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                                                                                                     STAGECRAFT, AUDITIONING BOOKS & PERFORMANCE MANUALS FROM CURRENCY PRESS
Neil Bartlett                                      women (played by the same actress), both
SOLO VOICES: MOnOLOguES                            of whom ‘lose’ their sons—one murdered,
1987–2004                                          the other a runaway. A vivid play with sharp
Neil Bartlett is one of British theatre’s most     insights into lives lived near the top and bot-
fiercely individual voices, and this collection,   tom of the heap. Catherine Johnson wrote
published for the first time, documents the        the script for the hit Mamma Mia!.
extraordinary site-specific solo perform-               Unsuspecting Susan by Stewart Permutt,
ances which have run parallel to Bartlett’s        is the story of Susan—whose life revolves
acclaimed work as a mainstream director.           around her dogs, am-dram, bell-ringing and
    Beginning with a series of furious re-         village gossip—and her adult son who has
sponses to the early days of the British AIDS      converted to Islam.
crisis, the nine monologues collected here              ‘A soft-spoken but tough piece for
provide an intimate insight into the devel-             a world where everyone is suspect’
opment of a powerful and highly personal                Sunday Times
theatrical vision.                                  85459 97 8
 84002 465 8                                      Nick Hern Books, UK                    $29.95
Oberon Books, UK                        $39.95
                                                   Marina Caldarone
Moira Buffini & Anna                               THE gOOD AuDITIOn guIDE
Reynolds/Catherine Johnson/                        Classical monologues for men and
Stewart Permutt                                    women
SInguLAR FEMALE VOICES                             A new series offering fresh audition pieces
                           Three plays for         for actors at all levels—selected and com-
                           one actress—all         mentated by a greatly experienced teacher
                           featuring mothers       and director. Marina Caldarone has selected
                           on the edge—a           over forty-five monologues for men and
                           companion vol-          women drawn from classical plays through-
                           ume to Singular         out the ages and ranging across all of West-
                           Male Voices.            ern theatre. Each piece is prefaced with a
                               Winner of           boxed information panel guiding readers
                           the Writers Guild       towards the perfect piece for them.
                           Award for Best              These classical monologues are pre-
                           Fringe Play, Jordan     sented chronologically and arranged within
                           by Moira Buffini        one of seven periods: Ancient Greece and
                           and Anna Reynolds,      Rome; Jacobean; French/Spanish ‘Golden
is the true story of Shirley Jones, who killed     Ages’; Restoration; Naturalism; and the Turn
her baby boy, Jordan, rather than have him         of the Century.
taken away by his abusive father. Anna Rey-         85459 869 4 (men)
nolds met Jones while they were serving             85459 870 8 (women)
sentences in the same prison. On her release,      Nick Hern Books, UK                    $29.95
she co-wrote the play with Moira Buffini,
author of Dinner (2002), a National Theatre/
West End hit starring Harriet Walter.
     The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret by Cath-
erine Johnson is the alternating story of two
                                                                          dean Carey                                       Shauna Crowley

                                                                          THE ACTOR’S AuDITIOn                             THE SCREEn TEST HAnDBOOK
                                                                          MAnuAL: Volume I                                                             This book outlines
                                                                                                  The first edition of                                 the television
                                                                                                  The Actor’s Audi-                                    audition process
                                                                                                  tion Manual quick-                                   and gives a selec-
                                                                                                  ly became known                                      tion of exercises
                                                                                                  as the ‘red audi-                                    for actors along
                                                                                                  tion bible’, mak-                                    with useful hints
                                                                                                  ing it the essential                                 for auditioning
                                                                                                  guide.                                               and preparation.
                                                                                                      Now revised, it                                  Includes excerpts
                                                                                                  brings together a                                    from soaps, films
                                                                                                  wealth of practical                                  and advertise-
                                                                                                  advice and a fresh                                   ments.
                                                                                                  range of speeches                                    0 8689 227 9
                                                                                                  from Australian          Currency Press, Australia               $24.95
                                                                          plays that will help to make any audition
                                                                          powerful and effective.                          Simon dunmore (Editor)
                                                                          0 8689 56 2                                    ALTERnATIVE SHAKESPEARE
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia             $26.95     AuDITIOnS
                                                                                                                                                   Fifty unusual audi-
                                                                          MASTERCLASS (WOMEn/MEn)                                                  tion speeches for
                                                                          Over 00 monologues—from classics such                                   women and men,
                                                                          as Chekhov to moderns including Berkoff                                  from overlooked
                                                                          and Williamson—providing an arsenal of au-                               plays such as Co-
                                                                          dition pieces for young actors. Outlines the                             riolanus, Pericles
                                                                          essential acting components, illuminates                                 and Love’s Labour’s
                                                                          the creative process and presents a stimulat-                            Lost.
                                                                          ing array of rehearsal room exercises.                                       Each speech is
                                                                          0 8689 44 X (women)                                                    accompanied by
                                                                          0 8689 425 5 (men)                                                      a description of
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia              $26.95                            the character and
                                                                                                                                                   the context plus
                                                                          Cocteau/Feydeau                                                          notes on obscure
                                                                          THIRTEEn MOnOLOguES                              phrases and references—all written from
                                                                          Peter Meyer’s translations of these enter-       the viewpoint of the auditioning actor.
                                                                          taining and amusing monologues were              0 8689 56 8 (men)
                                                                          commissioned by the BBC and performed            0 8689 566 9 (women)
                                                                          by leading actors, including Eileen Atkins,      Currency Press, Australia              $26.95
                                                                          Jill Bennett, Richard Briers, Judi Dench, Alec
                                                                          McCowan and Timothy West.                        Peter Harness/owen McCafferty/
                                                                           87025 962 9                                    Ronan o’donnell
                                                                          Oberon Books, UK                      $26.95     SInguLAR MALE VOICES
                                                                                                                           Three plays for one male actor—each giving
                                                                                                                           voice to a character in extremis— a compan-
                                                                                                                           ion volume to Singular Female Voices.
                                                                                                                               In Mongoose by Peter Harness, Ted,
                                                                                                                           a lonely middle-aged farmer, is trying to
                                                                                                                           come to terms with the death of his lifelong
friend, who was a talking mongoose. Sitting      Shaun McKenna (Editor)

