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Social Smart KidsCamp - The Peter Pan Center by liamei12345


									                       Social Smart KidsCamp @
                         The Peter Pan Center
  Helping kids make real and lasting friendships is the passion of Nadine Briggs
  of Social Smart Kids and Donna Shea of the Peter Pan Center. This summer,
  we're again teaming up to offer a summer program that will focus on helping
  kids strengthen their social skills and interactions and increase their self-
  confidence. The program will run for six weeks and children ages 7-12 are
  welcome to attend any or all of the weeks! Each week includes 12 hours of
  direct social skills training and will be limited to 15 children with a 1:5 staff

  We will be offering a social thinking curriculum with activities focused on "Self"
  "Others" and "Community" Each week will include structured activities to target
  specific skills as well as the opportunity for unstructured social opportunities
  with in-the-moment social coaching to assist children in generalizing these
  skills. The summer will also include our KidSkits workshop that allows kids to
  be the star of their own DVD and watch themselves acting out both the wrong
  and right ways to approach various social situations.

               Guidelines for success:
                   Program participants are “fluent” in their use of language
                   One-to-one adult attention is not necessary for safety
                   Members can transition in and out of the program without incident
                   Participants refrain from aggression toward others
                   Program members are interested in socializing and role-playing
                   Participants can independently take care of rest room needs

   When:          Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

   Week   #1:     July 12-14
   Week   #2:     July 19-21
   Week   #3:     July 26-28
   Week   #4:     Aug. 2-4
   Week   #5:     Aug. 9-11
   Week   #6:     Aug. 16-18

   Where:         The Peter Pan Center ~ 280 Ayer Road (Rt. 111) ~ Harvard, MA 01451

   Who:           Boys and girls ages 7 – 12 years old

   Tuition:       $225 per week ~ Register for all six weeks ~ 10% discount ($1215.00)

   Contacts:                  Pre-registration requested
              Donna Shea, 978-772-1255,
              Nadine Briggs, 978-764-2758,
Name: _______________________________
   $202.50/week ~ $1080/all six
Address: _____________________________

City, ST, Zip: _________________________
                Social Smart KidsCamp @
                  The Peter Pan Center
                         Registration Information

Parent Name: ________________________________________________

Child’s Name_________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City, ST, Zip: _________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________Cell Phone ___________________

Child DOB________________________ Age___________ M or F

E-Mail: ______________________________________________________

Register my child for: ___ July 12-14 ___July 19-21 ____ July 26-28
                       ___ Aug 2-4    ___Aug 9-11 ____ Aug 16-18

#_____Weeks x $225
All six weeks $1215.00

#_____Weeks x $202.50
All six weeks $1080.00

Total Enclosed: ______________

Please make checks payable to the Peter Pan Center and mail to
P.O. Box 312, Harvard, MA 01451

Children should bring a brown bag lunch – snacks, water and juice will be
provided – notify us of any dietary restrictions prior to the session

To help us address pertinent social issues, please list top areas of
                  Social Smart KidsCamp @
                  The Peter Pan Center
                    The Peter Pan Center

In case of injury, I do hereby waive all claims or legal actions, financial, or
otherwise against The Peter Pan Center and Social Smart Kids, and
employees or volunteers connected with the program. In absence of a
signature, registration and participation in the program shall constitute
acceptance of the conditions set forth in the release. I grant full
permission to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures,
recordings, or any other record of this program for any purpose.


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