able to enjoy
-Sarah: could we have dinner then go back to boardroom and then go back to Union for awards
-Jenna: just a lot of time
-Kyle: would you like option of something we can move around?
-Lindsey: issue with FSU location was that it was so far away
-Jackie: so the awards presentation needs to be flexible but the dinner time can be set. However,
        we choose to serve dinner…they can leave boardroom
-Sarah: get chance to get away
-Jackie: limited by number of people and space. Can tone down banquet but don’t want
        ARAMARK tracking across campus to serve. Can we do awards in one of boardrooms?
-Sean: haven’t seen contract but if that’s in price, cut it out. Agree that we need venue change
-Lindsey: costs $250 to rent room but would it cost to have area next to?
-Dante: have seen them do buffet there
-Jackie: can look at alternatives
-Thomas: issue I see is that if on schedule….NCCs see that has to be done then and that way
-Jackie: will include in schedule that awards ceremony will take place at flexible time
-Dante: how late will that go?
-Lindsey: have to be done by one
-Dante: Union is closed
-Jackie: will use another location
-Sean: hope doesn’t happen but just in case
-Jackie: easier for us that we don’t have to plan all. Take off room cost for banquet, suggest
-Alicia: should leave cost until we know of another spot
-Jackie: ballroom is only place on campus that really has cost
-Sean: when working on menu…use plastic etc.
-Lindsey: took $1.50 off price. Can always charge less per delegate and not more once approved
-Thomas: if something changes, let me know
-Jackie: is that for bottom line?
-Thomas: if you change somewhere it will change the bottom line
-Jackie: like if I move same cost from one place to another
-Thomas: if you move stuff around fine but can’t take money off without approval
-Lindsey; bottom line can’t change without us, can’t move up
-Sean: if you change line items, let us know
-Lindsey: everyone ok with meals? Decoration...none. Office supplies….everything from
        original plan
-Sarah: you added decorations right?
-Lindsey: yes….that’s a frill and we don’t do those. We’ll expand office supplies and give each
        own line at Thomas request. Everyone ok with that? Philanthropy…none. Next question
        about postage. Where will you depend that?
-Jackie: if we needed to send anything out to delegates like checks, etc. Plan to send most out
-Lindsey: how much is postage?
-Sean: .44 cents
-Lindsey: that would allow you to send 113 letters then
-Kyle: were going to send reminders
-Sarah: yeah were going to send save the dates
-Lindsey: to save money…use evites
-Kyle: just in case we decided
-Lindsey: we can leave $15
-Jackie: just take out….housing can pick up cost as housing staff
-Sean: if you do have something like returned check…make them pay
-Dante: some schools need physical paper sent to them
-Jackie: that can come out of housing
-Lindsey: so we’ll just scratch that
-Thomas: we you send out invoice…make sure to note that bank fees for returned checks are the
        responsibility to schools with returned checks
-Jackie: can pay by credit card
-Thomas: let us know if they have fees like that that haven’t been paid so we can take always
-Sean: we have a no pay, no key policy…we will back you up
-Lindsey: ok…printing. What is that for?
-Sarah: staff bios, etc. for folders
-Sean: needs to go up
-Jackie: should we bump it up to $50
-Sean: are you going to Kinko’s etc?
-Jackie: probably in house but we will need paper, toners, etc
-Sean: do you have a state contract for cheaper
-Jackie: yep
-Lindsey: ok…folders will be donated?
-Sarah: yep
-Lindsey: ok cut cost there. Ok filing materials.
-Kyle: was that supposed to be nametags?
-Lindsey: don’t have nametag printing but nametags
-Sarah: was that on our budget?
-Jackie: I wonder if we included paper
-Lindsey: you have file folders in other cost
-Thomas: in other spot
-Lindsey: already under another file
-Alicia: were you going to use tabs etc?
-Jackie: included in office supplies
-Sarah: might be for registration chair?
-Lindsey: $15.90 for filing materials for registration. Nametags .30 per delegate and general
        registration supplies like pens, etc. Ok…everyone ok with that cost? Does anyone know
        how much the SAACURH cost was so we can reimburse y’all for one delegate that
        presented update?
-Bonnie: $136
-Lindsey: ok…SEC costs.
-Sarah: do you mind explaining the 19 to them?
-Lindsey: explanation of all 19 VIPs. The ex-officios will stay at $55 instead on $78.5 like others
        because they stay with delegates at hotel but we still pay for them. I will send you names
        and they will register as ex-officios. Ok Winter Summit meal misc. cost…took numbers
        you gave us for that.
-Jackie: can you explain room assignments?
-Lindsey: two to a room generally. Depends on buddy breakdown. I’ll send those to you
-Jackie: for sure…how many rooms?
-Lindsey: here’s the thing with OCM…they can stay at the hotel because they can rent a car
-Alicia: how many rooms are at the guest house?
-Jackie: eight rooms…but with gender issues…how many rooms
-Sean: if we get who we think, maybe
-Jackie: so how do we plan?
-Lindsey: take all eight rooms and plan on OCM being at hotel which gives you a room that you
        can play with
-Sean: depends on OCM as well…who they send….some like to be here later and some earlier
-Lindsey: $109 per room for Hilton…so $218 for OCM
-Jackie: and need to include cost of food for OCM
-Lindsey: that’s incorporate into 19 people. And like we said…they typically send one person.