                                                                                                  STAGECRAFT, AUDITIONING BOOKS & PERFORMANCE MANUALS FROM CURRENCY PRESS
amongst his junk and memories, he unfolds        COnTEMPORARY MOnOLOguES
the disturbing story of how Mongoose first       FOR YOung MEn AnD WOMEn
came to stay and how he changed Ted’s life       A collection of speeches from plays written
forever.                                         since 985, suitable for both teenagers and
    ‘Beautifully written ... tough, delicate     young adults. The selections vary in content,
    and cunningly structured’ Guardian           tone and style, and are accompanied by a
In Cold Comfort by Owen McCafferty, a            brief outline of the context and setting.
labourer living in London returns home to         84002 424 0
Belfast to have a last, drunken ‘conversation’   Oberon Books, UK                      $34.95
with his recently dead father.
    And Brazil by Ronan O’Donnell heralds ‘an    DuOLOguES FROM THE
impressive debut from a difficult, distinctive   CLASSICS
new writer’ (Time Out).                                                     A collection of
    ‘It’s the near future and America is                                    duologues for
    at war with Europe ... Trapped in this                                  men and women
    disorientating world ... Doddy hares                                    from the Greek,
    around the depressed estates and                                        Elizabethan, Jaco-
    vast rubbish dumps that make up his                                     bean, Restoration,
    home town ... a promising new writer’                                   eighteenth and
    The Times                                                               nineteenth cen-
 85459 760 4                                                               tury repertoires.
Nick Hern Books, UK                   $29.95                                The selections vary
                                                                            in content, tone
Brian McAvera                                                               and style and are
PICASSO’S WOMEn                                                             accompanied by a
Eight monologues in which the women in                                      brief biography of
Picasso’s life, used and often abused by the     each playwright. The compilation provides
great painter, tell their own stories. Illus-    any performer with opportunities for explor-
trated by Una Walker.                            ing some of the most significant playwrights
                                                 in the classical repertoire. A companion vol-
    ‘Provides a fascinating sideways
                                                 ume to Monologues From the Classics.
    look at the painter ... The plays are
                                                  84002 423 2
    ingenious, poignant and absorbing.’
    The Times                                    Oberon Books, UK                      $32.95

 87025 986 6
Oberon Books, UK                      $39.95     MOnOLOguES FROM THE
Robert david Macdonald                           A companion volume to Duologues From
(translated and edited)                          the Classics.
gREAT SPEECHES FROM                               84002 422 4
EuROPEAn DRAMA                                   Oberon Books, UK                      $32.95
Includes speeches from Beaumarchais,
Dumas, Goethe, Goldoni, Hochhuth, Hof-           SOLO SPEECHES FOR
mannsthal, Ibsen, Kraus, Lermontov, Moliere,     (MEn/WOMEn) 1800–1914
Musset, Proust, Racine and Schiller, for both    Two volumes of solo acting pieces from
men and women.                                   the nineteenth and early twentieth century
 84002 002 4                                    offering actors, teachers and students addi-
Oberon Books, UK                      $26.95     tional, lesser known material. The selections
                                                 include material suitable for teenagers as
                                                 well as for older performers. They range in
                                                                          style from broad comedy to tragedy and           Peter Mapleson
                                                                          high drama, and include extracts from both       AuDITIOnIng FOR MuSICALS
                                                                          English and European plays.                                                  Practical advice for
                                                                           84002 42 6 (men)                                                          actors, singers and
                                                                           84002 420 8 (women)                                                        dancers planning
                                                                          Oberon Books, UK                      $29.95                                 to audition for any
                                                                                                                                                       musical produc-
                                                                          SOLO SPEECHES FOR unDER-12s                                                  tion—covering
                                                                          Pieces for the under-2s, selected for their                                 preparation, tech-
                                                                          effectiveness in performance. Taken from                                     nique, choice of
                                                                          full-length plays for children, theatre-in-                                  material, song re-
                                                                          education programs and adaptations from                                      hearsal, readings,
                                                                          classic books and folk tales.                                                improvisation and
                                                                           84002 03 X                                                                what to expect on
                                                                          Oberon Books, UK                      $23.95                                 the day.
                                                                                                                                                       08689 382 8
                                                                          Frank McKone                                     Currency Press, Australia              $26.95
                                                                          FIRST AuDITIOn
                                                                          How to get into drama school                     Joanna Murray-Smith
                                                                                                     First Audition will   BOMBSHELLS
                                                                                                     help drama stu-                                 Bombshells ex-
                                                                                                     dents make the                                  poses six women
                                                                                                     transition from                                 balancing their
                                                                                                     secondary school                                inner and outer
                                                                                                     to the theatre-                                 lives with humour
                                                                                                     training world.                                 and often desper-
                                                                                                         Focusing on                                 ate cunning. Rang-
                                                                                                     auditions for ac-                               ing in age from a
                                                                                                     tors, but provid-                               feisty teenager to
                                                                                                     ing commentary                                  a 64-year-old wid-
                                                                                                     for technical and                               ow yearning for
                                                                                                     management as-                                  the unexpected,
                                                                          pirants, this lively and informative manual                                these finely-drawn
                                                                          consists of self-guided exercises following                                characters wrestle
                                                                          the style and content of the audition train-     with their fears and insecurities. The author
                                                                          ing classes conducted by the author in his       created these six dazzling monologues to
                                                                          20-year drama teaching career.                   showcase the talents of Caroline O’Connor,
                                                                              Includes extensive details of Australian     but they will be relished by performers
                                                                          tertiary theatre, drama and performing arts      everywhere.
                                                                          courses.                                             ‘A rare combination of comedy, truth
                                                                          0 8689 663 0                                        and rapture’ The Times
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia             $4.95     0 8689 75 3
                                                                                                                           Currency Press, Australia               $2.95

