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									                                CHAPTER – 8


             8.1 Water Resources Development Department

The State of Madhya Pradesh with a geographical area of 308 thousand sq. kms
is one of the largest states of India and constitutes 9.37% of the total area of the
country. The state has a net sown area of about 150 lakh hectare which is about
48.79 percent of geographical area. Ten major perennial rivers of the state
namely Mahi, Narmada, Tapti, Chambal, Sindhi, Betwa, Sone, Tones,
Wainganga Ken, originate in Madhya Pradesh and flow to six bordering states.

The State has developed an irrigation potential of about 24 lakh ha. from
various sources of Water Resources Department, against which the utilisation is
only about 50 per cent.

The ultimate irrigation potential from the state’s surface and ground water
sources is expected to be 60.9 lakh ha. and 52 lakh hectare respectively. When
the above potential is harnessed, the percentage of irrigation to net sown area
would be about 75%. Assuming 40% irrigation by private sources and 60% by
Govt. sources, the irrigation potential to be created by govt. sources would be
about 67 lakh ha. During Eleventh Plan emphasis has been laid to obtain funds
or loans from AIBP, NABARD and multilateral funding agencies like JBIC,
World Bank etc.

2.0   Performance of Tenth Five Year Plan 2002-07
      For the tenth five year plan, an outlay of Rs. 3,378.21 crores was fixed.
      The details are as under :

                                      Table No.8.1

        Major & Medium                                       2,362.81 crores
        Minor                                                  966.00 crores
        Flood control                                            12.00 crores
        CAD                                                      37.40 crores
        Total                                                3,378.21 crores

2.1   The physical targets proposed for tenth five year plan were as under:

                                 Table No.8.2

      Major                             2.00 lakh hect.
      Medium                            0.15
      Minor                             1.25
      Total                             3.40 lakh ha.

2.2   The expenditure during the first four years of the tenth plan were
      Rs.621.42 cr. in 2002-03, Rs.663.84 cr. in 2003-04, Rs.859.26 cr. in
      2004-05 and Rs.813.09 cr. in 2005-06.

2.3   The current year 2006-07 approved outlay is Rs.1,001.03 crores which
      will be utilized fully.

2.4   The physical achievements during tenth plan are as under :

                                 Table No.8.3
                                                (in thousand hect.):
           Particulars         Physical Target       Anticipated
      Major                              199.80               274.50
      Medium                                15.30                   14.15
      Minor                                125.00                   98.92
      Total                                340.10                  387.57

3.0   Eleventh Five Year Plan 2007-12 and Annual Plan 2007-08

      The broad strategy and priorities proposed for the Eleventh Plan are to
      complete ongoing projects, make much more effective use of irrigation
      facilities created, both from existing and new schemes and to improve
      and restore old irrigation schemes. The various sources of finance viz,
      World Bank, NABARD and Govt. of India, and others would be utilized
      for completion of these projects. State Govt. has made a provision for
      such loans in the plan. MPWSRP and creation of Command Area
      Development Cell in the WRD department will help in enhancing the
      utilization of created capacities.

      Centrally sponsored schemes like I.W.T. and Ayacut schemes will be
      supported by GOI. State Sector Schemes like AIBP & RRR will also be
      funded by GOI. Under AIBP, 6 major and one medium project would be
      continued. Similarly under NABARD, four major and four medium
      projects would be continued. In addition, there would be eight major and
      nine medium schemes with the state’s resources. Also, forty one ongoing
      and eight new flood protection schemes will be taken up. This will enable
      faster creation of additional potential and obviate the time and cost over
      runs to a great extent and shall ensure timely completion of schemes.

      District Plan
      The number of ongoing schemes in districts are 989 out of which 246
      schemes will be taken up with NABARD assistance. RRR Pilot Project in
      Shivpuri (65 Schemes) and Tikamgarh (5 schemes) districts have been
      approved by Government of India. Of the 442 new schemes, 70 would be
      undertaken under AIBP. Similarly, there would be 222 new schemes
      under NABARD assistance which will be taken up in the Eleventh Plan.
      Other 300 Minor schemes under state plan will also be implemented in
      the Eleventh Plan.

      New Schemes
      Eight major and nine new medium schemes are to be taken up during the
      Eleventh Five Year Plan.
      Two ERM projects in the Tawa and Barna Command Areas will be taken
      up in 2007-08.

      Centrally Sponsored Scheme
      Two inland Navigation projects and five Command Area Development
      Projects have been sponsored by GOI during the Eleventh Five Year
      Plan. Similarly, three Externally Aided Schemes will be taken up in the
      Eleventh Five Year Plan.

3.1   For the Eleventh five year plan 2007-12 and Annual Plan 2007-08 outlay
      as shown below are proposed:

3.2   An outlay of Rs. 9,59,809 lakh is proposed for Eleventh Five Year Plan
      and Rs. 1,15,000 lakh for Annual Plan 2007-08.