        Are y’all tax exempt?
-Sarah: yes….completely
-Thomas: don’t go to companies that don’t honor
-Lindsey: ok…you have it listed as $78.50 per person
-Jackie: Not sure about where everyone would be
-Lindsey: So it’s actually $94.50 per person
-Jackie: that’s if it equally works out for Butler so should we make extra room at the Hilton
-Lindsey: should have wiggle room with OCM
-Sean: pretty sure from OCM that it’s one person arriving on Friday will verify
-Jackie: can move NIC or NSRO and move to Hilton if possible? When will have that info.?
-Lindsey: will probably know early January…we require them to register
-Jackie: so we will be able to fix if problem….about $50 difference
-Lindsey: and if we had to, we can put nationals three to a room. So the SEC/VIP should be set
        now. Does that make sense?
-Lindsey: no socials. Plaques went up because we give out 24 of them. Adam orders and buys
        them and you pay them.
-Adam: or we can invoice them to you directly?
-Sean: are you using a university account?
-Jackie: we can have the check cut and sent to you?
-Adam: could just send check to me and I’ll pay. Works either way…still need to send names to
-Jackie: has to be licensed vendor.
-Adam: I’ll send you info.
-Lindsey: if price changes, let us know Adam. Ok staff nourishment. Are you planning on
        feeding them all meals?
-Sarah: volunteers will get pizza, etc. only chairs, etc. will eat like delegates
-Lindsey: how many?
-Sarah: 13
-Lindsey: ok..$338 for all meals then for y’all. For volunteer nourishment….only leaves $12.
        However, with staff development…Thomas pointed out that policy states $1 per delegate
        so needs to be cut.
-Sarah: reason we had cost for that was so that we could get shirts…so we need to add that into
        volunteer shirts which you added into budget
-Lindsey: ok…
-Sarah: so can we use $350 for volunteer shirts and just not take staff development?
-Bonnie: are you saying you don’t need staff development?
-Sarah: we just wanted that money for shirts
-Lindsey: how many shirts
-Sarah: $7 or $8 a shirt with 40 shirts
-Thomas: need separate line item
-Lindsey: 40 shirts at $7 piece
-Sarah: can’t remember….$8 is the highest it will go
-Lindsey: ok…$320.00. SEC ok with? And get rid of staff development?
-Sean: disagree with that….keep that money as a thank you. That’s what that line item is for like
        a pizza party
-Sarah: remember now what that was for
-Lindsey: whole dollar?
-Sarah: 50 cents
-Alicia: I think it’s ok to keep at a dollar
-Lindsey: can’t give more than a dollar
-Sean: keep at dollar at least
-Lindsey: how much for volunteer nourishment?
-Dante: pizza, what?
-Kyle: lunch and dinner
-Sarah: $3 or $4 per person
-Lindsey: the 40 minus you guys so 27. So staff $81 for volunteer nourishment…everyone ok
        with? And you’ll get more staff development money as people register. Ok…so here’s
        the thing. Transportation is a cost that you need to charge to everyone. Can’t make it a
        cost than charging for it…will create an excess
-Jackie: problem is that two airports are farther away. We don’t know how many people will be
        flying in airports farther away.
-Lindsey: decided yesterday to possibly pick one or the other
-Jackie: still don’t know who will choose airport closer to or farther away
-Bonnie: can we say only going to transport from one airport
-Adam: what Lindsey is saying that if cost already in budget will still cover transport from
        airports, than no need to charge extra
-Sarah: and actually $900 is close but won’t exactly cover
-Jackie: the gas part is the issue we don’t know about
-Lindsey: for UK…they listed shuttle services from other airports
-Sean: nothing says you have to provide transportation….provide from one airport
-Dante: if that’s ok then we’re fine with that
-Jackie: ok…that price was built for GTR and around campus then
-Bonnie: is that enough for gas?
-Jackie: might want to knock that up
-Lindsey: I just worry that not everyone will use vans. Don’t feel comfortable charging $6 per
        delegate if not everyone uses it
-Discussion about van rental options. Can’t take from campus and rental companies won’t cut
        slack on price. What if we cut down to two or charge for schools from GTR?
-Jenna/Sean: cheaper to fly into GTR rather than Jackson and rent van
-Thomas: are we turning away smaller schools from conferences by cutting out GTR?
-Sean: Not going to help them by renting a van in Jackson
-Lindsey: if we cut down the delegate cost, will we be freeing up more money for transportation?
-Alicia: if we are only looking at GTR then we’re really only talking about transportation on
        campus and that should be included in cost
-Lindsey: should be able to plan with two vans
-Jenna: will just need to plan out
-Adam: prices right now that flights are cheaper currently to GTR rather than Jackson
-Jackie: so we’re going to eliminate Jackson and Memphis
-Lindsey: just make sure to advertise. Are we ok with two vans?
-Discussion about two versus three vans
-Lindsey: what if we lower gas price?
-Discussion on gas price
-Sean: if we set higher price right now, then donations may bring price down. Rather approve
        higher price right now
-Thomas: when does registration open?
-Sarah: Thursday
-Thomas: when is payment due?