                                                                                                                           Simon Reade/Alison Reid
                                                                                                                           EuROPEAn CLASSICS FOR
                                                                                                                           Monologues drawn from translations of
                                                                                                                           classic world drama from Euripides to Ibsen,
Lope de Vega to Strindberg, Racine and Mo-      tony Woollams

                                                                                                  STAGECRAFT, AUDITIONING BOOKS & PERFORMANCE MANUALS FROM CURRENCY PRESS
liere to Pirandello.                            SCEnES FOR YOung ACTORS
0 94823 073 8                                   A scene study resource book
Oberon Books, UK                     $26.95                            Invaluable for the
                                                                       school classroom
Colin teevan                                                           as well as for ac-
MISSIng PERSOnS                                                        tors and acting
Four tragedies and Roy Keane                                           students, with
                         A father denied                               over 50 scenes
                         access to his chil-                           from Australian
                         dren, a football-                             and New Zealand
                         er deserting his                              plays, consisting
                         team, a terrorist                             of duologues and
                         lost in the politics                          three-handers.
                         of peacetime. Five                            Guides the actor
                         powerful mono-                                through training,
                         logues in the voic-                           choosing a scene,
                         es of contempo-        preparing for performance and interpret-
                         rary men, inspired     ing a scene.
                         by the heroes and      0 8689 507 3
                         heroines of classi-    Currency Press, Australia              $26.95
                         cal myths.
   ‘Colin Teevan’s five monologues are          Susannah York
   so punchily written they come alive          THE LOVES OF SHAKESPEARE’S
   for today’ The Times                         WOMEn
 84002 646 4                        $24.95                              Speeches and
Oberon Books, UK
                                                                         sonnets from
                                                                         Shakespeare’s fe-
Patrick tucker (Editor)                                                  male characters
                                                                         on the theme of
FIRST FOLIO SPEECHES FOR                                                 love, including the
(MEn/WOMEn)                                                              famous speech by
These speeches from Shakespeare range
                                                                         Juliet as well as less
from the most famous to the less familiar,
                                                                         familiar speeches
and appear with exactly the same layout and
                                                                         by women such
punctuation as when they were first printed
                                                                         as Viola and Cres-
in 623. Accompanied by detailed notes on
                                                                         sida. Threading
how to approach the text to achieve vivid-
                                                                         the twenty or so
ness, style and emotional truth.
                                                                         pieces together
 84002 49 4 (men)
                                                is a delightful but astute commentary
 84002 48 6 (women)
Oberon Books, UK                     $24.95
                                                by Susannah York on what makes each of
                                                these women tick. This volume can form
                                                the basis of lessons or auditions, or it can
                                                be performed in toto as a one-woman
                                                show—which Susannah York has done with
                                                considerable success.
                                                 85459 639 X HB
                                                Nick Hern Books, UK                    $34.95

                                                                                         PERFoRMANCE MAN
                                                                                           StAgECRAFt BooKS

                                                                          Michael Anderson                                interested in theatre and the power of the
                                                                          SOLO                                            spoken word.
                                                                          A guidebook for individual                       84002 60 4
                                                                          performance                                     Oberon Books, UK                      $49.95
                                                                                                   With over 5 years     Pub: September 2006
                                                                                                   senior drama ex-
                                                                                                   perience, Michael      Marina Caldarone/
                                                                                                   Anderson brings a      Maggie Lloyd-Williams
                                                                                                   wealth of knowl-       ACTIOnS
                                                                                                   edge to Solo which     The actor’s thesaurus
                                                                                                   has been designed                              A vital compan-
                                                                                                   especially for stu-                            ion for actors in
                                                                                                   dents doing an in-                             rehearsal. Actors
                                                                                                   dividual perform-                              need actions. In
                                                                                                   ance. The book                                 order to perform
                                                                                                   contains invaluable                            an action truth-
                                                                                                   advice on how to                               fully and therefore
                                                                          choose the right script and develop the                                 convincingly, an
                                                                          piece for performance. The unique element                               actor needs to find
                                                                          of the book is the selection of scripts. This                           exactly the right
                                                                          fresh and diverse range of Australian pieces                            action to suit that
                                                                          (there are over 20 to choose from) suit the                             particular situation
                                                                          format for the assessment and cover all                                 and that particu-
                                                                          levels of ability.                                                      lar line, and this is
                                                                          0 8689 757 2                                                           where the book is
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia             $29.95                            most valuable—as
                                                                                                                                                  it is a thesaurus
                                                                          Cicely Berry                                    of active verbs, with which the actor can
                                                                          WORD PLAY                                       refine the action-word until she/he finds
                                                                          A textual handbook for directors                exactly the right one to help make the ac-
                                                                          and actors                                      tion come alive.
                                                                          Cicely Berry is the most influential voice       85459 674 8
                                                                          coach of our time. Since 969 she has been      Nick Hern Books, UK                   $29.95
                                                                          the voice coach at the Royal Shakespeare
                                                                          Company and an inspiration to a generation
                                                                          of actors. Her new book looks closely at the
                                                                          interchange between sound and rhythm in
                                                                          language, showing how it can change the
                                                                          nuance of the meaning and take director,
                                                                          actor and audience further into the world
                                                                          of the play. Word Play is an essential book
                                                                          for professionals and student actors as
                                                                          well as an enlightening read for anyone
dymphna Callery                                Written in a casual and flowing style, this