3.3   The break up of the outlay under various projects is as under :

                                  Table No. 8.4
                                                            ( crores)
       S. No.     Category                    Total Outlay during the
         1.       Major                                         4,964.73
         2.       Medium                                          899.62
         3.       Minor                                         3,641.60
         4.       Flood Control                                    22.14
         5.       CAD                                              70.00
                  Total                                         9,598.09

3.4   The physical targets proposed during eleventh plan are as under :

                                  Table No. 8.5
                                                              (in lakh ha.)
       Major                                                         3.61
       Medium                                                        0.78
       Minor                                                         2.67
       Total                                                7.06 lakh ha.

      Out of the ongoing schemes under the tenth plan, five major projects and
      one medium project will continue in eleventh plan.

      For Annual Plan 2007-08, an outlay of Rs.1,150.00 cr. is proposed. Of
      this, Rs.709.45 cr will be utilized for major projects, Rs.107.98 cr for
      medium projects, Rs.320.23 cr. for minor projects, Rs.3.69 cr for flood
      control and Rs.8.64 cr. for CAD.

      The details of Annual Plan 2007-08 are as under:

                                      Table No. 8.6
                                                         (Rs. in crores)
       A) Major Projects
       1. Major Project : (General)                                379.12
       2. Schemes aimed at Maximising
          a. National Hydrological project                            3.09
          b. (i) Modernisation schemes                              11.20
              (ii) New Modernisation Schemes                          0.62

 3. Water Development Services                            10.82
 4. Rajghat Canal                                         17.45
 5. Provisions under AIBP for                            287.15
    Major Projects
 Total Major projects                                    709.45
 B) Medium Projects :
 1. Medium Projects                                       87.87
 2. Water Development Service                               6.11
 3. Provisions under AIBP to Medium                       14.00
 Total Medium                                            107.98
 Total Major & Medium                                    817.43
 C) Minor Schemes :
 1. Tribal sub plan                                      184.97
 2. Non Tribal                                            91.52
 3. Special component plan                                43.74
 Total                                                   320.23

The Physical targets proposed for Annual Plan 2007-08 are as under:

                             Table No. 8.7
                                         (in thousand hectares)
  Major                                                  93.40
  Medium                                                  5.50
  Minor                                                  30.00
  Total                                                 128.90

                    8.2 Narmada Valley Development
The Narmada basin covers 27% area of the present state of M.P. The
development of Narmada Basin is the most ambitious segment of the State’s
Plan in the irrigation and power sector. In July, 1985 the State Govt. constituted
the Narmada Valley Development Authority for implementing major irrigation
& power projects in the Narmada Valley. An integrated master plan has been
prepared to enable full utilization of 18.25 MAF of allocated water before the
stipulated period of review of the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal (NWDT)
award, (i.e. in the year 2025). As against 18.25 MAF water allocated to the state
by Narmada Tribunal, the present use 20 years after Narmada Award of
December, 1979 is about 3.95 MAF only. It is therefore extremely important for
the state to assign higher priority for the development of the Water Resources of

In pursuance of above, it is proposed to construct 29 major projects, 135
medium projects and more than 3,000 minor projects in the valley. The 29
major projects will have a consumptive use of 11.36 MAF. The medium and
minor irrigation projects are under the Water Resources Department of the

2.0   Tenth Five Year Plan 2002-07

      The outlay approved for the tenth plan for Irrigation and Power sector
      was as under:
                                  Table No. 8.8
                                                (Rs. in lakh)
              Irrigation Sector              1,45,622.00
               Power Sector                    54,378.00
               Total                         2,00,000.00

      The objectives set were to create 2,30,485 hectares additional irrigation
      potential and generation of 1,851.5 MW energy mainly through Indira
      Sagar and Sardar Sarovar projects. As against this, 2.30 lakh hectares
      additional irrigation potential and 1,836.5 MW power generation is
      anticipated by the end of the tenth plan.

      During the Tenth Five Year Plan, the works of Indira Sagar Project, Left
      Bank Canal of Rani Awanti Bai Sagar Project, Bargi Diversion Project,
      Omkareshwar Project, and Man, Jobat and Upper Beda Projects were

         Resettlement of the Project Affected Families (PAFs) and the
         Environmental works, such as afforestation, catchment area treatment,
         etc. have also been brought in full swing and are being completed ahead
         of the engineering works.

2.1      The expenditure incurred during the tenth plan is as under:

                                         Table No. 8.9
                                                                       (Rs. in lakh)
         Item      2002-03    2003-04    2004-05       2005-06            2006-07
                                                                  Approved    Anticipated
                                                                    outlay    Expenditure
      Irrigation   36330.23   42643.00   77757.00      55430.17    58723.89     58723.89
      Power        18177.81   15823.00    9568.00      31102.56    11808.78     11808.78

         Present position of development of water Resources of the Narmada by
         Major& Multipurpose projects.