-Jackie: with credit card it will charge automatically
-Sean: when will you know when donations are coming in?
-Jackie: probably a few weeks into January
-Sean: will registration be ok if delayed?
-Sarah: but we told them December
-Jenna: they won’t remember….if we send e-mail out
-Lindsey: we can send e-mail out saying trying to get cost down. Everything ready but waiting a
        few weeks
-Sean: yep
-Lindsey: can say not opening registration due to request from SEC and credit card
-Jackie: issue we are having….may not get donations because of budget crunch.
-Sean: wouldn’t reference sponsorship in letter….just talk about timeline…where to fly in, dates,
-Jackie: price won’t go up
-Lindsey: no…can only go down
-Jackie: can’t say for sure but I know money was set aside in department but money’s locked up
-Lindsey: ok…with housing. Before it was a different number…but based on FSU, Thomas felt
        that 70/30 was closer to what it should be. But doesn’t change cost for advisors. $159
        breakeven point. Need to have $23,860.12 in bank to pay for conference.
-Sarah: when we close the books, what do you need to see that everything has been paid?
-Sean: honestly, you just show us what came in, what came out, etc. Need to keep receipts in
        case you get audited and for closing report but we don’t need to see typically
-Thomas: yep, just keep for auditing and closing report.
-Lindsey: we can add an actual column. Any other discussion on the budget? Discussion?
-Thomas: we need to look at national guests
-Lindsey: cost $2.38 per delegate for them. Well…right around $2 to bring one additional of
-Sean: one of what?
-Lindsey: one additional director, one additional NBD
-Sean: I say one and one…they didn’t come to SAACURH. They would learn more at
-Bruce: if they want to come, let them pay
-Sean: you take it down to $130 per delegate if you take that away
-Bruce: if we benefit from them visiting, then we could pay…however, won’t
-Thomas: only thing is….I would enjoy going to other boardroom to see how that learns
-Bruce: so we could foot bill to attend another
-Lindsey: we don’t foot bill….just a swap
-Sean: question is how do you benefit us when you learn and then leave
-Lindsey: feel that NBD benefits more than director swap
-Bonnie: anyone can learn that….doesn’t matter which SEC we send
-Thomas: it’s a matter of documenting that knowledge learned
-Lindsey: only place I disagree on that is NRHH…like IACURH…we could help them, they
        could help us
-Sean: so what do get from them being here?
-Lindsey: see totally different perspective
-Thomas: goes towards NACURH’s mission of learning from others
-Bruce: is there no way we could foot bill?
-Jenna: that’s where I get hung up….I don’t want delegates to pay
-Lindsey: so we would pay conference extra for another person…need to include one in budget
-Thomas: support another person coming
-Lindsey: knowing people that are coming to our conferences, would be useful
-Sean: know that….however, having seen other swaps….don’t see benefit
-Bonnie: is this the best method for that learning or are conversations?
-Lindsey: don’t agree for us to pay to send people to other conferences. However, knowing that
        if we only do 1 and 1, we will need to pay for extra NBD member anyways so why not
        pay for another director or NRHH person
-Thomas: not me saying that I don’t want to see how other boardrooms operate…saying good to
        go and see. Make sure to use for intended purpose…maybe discuss at Semis. Need to set-
        up more accountability.
-Lindsey: already an effort to create use for NIC and NSRO reps to have jobs
-Sean: right…however…we are at a nexus right now. Back in the day, we needed director
        exchange to communicate but as we get more technology….is this an archaic practice?
-Bruce: so we need to have them video cast
-Sean: questions that you need to be asking…where are we going and what are we doing that we
        need to be doing differently?
-Lindsey: and then you can include NCCs that afford to be there
-Alicia: we still want to be able to send one director elsewhere
-Bonnie: so do we still want two NBD?
-Lindsey: no….have Thomas cut check for additional $150 for an extra NBD and only have one
        NBD in budget
-Bonnie: are we having that conversation now?
-Lindsey: let’s approve the budget first….removed two people (one NBD and one director) so
        now only 17
-Sean: still two OCM people
-Lindsey: yes and if we learn that they are only sending one then we’ll take off if before
-Jackie: still affects room
-Lindsey: enough rooms in Butler but gender split may cause three and one. All national guests
        come in Thursday
-Bruce: can we vote?
-Lindsey: any other discussion. Approval of $131 per delegate and $185 per advisor? Budget is
        approved 5-0-0.

Lunch break and travel to boardrooms to view


Present: All SEC

-Lindsey: ok….backwards plan. So…March 18th is the day we arrive at No Frills. Nothing much
       will happen between now and January 7th. Bids uploaded to the internet two weeks
       before….so March 5th
-Jenna: I feel like we need more time
-Lindsey: I’m saying final bids posted on the 5th
-Bonnie: are we worried about Spring Break then?
-Lindsey: we have breaks the few weeks before
-Bonnie: so hard to work around
-Lindsey: do we want to give three weeks or two weeks?
-Adam: do we want to give them staggered weeks so that some are posted one time and people
        aren’t so overwhelmed
-Thomas: I would post award bids first
-Lindsey: award bids posted March 26th and positional bids March 5th
-Lindsey: when can Luke get those posted?