                                                                                               STAGECRAFT, AUDITIONING BOOKS & PERFORMANCE MANUALS FROM CURRENCY PRESS
THROugH THE BODY                               book explains who does what, clarifies the
A practical guide to physical theatre          jargon and reveals the hard won tricks of
                        A pioneering guide     the trade.
                        to the increasingly        Covering all areas of the profession,
                        popular form of        from what the network heads of drama
                        physical theatre.      really think about actors, and why a good
                        Through the Body       actor can do a bad audition, to how to beat
                        uses exercises to      those unemployment blues, Racing Against
                        explore the theo-      Time is essential reading for any actor, from
                        ries of key 20th       newcomer to veteran.
                        century theatre        0 8689 772 6
                        practitioners such     Currency Press, Australia             $32.95
                        as Artaud and
                        Lecoq. Includes        Lesley Christen
                        workshops on           DRAMA SKILLS FOR LIFE
                        awareness, articu-     A classic handbook for secondary school
lation, energy and mask-work.                  teachers presenting creative drama tech-
 85459 630 6                                  niques to help students develop self-accept-
Nick Hern Books, UK                  $39.95    ance and co-operation. Lessons combine
                                               creative play, improvisation, mime and the
danielle Carter                                study of myths, literature and language.
RACIng AgAInST TIME                            0 8689 328 3
The actor’s handbook for film and              Currency Press, Australia             $29.95
                         How do actors         ivana Chubbuck
                         find their marks      THE POWER OF THE ACTOR
                         without looking?      The Chubbuck technique
                         What is continu-                               What do Brad Pitt,
                         ity and why is it                              Jon Voight, Charl-
                         important? What                                ize Theron, Eliza-
                         is an ECU, a CU and                            beth Shue, Jim Car-
                         an MCU? Where                                  rey and Halle Berry
                         do you find your                               have in common?
                         pick-up time on                                They have all been
                         the call sheet, and                            taught by Ameri-
                         who do you tell if                             ca’s premier act-
                         you have to leave                              ing teacher, Ivana
                         the set? What is                               Chubbuck.
crossing the line, and how do you find your                                 Based on the
key light?                                                              acting methods of
     These and other mysteries of the film     great masters such as Stanislavski, Hagen
and television actor’s craft are revealed      and Meisner, Ivana Chubbuck’s technique
in this comprehensive guide by Danielle        incorporates psychology and behavioural
Carter, an actor with over a decade of on-     science. Through this book the actor learns
set experience.                                to truly find themselves within their char-
     With invaluable contributions by lead-    acter by endowing their situation and sur-
ing industry practitioners including Sigrid    roundings with emotional resonances drawn
Thornton, Rebecca Gibney and Sue Masters,      from their own experience.
Racing Against Time reveals how to act natu-       The book also teaches the actor how
rally amid the storm of technical demands.     to organically create sensations associated              7
                                                                          with physical or emotional states such as         technique and focus of the Australian actor
                                                                          substance abuse, sexual chemistry, fear, dy-      that has the entertainment world’s favour
                                                                          ing and pregnancy. From the acting coach          and respect?
                                                                          with star power, this book will guide the             Fourteen actors, a mixture of ages, back-
                                                                          actor to dynamic and effective results.           grounds and experiences, reveal their very
                                                                          0 8689 779 3                                     personal views on craft, taking you inside
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia              $29.95     the experience of being an actor. The ac-
                                                                                                                            tors interviewed include: Bille Brown, Helen
                                                                          orlanda Cook                                      Buday, Joel Edgerton, Judi Farr, John Gaden,
                                                                          SIngIng WITH YOuR OWn                             Wendy Hughes, Pamela Rabe, Geoffrey Rush
                                                                          VOICE                                             and Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell.
                                                                                                     A comprehensive        0 8689 763 7
                                                                                                     instruction man-       Currency Press, Australia             $34.95
                                                                                                     ual, full of practi-
                                                                                                     cal exercises on       oliver Ford davies
                                                                                                     how to liberate the    PLAYIng LEAR
                                                                                                     singing voice that     A unique insight into Shakespeare’s most
                                                                                                     is within each one     monumentally complex character—and the
                                                                                                     of us.                 play that bears his name—from a widely
                                                                                                         Based firmly       experienced actor and former academic.
                                                                                                     on the author’s        The seeds of this book were sown when the
                                                                                                     extensive teach-       renowned Almeida Theatre in London asked
                                                                                                     ing experience all     Oliver Ford Davies to play King Lear in their
                                                                                                     over the world and     2002 production.
                                                                          packed full of illustrations, this is the book        More than a rehearsal diary, the book
                                                                          for everyone who has always wanted to sing        is a companion-guide to the whole notion
                                                                          but has been too scared to try.                   of Lear.
                                                                           85459 62 8                                      85459 698 5
                                                                          Nick Hern Books, UK                    $39.95     Nick Hern Books, UK                   $45.00

                                                                          terence Crawford                                  Anne dennis
                                                                          TRADE SECRETS                                     THE ARTICuLATE BODY
                                                                          Australian actors and their craft                 The physical training of the actor
                                                                                                  ‘What is it                                         This instructive
                                                                                                  with you guys                                       book shows how
                                                                                                  and the great                                       actors can use
                                                                                                  actors? Can                                         their body to be
                                                                                                  you bottle                                          as expressive and
                                                                                                  that up? Give                                       ‘articulate’ as they
                                                                                                  us some of                                          are with their
                                                                                                  that water or                                       voices.
                                                                                                  something?’                                         The Articulate
                                                                                                  Ron Howard,                                         Body attempts to
                                                                                                  uS director                                         re-think and ana-
                                                                                                  Australian actors                                   lyse the actor’s
                                                                                                  are now taking                                      physical needs.
                                                                          their place on the international stage,               It offers a graded series of exercises to
                                                                          becoming regulars among the nominees              help actors gain the necessary physical skill,
                                                                          and winners of major international acting         imagination and confidence to use their
                                                                          awards. So what is it about the approach,         bodies as an expressive medium. The book
will inspire actors, teachers, directors, move-   derstanding of particular points regarding