         Out of 11.36 MAF water use to be developed by Narmada Valley
         Development Department from major Irrigation and multipurpose
         projects, the present position of development of water resources in the
         Narmada is as under:
                                       Table No. 8.10

                         Project                    Irrigation (ha.)       Water use
          Five major irrigation projects                    3,77,618     3,641.39/(2.95)
          completed     by    WRD(Tawa,
          Barn.Sukta, Kolar and Matiari)
          Six major irrigation projects in                  7,06,758     6,409.02/5.19)
          progress (Bargi, LBC and RBC,
          Indirasagar, Omkareshwar, Man,
          Jobat and Upper Beda)
          Four major irrigation projects                      80,416       556.27/(0.45)
          whose scopes have been defined
          and are under clearance by the
          Planning Commission (Upper
          Narmada), Halon, Punasa Lift &
          Lower GOI)
          Total 15 Projects                               11,64,792 10,606.68/(8.59)

      Thus 15 major irrigation projects for a use of 8.59 MAF of Narmada
      waters have been finalized; remaining major irrigation projects for a use
      of 2.77 MAF (11.36-8.59) are under survey and investigation.

3.0   Eleventh Five Year Plan 2007-12 and Annual Plan 2007-08

3.1   The broad strategy proposed for implementation of major projects is as
      1      To give thrust on completion of ongoing projects and
             implementation of the remaining major projects.This will enable
             faster creation of additional irrigation and power potential and
             obviate time and cost overruns to a great extent.
      a)     Sardar Sarovar Dam which is a joint project of the States of
             Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, is
             programmed to be completed by June, 2009. As directed by the
             Narmada Tribunal, the Narmada Sagar (Indira Sagar) dam is to be
             completed simultaneously with Sardar Sarovar dam.
      b)     The two other projects namely Omkareshwar (OSP) and
             Maheshwar located between Indira Sagar and Sardar Sarovar
             (SSP) are also linked with the construction of Sardar Sarovar dam
             due to their water spreads and the regulated releases from Indira
             Sagar. It is necessary to complete these two projects also
             simultaneously to realize the power potential in the lower
      c)     It is necessary to complete the Maheshwar dam before the
             submergence reaches that site. The work of Maheshwar dam is at a
             critical stage as it has not yet been started in full swing by the
             private Agency (M/s S.Kumars). The Energy Department has been
             requested by NVDA to expedite the construction of Maheshwar
      d)     Bargi dam under the RABS project was completed in 1988-89. It is
             necessary that the canals (LBC and the RBC) from the Bargi
             project are completed quickly. LBC will provide irrigation
             facilities to the areas in Jabalpur and Narsinghpur district. The
             RBC is named as Bargi Diversion project which will provide
             irrigation facilities to the areas in Jabalpur, Satna and Rewa
      e)     Man and Jobat projects located in tribal area are likely to be
             completed during the tenth plan itself.
             • Upper Narmada Raghavpur Rosra, Basania, Halon, Punasa lift
                 and Lower GOI projects are located in tribal districts;
                 Raghavpur, rosra and Basania are given priority being hydro-
                 power projects.

            • Under the NWDT Award, Mahdya Pradesh has obligations to
              share the cost of Unit 1 and Unit III of the Sardar Sarovar
              project. Therefore, payments to the Government of Gujarat for
              SSP have become State's committed liability. Suitable
              provisions have been made in the Eleventh Plan towards this
            • NVDA is also undertaking works relating to resettlement and
              rehabilitation (R&R) of project affected families (PAFs) and
              the works for protection of environment such as catchments
              area treatment, compensatory afforestation, protection of flora
              and fauna etc. Highest priority is being given to the work of
              R&R of PAFs in the Eleventh Plan.
            • Completion of survey, investigation, preparation of project
              reports of the new projects, and getting them approved from
              CWC, CEA, Environment Ministry and the Planning
              Commission for the remaining projects is proposed to be
              completed in the first year of the eleventh plan.

      2. Implementation of small hydro-projects in the Narmada basin.

      3. Following two small hydel power projects have been approved by
         NVDA and are being implemented with the assistance of NARBARD:
         a) Left Bank Canal head power
            House under the RABS (BARGI) Project
         b) Canal head power house under the
            Indira Sagar Project

3.2   The outlay proposed for the Eleventh Plan 2007-12 and Annual Plan
      2007-08 for NVDA projects is as under:-

                               Table No. 8.11
                                                         (Rs. in lakhs)
                Item            Eleventh Plan 2007-12 Annual Plan 2007-08
      Irrigation Sector                    4,83,050.00           60,381.25
      Power Sector                           43,856.00           14,618.75

      3.55 lakh hectares additional irrigation potential and 1075 MW additional
      power generation is proposed during the Eleventh Plan. Of this, 61,000
      hectares additional irrigation potential and 535 MW additional power
      generation is proposed during Annual Plan 2007-08.


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