-Bonnie: when does Auburn have spring break?
-Alicia: during No Frills
-Adam: how are they being submitted?
-Lindsey: PDFs
-Adam: can Luke find a way to have them submitted separately? There is a website that can do
-Lindsey: I see a problem with people saying they posted and it not being posted
-Adam: explanation of uploading process
-Lindsey: ok…we’ll work out a more effective means
-Lindsey: ok…legislation should be up on 14th?
-Jenna: extra time
-Lindsey: so the 12th?
-Jenna: why not the 5th with bids
-Lindsey: cause a lot of the time they don’t see the need until writing bids. What are other things
        we need?
-Bonnie: do we want a deadline for SAAS
-Adam: I need two weeks for engraving so I need to receive applications and money by March
-Bonnie: sent to you?
-Adam: application says so. Let me pull up application because it has a date on it
-Lindsey: pre-conference packet
-Thomas: I say March 5th
-Lindsey: do you want it before SAAS?
-Adam: I’m going to send it out in January because if people know that students are graduating
-Lindsey: FYI on intentional bids
-Sean: are we doing intent letters?
-Lindsey: yep
-Sean: what about Feb. 1st so we have time to include others?
-Lindsey: sure
-Adam: what about No Frills bids?
-Lindsey: they go in with award deadlines. Ok…anything else for the back-up plan?
-Sean: do we want to say that registration opens on January 15th?
-Lindsey: ok. What about programming grant?
-Thomas: March 1st…or should we have them due before then?
-Lindsey: no because they would get announced then
-Thomas: technically the RAC is supposed to coordinate it
-Lindsey: Jenna…can you coordinate the affiliations grant?
-Jenna: Yep
-Lindsey: March 1st ok?
-Jenna: Yep
-Backwards plan:
March 19th- Four Year Service Pins due at registration
March 18th- SEC Arrives at Mississippi State University
March 12th- All legislation due by 11:59pm EST to and
March 5th- Pre-Conference Pack sent out
March 5th- Positional Bids posted online
March 1st- SAAS applications and money turned in to Adam Schwarz
March 1st- Programming Grants Due
March 1st- Affiliation Grant Due
February 26th- Award and Conference bids posted online
February 26th- Payment Due
February 26th- Late Registration Closes
February 26th- Positional bids due by 11:59pm EST to and
February 19th – Award and conference bids due by 11:59pm EST to and
February 12th- Registration Closes
February 1st- Letters of Intent
January 15th- No-Frills Registration Opens
January 11th- SEC Position showcase emails begin
January 8th- Bid publicity sent out

-Lindsey: we’re going to talk about bids at no frills and a little bit about what boardroom will
        look like. I didn’t like last year when bids for multiple positions were not all posted.
        So…all position bids need to be posted.
-Alicia: explain to NCCs about trickle down policy and how it will work
-Bruce: feel like idea will be that we can figure out who will fit where
-Lindsey: I will watch out for comments that see those signs
-Bruce: I don’t want someone who is only person in one position but is more qualified for
        another yet may not get it
-Lindsey: issue I’m having is that bids for other positions are getting read
-Bruce: can we recess and let them read
-Alicia: didn’t we do that last year
-Lindsey: bids aren’t always similar
-Bruce: have primary bid and then address things that are different in another bid
-Lindsey: is there a reason we don’t tell people bidding for positions that you may not get either.
        I’m more worried about having complete bid that no one read.
-Thomas: positions in directorship need to be read and if someone moves from one to another,
        they don’t get read
-Lindsey: last year, no one read RCCA position
-Adam: even if you put disclaimer out there, what’s the lesser of two evaluations
-Lindsey: posting bids ahead of time and telling them not to pick based on giving everyone
-Alicia: put on SAACURH U agenda
-Adam: and put in pre-conference position. Shows that they have separate bids
-Bruce: show that it would be unfair
-Adam: to marginalize person bidding
-Bonnie: need to get rid of idea that best possibility is to fill all positions
-Lindsey: we can use situations in the past where not all positions have been filled and that’s ok.
        Ok…we’re going to put a lot of PR out there about this. Also, with boardroom
        agenda…there conference schedule has 7-midnight. They don’t have SAACURH U so
        start at 6:30pm.
-Sean: we just need to publicize that now so people who are scheduling tickets
-Alicia: but there schedule talks about boardroom being reserved at 7:00pm
-Lindsey: but we ran out of time last year
-Bonnie: does it need to be longer?
-Lindsey: I wanted to look up flight options
-Bruce: we can tape SAACURH U
-Lindsey: that’s not a bad idea
-Sean: we can put it in a PowerPoint
-Bonnie: we need to make sure they’ve seen it
-Alicia: and if we do that then they have time to form questions
-Adam: like a module
-Lindsey: I think that’s not a half-baked idea. Bruce and I can make segments and put them on
        the website
-Bonnie: with these…how do we make sure people saw them?
-Lindsey: that’s the next question
-Alicia: make them go through in order to get to bids
-Sean: we could send them a password at the end, and set it up so everyone gets a unique
-Lindsey: this could be for people that look like they might miss
-Alicia: should be everyone
-Lindsey: we could meet at 6:00pm for those that have questions, having watched all of the video
-Thomas: we could do iU
-Bonnie: we still need to be able to give them the passwords
-Lindsey: we could do it like traffic school
-Bonnie: how is the password going to work? Should they be tested to make sure they absorbed
-Lindsey: what if the entire pre-conf. packet was a video that they had to be tested on afterwards?