                                                                                                      STAGECRAFT, AUDITIONING BOOKS & PERFORMANCE MANUALS FROM CURRENCY PRESS
ment directors and choreographers.                posture, gesture, costumes and mask.
 85459 683 7                                      85459 466 4
Nick Hern Books, UK                    $39.95     Nick Hern Books, UK                      $39.95

declan donnellan                                  COMMEDIA PLAYS
THE ACTOR AnD THE TARgET                          A sequel to the best-selling Playing Comme-
                          A revised and up-       dia, this is a collection of short Commedia
                          dated edition of        dell’Arte plays, sketches and exercises for use
                          Declan Donnellan’s      in the classroom and drama workshop. The
                          fresh and radical       first section contains eight short plays each
                          approach to acting.     illustrating the different periods and styles
                          Rooted in modern        of Commedia dell’Arte. The second section
                          theatre, modern         is a compilation of ‘Lazzi’—the set-pieces of
                          psychology and          Commedia dell’Arte such as ‘The Aside’ and
                          modern reality,         ‘The Chase’. Each of the pieces is suitable for
                          Donnellan’s prac-       performance on stage and may also be used
                          tical book helps        in the classroom or workshop for study or as
                          actors to release       the basis for improvisations.
                          their talent and to      85459 87 6
                          be free on stage.       Nick Hern Books, UK                      $39.95
    ‘Donnellan’s directing style is
    immediately recognisable in his book,         Peter Hall
    drenched in the spirit of artistic and        EXPOSED BY THE MASK
    personal freedom. Unpretentious,              Form and language in drama
    straightforward, and pierced with                                         In this book, Sir Pe-
    acute insight...’ Kommersant                                              ter Hall ranges over
 85459 838 4                                                                 the extraordinary
Nick Hern Books, UK                    $39.95                                 history of world
                                                                              drama to find the
Barry grantham                                                                common experi-
PLAYIng COMMEDIA                                                              ences that are able
A training guide to Commedia                                                  to create the the-
techniques                                                                    atrical form. This
                           Playing Commedia                                   series of four lec-
                           offers a practical                                 tures, delivered at
                           guide to the skills,                               Trinity College in
                           characters and his-                                Cambridge as part
                           tory of Commedia                                   of the famed Clark
                           dell’Arte through      lectures, reveal a lifetime’s discoveries about
                           graded games and       classical theatre, Shakespeare, opera and
                           illustrated exer-      modern drama.
                           cises. It provides a    84002 82 9
                           useful tool in any     Oberon Books, UK                         $26.95
                           actor’s training
                           and a discipline for
                           all forms of physi-
cal theatre.
    Illustrations drawn from 6th and 7th
century sources are used alongside the
author’s own diagrams to enrich our un-                                                                        9
                                                                          SHAKESPEARE’S ADVICE TO THE                    and drama workshop leaders. Following on
                                                                          PLAYERS                                        from Keith Johnstone’s famous Impro and
                                                                                                   ‘You can’t            Augusto Boal’s Games for Actors and Non-
                                                                                                   improvise this        Actors, Chris Johnston’s book provides ideas
                                                                                                   shit’. dustin         and guidance for drama groups of all kinds.
                                                                                                   Hoffman                85459 905 4
                                                                                                   In this unique        Nick Hern Books, UK                   $39.95
                                                                                                   guide to speaking
                                                                                                   and understand-       THE IMPROVISATIOn gAME
                                                                                                   ing Shakespeare’s     Discovering the secrets of
                                                                                                   verse, Peter Hall     spontaneous performance
                                                                                                   uses his extensive    In his new book, Johnston wants us to con-
                                                                                                   directorial experi-   sider improvisation not as a step towards
                                                                                                   ence to help the      something else but as an end in itself. And so
                                                                                                   reader and actor      he embarks on a journey through the world
                                                                          discover the clues within the text.            of improvisation: in theatre, dance, music or
                                                                           84002 4 9                        $32.95    any mix of these.
                                                                          Oberon Books, UK                                   He talks to forty or so key practitioners
                                                                                                                         in the field—and passes on many of the
                                                                          Barbara Houseman                               techniques, tricks and games they use to try
                                                                          FInDIng YOuR VOICE                             to stay permanently fresh and to avoid fall-
                                                                          A step-by-step guide for actors                ing into what they see as the trap of routine,
                                                                          A self-help manual for actors who want to      repetition and the pre-rehearsed event.
                                                                          train and develop their voice. Opening with        Chris Johnston has been active in drama
                                                                          helpful advice on how to use the book and      for over 25 years and has worked with groups
                                                                          how to prepare our bodies, the author then     of all kinds from prisoners to old-age pen-
                                                                          takes us step-by-step through the elements     sioners, from youth clubs to professional
                                                                          that make up the voice and the sounds we       actors.
                                                                          make with it.                                   85459 668 3
                                                                           85459 659 4                                  Nick Hern Books, UK                   $39.95
                                                                          Nick Hern Books, UK                  $39.95
                                                                                                                         Mark Kilmurry
                                                                          Chris Johnston                                 THE Hamlet DIARY
                                                                          HOuSE OF gAMES                                 Shakespeare’s play from conception
                                                                          Making theatre from everyday life              to opening night
                                                                                                                                                  When Mark Kil-
                                                                                                 Revised edition
                                                                                                                                                  murry co-founded
                                                                                                 of this treasure
                                                                                                                                                  the Studio Com-
                                                                                                 trove of drama
                                                                                                                                                  pany with Patrick
                                                                                                 games and exer-
                                                                                                                                                  McIntyre, he had
                                                                                                 cises, published
                                                                                                                                                  the opportunity
                                                                                                 alongside the au-
                                                                                                                                                  to play the part he
                                                                                                 thor’s new book on
                                                                                                                                                  had always ached
                                                                                                 the same subject,
                                                                                                                                                  to perform: Ham-
                                                                                                 The Improvisation
                                                                                                                                                  let. But preparing
                                                                                                                                                  for the production
                                                                                                     House of
                                                                                                                                                  he begins to won-
                                                                                                 Games has proved
                                                                                                                                                  der if it is foolhar-
                                                                                                 itself an im-
                                                                                                                                                  dy. Can he take on
                                                                                                 mensely valuable        such a mammoth role and also direct?
                                                                          resource for teachers, theatre directors
0                                                                                                                          In this diary, Mark shares his thoughts
from the inception of the idea through to         directors and details of instructional and