-Lindsey…I wonder if we could get Alicia to use the NACURH log-in
-Bonnie: they don’t always pass those on
-Lindsey: this could force them to
-Alicia: do we have them log-in to watch the video or get the bids
-Lindsey: they would need to log in to watch the video and we could see who watched
-Lindsey: if we could set it up so they have to respond at different times through the video and
        then at the end do a survey. And with the survey they need to self-identify information so
        we could look through and see who hadn’t taken it. Then, those people would need to
        come to the live SAACURH U
-Alicia: They could watch the video again. What if someone planned to attend the live version
        and then missed their flight
-Sean: require them to watch
-Thomas: then tell people who didn’t watch to attend
-Alicia: don’t tell them about live option
-Sean: or they could have something to print out and bring in to get their placard
-Lindsey: so video then survey and then certificate of completion. Anything else? Committee
-Jenna: Sate directors are good. Going to try and have chat between now and first of year. Still
        trying to finalize who is going.
-Thomas: need list of all ADFs in states to check on tax exempt status
-Jenna: still need list of TARH and FARH state boards
-Thomas: committee is working on several things including stuff we have come up with here.
        One of big things is overhaul and take out gender specific language
-Bruce: make sure it doesn’t get bogged down
-Thomas: lot of policy things that need to be changed. Like getting rid of old positions, adding
        new positions. Changing wording, etc. There is discussion about advisors and their voting
        process (including where it comes in the agenda. Discussion that we change bidding
        criteria and requirements or procedures. Look for redundancy
-Lindsey: make sure that if committee makes any changes in positions, contact that person.
        How’s your national committee?
-Thomas: national committee…hard to get people to contact or show up. Other issue that
        Kenrick’s ideas in proposal have been moved to other areas.
-Lindsey: what about advocacy?
-Jenna: we made a survey but I have yet to see where the survey will be used. Struggling with
        idea for committee….what does nation think we should do.
-Bruce: we are voting for OTMs. For the Honorary Students Committee, we are working on
        creating standards, etc. for reading and writing. Met with regional committee to collect
        feedback on those standards. Would love to have more people vote
-Jenna: it’s true….when I see those big lists of OTMs…it takes a while to read
-Bruce: also…Ross is trying to reach out to chapters in different regions and I recommend which
        chapters that he meets with so let me know if you have any recommendations for schools
        that may be struggling, etc.
-Thomas: how is he meeting with them?
-Bruce: online video chat
-Lindsey: do you know where the Strategic Planning Committee is meeting?
-Jenna: Western Illinois
-Lindsey: bid committee didn’t have as many people on as would like. Would like to see bid
        writing guide, chance to ask and answer questions about bid writing. Like create an AIM
-Jenna: get an e-mail like
-Lindsey: big thing we need to do is to get people to submit bids earlier so they can give
        feedback. Strategic planning…working on NCC guide or transitional manual. Lots of
        seasoned NCCs. Also looking for ways to improve national recognition. SEAHO
        strategic committee has given me lots of resources. Nationally…researching ideas for
        Corporate development and assessment. Trying to find one consistent assessment idea.
-Sean: it’s the new buzz
-Lindsey: our strategic planning is for more short term so that wheel doesn’t have to be created
        every year
-Bonnie: Talk about cheer videos for website. Newsletter update. Talk about picking colors and
        logos for spirit items. Explanation of national committee on liability issues.
-Discussion of national liability issues
-Bonnie: SAACURHnet discussion. Careful that if we use SAACURHnet as brand, people may
        think that the address is Don’t use unless we can buy
        and link to
-Sean: can we talk about state website?
-Discussion to not renew state website and send out e-mail to state directors explaining decisions
        and get everything off – beware of virus.
-Discussion on whether or not to recommend states have sites. Collect basic info. about each
        state and post of new page. With info instead of links.
-Bruce: I think we should rethink conference attendance. It would be more beneficial for us and
        states if we go to states we aren’t as close with. For example, I know all the VACURH
-Adam: you want to build relationship with other states
-Bruce: so when people come to me and ask to recommend people, I know more people
-Lindsey: Jenna…what are dates?
-Thomas: realize that 75.88% of budget for travel has already been used (not including No Frills
        and states). Have already gone over for Winter Summit travel.
-Adam: what if you copied number from winter summit and took out?
-Thomas: $704.22 cents left for state travel if we use same number for Winter Summit and No
        Frills travel
-Sean: wouldn’t cost anything at FARH
-Lindsey: talked about trying to have us travel to states instead of advisers
-Sean: FARH is still pretty strong
-Lindsey: when are conferences?
ALURH Jan. 30 - Jenna
FARH Feb. 12-14 - Sean
GRHO Jan. 29-30 - Bonnie
KARH Feb. 5-7 - Sean
MARHS Jan. 30 - Adam
NCARH Feb. 5-7 - Lindsey
SCORE Feb. 19-21 - Jenna
TARH Feb. 5-7 - Adam
VACURH Feb. 6-7 - Bruce

-Lindsey: so Jenna is going to Alabama, Bonnie to GRHO, and Adam to MARHS?
-Jenna: everything covered except TARH and KARH?
-Bonnie: would like to go but RA weekend
-Bruce: at VACURH
-Lindsey: maybe we send someone to KARH instead of strong presence in VACURH?
-Thomas: KARH is trying to redo constitution
-Lindsey: maybe we don’t send anyone to NCARH or we send an advisor?
-Jenna: I would go but I have comps
-Discussion of where conferences are and which is shortest distance
-Bonnie: do we want to include what we need to talk about in our presentation?
-Lindsey: actually Jenna makes that
-Jenna: what do you want?
-Lindsey: bids
-Jenna: what else? Conference updates
-Lindsey: grants info. and really promote those
-Jenna: could do basic SEC updates
-Lindsey: make the one Danielle made look different
-Jenna: I’ll make a presentation and get it to y’all by the end of December
-Lindsey: Jenna and I will work on travel before finalizing who is going where
-Jenna: is there anything we would like added to the presentation?
-Adam: do you want OTM reminders, involvement, etc.
-Sean: could talk about getting more people on committee
-Lindsey: talk about SAAS
-Thomas: should talk more about reasons why to affiliate
-Bruce: along with that, the benefits of hosting a conference
-Jenna: don’t want this to drag out for a long time
-Thomas: can we send out assessment at some point to schools not affiliated and see why
-Sean: we should send assessment to different members of schools and see what they say
-Lindsey: didn’t you do that Bonnie?
-Bonnie: tried to make list and contact info. but really no comprehensive list
-Lindsey: should announce assessment during SEAHO piece
-Adam: talking about putting SAAS stuff in information…what are we advertising it with? What
        are the benefits? What do you want me to be doing with it?
-Bonnie: I think a newsletter or something
-Adam: we’d have to get people that are interested in submitting
-Jenna: I like the updates
-Adam: and we could do semester, quarter, etc
-Jenna: and national updates, etc
-Bruce: maybe job announcements
-Jenna: or grad school
-Lindsey: I’d like to track our alumni and see where they are in the world
-Thomas: or when job searching, could get in touch
-Adam: there is a database
-Bonnie: what does AAFN do?
-Sean: nothing. They have two socials at professional organizations
-Adam: since we need to start encouraging people to apply…what do we have for them?
-Thomas: why do people join?
-Sean: is the thought that it’s merely a recognition piece?
-Lindsey: SAAS and AAFN…big difference between two because of price. Get SAAS and get
        nice award, public recognition, etc.
-Adam: I’ll figure something out
-Lindsey: also want to talk about intent to bid and letters of support. We would like to know who
        is interested so that we can reach out to them. Would everyone be ok with reaching out to
        those people once they send in letters? Make information shared even.
-Bruce: we should make it know before hand that we will reach out….to get people who don’t
        write letters but bid
-Sean: how many wrote and didn’t bid at SAACURH?
-Lindsey: maybe two
-Lindsey: letters of support. What do we do with people are moving from one school to another
        due to grad school? How do we work with letters of support? Should there be some type
        of encouragement or expectation from new school?
-Thomas: don’t you have to have letter of support from school?
-Lindsey: Current school writes letter of support because elect but need support from next school
        as well.
-Adam: do people even know?
-Jenna: that’s a valid question…what do you about those schools that don’t decide yet?
-Lindsey: and some schools won’t give consent unless you already know schools. But can we
        require that or just talk with the execs.?
-Bruce: I don’t think it’s bad to ask them to make that call and ask for support
-Jenna: just hard for school that doesn’t know you.
-Bruce: do you think it depends upon the person?
-Sean: yep
-Adam: be upfront about it and ask? Would they take a position not knowing about the support?
-Lindsey: are we subject to NACURH deadline?
-Bruce: does it matter that much?
-Lindsey: it does if they leave you
-Sean: until they don’t get support or have to leave
-Bruce: but then we have a current director until May
-Jenna: unless they don’t tell you until too late
-Sean: if I don’t know you, I won’t say ok
-Bruce: if we elect that person and they don’t get support, can’t we elect someone else
-Lindsey: we can’t elect the new board until they get power….can’t do anything until power
-Thomas: all that is required is a letter of support…letter of good standing at SAACURH
-Sean: during that term
-Lindsey: going to run into situation soon. May say school is affiliated but how do you know
        they support you?
-Jenna: or if you get tiny school that can’t financially support you?
-Sean: or even from the advisor perspective….elects don’t get paid for always
-Lindsey: only half of registration
-Bruce: but why can’t we just pick someone else if they can’t do it
-Sean: can’t fill empty hole as board until take power
-Lindsey: can’t vote on until SAACURH or appoint until have power
-Lindsey: what are we going to do?
-Thomas: way in which Lindsey handled is best
-Sean: clarifying that if your support is going to change, submit new support letter by May 1
-Lindsey: do we encourage bidders to let us know about plans?
-Lindsey: but will NCCs move discussion away from bid to that? Ok…adjust letter of support
        and give change deadline and encourage grad school plan if applicable…create
-Bruce: concern for a lot of people
-Jenna: what if we have someone who doesn’t get a housing position? Don’t live on campus? Or
        don’t offer grad. housing?