                                                                                                    STAGECRAFT, AUDITIONING BOOKS & PERFORMANCE MANUALS FROM CURRENCY PRESS
opening night. He explains the rationale          educational videos.
behind Studio Company/Riverside Theatres’          85459 425 7
acclaimed 2004 production, the how and            Nick Hern Books, UK                    $59.95
why of the cuts to the script and describes
the rehearsal techniques and exercises that       graeme Leak
bring it all to life. The Hamlet Diary also in-   PERFORMAnCE MAKIng
cludes sketches for the costume and lighting      A manual for music workshops
design and the text as performed.                                            ‘Music doesn’t
    A moving and illuminating account of                                     come from
the trials and triumphs of producing Hamlet                                  m u s i c a l
from a gifted actor, writer and director.                                    instruments,
0 8689 785 8                                                                it comes from
Currency Press, Australia              $29.95                                the musician’s
                                                                             body.’ graeme
Jarmila Kröschlová                                                           Leak
MOVEMEnT THEORY AnD                                                          Graeme Leak is a
PRACTICE                                                                     performer/teacher
Movement Theory and Practice is a defini-                                    who has conduct-
tive text for use by teachers and students                                   ed workshops all
of dance, gymnastics, mime or any activity                                   around the coun-
that benefits from an understanding of            try and his unique ‘performance making’
movement principles, written by one of            process builds musical skills and imagina-
Europe’s great teachers renowned for her          tion, transforming students into compos-
unique holistic approach to her art.              er–performers.
    Translated/edited by Olga Malandris and           Featuring illustrations, course plans
Zora Šemberová.                                   and a handy glossary, Performance Making
    ‘An essential guide and instruction           is an inspiring guide to teaching musical
    tool for all students/teachers/               performance skills and will be of value not
    choreographers of dance and                   only to musicians and singers, but also ac-
    movement.’ Meryl tankard                      tors, dancers and other performers wanting
0 8689 577 4                                     to improve their skills in music.
Currency Press, Australia              $49.95     0 8689 673 8
                                                  Currency Press, Australia              $24.95
Richard Lane
SWASHBuCKLIng                                     Kristen Linklater
How to stage a fight                              FREEIng THE nATuRAL VOICE
                     The ultimate guide           Freeing the Natural Voice offers a logical pro-
                     to stage fighting            gression of exercises designed for profes-
                     technique and                sional and student actors, teachers of acting
                     basic swordplay.             and voice, and everyone interested in vocal
                     In words and over            expression. The emphasis is on the removal
                     400 pictures, it             of the physical and psychological blocks that
                     covers everything            inhibit the human voice; its objective is that
                     an actor must do             the voice is brought into direct contact with
                     to give a perform-           the emotions, shaped by the intellect but
                     ance as a stage              not restricted by it.
                     combatant.                       First published in 976, Freeing the
   Covers weaponry, defence and attack            Natual Voice is one of the best-known voice
techniques, unarmed combat, foot work,            books in the world written by a doyenne
warm-up exercises, working with fight             of the RSC and the New York theatre; this                  
                                                                          revised and expanded edition incorporates       THE COMPLETE STAnISLAVSKY
                                                                          further exercises developed over the past       TOOLKIT
                                                                          three decades.                                  This comprehensive introduction to Sta-
                                                                           85459 97 2                                   nislavsky is organised into three sections:
                                                                          Nick Hern Books, UK                   $49.95    Training; Rehearsal and Performance. Each
                                                                          Pub: April 2007                                 section offers definitions of the key terms
                                                                                                                          found in Stanislavsky’s teaching, illustrated
                                                                          Adam Macaulay                                   with quotations and examples from Stanis-
                                                                                                                          lavsky’s own work.
                                                                          DOn’T TELL ME, SHOW ME
                                                                                                                              A final section offers a series of exercises
                                                                          Directors talk about acting
                                                                                                                          to help today’s actors practise using each of
                                                                                                   A collection of
                                                                                                                          the ‘tools’ in turn.
                                                                                                   informal inter-
                                                                                                                              These include techniques such as given
                                                                                                   views with Aus-
                                                                                                                          circumstances, the magic ‘if’ and emotion
                                                                                                   tralian directors
                                                                                                                          memory, which have made Stanislavsky
                                                                                                   of stage, film and
                                                                                                                          famous the world over, but also some fifty
                                                                                                   TV, talking about
                                                                                                                          others introduced one by one as they might
                                                                                                   actors and acting.
                                                                                                                          become useful in the process of building a
                                                                                                   An intelligent and
                                                                                                   enlightening com-
                                                                                                                              The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit brings
                                                                                                   mentary on acting
                                                                                                                          together in one volume for the first time all
                                                                                                   in Australia today,
                                                                                                                          the terms and ideas explored and modified
                                                                                                   this book helps as-
                                                                                                                          by Stanislavsky throughout his life from the
                                                                                                   piring actors and
                                                                                                                          early 890s until his death in 938.
                                                                          students of acting develop their craft.
                                                                              Directors interviewed include: John Bell,    85459 793 0
                                                                          Bruce Beresford, Di Drew, Gale Edwards, Bar-    Nick Hern Book, UK                      $39.95
                                                                          rie Kosky and Kate Woods.                       Pub: April 2007
                                                                          0 8689 669 X
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia             $29.95    Nick Moseley
                                                                                                                          ACTIng AnD REACTIng
                                                                                                                          A brand new actor-training system devel-
                                                                          Bella Merlin
                                                                                                                          oped by the Head of Acting at the Italia
                                                                          BEYOnD STAnISLAVSKY                             Conti Academy. Nick Moseley takes the best
                                                                          The psycho-physical approach to                 of Stanislavsky, David Mamet and Sanford
                                                                          actor training                                  Meisner to fuel his own intensely practical
                                                                          After developing the principle that truth-      approach. The result is a punchy and empow-
                                                                          ful performance can only spring from the        ering book intended to shake up ideas about
                                                                          actor’s imagination and experience, Stanis-     acting. Each theory is tested and reinforced
                                                                          lavsky began to explore how physical actions    with games and exercises which stretch and
                                                                          can induce emotions. This approach was          challenge the student actor at each stage.
                                                                          called psycho-physical acting.
                                                                                                                           85459 803 
                                                                               Today, this technique is well known in
                                                                                                                          Nick Hern Books, UK                     $34.95
                                                                          Russia, but less so in the west.
                                                                               An inspiring handbook written by Bella
                                                                          Merlin, who has studied under three of Rus-
                                                                          sia’s leading teachers.
                                                                           85459 63 6
                                                                          Nick Hern Books, UK                   $39.95

Jean Newlove                                     Bill Pepper

                                                                                                   STAGECRAFT, AUDITIONING BOOKS & PERFORMANCE MANUALS FROM CURRENCY PRESS
LABAn FOR ACTORS AnD                             VOICE In ACTIOn DVD
DAnCERS                                          A step-by step guide to freeing your
A handbook, complete with guided exercises       voice
and diagrams, for teachers and students                                  A series of easy
seeking an introduction to Laban’s famous                                to follow, dynamic
system of movement. Written by Laban’s                                   exercises for ac-
first assistant in England.                                              tors, teachers, stu-
 85459 60 6                                                            dents, presenters,
Nick Hern Books, UK                   $34.95                             announcers, lec-
                                                                         turers, and anyone
Jean Newlove and John dalby                                              who wishes to de-
LABAn FOR ALL                                                            velop the freedom
                            A simplified ver-                            of their voice and
                            sion of Rudolf La-                           improve commu-
                            ban’s system for                             nication skills.
                            analysing—and           Bill Pepper is Head of Voice Studies at
                            annotating—the       NIDA.
                            way the human be-       ‘Unaffected, practically based on
                            ing moves. It can       good commonsense… excellent
                            be used by rela-        introduction for beginners… a
                            tive beginners up-      reminder and warm-up instrument
                            wards. The reader       for old troupers… every actor should
                            is introduced to        have a copy’ John Bell, actor and
                            the language and        director
                            terms of Laban,
                                                 0 97574 830 0
with each new concept accompanied by very
                                                 Currency Press, Australia              $49.95
specific, clearly illustrated exercises. Once
the basic vocabulary has been explained, its     Richard Pilbrow
expressive possibilities in drama and dance      STAgE LIgHTIng DESIgn
are further explored.                            The most comprehensive book on stage
    The result is a thorough and thoroughly      lighting yet published—by one of the most
practical grounding in the most significant      respected lighting designers in the world.
movement system of modern times.                 Covering the principles of design, history,
 85459 725 6                                    the life of a designer and technical informa-
Nick Hern Books, UK                   $39.95     tion, this new bible of stage lighting is fully
                                                 illustrated with over 500 photos, designs
                                                 and lighting plots.
gail Pallin
                                                  85459 273 4 (HB)
STAgE MAnAgEMEnT                                 Nick Hern Books, UK                    $89.95
The essential handbook
An intensely practical ‘how to’ book for         Paul Ranger
all aspiring stage managers—written by           MEAnIng, FORM AnD
a professional-turned-teacher. Charts and        PERFORMAnCE
helpful checklists are included.                 This book is invaluable for anyone interested
 85459 734 5                                    in the nature of performing. It tackles the
Nick Hern Books, UK                   $45.00     specifics of speaking prose, lyrical and narra-
                                                 tive verse, sonnets, performing Shakespeare
                                                 and reading aloud.
                                                  87025 974 2
                                                 Oberon Books, UK                       $29.95     3
                                                                          david Roland                                     which can be used to produce any accent

                                                                          THE COnFIDEnT PERFORMER                          required. The book is broken down into
                                                                                                    A guide for pre-       clear sections, with instructions given in
                                                                                                    paring mentally        a straightforward, jargon-free and often
                                                                                                    and physically to      humorous way. Numerous illustrations
                                                                                                    achieve a great        and a CD containing vocal exercises help
                                                                                                    performance. Suit-     the reader get to grips with the physical
                                                                                                    able for actors,       demands of producing accents.
                                                                                                    singers, dancers,       84002 600 6
                                                                                                    musicians, come-       Oberon Books, UK                      $45.00
                                                                                                    dians and people
                                                                                                    involved in pub-       Antony Sher
                                                                                                    lic speaking, live     YEAR OF THE KIng
                                                                                                    broadcasting, sell-
                                                                                                                                                     ‘One of the
                                                                                                    ing, taking exams
                                                                                                                                                     finest books I
                                                                          or going for a job interview.
                                                                                                                                                     have ever read
                                                                          0 8689 493 X
                                                                                                                                                     on the process
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia              $24.95                              of acting’ Time
                                                                          Bruce g. Shapiro                                                           Antony Sher’s
                                                                          SPEAKIng AMERICAn                                                          stunning per-
                                                                          The Australian actor’s guide to an                                         formance for
                                                                          American dialect                                                           the Royal Shake-
                                                                                                      A simple and ac-                               speare Company
                                                                                                      curate guide to                                as a Richard III on
                                                                                                      speaking in a Gen-                             crutches—the so-
                                                                                                      eral American (Ge-                             called ‘bottled spi-
                                                                                                      nAm) dialect. Cov-   der’—won him many awards. The Year of the
                                                                                                      ers pronunciation,   King records—in his own words and draw-
                                                                                                      intonation, Ameri-   ings—the making of this historic theatrical
                                                                                                      can lingo, phonet-   event. This new edition is published to mark
                                                                                                      ics and practical    the 20th anniversary of the premiere and inc-
                                                                                                      exercises, as well   ludes a new introduction in which Sher looks
                                                                                                      as phrases useful    back somewhat bemusedly at how much has
                                                                                                      for improvisation    happened to him and to the world in the
                                                                                                      work. With CD.       intervening years.
                                                                          0 8689 62 6
                                                                                                                            85459 753 
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia              $32.95
                                                                                                                           Nick Hern Books, UK                   $32.95