-Lindsey: don’t want to discourage people but we have a lot of grads on board. Don’t want to set
       people up for uncomfortable presentation if going to grad school
-Thomas: can I ask everyone for a letter of support for NAA and NAF from the SEC?
-Lindsey: we’ll talk about that when Thomas is not here

Dinner break

-Thomas: Need to start brainstorming for next year’s budget. Look at percentage realized. Then
       from there…what do we have so far and expect for the rest of the year. Look at travel for
       conferences next year. Looked at conference add-ons
-Lindsey: how much did we get from SAACURH?
-Thomas: $8,880 add-on fee
-Thomas: $3,400 transferred in but we might be over that.
-Discussion about technology fund of $5000 so maybe spend on laptops
-Discussion of year and closing of year.
-Lindsey: which is why MS State has to close books on March 30?
-Bonnie: so what do we have to spend on technology fee?
-Thomas: not so much a limit to what we can spend but we need to be good stewards of money
-Lindsey: where is the balance on that account?
-Thomas: talk to NAF
-Lindsey: before we determine where laptop money will come from and be able to tell schools
-Adam: have we been selling pride pins….cause we have proposed to sell 20
-Thomas: we have sold $40 so far
-Lindsey: we sell more at NACURH, semis, etc.
-Thomas: almost half-way to goal
-Adam: we didn’t set SAAS goal for this year?
-Thomas: national policy says we have to get three different quotes for tech. over $300 and
       present to NCCs
-Bruce: so three different quotes for Macs
-Thomas: Joey went out and got quotes for three different brands but said that Mac would be best
       due to longevity, lack of viruses, etc.
-Bonnie: is that what we want to do?
-Jenna: can they give us a discount?
-Lindsey: Macs give a good discount….just need to prove educational
-Thomas: we just need to look at what tech. fee is and what to replenish
-Bonnie: can’t think of too much more that we need to spend money on since computers are new
-Lindsey: want to make sure that all have contracts written for first
-Adam: do you use those computers exclusively
-Bonnie: I would due to software and capability
-Lindsey: I don’t remove computer from my house unless on official business…only use for
       personal if having trouble opening something. Reason we need one for NRHH right now
       is because of all files that I have backed up. Mac has better back-up. But we need to at
       least get software for other positions.
-Sean: what do we need to do in order to create this contract?
-Thomas: needs to be in policy book
-Lindsey: doesn’t need to be in policy book but does need to be looked at legally
-Thomas: does need to be in policy book stating that RBD signs for
-Sean: just say in policy book that you have ten days to hand over all items after position is
        through or school will be in bad standing
-Lindsey: what do we say if school doesn’t care if they are in bad standing. Don’t want it to be
        shoved aside in letter of support
-Sean: lawyers are going to tell you that if person who signed isn’t there, who’s responsible…or
        person won’t sign for
-Bonnie: what’s to say that someone in other position is more likely to hold on laptop and not
-Lindsey: so now that there’s enough money to buy one doesn’t mean that we need to. Just
        makes me nervous…
-Sean: in the end, why couldn’t we just get a external hard drive for Bruce?
-Bonnie: programs take up space on personal computer
-Sean: try to keep two computers separate
-Thomas: I think as long as we set this is what has to happen
-Adam: and hold them accountable
-Thomas: if you are given a document to sign as a contract…don’t you have to send it through
-Sean: I don’t know
-Adam: and then the school wants to know
-Sean: and then the process in the legal aspect for school could take forever. Do other regions
        have laptops?
-Lindsey: only regional directors and ADBAs have them
-Thomas: timeline…if those elected at no frills had time to get contracts looked at, would that be
-Sean: depends…but probably not top priority. Maybe regional advisers have process to check
        in/out laptops
-Bruce: if the institution signs it, they would try to get money back
-Lindsey: I think nationals do check-in-checkout process
-Bonnie: even if we don’t buy more, at least we need to get something set up for the two we have
-Sean: I have no problem working on that legislation with Adam and Alicia
-Lindsey: need to do research for other laptops…what extra software needs to be added
-Thomas: we have to have certain software due to national policy
-Lindsey: need to be able to explain why we need laptops instead of jump drives to NCCs
-Sean: need to be able to advocate why we are purchasing things that would only benefit three
        people instead of clickers
-Adam: clickers would benefit boardroom more
-Lindsey: why not but excess in No-frills budget so that they could buy them?
-Sean: only had huge budget in last few years. Let us know when you want us to work on
-Lindsey: maybe I should contact Turning Point about using them again with intent to buy
-Sean: how many
-Discussion on numbers….possibly 75 and 75 for both boardrooms
-Sean: maybe we say we didn’t get to try them that much…maybe need to have someone there?
-Adam: are there other companies we need to look at?
-Thomas: if we get to that point, we can put them in competition
-Jenna: Apple has some
-Thomas: my idea is that we research clickers and then get into talks about those
-Sean: maybe we get laptop back from Ashley….give to Bruce if working. Buy laptop for
        Bonnie since she uses the most….then take it one step at a time
-Adam: would agree we start getting those conversations started with clickers
-Lindsey: about to lose huge chunk of money to Vanguard…send out legislation tomorrow if
        needed. Could stop and put somewhere else
-Discussion on where to put that possible money and how much we have in the tech. account
-Lindsey: need to find out how much in national tech. savings account ASAP
-Clarification on numbers that don’t match. Will look at and get fixed before national semis
-Thomas: ok so we need to look at where the money is
-Lindsey: look at travel…may change for better or worse based on where conferences are. Like
        NACURH 2010 will be expensive
-Lindsey: ok…for regional pins…do we need to order anymore?
-Adam: we probably have enough for this year and part of next year
-Lindsey: need to factor in another $700 for next year. And we need to see where those pins
        came from
-Adam: probably need to order more seals too
-Bruce: but doesn’t that come from recognition line item?
-Lindsey: no…separate line item for OTMs
-Lindsey: is the affiliation grant one big and one small?
-Jenna: is there an application grant for that?
-Adam: what other areas do you want us to look at?
-Thomas: travel is biggest area
-Lindsey: I will also send you an inventory of items or maybe RCCA could keep
-Discussion about where everything is and who should be in charge of
-Lindsey: keep regional spirit/roll call same
-Bonnie: does that include t-shirts? Need numbers for how much I can spend on shirts, etc. for

Break for night

December 16, 2009

Present: Everyone and Jackie and Sarah

-Lindsey: with the OCM rep coming in Friday and the meals from the conference not starting
       until Sat. do we want to add in a line item for all of our meals?
-Sarah: do you want us to pull up the budget?
-Lindsey: cause we would have to pay for the VIPS too….so Thomas do we have enough
-Thomas: $447.50
-Lindsey: which leaves us with enough for $15 and $12 for the guests. Sean….can you think of
       anything else we need to spend
-Sean: well it’s possible but what do you want?
-Lindsey: ok…so we will have lunch and dinner on Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday
       paid for by SAACURH. Hopefully dinner on Friday will be provided by OCM. We will
       pay for VIPs and anything else purchased by SEC outside of those meals will need to be
       personally compensated
-Preparation of Regional Annual Report
-Lindsey: top five goals for report?
-Jenna: been working a lot with bids…submission and bid committee
-Lindsey: have goals and then steps to goals. So goal…bid submission improvement or quality
-Sean: how are the OTM submissions? Are they up?
-Adam: we usually have ten at least in each category
-Lindsey: OTMs are one of the goals
-Thomas: we’ve also been very good with transparency
-Lindsey: improvement of submission and promotion of OTMs. Work to reach schools that don’t
       normally write, more people for committee, and recognize writers more
-Bonnie: need to continue working on goal of regional identity and spirit
-Sean: webmaster, bought lion mascot, more cheers and teaching
-Lindsey: website, newsletter, regional newsletter, mascot, cheers
-Bonnie: do we want to mention creation of regional apparel?
-Bonnie: do we want to talk about better financial practices and helping schools better afford our
-Lindsey: so better fiscal practices. Promote grants and scholarships to all schools. Ensure most
       cost effective purchases for the region. Help schools find lowest prices for travel to
-Bruce: what about conference prices themselves?
-Lindsey: work with conference staff to lower delegate cost if possible
-Lindsey: we also have to do top five long term goals
-Adam: did you put website on there?
-Lindsey: under regional identity
-Bruce: did you put cheers on there?
-Lindsey: yep. We could do affiliations but it’s already under that
-Bruce: state travel
-Lindsey: we could do support of state associations. So Jenna…what do we have?
-Jenna: my position helps the state directors
-Lindsey: SEC attendance at state conferences
-Jenna: we’ve had monthly chats and we got together at SAACURH
-Thomas: working with finance officers
-Lindsey: not supposed to have anything to do with finances so won’t but that in here because
       not sure how they would take it
-Thomas: really just serving as a resource for them
-Lindsey: if we mess up a budget it could come back to us
-Thomas: more providing resources for them
-Bruce: just creating resources for them. We have SEC buddies
-Jenna: creating extra spots at regional conference so they don’t count against school numbers.
       State placards
-Bruce: giving them a voice in the boardroom
-Lindsey: what are top five long term goals. Work to improve services that are available from
         region for schools. Work closely with schools bidding for conferences. Develop effective
         transitional materials. Solicit schools to bid for different levels. Work to strengthen
         relationship between schools and SEC.
-Lindsey: I need you to send in your goals for the position this year and what progress you have
         made in those goals or reasons why you haven’t accomplished them yet and why
-Discussion of spirit stuff
-update on SAACURH apparel
-$3500 for spirit items for regional shirts for NACURH
-shirts and new or (old) new noisemakers for NACURH….set price you want
-roll call filming at state conferences
-look into zip up hoodie and portfolio for SEC
-Lindsey: SEC chat time. Going to offer two NCC chat times…meet few days before chats. Can
         meet last Thursday at 7:00pm of each month and move if there is a conflict. Jan. 28th,
         Feb. 25th, Apr. 29th, and May 27th.
-Bonnie: can we talk about due date for officer reports cause they always cut out part of the
-Lindsey: they can be due the day of the chat
-Bruce: Adam…do you think that it would be useful to have a Q&A chat once a month before
         OTMs are due since I get so many questions?
-Adam: yep

Close of meeting for travel

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