                                                                          Eda Sharpe and Jan Haydn
                                                                          HOW TO DO AnY ACCEnT
                                                                          The essential handbook for every
                                                                          The authors of this handbook, voice coaches
                                                                          who have worked with the RSC (Royal Shake-
                                                                          speare Company) and LAMDA (the London
                                                                          Academy of Music and Dramatic Art), take
                                                                          an innovative approach to the production of
                                                                          accents, building up a series of techniques
Henri Szeps                                     for B Sharp at Belvoir St Theatre, In Good

                                                                                               STAGECRAFT, AUDITIONING BOOKS & PERFORMANCE MANUALS FROM CURRENCY PRESS
ALL In gOOD TIMIng                              Company covers everything from company
A personal account of what an actor             formation, finding the right venue, schedul-
does                                            ing, marketing, publicity, bankrolling your
                         Henri Szeps’ pas-      production, planning the bump in/out,
                         sion for acting is     previews, opening nights, running a season,
                         infectious. Here       contracts, copyright, how to find people and
                         he shares 30 years     scripts, and also explores ways to extend
                         of acting experi-      the life of a production. In Good Company
                         ence and divulges      outlines how to take an initial idea and
                         his personal view      make it fly.
                         of what good act-      o 8689 753 X
                         ing is all about       Currency Press, Australia            $32.95
                         and what makes
                         us laugh.              Harriet Walter
                         0 8689 484 0          OTHER PEOPLE’S SHOES
                         Currency Press,        Thoughts on acting
Australia                            $24.95     Harriet Walter is known in Australia for
                                                her roles as Amy in Unfinished Business,
Stephen unwin                                   and Harriet Vane in the Lord Peter Wimsey
SO YOu WAnT TO BE A                             series—both of which have screened on
DIRECTOR?                                       ABC TV.
A hands-on, step-by-step guide to directing         Other People’s Shoes is an updated pa-
plays by one of Britain’s leading theatre di-   perback edition of her wonderfully practi-
rectors. Stephen Unwin is an award-winning      cal— and personal—introduction to acting.
director and has worked with hundreds of        ‘Acting is what I do with who I am’, writes
different actors in a multiplicity of differ-   Harriet, and in this book she takes us step
ent venues. As he says, ‘directing plays is     by step through the processes involved in
difficult’, and the aim of his book is to lay   performance. Each step of the way is illu-
out what skills are needed, and to give some    minated with brilliantly precise examples
sense of how those skills can be developed.     drawn from her own experience.
 85459 779 5                                       ‘Buy it, and be delightfully and
Nick Hern Books, UK                   $39.95        unhectoringly informed about
                                                    exactly what it is that actors get up
Lyn Wallis                                          to and why ... Harriet Walter is sharp,
In gOOD COMPAnY                                     clear, elegant, sturdily sensitive.’
A manual for producing                              Simon Callow, Observer
independent theatre                              85459 75 5
                         The definitive         Nick Hern Books, UK                  $32.95
                         ‘rough guide’ for
                         mounting inde-
                         pendent, fringe
                         and amateur thea-
                         tre, In Good Com-
                         pany is a ‘nuts and
                         bolts’ manual for
                             Written by Lyn
                         Wallis, Downstairs
                         Theatre Director
                                                                          Pat Wilson

                                                                          THE SIngIng VOICE
                                                                                                    A concise, helpful
                                                                                                    and funny account
                                                                                                    of what a singer       AuSTRALIA/nEW ZEALAnD
                                                                                                    must do in order       UniRepS
                                                                                                    to survive. Full of    University of NSW, Sydney NSW
                                                                                                    good advice on             2052 Australia
                                                                                                    how to maintain        Tel: (02) 9385 050
                                                                                                    your voice, face an    Fax: (02) 9385 055
                                                                                                    audition, prepare      Email:
                                                                                                    for a performance      Website:
                                                                                                    and live a healthy
                                                                                                    0 8689 494 8
                                                                                                                           Antipodes Books & Beyond
                                                                          Currency Press, Australia             $24.95
                                                                                                                           9707 Fairway Avenue, Silver Spring
                                                                          John Wright                                          MD 2090–300 USA
                                                                          WHY IS THAT SO FunnY?                            Tel: (30) 602 959
                                                                          A practical guide to physical                    Fax: (30) 565 060
                                                                          comedy                                           Email: customerservice
                                                                                                    An intensely prac-
                                                                                                    tical guide to         Website:
                                                                                                    physical comedy
                                                                                                    by a well-respected
                                                                                                    practitioner and
                                                                                                    teacher. John
                                                                                                                           Gazelle Book Services
                                                                                                                           White Cross Mills, Hightown,
                                                                                                    Wright, founder
                                                                                                                               Lancaster LA 4XS UK
                                                                                                    of Trestle Thea-
                                                                                                                           Tel: (0) 524 68765
                                                                                                    tre and Told by an
                                                                                                                           Fax: (0) 524 63232
                                                                                                    Idiot (UK), brings a
                                                                                                    wide range of ex-
                                                                                                    perience of physi-
                                                                                                    cal comedy to this
                                                                                                    unique exploration     Currency Press is the Australian
                                                                          of comedy and comedic techniques.                distributor for Nick Hern Books and
                                                                              The book opens with an analysis of           oberon Books, two leading inde-
                                                                          the different kinds of laughter that can be      pendent performing arts publishers
                                                                          provoked by performance. This is followed        from the UK.
                                                                          by the main part of the book: games and
                                                                          exercises devised to demonstrate and inves-      For more information, please see
                                                                          tigate the whole range of comic possibilities    their websites or contact Currency
                                                                          open to a performer.                             Press for copies of their catalogues:
                                                                           85459 782 5                          
                                                                          Nick Hern Books, UK                   $39.95

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